Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Gateway

When his Uncle passed away, Jason was very surprised to find himself the sole heir to the estate!!!!
Suddenly he had more money than he had ever dreamed of and a huge house full of antiquities and art that he would have to sort through....
In the sealed letter that the lawyer had handed him after the reading of the will his Uncle had told him of some kind of Gateway.....he referred to it as the gateway to all your was in the house....and when he discovered it he would be the happiest person ever!!!!
So of course he searched for it.....he checked all the doorways...he checked all the walls for secret panels......he looked high and low but there was nothing....
He decided to get rid of much of the stuff that was just junk.....he ordered a dumpster and started to fill it with things he thought had no value....
As he dug in the basement he found a rectangular frame....perhaps it had once been the base for a bed.....he pulled it out and leaned it against the junk pile....
Reaching for a lamp.....he marveled at the sheer ugliness of it....walking to the junk pile he stepped through the bed frame....
And he was the ball with his gown swirling around him as the man twirled him around the dance floor!!!!
He recognized where he was.....his parents had this painting of a royal ball hanging on their wall for he had stared at that he had wished!!!!
But here he he swirled over the dance floor.....his heels clicking as he moved around the ball room.....
The man pulled him aside.....and pressed himself against him....he was so hard that he felt him through the many layers under his fact as he felt it he started to realize that he was a woman now in every way.....
The man became more insistent and grabbed his.....her hand and placed it on his growing  member as he whispered into her ear....
"Use your mouth...."
Shocked, he....she pushed him away and ran to the nearest doorway and suddenly he was back in his uncle's basement.....he had passed through the gateway again....
He looked around him at the piles of artifacts and then he looked at the bed frame again!!!!
It was a portal to his dreams.....but did he really want to live his dreams.....
Cautiously he took a step through and found himself back at the Ball.....he quickly stepped back into the world he knew....
He thought it over and finally stepped back through the gateway.....finding himself in the mans arms again.....
"Use your mouth....."
"Yes Sir....."
It was her dream come true!!!!!

So Cute

"Oh my....these are so cute....I'll have to remember to ask where he bought them....I'd really like a pair for myself...."

Friday, August 30, 2019

The Exam

"I really don't understand why you're so nervous's just a normal prostate shouldn't take more than an hour or two...."
"Well OK....I guess you're the doctor...."
"Well not exactly a doctor.....but we'll discuss that after your exam!!!!"

Those Days

Remember those hot and sweaty days of August.....summer's coming to a's now or never.....
You "borrow" your sisters nail polish and your mothers lipstick.....and you finally have the chance to do what you've been dreaming of all summer....
It was a sleepover but neither of you slept!!!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Yes Sir

"So it's all arranged then Marcy?"
"Yes Sir, there will be several men....each will come in and put their hard cocks in your mouth, just as you have dreamed all these years!!!!"
"And my're sure she knows nothing of this?"
Marcy glanced quickly to her Ladyship, sitting ever so quietly across the room....
"Oh no Sir....I assure you your wife knows nothing about this at all!!!!"
"Good....then let's begin.....I can't wait!!!!"
"Yes your Lordship.....I hope you enjoy it as much as I will!!!!"


"But why can't I wear any clothes....this is so embarrassing!!!"
"I've explained this to you before Sissy...."
"But everyone is laughing at me....."
"Of course they are for the last time.....I've decided that you should only wear feminine clothing and we discarded all your male clothes.....did you think I was going to let you wear something of mine to go shopping???"
"No.....I guess not....."
"So the quicker you walk to the stores with me, the quicker we'll be able to cover that little shameful thing...."
"Yes I see....but I'm still so embarrassed....."
"I promise you Sissy....before I'm done with you this will seem like nothing!!!!"

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Hump Day

It's been a busy week.....but by Hump Day you've got it all under control!!!!! You've proved you can handle multitasking.....and you're looking forward to a huge finish on Friday!!!!!

I Couldn't Believe

I couldn't believe my wife would do that.....right in front of me!!!!
She knew how I felt about it....she knew it was breaking my heart.....but she did it anyway.....
And I had to sit and stare at it.....what else could I do.....I couldn't look away!!!!!
Right there....right in front of me.....almost close enough for me to reach.....there was the key......out of the corner of my eye I noticed she was sucking his big cock.....but the key was right little clit strained in it's metal home as I looked at it.... it was the ultimate object of my desires....
And she knew it!!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

It's A Deal

"I told him he had to wear one of my bikinis today....he argued a bit but when I promised him he could have an orgasm if he behaved he couldn't have been more agreeable!!!!"
"But that's not a bikini.....that's your underwear....."
"I know that and you know that....and pretty much every other woman here knows that....but he doesn't know that.....and it's not a bikini so I guess there's no orgasm in his future!!!!!
"You're so bad!!!!"
"I know....but the Sissy loves it!!!!!"


