Monday, October 31, 2016


"So what are you dressing up as Sweetheart?"
"I'm going to dress up as a bee!"
"A bee? Really not what I expected at all!"
"Oh....but I'm going to be a queen bee and I'm going to be attended to by all my drones!"
"That's closer to what I thought.....what about I going to be a drone?"
"Of course not Sissy!!! You're going to be a Ladybug and your job is to make sure the drones are prepared to serve their queen!!!"
"So just another night at home?"
"Yes Sissy, get busy....."

Monday ManCandy - Halloween

You know how it is with zombies.....single minded unrelenting pursuit of what they need to survive!!! They need what they need....just like you and it's so easy to satisfy them!!! Just a quick meal of delicious ManCandy and those zombies will be on their way leaving you unmolested!!!
ManCandy!!! Keeping you safe in the Zombie Apocalypse!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

Football fans to the left and World Series fans to the right please....
We'll try to accommodate all of you....I'll take care of all you football fans and my wife will be more than happy to look after all you baseball fans!!!

You Were Right

"You were right Baby, your sissy husband is tight....I'm going to cum soon!!!"
"That's alright, he'll clean you up and then he'll get you nice and hard for me....I can wait....and I so love watching him like this!!!!"

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday Matinee - A Woman Scorned

Just looking at them together made her sick to her stomach!!! After all the years she had devoted to him....after all the plans she had made for their future could he choose that little blond trollop over her!!!
But she would show him how wrong he was....she would make him pay.....she would have her revenge.....she would take it all from him....she would change his whole life....his whole world!!!!
She had stumbled upon the secret formula while reading one of the books in his extensive library of ancient relics.....she once thought they were a waste of money....but of course he had so much she was so was the answer to her prayers.
The potion was actually pretty easy to make....too easy she'd wasn't possible that something so simple could make a change so profound....but after she tested it on that had slept and the change happened....when it woke it was confused but there was no confusing that the physical change had been complete!!!!
"Fetch us some drinks Molly!" he called out while the two of them nuzzled by the fire!
He always treated her like a servant....he just didn't understand yet that they were destined to be together....
She put the potion in the glass and she carefully arranged the glasses so that there'd be no mistakes....and once she was sure the potion had been delivered she went to her room to sleep and wait for the mornings surprise!!!
What was he going to think after the transformation potion had done its work!!! It didn't matter to her....she'd be waiting to comfort him....she'd been waiting all these years for him to come to her.....and really where else could he go when he woke next to the little blond tramp he'd married and found that she was a man!!!


On your knees with the taste of his cock still fresh in your put him inside your're a's what you do!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Let's Go For A Ride

We haven't been back to Baby Pony Ranch this year.....but that doesn't mean she hasn't dug out the harness and occasionally slipped the bit into my mouth....I love the total submission.....the absolute obedience required....the taste of the whip as it flicks against me!!!!!
No thoughts of my own.....just's wonderful....I'm sure others can explain it better!!! I guess a psychiatrist would spend years unraveling this.....I don't need this....but I want it!!!!

New Services

He liked the pool and the sauna but it was so far out of his way and there was just no parking....sometimes after circling forever he ended up just going home!!!
He had decided not to renew his just wasn't worth the aggravation!!!
The next time he went he saw the "Under New Management" sign and he laughed....couldn't be as bad as the old management......then he saw the sign for "Members Only Valet  Parking" and he thought maybe he might reconsider his renewal!!!
"Good evening Sir" said the new pretty young receptionist, "I see your membership is close to its expiration date....I hope you'll consider renewing....we're a bit more expensive now I'm afraid, but I'm sure once you've sampled our new services you'll understand why we have to charge a little more!"
"New services? What new services?"
"I'll have a couple of our best personal trainers show you Sir....I'm sure you'll be completely satisfied....."

Forty minutes later he signed the three year contract....he didn't care what it cost....

