Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Whatever you did must have been pretty bad Sissy Kaaren....your wife insisted that you get severe punishment...."
"All I did was surprise was I to know that she was entertaining the Pastor and the other church elders....the men didn't seem to was their fat ugly wives!!!!"

"It doesn't matter Sissy....your wife requested the maximum punishment for keep count.....for most of our sissies it would be ten strokes....for some of our more disobedient sissies it would be twenty-five....for you we'll start at fifty and see how it goes!!!"
"Yes sir...."



We really do share so much....we enjoy the same food....we love the same music....heck we even wear the same clothes....
But most of all we both enjoy a nice big cock inside us.....

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday matinee - Black Magic

"'s after midnight!!!! Come to bed!!!""
"In a little while Honey....I think I've got it this time!!!"
"Are you still at that....I told you nothing good would come out of that book!!!"
"Go to sleep....I've got to go to work on Monday and I can't go like this can I?"
"Maybe after a nights sleep you'll have a clear need your rest!"
"I just want to try one more spell....this one invokes the devil himself!!!!"
"I'm sure I don't want the devil in my house George....come to bed and we can snuggle like last night....I quite enjoyed that...."
"Hush woman...."
He quietly recited the spell and in a puff of sulfurous smoke a figure appeared....
"I'm surprised you called Georgie.....I thought you worked everything out yourself..."
"Prince of lies.....master of the fiery depths I command you to release me from this spell...."
"You know what Georgie....I've had a bad day....I mean I spent some time getting a prospect all set to go and suddenly his divine gracey-pants comes along and ruins the deal....and now you want me to release you from a spell that I had nothing to do with!!! But just looking at you I have to say Bravo to your results!!!!"
"George!!! Is there someone else down there with you....I thought I heard someone...."
"Go to sleep Darling....I'll be up soon...."
"I'm waiting George....I can't wait!!!!"
"Your wife sounds like a lovely woman Georgie....maybe you should forget all this and just go on to bed....I have other business to attend's a big world and I am the source of all evil you know...."
"At least tell me why none of the reversal spells seem to work....I don't understand...."
"All right Georgie.....the spell to make you a woman was cast....correct?"
"Hmmm....yes....well then the reversal spells cast by the same person should work without a hitch.....I've got nothing to do with that....but it's not working for you.....what does that tell you?"
"You can't mean that....."
"George come up to bed I'm so ready for you!!!"
"Do I need to spell it out for you Georgie? It wasn't you that cast the transformation spell in the first place....that's why you can't reverse it!!!!"
"But why would she do it...."
"Why!!!! You were a balding middle aged man with a beer belly and a tiny little manhood and you had the sex drive of a sloth....she wanted something new....she wanted to live her's not always about you you know....and bedsides she was a good, honest, church-going woman who I could corrupt so easily.....when I take her soul she's going to go far in my organization!!!"
"So there's no way I can change back without her help...."
"I'd suggest you go upstairs and get busy trying to make her happy Georgie....she's a good woman and desrves to live her dream!!!!"
And in a puff of smoke he was gone!!!!
"George....I'm getting angry.....come and cuddle with me this instant!!!"
He considered his options and discovered that he had none....
"Coming Dear!!!"


His big cock may be inside her but she still wants yours Sissy....she loves to hold on and squeeze when she cums!!!!


Friday, February 26, 2021

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Every time he was sent to visit Auntie she would add something he tried to join in by putting on lipstick....
Auntie was very cross with him and told him that little boys didn't wear lipstick....that had to wait until he was a little older!!!!


And just think....they all said I wasn't ambitious enough to succeed....well this would show them...I'm  really ambitious when I'm doing something I enjoy!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2021


I could see immediately that she was cross with me....
"I told you to wait until I called you, didn't I Sissy?"
"I'm sorry Ma'am....I thought I heard you call...."
"We'll talk about your behavior later you can see I'm a little busy right now...."
"Yes Ma'am....I'm sorry Ma'am....I'll be waiting here in the hallway...."
"Make sure you close the door Sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am....."


"You know Sissy....this pleases me so much.....having this control makes me so happy!!!!"
"It makes me happy too Sweetheart!!!!
There was a time when I wouldn't have said that.....but after a few years in chastity I said it and I meant it!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Just Checking

 "I'm just checking Sissy....honestly....sometimes I forget that it's even there...."