At least the dildo gave me something to's a distraction at least....she allowed me to stroke it but I was not allowed to cum....but how could I stop it!!!!!
But as I sucked it I wondered what I should do about the next door neighbor waving at me.....
It didn't seem like a good time to ask her....and mouth was full!!!!

Monday, August 26, 2019


The doorbell rang....
"I wonder who that could be Sissy....were you expecting anyone?"
"No Ma'am!!!!"
"Alright, you just wait right here and I'll go see who it is.....don't you dare move!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
I don't know who it was but I can hear several voices and I hear her laughing.....I have no idea how long I've been waiting but it seems like forever.....
I hope she hasn't forgotten me.....

Monday ManCandy

Important meeting today.....
Full calendar....
No time for lunch....
Relentless demands for your time....
Well all of that can just wait while you have your delicious creamy treat!!!!
Just one look tells them...."Don't bother me right now!!!!"
ManCandy!!!! Keep your priorities straight!!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday Brunch

"Damn it Sissy.....I said I wanted fried eggs....can't you do anything right?"
Sure I can..... I got you to spank me didn't I?

The Blindfold Game

We've played this game before.....who was it....could you tell....
I kissed her and she laughed.....
"Kaaren.....I'd know your lips anywhere...."
Then she felt hands parting her legs and a stiff cock seeking her divine opening....
"Oh Kaaren......" she gasped!!!!!
And when he found entrance and slid all the way in....
"Oh Kaaren!!!!!" she screamed!!!!
I kissed her as he fucked her hard.....and then I sat back to watch the show!!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Witch a Go-Go

She hated dancing at the club.....all the men that came there were such animals!!!!
Unfortunately, although she had massive power to alter reality, she was bound by the Witches Code that forbade her from using her powers to enrich herself!!!!
So she danced....after all a girl had to eat!!!!
Some nights were better than others and some were worse....this was one of the bad nights and it was all because of the four "gentlemen" sitting at the nearest table!
Unlike the others in the club they were loud and lewd and they shouted out requests for her to perform the dirtiest things she had ever heard!!!!
When her break came she hurried off to the dressing room rather than working the crowd for the twenty dollar cocktails that she hustled from the poor men.....she got half and she was good at it....but those four guys had made the whole idea very unappealing tonight!
She was angry and she could see the little purple sparks flying from her fingertips....little bits of magic that just flew out uncontrollably......she wasn't consciously controlling her was like a runaway forest fire and she struggled to get it back under her control.....
It was those four.....they had really gotten to her.....they should see how it felt to be on stage like it felt to listen to their vile it felt to have to do this kind of work just to keep a roof over your it felt to have so much power and not be allowed to use it......
Her mother had warned her......the Witches Council would punish errant witches in terrible ways for misusing their powers.....
But how she wished she could just make those four guys shut up.....she didn't want to kill them.....that was forbidden......she just wanted them to stop being so rude....
A burst of red sparks came from her left hand and she felt the familiar "whoosh" and she knew that she had accidentally changed reality......she wasn't sure at all what had changed but she felt the ripples continuing as the world continued to change around her....
She finally got her power under control just as the manager banged on her door to tell her that break time was over!!!!
She slowly made her way to the stage and looked around and found that her reality was still the same.....thank goodness!!!!
Reluctantly her eyes came to the table where the four idiots had been sitting and she suddenly realized what her accidental magical outburst had changed....
She smiled as they applauded so politely as she began dancing.....she smiled even more as she beckoned them to join her on stage.....
And they were good......and they had no reluctance to dancing topless.....something she had refused to do.....
The manager waited until the end of the evening......
"Honey, I've got to tell you I've always loved your dancing.....but I'm afraid I've got to let you go.....the customers are just wild about these new girls....."
New girls!!!! Yes they were new girls all right!!!!
She grabbed her things and stormed out the door......where two women stepped forward....
"Magda we are here to take you to the Witches Council where you will be expected to explain this reality change....."
"But it was an accident!!!!"
"You can explain that to the Council...."
 She was right about one thing....this was one of the worst nights she had ever had....