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Let Me Explain

"My boyfriend says he likes you Sissy!"
"That's nice....he's a nice guy....I'm glad you found a boyfriend we both like!!!"
"No he really likes you Sissy....a lot!!!"
"What do you mean?"
"Let me explain....he likes you a lot....he thinks you're sexy....he wants to fuck you!!!"
"What do you mean!!!! What do you mean he wants to fuck me????"
"What do I mean? Well Sissy...let me go into the bedroom with him...he pulls up your dress and spins you around....then he pulls down your panties....then you get down on the bed with your ass up and he fucks do you I need to draw you a picture?"
"He fucks me...."
"Oh for heavens sake Sissy.....just like this...."

Much Better

"You cost all of us our bonuses but we like you much better like were a real cocksucker as a boss that you've changed we all hope you're still a cocksucker....let's see shall we?!?!?"

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What Are You Doing Sissy

"What are you doing Sissy?"
"I was just going to send an e-mail to my wife...."
"And what were you going to tell my big sister Sissy"
"I was going to tell her how mean you've been to you fucked me last night with that big black you made me lick you until my jaw you spanked me so hard with your hairbrush that I can't sit big this plug you put in me you've verbally abused me since I got you promised to expose me to your boyfriend tonight.....I'm going to tell her everything!!!"
"You know that she gave me permission to do all of that and more don't you Sissy?"
"I know.....I was going to ask if I could stay for another couple of days!!!"


On my knees facing the wall to allow her to watch as I pushed that big cock inside me.....inch by inch until it was all the way in....I realized I'd been holding my breath for the last couple of inches.....but it was in and I let out a sigh of relief.....
I was blushing thinking of what I must look like and then I heard the laughter and applause as her friends all showed their appreciation.....
I didn't think it could possibly get worse....then she hit the button on the remote and it started to vibrate.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How Long

"Aw poor little long has it been?"
"Four months Sweetheart!!!"
She squeezed just a little....
"I'm sorry Sissy how long did you say?"
"Over four months Sweetheart!!!!"
She squeezed a little harder until Sissy gasped!
"One more time said it was how long?"
"Not long enough Sweetheart....not nearly long enough!!!"
"That's what I thought too Sissy.....I'll go put the key away and we can talk about this some other time..."
"Thank you Sweetheart!"
"You're welcome Sissy...."

Something Before You Leave

Her lover had to catch an early flight so I woke early to see if he wanted anything before he left for the airport.
"No Sissy I don't have time...I'll get something at the airport..."
"No Sissy I don't have time!"
"Well, I guess I have some time...."

Monday, October 24, 2016

Small Town Girls - Something to Eat

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
Their families were leaving for  the restaurant and Tammy's mother called up to the boys...
"Are you two sure you don't want to come?"
"We can't Mom, we have a big project we need to finish for school!!!"
"Okay then....I left money on the kitchen table in case you want to order a pizza or something else to're really going to miss a good time!!!"
"I know Mom....we're fine....I'll see you when you get home!!!"
"Should be back around 9 boys, bye!!!"
Before they had even heard the cars pull away they had slipped on the bras they had borrowed from their sisters....they both giggled when they realized they had both picked black ones....each boy wondered if the others panties matched.....they had plenty of time tonight and as they fell into each others their lips met they knew they didn't want dinner with their families and they didn't want pizza...the only thing they were hungry for was each other!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Although the leaves are falling it's still nice enough to have breakfast outside!!!  There's a little breeze and you could use something to keep you from getting a could use a sweater but there's a better way to warm up....from a warm load of creamy goodness in your tummy!!!
ManCandy!!! That morning warm-up you can't do without!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Is Game Day

"He's scored the touchdown Sissy....get over here and start licking,,,,we'll see if you can get the extra point!!!"