Hump Day

On Hump Day you show your Boss that you've got the drive to finish your work!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021


I can't help but remember how much my hands were shaking the first time she told me to open a mans pants....I don't think either of them noticed.....but after he was in my mouth the shakes went away....with his cock in my mouth I felt like everything was alright again!!!!


"You should be proud Sissy....feel how hard his cock is in your mouth....that's all because of you Sissy....because you look so pretty for him....because you're sucking his cock so well....I'm sure he'll become a can suck his cock all the time!!!! Won't that be nice Sissy?"
"Don't talk with your mouth full one really wants to hear what you have to say anyway!!!"

Monday, February 22, 2021

Winter Formal

The Winter Formal dance was cancelled due to the virus but his stepsisters were determined that he would have his Cinderella moment in his lovely blue gown....
Tomorrow he could go back to serving all of their needs....for today he could be the princess he'd always dreamed of!!!!

Monday ManCandy

 It's never really enough....but it'll do for this morning....saving as much as you can for that one big gulp lets you get all the warmth and energy in one tremendous shot!!!!
You may have missed a little but it's good for your skin....after all why do you think they call it a facial?
ManCandy!!! Multi-purposing started here!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

What's The Matter

"What's the matter Sissy? Are my silky, pink panties making you uncomfortable in your cage?"
"Yes Ma'am....a little...."
"You are so easy to tease Sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am....."
"You can go back to your bedroom now and think about me in these silky panties for the rest of the night....and I'll give you one more thing to think about....I'm going to give myself a wonderful orgasm in these panties tonight...."
Well that meant no sleep for me tonight!!!!

Sunday Brunch

 After serving the wine it was pretty clear that I would be serving far more than that....she didn't have to say a word....I knew what to do!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Spread

"Report Captain!!!"
"Sir, there was a breach at Lab 127 at approximately 13:05 on Wednesday 17-2-2021...we have confirmed this through witness accounts and security camera footage...Technician Adam King was inadvertently infected through a mistake he made in the isolation chamber...and before a complete lockdown could become effective he escaped the base in his personal vehicle....we have been searching for him using all our assets, including some local law enforcement....but so far we haven't been able to find him."
"I can't believe that security on this base was so sloppy that something like this could happen!!!"   
"Under General Collins orders we...."
"General Collins is no longer in command here!!! General Collins is in isolation in the prison ward pending a decision on his status!!!"
"Yes Sir....I understand...."
"These local law they understand what's much do they know?"
"We've kept it on a need-to-know basis Sir....all they know is that he's infectious and if they locate him they should not approach until we are on the scene...."
"So it's been four days now....what's the best case scenario..."
"The best case would be that King has gone to ground and is hiding from everyone in an isolated now the likelihood is that the virus has been 100% effective..."
"And the worst case..."
"The worst possible case is that King has tried to lose himself in the crowd somewhere....if the virus is as effective as we think it is already beyond any possibility of containment..."
"Which do you think is more likely?"
"I think the latter is far more likely....The nearest city would be's only 37 miles from here and it would be an ideal place to disappear....there are a lot of homeless encampments and short stay hotels....we have our people checking them as we speak but many of these people are reluctant to talk to us...."
"God Damn it!!!"
"Keep looking....I want updates on the hour....expand the search radius....get troops from other bases....we have to get control over this....Move!!!"
His subordinate snapped a salute and left the room...
The general sat back and pondered his next move very carefully....the President was waiting back in DC for his report and he had nothing good to tell him....
He was reaching for the secure phone when his aide burst back through the door....
"General!!!! We think we've got him....the virus has already been 100% effective but DNA reports that it's him!!!!"
"Excellent work!!!! Excellent.....where was he?"
"That's the problem's worse than we thought...."
"Spill it god damn it!!!"
"He went immediately to Springfield and he's had numerous contacts....he ditched his car and took the interstate bus there...."
"My god...."
"He's had dozens....if not hundreds of contacts....the computer guys are gaming it out now in the lab and with the contagion rate being nearly 87%....the likely number of people exposed is potentially in the hundreds of thousands and is expanding exponentially..."
"Leave....I have to speak to the President...."
As the door shut behind his aide the General picked up the secure line and placed the call the President was waiting for...."
The call was answered on the first ring....
"This is General Buck Turgeson calling....put me through to the President..."
"Stand by Sir...."
In a moment he heard the Presidents voice....
"What's the news we have control of this thing yet?"
"I'm sorry to report Sir....that we have a Wildfire situation...."
"Are you certain Buck...."
"I'm certain Mr. President....."
"But that would mean that we become incredibly vulnerable as it spreads....borders will close around the world and our enemies would certainly see this as a golden opportunity....we could see the breakdown of our society and economy....are you sure this is a Wildfire, Buck? We have to be certain...."
"Yes Mr.'s spreading as we talk...."
"Then I think we'll have to implement Option Omega....god help us all...."
"I agree Mr.'s our only option.....we can't afford to be the only country affected by this virus...."
"Are the assets in place Buck?"
"Yes Mr. every embassy around the world we have previously infected assets in stasis....if you issue the go code they will be released into the populations of almost every nation in the a week no one will care where it started...."
"I'll issue the go codes in a moment Buck....what about there a possibility we might be immune?"
"A slight chance, but the feminization virus is very good at what it does...."
"I see....I always wondered who would be the first woman to be the President of these United States.....but I never dreamed it would be me...."
"And you're just the man to do it Mr. President!!!!"
They hung up....and the "football" was brought to the his desk in the Oval office...he sent the code to activate Option Omega and in embassies all over the world the infected men were awakened....they were all now beautiful women as the virus had done it's work on them already....and they were given their orders....and as they moved out into the streets the world began to change....maybe for the better.....