The wives laughed as their sissy husbands were forced to kiss each other!!!!
"Lot's of tongue action Honey I want you to enjoy it!!!!"
"You too me how much you love your Sissy friend....and no touching those little caged things until we say!!!!"

Friday, August 23, 2019

Tan Lines

They're just impossible to explain....but I love to see them in the mirror!!!!!


"Really? You can't suck his cock because you're a man!!!! I don't look pretty cute in that pink nightie....not many "men" wear those.....why don't you just stop your nonsense and suck his know you want to...."

Thursday, August 22, 2019


I needed to restock the pantry when we got home....I knew I should  wear a slip with this dress but it was just too hot!!!!


Home again....finally....I'm exhausted and so is my Sweetheart.....she worked so hard and then tried to make it a fun vacation for me the time we got in the door we didn't even bother to bring in our suitcases!!!!
But it was so nice to be home where I could relax....although I relaxed a bit too much and fell deeply asleep right in the middle of my favorite snack....oh well....I could finish it in the morning!!!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

I Love This Dress

I know it's just kind of's not's not's not silk or doesn't show too much....but it feels so nice to wear it around the makes me forget I'm wearing a dress at makes me feel like a a real a real girl who would wear this as just something casual....
Not everything has to lead to sex....sometimes it's just so nice to feel like a regular normal girl!!!!

Hump Day

Sometimes it works out just right and by Hump Day all you have to do is let someone else do all the work!!!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

In A Nutshell

This is our marriage in a nutshell....well actually my nuts are not in a shell but my little clitty is!!!

Vacation Secrets

Not every hotel has one....and even at those that do they don't advertise have to ask the manager....
But this hotel had one....Sissy Day Care....where experienced staffers would keep the sissies occupied until their wives could pick them up....of course chastity is required....imagine the hotel's cleaning bill if it wasn't!!!!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Summer Camp

Billy and Tommy learned a lot about each other at that was the best summer they ever had!!!

Monday ManCandy

Just open wide and let it fill you up.....warm, rich and flows into your waiting mouth filling your mouth and filling your empty tummy!!!
It's so good that it almost makes you scream with delight nut you know you never talk with your mouth full.
And the best part is.....there will always be more available!!!
ManCandy!!! You don't want it to end and it never really has to!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2019


"Oh look looks like they have a camera in this elevator...."
"Yes Ma'am, I saw it...."
"Well Sissy.....pick up your skirt and give them a show.....let then see what a pretty girl you are!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


"Yes my Dear girl that's just lovely and normally I'd award your late father's estate to you.....but your young brother here has a much more convincing argument...."

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Terror

His fear grew worse and worse as he approached the evil Sheik...

He saw the add for "Lingerie Lovers" to live out their fantasies with no restrictions and no judgements.....he thought it over for a while and decided to try to discretely check it out....
He loved lingerie and had quite a lovely collection!!!!
Selecting a particularly sexy set he put it on under his clothes.....then used a wig and makeup to disguise himself....he headed downtown to the club....
Even though the only people that he saw entering the club appeared to be women he was still curious and he entered the club....just to see what was going on....
As he entered he passed a curtained doorway.....strong hands grabbed him and pushed him into a room already filled with women.....some demanding that they be released....some sobbing.....and at least a couple seemingly drugged or in shock!!!!
Slowly, a greenish gas rose from hidden vents in the floor and as much as they screamed and battered the door they all succumbed.....
He woke and realized he was only wearing his pretty lingerie.....surrounded by pretty girls in the same state of undress.....normally this would have excited him beyond any measure....he just couldn't overcome the terror he felt!!!!
Soon it became apparent.....they were lined up and one by one they were placed in front of the Sheik....
He nodded for some who were moved into another room and he shook his head at others who were summarily executed.....
His terror grew as he saw that the Sheik looked into the undies of each before he made his decision....
Soon he would be dead.....he had so many regrets....he wished that he had stayed home....he could have enjoyed his lingerie in private like always....why oh why sis he try this????
Before he knew it he was in front of the Sheik.....
The man looked him up and down.....had him turn around and he patted his bottom....turning back around the Sheik pulled his panties away and peered inside....for more than a few moments......
He stood there as the Sheik ogled his body waiting for the bullet that would end his life.....when it didn't come  he looked and saw the Sheik motion to one of his guards....
"I'll take this one first.....have her brought to my chambers!!!!"
Now he faced a completely new terror.....