Love Listening

I love listening to her cum.....and I love helping her get there!!!! His big cock was enough but when I started rubbing her clit and kissing her on that spot....well that was all she needed....I lost count of her orgasms and he just kept going....she might be a little sore tomorrow but I'd be sure to kiss all her boo-boos and make her feel all better!!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Animal House Reunion

The reunion had been wonderful, seeing their old Fraternity brothers brought back all those good old memories of their college years! Strangely though none of them seemed to know who had organized it!!!
They had been boys then, wild and without a care, but now they were all well established young gentlemen...Doctors, lawyers, bankers, businessmen....why one of them was even considering running for Senator!!!
Suddenly the music stopped!!! A female voice boomed over the speaker....
"We'd like to welcome the men of Delta Tau Chi to this reunion,,,,we're so happy that so many of you decided to attend. We sponsored this reunion for you and it has gone far better than we had ever imagined!"
"We are a group of women....graduates of Faber just like you...but where your college years were fun and games, our experience was very different!!! We were abused and molested and exploited by you and we think it's time now to even the score!"
The men murmured and from the back one yelled that he was leaving!!!
"Oh no, you can't leave....all the doors and windows are quite secure....let me explain what's going to happen to you. Many of us decided early on in college that we had to make you pay for your mistreatment and so we worked hard and studied....we studied science, and some of the more arcane disciplines....alchemy, magic and so on, until we found what we wanted....we wanted you gentlemen to live as know what we felt like.....and so we have perfected the technique of transforming men into women....the drug, once administered, is quite irreversible!"
The men recoiled and amid shouts several cried out that they would die before they'd allow anyone to give them this drug!!!
"You are all so smart yet you still don't see do you? The drug was in the beer've all received a maximum dosage already.....pull back the curtain.....this was once your chapter president.....Hoover I believe you called him dance....I mean watch HER dance....take a good long several hours this will be you!!!!!!"
From outside the women could barely hear the screams over their laughter!!!
Turning off the microphone the woman smiled and turned to the rest....
"Save Eric Stratton.....I mean Erica Stratton for me....I don't care what you do with the rest of them!"
"No problem Mrs. Wormer, thanks for all your help!!!"

Looks Like A Guy

I really wasn't expecting her to bring someone home and I had already removed my makeup to get ready for bed!!!
I was embarrassed when she introduced me to her young stud....after all it was obvious that I was a male in lingerie....and he objected when she asked me to suck his cock while she changed....
"But he looks like a told me he'd look like a chick!!!"
She knew it would take me quite a while to re-apply my makeup and she really didn't want to wait....
"Just a minute.....I know just the thing!!!! Sissy come with me to the kitchen!!!"
Five minutes later his cock was in my mouth and we were all happy again....she is very creative after all!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Maybe Some Day

Maybe some day.....
You and I.....
Wouldn't it be wonderful......
For now it's in my dreams.....
And what beautiful dreams they are......

The Cuckold

You felt so lucky to be watching from so close as that big black cock pumped in and out of your wife's pussy making her moan and gasp....

...but when he pulled out of her wet pussy your mouth opened before he said a word...

....and as your wife writhed with sucked and licked him in your mouth....why would he want that instead of fucking her beautiful pussy.....

....then when his cum shot down your throat you understood.....he'd already made your wife his bitch and now you were his sissy cum sucking bitch too!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


She was listening close by so what choice did I have?
"Excuse me, I'm looking for the biggest most satisfying meat you have available, I was hoping you could help me with my meat craving!!!!"
Stunned silence....laughter....and a retreat to the car where she was laughing at my blushing face....and soon I was laughing too!!!!
"Do you want to go to Burger King and ask them if they can give you a really juicy whopper Sissy?"
"Maybe next time...please?"
"OK Baby let's go home, I think I need to cum soon anyway!"