Yes there are times when I get jealous....I mean I am human after all....
She brings home two guys and they both want her...leaving me watching...
I can't blame them....she is the most beautiful woman in the fact she's the only woman in the room....but I'm just as enthusiastic and I could take both of them at wouldn't be the first time!!!
Maybe I'll get the chance later....

Friday, February 19, 2021

Home Again

When they got home from the party she had put him in position and he had eagerly licked and sucked all the cum from her sweet pussy....
He didn't ask whose it was....that wasn't any of his business....if she wanted him to know she'd tell him....
He knew all the men at the party and now he knew what one of them tasted like....and he tasted just fine!!!


Up until now it's been a game for you hasn't it Sissy?
Well not any've underestimated how serious she is....
She clicks the lock shut as she and her lover laugh....
Ironically you've never been so excited!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2021


I wonder what he'd think if he only knew that my beautiful wife had borrowed that lingerie from me?

Like A Little Girl

She came into my Sissy bedroom and she was giggling like a little girl....
"Come with me have to see this!!!"
We went to our  her bedroom and we stopped in the doorway....
"He's dreaming Sissy....don't you wish you could dream like that?"
I was thinking of pulling that sheet back and making his dream come true...but so was she and she shooed me away.....
His soft snores turned to moans that I could hear for the next few minutes!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Hump Day

 You don't have to wear anything special for Hump Day....but it makes it so much better!!!


After they heard the reading of his father's Last Will, his stepmother had generously offered to let him stay in the house....however she had some conditions...

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

I Don't Undrestand

I just don't understand why they make everything so pretty and then you're supposed to put something on to cover it all up....
I'd love to wear this for a day out for more pretty things like this!!!

A Good Nights Sleep

 I slept with her so close to me.....every time I stirred in my sleep she pressed was wonderful!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2021


 She frequently leaves me waiting like this.....letting me wonder what's coming....the only thing I can be sure isn't me.....

Monday ManCandy

You're always bright and chipper on a Monday morning, while all those around you are just barely dragging themselves along....what's your secret?
You've always been a happy energetic person and you've only gotten happier once you found that special creamy treat to start your morning!!!! Delicious and filling....and that special warm glow in your it any wonder that you're happy!!!
ManCandy!!!! Happy smiles guaranteed!!!!


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit home - CANCELLED

Sure, Sissy could have gone home this weekend but her grades were slipping and Mr. Rodriguez had generously offered her extra credit for her help this weekend....and Sissy just couldn't look a gift horse in the mouth....or take a hung her mouth ....or something like didn't really matter as long as she got to spend some quality time developing her skills!!!


Stop Complaining

"Stop complaining Teddy....we promised him three girls and Emma is sick so you're it!"
"But what if he wants know...."
"Don't worry Teddy....we'll handle all of the fucking....the most you'll have to do is suck his cock!!!"
"You want me to suck his cock?"
"Sure we do....that's not a problem is it?"
He smiled....
"Not at all...."