"Enjoying the ride Sissy?"
"Very much Ma'am...."
"It's a shame I left the key at home.....I'd really love to stroke you off in the car!!!!"
"You would?"
"Oh yes Sissy.....I'd love to take you between my fingers and rub your sweet little clit.....up and down.....up and down.....until you squirted all your sissy cream all over my hand and then I would love to lick it all up...."
"Oh please....."
"Please what Sissy? I told you I forgot to bring the key...."
"Please stop talking about it.....please....."
"Poor little Sissy......isn't it funny that the first time in months that I'd like to see you cum is when the key is hundreds of miles behind us......don't you think it's funny Sissy?"
"Yes Ma''s very funny....could we talk about something else please...."

Friday, August 16, 2019


As usual when we go away, I'll be doing most of the driving.....she likes to have her hands free to if you're anywhere in western New York State keep an eye open for a sissy driving, while his wife is cumming!!!!

Go West Young....Man?

Well I'm really not much of a man but my wife and I are heading out today to western New York state.....she has to do something or other for her company in Buffalo and decided to make a road trip out of it for us!!!!
So we're all packed and we're going to leave early to beat some of the traffic.....I've already taken care of almost everything except breakfast.....but I'm just going to have one of those breakfast treats I love so much and that will give me all I need to get a couple of hundred miles down the road!!!
Look out I come!!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2019


Of course I heard him come into my room.....I'm a light sleeper.....but I pretended I still slept.....I was curious about what he was up to.....
I felt him crawl into my bed and I was still wondering what was on his mind....we had actually hit it off when she introduced weird scenes....
I wondered if he was going high or going low......I was ready for either.....I'd sucked his cock before and after he fucked my wife and he certainly seemed to enjoy it!!!!
But now.....he climbed in behind me and pulled my panties down......I expected to feel his hard cock nudging my pussy but I was very surprised to feel his hands pulling me wide open and his soft tongue playing over my hole!!!!!
I pretended to be asleep for maybe another minute when I asked him what he was doing!!!!!
He stopped for a moment and whispered......
"Do you mind Sissy?"
I thought for a moment and then reached back to spread myself open further....
"Not at all......enjoy yourself!!!!"
I wondered what my wife would think when I told her.....because, of course, I would tell her!!!!!

Young Billy Was Not Happy

She looked out at the beautiful morning as she stretched....she wanted to make sure her nephew Billy didn't miss what a glorious morning  it was!!!!
"Billy......are you's time to get up!!!!"
In his room Billy woke and sat up.....the spaghetti straps of his Baby-doll nightie reminded him of last night and his little cock was instantly hard!!!!
"Billy!!!!" she called again, "Are you up?"
Ignoring the obvious pun Billy assured his Auntie that he was up.....
"Good....come here.....I need you to refresh me....."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
Billy smoothed down his nightie as best he could as he walked down the hallway to his Aunties room....but he was still so hard.....
Stepping inside Billy could see her waiting for him by the window....she glanced over her shoulder and saw just what she expected to see!!!
"I see you enjoyed sleeping in your new nightie Billy....perhaps we'll skip school today and go shopping the meantime I need some refreshing!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."
He got on his knees and crawled forward as he'd been trained.....and she held her cheeks apart to allow him to serve her!!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Such A Fuss

Lying in bed together, she reached over and pulled my panties down exposing my little caged clit and little balls....
"Did you ever wonder Sissy....did you ever wonder what it would have been like to have been a real man?"
I know that I'm not much of a man.....i"m a sissy cocksucking cuckold....but when she says something like that it still stings a little....
"No.....I'm already a man...."
"Oh.....I guess that real men have little clits and wear panties too...."
"Some do.....maybe...."
"And they allow their wives to fuck other men with big cocks?"
"I guess.....maybe...."
"And they put their little clits in cages and allow their wives to control when....and if....they ever get to squirt their sissy juices...."
"Even now....after all these still have so much to learn...."
"I'm trying my best!!!!"
She fondled my little, tiny package and laughed.....
"So much fuss over such a little thing......"