My Analyst Needed My Assistance

I couldn't believe how lucky I was when my analyst, Dr. Dee, called and asked for my help with some of her patients!!! I jumped at the chance and I just happened to have a nurse uniform in my closet so I rushed off to the train to her office!!! Many of the men on the train seemed to really have some deep feelings about nurses....they would touch me and sigh and groan....if I wasn't in such a hurry I would have loved to talk to them about it!!!
When I arrived Dr. Dee was in a session with a patient but her receptionist took me to a room I'd never seen before....
"Dr. Dee just wants you to pre-screen some of her patients....feel them out and if there's anything you think the doctor needs to know just note it on the chart. Then send them to me and I'll make sure Dr. Dee gets your notes."
"I've got it, pre-screen and feel them....I can do that!"
A short time later the first patient entered.....
"Hello Joanna, my name is Kaaren....please take off all your clothes and I'm going to give you a little feel!"
"But I ...."
"Doctors orders Sweetie! You're my first patient so I'll be gentle!"

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sissy School - New Girl

"Alright Sissies...I want you to line up and, one by one, come up and kneel down and make our new girl feel welcome!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Now Sweetheart

"Now Sweetheart?"
"Not just yet Sissy....I want you to suck it for a little while longer....I never get tired of watching you suck cocks for me!"

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Favorite

What kind of cock is my favorite to suck? What a silly question....god knows I love them all but if I had to pick would be the one covered in his sweet cum that still tasted like her!!!

There You Go

"There you go Sissy....I think the pink bow makes all the difference....don't you?"
"Yes Ma'am....thank you Ma'am!"
"You're welcome Sissy!"

Monday, October 17, 2016

Just Won't Do

"Oh no Sweetie.....that just won't do.....I need much more than that to please me!!!!"
"But I....."
"You obviously can't be my boyfriend with a little clitty like that....but if you want to stay with me.....go put on a pair of my panties...we'll see if you can be my sissy girlfriend!!!"
"Me....sissy girlfriend....I don't understand...."
"Let me spell it out for you can be my sissy or you can go....which will it be?
"I'd like to stay....please?"
"Then I want you in panties in five minutes....pick out a pretty pink pair.....tomorrow we'll shop for your own!!!"

Monday ManCandy

There have been reports of multiple drive-by shootings in the pre-dawn hours this Monday morning!!! Warm creamy shootings!!! In fact our news cameras caught this one fact it was the third time this car had come by in the last hour!!! When we tried to get a comment the driver simply said that he needed it to get started and he had to be careful not to spill any on his wife's dress!!! We're sure his wife appreciated his extra efforts!!!
ManCandy!!!!It's the breakfast treat that's worth the drive!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

Sissy brought a whole new meaning to tailgating.....

Such A Sissy

God I felt like such a Sissy!!!! In a pretty white dress....holding my wife's legs apart as he fucked her.....and worse than that.....even with the cage oh so firmly in place, I could still feel my panties getting wet!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Forbidden Planet - Part 2

"Alright Ensign....explain it again, for the record, how this....event occurred."
"Well Sir.....after we left the planet Altair we took on the robot and Dr. Morbius's  daughter, Altaira....we were bound for Earth but it was going to be months before we got home!!!"
"Yes we know that....but how does that explain....."
"Please allow me to continue.....our ships cook sat with me one night in the mess and told me how the robot had fabricated gallons and gallons of fine bourbon whiskey for him...including the glass bottles to contain it!!!! He said the robot could produce anything that was asked of it!!!"
"Yes, the robot Morbius created is amazing....our science people are still testing it's capabilities.....please go on..."
"We....the crew I mean....had been in space for over two years....a ship full of men....only men....for two years....and then Morbius's daughter came aboard and she was there and soon she was all any of us could think about!!! The sounds coming from the Skippers cabin were driving us all mad!!!!"
"Yes, Commander Adams has been officially reprimanded for taking advantage of that poor girl....but that doesn't explain what happened to you..."
"Well it was the combination of things....I put a couple of things together....the crazy need from being out in space for years....watching and hearing the Skipper with her...and she was so beautiful....and sexy....that it was just too much for me!!!!"
"And....what did you do?"
"I remembered what the cook told me....about the it could make anything....and I decided to try see if the robot could make something for me! So I made the greatest mistake I have ever made....I didn't realize what would happen if I didn't phrase my request correctly!"
"What did you ask the robot to do Ensign?"
"Isn't it obvious? Don't you have eyes to see!!!! I was so lonely!!!! I wanted to be home!!! I wanted to feel a woman's touch!!!! I sat and listened to her gasping and moaning through the Skipper's door and god how I wanted to feel that too!!!!"
"But what did you ask the robot to do Ensign?"
"I wanted a woman so bad"
"We understand....."
"I asked the make me a woman.....and he did....I don't know how....all I know is I woke up like this!!!!!"
"That will be all for now Ensign!"
"Thank you Sir!"