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Formula

"Be careful with that!!!!"
"What's the matter Doctor....did you hope my memory would never return....I know what you did to made me like this with this stuff!!!!"
" don't understand....I admit that I changed you...but aren't you happier like this? If your memory has returned think back on your life before the change!!!"
"Yes I'm happier now....I'm young and beautiful....but all I wanted from you was the flu vaccine....I didn't ask for all this!!!"
"Please put the flask down and we can talk about this...."
"Why Doctor? What would happen if I broke it open....would you change too....maybe change against your will like I did...."
"No....I mean yes I would change....but it has's become infectious....if it gets released there would be no stopping it....every man on earth would become a woman.....perhaps a few would be immune....otherwise you'd be causing the extinction of please put it down and let me store it properly.....I'm begging you!!!"
"Maybe I don't care about the future....maybe I just don't give a damn...."
"Please....put it down now or I'll be forced to kill you...."
He grabbed a scalpel from the table and held it threateningly....
"You already ended my life when you changed me into a woman....I mean I wasn't much but I was a man!!!"
"What do you want me to do? I can't change you back if that's it....the transformation is irreversible..."
"I....I don't know what I want...."
"Why don't you let me put my arms around you.....maybe we could find something to make you happy...."
"I just feel so alone...."
"Put down the container and I promise you'll never be alone again!!!"
"You and you....could it be?"
"Please.....just give it to me....lets not end the world....when we can start a new one together!!!"
She paused and smiled....slowly she held out the container for him....he took it and gently placed it on a shelf behind him....
He reached out to her and took her in his she pressed against him he brought up the scalpel and sliced her neck severing her carotid artery....he watched her shocked eyes dim as she bled out....
He put her body over his shoulder and carried her down to the cremation chamber in the basement....
He wasn't sure why it kept happening....this was the seventh one....the transformation went so well but their memories kept returning.....he'd adjust the formula for the next one....
The flames crackled and hissed as he turned to leave....his mind already lost in what chemical changes he'd make in the next batch!!!


"He'll be here any minute don't want my lover to catch you without your cute panties on do yo?"
"Mo Ma'am...."
"Now get your other foot in and we'll pull them up so they're nice and tight!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am...."
"You're welcome Sissy now go kneel by the door and wait for him...."

Friday, February 12, 2021

Just A Minute

It really is the Sissy secret.....we're not always ready.....sometimes it takes us a few minutes to freshen up.....but everyone is always glad we do....

Horny Girl

She was really horny tonight....and I did the best I could....she enjoyed it but I think she would have liked a real man more!!!!


Thursday, February 11, 2021

I Don't Understand

"I don't understand....if it's not supposed to be gay...why is it shaped like a real man's cock?"
"Don't overthink it Sissy....."
"But I want to know...."
"Alright's because your sweet little ass is just perfectly made to receive a manly cock....and I'm just getting you ready for it!!!"

Bedtime Stories

For a few months now I've been reading bedtime stories for her....hey, you can only watch so much TV.....and she's been enjoying them very much....
She usually tries to let me get to the end of the chapter before she pushes my face between her's fun for both of us.....and lord knows we need as much fun as we can get there days!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


 In case any of you were pays off for both of us....he gets the satisfaction of being in my throat and I get the satisfaction of a job well done!!!

Hump Day

By the time Hump Day rolls around what you need is a break!!!
Just a little while to forget everything.....and concentrate on the really important things!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021


"Go ahead Sissy....guess whose cock that is...."
"You know Sweetheart....I love playing this game with you....but I don't care whose cock this is....because it's mine now!!!!"
"Goodness're such a slut!!!!"

She leaned in Close

Even though he had sucked dozens of cocks for her....she still leaned in close to watch....nothing turned her on more than watching her sissy husband sucking her lover's cock!!!

Monday, February 8, 2021


 How many of you have taken a moment to just realize how goddamned lucky we are...most men will never know this bliss....never feel the silky stockings or the breeze up under your skirt....the feel of silks and lace against your hairless matter how much shit I had to put up with because of my love for all things feminine I still feel sorry for them....

Monday ManCandy

It was very important that he have a warm breakfast before leaving the house to shovel all that darned snow!!!!
He would need that warm glow in his tummy and the extra energy boost from all that protein!!!
And when he was done he would make sure that she had a good breakfast when he climbed back under the covers....
ManCandy!!!! It'll get you going...even on a snow day...