Hump Day

Yes it's Hump Day.....time to put all those big problems behind you and stop worrying about whether you could handle them!!!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


"So Honey.....I was cleaning out your dresser drawers and I found these panties....want to tell me about them?"
"I don't know anything about them Sweetheart.....they must be yours...."
"Oh no Sweetie.....I wouldn't buy anything like this for I figured that you must be cheating on me....."
"Oh no Sweetheart.....I would never cheat on're the only woman in my know that!!!!"
"Actually you're so pathetic as a lover I actually believe I'm the only woman in your if anyone else would want your tiny that's when I thought about these panties again.....they're not mine....and they couldn't possibly belong to another they must be yours!!!! Are they yours.....are you a panty wearing sissy boy?"
"No.....of course could you think such a thing?"
"So you don't want to wear these? I'd love to see how they look on you!!! I think you'd probably look really cute wearing these sexy panties...."
"Well I guess I could....if you want me to....I guess....just this once....."
"Oh this will be's a shame you don't have a matching bra....."
"Maybe it's underneath my bottom drawer....."
"Oh my....aren't you the sneaky one.....what else will I find around here if I start looking...."
"There's some other things...."
"Put on your panties Sissy, let's go gather up your wardrobe.....this will be fun....I'm wet already.....this is the first time in years you've aroused me like this!!!!"


I think I might make this an annual event!!!!
I never expected the turnout we got....
What do you all think.....if you got an invitation....would you come to....
"Sissy Kaaren's Wear Your Wife's Bathing Suit Pool Party"
Your wives are welcome too!!!!
I personally guarantee each sissy guest a public blow job!!!!!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Feel Better

"So do you feel better now?"
"You know what....I do.....all my stress is gone and I think I'm ready to face tomorrow....thank you Sis!!!!"
"It was nothing.....really if you ever feel the need to work it off feel free to drop sissy is always available to you.....isn't that right Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Maybe next time I'll show you how to use the strap!!!"
"Ohhhhh....I think I might like that...."
"I'm sure you will.....I know Sissy will....isn't that right Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

All through his childhood his mother always told him never to waste food....that there was someone somewhere who was going hungry and he should be grateful for all he had!!!!
He took that to heart and all through the rest of his life he never wasted anything....
Even....or should I say especially, when he was enjoying his favorite breakfast treat he was proud to say he never spilled a drop!!!!
ManCandy!!! Swallow it all....make your Mama proud!!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2019


The saleslady was very attentive....although she knew right away that I wasn't a real girl it didn't seem to phase her at all.....
She recommended that I try on so many things and insisted that I come out and model each item for her....
Her face seemed a little flushed but I guess it was a little warm and stuffy in the changing the way....I've always loved that they're called changing rooms....
When I tried on the black bra and half slip she decided that it was time to give me her personal touch.....she came into the cubicle to help me adjust the clothing to suit me....
Where she got the strap-on dildo is anyone's guess!!!!

Sunday Breakfast

I know he loves my cooking because my wife told me so....
I know he likes my mouth because....well he didn't have to tell was obvious!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Dead World