What Should I Do!!!!

"See who's at the door Sissy!!!"
"Oh my god, it's your sister and her husband!!!! What should I do?"
"My sister....and her husband Sissy? That's who rang the doorbell?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"Well I suppose you should let them in....."
"Right now Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Friday, October 14, 2016

Get It In

"Get it in Sissy....get all of it in....every inch....."
"Yes Ma''s so big!!!"
"That's right Sissy it is so big.....but girls like big cocks inside one wants a puny little sissy clit fucking them do they Sissy?"
"No Ma'am! But what if I start to I allowed to cum???"
"Yes Sissy....I expect you to cum.....I want you to cum like a girl....I want that cock inside you to make you cum....just like the girl you've become!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"And Sissy? Don't you have something else to say?"
"Thank you too Sir!!!"
Her lover chuckled....
"You're welcome Sissy!"

Just Getting Dressed

Honestly!!!!! I was just getting dressed when, out of no where, she grabbed me and kissed me....hard!!!!
"You'll be my little girlfriend today Baby.....I want to have a girl make love to me all day today.....I want you to be my sweet little lesbian lover today Baby!!!!! Will you do that for me....will you be my lover today?"
She was kissing me again and I couldn't speak....but I didn't think I had to....she knew my answer before she even asked.....

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Naughty Little Girl

She may enjoy dressing me as a little girl....all pretty pink dresses and bows....and I have to admit I love it too!!!! But this little girl still has some seriously naughty big girl talents!!!!


"There you go Sissy, you have your what'll it, green or blue?"
"Didn't we used to have one that was shaped like a cock....I'd like that one!!!!"
"Okay behave while I go look for it in the toy know I spoil you Sissy!!!"
"I know...and I love you!!!!"
"I love you too Sissy....I'll be back with your cock gag in a few minutes!!!"
"Thank you Sweetheart!!!!"

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fluffer Time

"Damn it Kaaren....I've been waiting twenty long does it take you to get him nice and hard for me!!!"
That's the problem right there.....she's looking at the clock in real time while I'm sucking the cock in Fluffer time....
What's Fluffer time you ask?
Fluffer time is the time with that sweet cock in your has nothing to do with the clock on the wall.....It only has to do with the fact that no matter how long he's in your mouth you wish it could be longer!!!!


Standing in front of him in my bra and panties....I can't meet his eyes and his laughter rings in my ears!!!!!
When she brings out the collar and leash I just want to sink into the floor....I am blushing from head to toe as she buckles it in place and "walks" me across the room while he laughs!!!
When I think that it's as bad as it can be she hands the leash to him....and he "walks" me to the window!!!
"Let's see if anyone you know is going by Sissy!"
I just want to hide!!!
I just want to curl up in a ball and die!!!!!
I just want to cum!!!! Oh I want to cum so badly!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Do You Suppose