Sunday, February 7, 2021


She normally likes blue jeans and t-shirts and just relaxing....but there are times she wants a little bit more....
And me....well I'm always ready for a little bit more!!!

Sunday Brunch

"He said he was too much of a man to wear the dress I had laid out for him....but when I asked him if he would only wear the apron he here he is ladies in only the apron...have fun...."

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Saturday Matinee - Touched By an Angel

He prayed as he did every night....ever since he was a child.....he had led a virtuous and pious life....he never asked for anything except this one thing....he had given to others his whole life....he had refrained from sinful acts...and he asked for nothing for himself except this one thing....he knelt beside his bed and prayed....
"Please god....make me a woman...."
There was a flash of light and a slight smell of sulfur.....and suddenly he wasn't alone....
"You know....I can make that happen for you my friend...I can make you into the woman you've always wanted to be....for a small price...."
He sprang to his feet and backed away from the being sitting so casually on his bed...
"I know who you are Devil....begone from here....I will do no business with you!!!"
"'re a religious fanatic....look, I get that...but let's just talk for a few minutes...I mean, after all....I took the time out of my busy day to come all this way just to don't have to be so rude to a guest...."
"You are no guest of mine Devil!!!"
"Yeah....look I've played to hostile audiences before....but think about it...I'm here to answer your prayers...."
"I didn't pray to you....I would never pray to you...."
"But how can you be sure that I wasn't sent here to answer your prayers?'
"But....that couldn't're the Prince of Darkness....the Pestilence that walks the earth....the personification of evil...."
"'re making me blush....look all I'm saying is that you said a prayer and I appeared to answer know I'm an angel right?"
"A fallen angel..."
"Still an angel though....I've still got my key to the Elysian is it so hard for you to imagine that I'm the one who will answer your prayers...."
"Well....if you put it that way....maybe that makes sense...."
"Of course it lets want to be a woman and I want to make that come true for you....and all I need from you is for you to sign this contract...."
"I know what you want want my want to take me to the infernal depths and torture my soul for eternity in exchange for fleeting mortal pleasures..."
"Well....yeah....if you put it that way.....I prefer to think about it as making your dreams come true and giving you an eternity to remember how good it all was...."
"So I could have what my heart most desires, Devil? You could make my dream come true? You could give me the life I always wanted?"
"Sure that sounds like a deal...."
"Would I be beautiful....the most beautiful woman in the world...."
"Well one of the most beautiful....I've already made deals with a few people...."
"Could I be rich beyond my wildest dreams?"
"Oh that's easy....heck I have more than half of the billionaires didn't really think that all those college dropouts became super rich without my help..."
"Could I be powerful.....have dominion over mankind?"
"You mean like a whips and chains thing....hey whatever floats your boat...I'll tell you what...lets get it all down on paper....and then the world is yours...."
"No....Devil!!!! A thousand times no!!!! I would rather die an unhappy old man than become a tortured damned soul....I will never make a deal with you....never...."
The room was suddenly illuminated from a light pouring in the window....a feeling of warmth coursed through him....he was safe from the devil now....he knew it....
A voice spoke to him....surrounded if he was in loving soothed him just to hear it....
"This one is couldn't lure him away with your promises....back away from him Lucifer....he will not follow the path of the sinners Adam and Eve...he has stayed true!!!"
"Adam and Eve!!!! Are you still mad about that!!!! How can you hold a grudge for so long? It really seems kind of petty...."
"Quiet foul son I am here to answer your prayers...."
"Yeah,,,,so was I until you interrupted..."
"I told you to be quiet...."
"Or going to cast me into the depths of hell....been there done that...."
"Pay no attention to the evil one my son.....if you truly wish to change all you must do is reach into the divine light....and your prayers will be answered...."
And he tentatively reached into the light and he felt the change sweep over him....his prayers were answered.....she dropped to her knees and gave thanks for the blessing she had received!!!!
"Go Lucifer....trouble my faithful daughter no more...."
"You know I almost had him until you showed up...."
" sucks to be you doesn't it?"
"I'll get the next watch...."
"Of course I'll watch....I'm omniscient....I see everything!"
In a puff of smoke he was gone....and the divine light faded....and all that was left was the woman....kneeling and saying thank you, over and over, as the tears ran down her cheeks!!!