The colony had thrived at one long ago they regularly received new migrants....before the wars.....
The interplanetary wars had left them cut off from the rest of humanity for centuries and eventually they were completely forgotten....a lost world!!!
It was a pure fluke that he had picked up their beacon.....Zack Hayburn was a scavenger who worked on the frontiers of the old order.....picking at the ruins of the old colonies....looking for anything of value that he could salvage from these dead worlds....sometimes he'd hit a jackpot and he would head for one of the Sinworlds and indulge in whatever debauchery he could imagine until his funds ran out and he would head back out into the "Great Empty" as it was known!!!!
It was while he was looking at the ancient star charts searching for forgotten colony worlds that the ships computer picked up the beacon!
There had been no life found out here on the fringes since the peace treaty had been signed back in ' to pick up a beacon twenty seven years later was unexpected!!!
He had his nav-computer triangulate the signal and found the small planet in the Cygnus system.....he smiled and thought that their might be some really good salvage to be had if their tech was still working after all these years.....he changed course and laid in a heading for Cygnus-3.
It would be several days before he reached the planet and he spent the time looking up all he could find about the colony there....
They were religious zealots who believed that an all-powerful deity would protect them from all the corruptions to which the spread of humanity had become prone!!!
They depended heavily on drawing more migrants than most of the other colonies owing to their quaint  adherence to the monogamy that so many of the other worlds had abandoned!!!
He smiled as he scanned the data....they surely must have been one of the first colonies to die could they have possibly survived with a dwindling gene pool and no ships arriving for hundreds of years!!!
His ship followed the beacon and he scanned the planet surface from orbit and found no signs of life.....his instruments warned him of high levels of omega radiation....he shook his head....the poor bastards were probably killed by a form of radiation they didn't even know existed....their civilization was impressive though....even by current standards they had built an impressive world for themselves before they died was a pity....he imagined the wonders they could have built had they not been doomed by circumstances beyond their control!!!!
But he'd had enough musing and now all he was concerned with was loading his cargo hold with anything of value they might have left behind!!!
Setting down near a city....he donned a radiation suit before stepping out....he stared in awe at the wonders these people had built....the sheer beauty of it staggered him....
Crystal towers that made him crane his neck to see the top.....the glistening roads....could that be gold paving?
He slowly made his way into the city and was surprised at the way everything was in such a neat and orderly condition....there was no sign of the end of their civilization like he had found on dozens of other worlds!!!
In his experience the dying worlds had torn themselves apart before the inevitable end had come.....but there was no sign of that here!!!!
Out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw movement and he immediately cursed himself for not bringing a weapon with him!!!! He was somewhat relieved to see it was an automatic public transporter moving along it's route still!!!! Empty but still operating!!! Amazing....even being bombarded by radiation hadn't stopped it!!!
He wondered what manner of propulsion these people had developed that could withstand so many years of exposure to the insanely high levels of radiation and so he watched as it approached seemed to stop at regular intervals and open it's doors to allow entry and exit for the people....long gone....who would ride to their destinations...
It stopped near him and he boarded the vehicle.....he would ride it as a way to get a good look at more of the city.....he already knew there was enough salvage here for him to make dozens of trips.....he anticipated wealth beyond his wildest imagination.....this was going to be the one that would allow him to buy his own Sinworld and indulge in whatever he wanted for the rest of his life!!!!!
Then he felt the hands grab him from behind....then he felt the infuser....then he felt nothing....
He woke....slowly....and he felt so odd....what happened....where was he....
Slowly he remembered the crystal city and the lost world that had drawn him here.....
His body ached in ways he had never felt before and when he moved to rub his aching chest he found his hands were restrained.....trying to move his legs found that they too were restrained....and still he felt so odd....They may have restrained his hands but his eyes were now wide open and as he looked down he saw the changes that had happened....he had breasts, there was no doubt about that....and squeezing his thighs together gave him the impression that somehow he was no longer a male!!!!
A screen lifted and he found himself facing several men....
"Why have you come to our world stranger?"
"I thought it was a dead world.....what have you done to me?"
"And were you coming to rob our graves stranger....was that your intent?"
"No.....I was just looking for salvage!!!! What have you done to me?"
The men consulted with each other.....
"You have a choice may stay with you are.....we need new genetic material and you will be the mother of many....creating new blood....or we will feed you to the sun that killed so many of us in the "Before" time!!!!"
"You want me to be a woman!!!! A mother!!!! How.....why???"
'"We have created many wonders here in the absence....since humanity abandoned us....but we lack for genetic diversity....many of our children are monsters that must be destroyed.....a fresh strain of genes might revitalize us.....and as much as we have been able to change genders at will we could not bring new genetic material to our are the first stranger to visit us in living memory!!!"
"So you want me to be a woman....and give birth to a new generation.....that sounds hard to me.....what's in it for me?"
"In it for you?" the eldest chuckled, "Stranger, I would change places with you in a heartbeat......your life, until the end of your child-bearing years will be one of endless pleasure.....your every need will be catered to.....your every desire will be would be living as a Queen,,,,is that enough for you?"
"Well....what about after my child bearing years....I suppose you "feed me to the sun" when I can no longer produce babies for you!!!!"
"Stranger, when you are no longer any use to us as a woman we will change you back to a male and your only job will be to impregnate as many young women as you possibly can for the rest of your life...."
He mused over it for a few moments.....
"Let's do it!!!!"


You may think I'm just a slut....just a cocksucking whore but you're wrong!!!
I suffer from that rare condition "ADD"....and before you nod your head it's not Attention Deficit Disorder!!!
In my case "ADD" is Additional Dick seems that no matter how many there are I still want more!!!!
I'd be ashamed of it if I didn't enjoy it so much!!!!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Don't Worry

"Don't worry Sissy....we'll make it fit...."

Sissy School - Entrance Exam

The entrance exam has gotten so much longer and harder as the years have gone by....but the real sissies always manage to pass it with flying colors!!!!