"Alright Sissy....let's go over it again before he gets here....
Do you suppose he'd let me tie pretty ribbons around his cock?"
"No Ma'am...."
"Do you suppose he'd let me make him wear my panties?"
"No Ma'am...."
"Do you suppose he'd suck your....cock such as it is....if I asked him?"
"No Ma'am...."
"Do you suppose I'd rather have your little cockette inside me for twenty seconds or have him fuck me for hours?"
"I understand now Ma'am...."
"Good, now pull up your panties and put that big black cock in your mouth until he gets here!!! Then you can suck a real one!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Secret Identity

Lois pulled him closer....her hands roaming freely over his lingerie....she had never been so turned on....
"Oh Clark.....all these years I knew you were keeping something secret from me....but this is so hot....I wish you had told me about it....we've wasted so much time!!!"
His super hearing heard the burglar alarms, the high speed chases, the gun shots, the screams....but as she slid her hand between his nyloned thighs he decided that the Metropolis Police Department could handle things just fine tonight!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

She Didn't Think

Jenna didn't think that helping her roommate dress her boyfriend as a girl was going to be so hot!!!!
Putting him in panties and a skirt had left her so wet....and watching them make out on the bed was more than hot, she felt her pussy soaking through her panties!!!
When they broke their kiss and smiled at her she knew that before the night was over she'd have a tongue in her pussy making her cum......and she didn't care which of them it belonged to!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It's Columbus Day!!! The day we celebrate the man who didn't know where he was when he got there and wasn't sure where he'd been when he got back!!!! It's a day when you can lay back and enjoy yourself....there's no rush this have time to savor the local flavor!!! A nice breakfast of warm creamy goodness is just the thing....and just in case you, like Columbus, forget what goes where....just follow the instructions!!!
ManCandy!!!! You'll know for sure when you find it!!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday is Game Day

Did I support the team....well no...not really...
Did I want to be a cheerleader on their know....every teenage boy has a thing about cheerleaders....the horny boys want to fuck them and the sissy boys want to be them....but did I want to be a cheerleader on their squad....well no....not really....
Then why, you ask, am I out there cheering them on?
Just look at it....I wanted that dress, of course!!!!

Every Time

"Every time I get this close to your little caged clit it sends a thrill through me....did you know that Sissy?"
"No Ma'am."
"It does Sissy.....when I see your little thing caged up like this it makes me want to fuck!!!! I'm already so wet...."
"Really....I've been wishing......"
"Oh god Sissy....I want it big and hard and long and lasting for hours....I wasn't talking about you!!!!"
"Oh I there anything I can do to please you?"
"Now that you mention it Sissy.....please call Lester and see if he's free.....tell him how much you want him to fuck me....ask him really nicely!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Sold Into Hell

"Hands up you evil bastard!!!"
"You!!! No it can't be you!!! I sold you to the Arabs!!! How did you...."
"Yes, you changed me like you've just changed this poor soul.....where were you shipping him to.....what hellhole was going to be his fate?"
"No!!! This is a woman....I don't do that anymore....I realized how cruel it was....I got rid of the transformation formula long ago....please...let me make it up to you....what do you can give you plenty of money....enough to keep you happy the rest of your life!!!!"
"I don't want your money....I want those years of my life back....the years where I was kept as a slave....where I was used and degraded.....where I was considered less than an animal.....where or woman or......oh my god.....where any of them could use my body....this body that you created.....they used me for whatever sick, depraved desire they had....can you give me those years back.....can you?":
"Please, I'll do whatever you want....please don't kill me!!!"
"Oh I'm not going to kill you although you so richly deserve it!!! You say you got rid of the transformation formula so I'm wondering what that might be there in that cup? Why don't you drink the rest of it down.....and be careful....if you spill a drop I'll put a bullet right between your eyes....just like I did to the Sultan!!!"
"And you'll be pleased to know I have a buyer for you all lined Asian gentleman.....he has promised me you'll endure the most exquisite tortures known to man!!!!"
The shot rang close that he felt it brush through his hair and without a further thought he drank it all and fell writhing to the floor as the changes began immediately....