Monday, November 30, 2020

I Can't Believe

 Suddenly the door opened and there she was...."
"Thomas!!! Oh my god, Thomas.... I can't believe what I'm seeing!!!"
"Look I was just fooling around...."
"I can't believe how well you move in those heels!!!"
"Well I've been practicing Sweetheart!!!"

Monday ManCandy

 Busy weekend....waited in mile long lines just to get into the stores....taking down the pumpkins and getting out the snowmen.....and even though it was a long weekend it's over all too soon!!!
So even though you're too tired to even open your need to get going!!!!
Luckily your favorite breakfast treat just slides right on down with no effort from you at all...and soon that high protein cream will have you back on your feet!!! 
ManCandy!!! Just lie back and enjoy it!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Every Day

 It started innocently enough....he looked out his window and saw her walking about her apartment in sexy he stayed and enjoyed the show!!!!
The next morning when he checked for his newspaper he found an envelope addressed to Mr. Voyeur!!!!
The letter read.....
"I knew you were watching me...."
The next morning another envelope arrived....he pulled out a pair of black lace panties...and the letter read....
"My turn now Baby.....put on my panties and let me watch you!"
He looked at the window and thought....why not....and pulled on the black lace panties...
He was instantly harder than he'd ever been in his life....and as he stepped to the window he wasn't sure where this was going but he was sure he wanted more!!!!

Sunday Brunch

 There's no group this others to serve....just her and me....and I bring her everything she enjoys....she sips her coffee while she uses that wooden spatula in a way that I'll certainly never forget!!!!
It was a perfect day!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Long Years

"Oh my's you....what do you want with me....what more can you do to me....please just let me go...."
"I've been thinking about you for the last ten long years....while I rotted in that prison....all I could think of was tears on the witness stand....that was the exact moment I knew I'd lost....those female tears....those sobs....the recess for you to "collect yourself" that was what swayed the jury...."
"But you were know you were....please don't hurt me any more than you've already done!!!!"
"I was in that hellhole for ten long years...."
"And I was in hell for years too....but I finally came to understand that I am what you made me and I am OK with that now....I have a husband now....and he loves me....even though he knows what you did he looks past it and he loves me...."
For the first couple of years I hated you more than I hated anybody....I used to tell my cellmates all the horrible things I would do to you when I got out....I guess it was bad because a few begged the bulls to switch them to another cell..."
"Please.....please no...."
"But then I started to think differently....I mean....if it had been me I wouldn't have wanted you in jail....I'd have wanted you dead....maybe I had been wrong....maybe I should look deep inside and try to change my life...."
"What do you mean...what is that stuff???"
"I came to realize that I'd wronged you horribly....that I had no right to do what I'd I spent the last years trying to find a way to help you....a way to undo the wrong that I'd done....and that's what this is.....this will change you will be yourself again!!"
Her husband suddenly appeared at the window....trying his best to break save the woman he loved....
"You see....that's my can't do this to me....I've come to terms with it....I'm happy now...."
"But I took you against your will...."
"And I'm okay now....I've moved on....I can't go back would destroy me....please please let me go...."
"But with just a few drops I can bring your life back to what it was...."
"Don't you understand....10 years ago you used me as a guinea pig and you turned me into a woman....10 long years ago....through therapy and the love of a good man I have become fully the woman I am now....if you had come to me seven or maybe six years ago I would have embraced you and thanked you.....but I don't want to go back.....I'm happy as the woman you made me!!!!"
"But my guilt...."
"Damn you and your guilt.....just leave me alone and let me be!!!!"
"I don't understand...."
"I don't want to be a man....not now....not ever again....after all these years....just let me be..."
"Alright....I'll let you go....I'm sorry...."
"I can't really accept your apology but I can tell you that if I ever see you again I will kill you!!!!"
"I understand please tell your husband that I'll never come back...."



Yes everything is restaurants....not even a gloryhole....I mean....honestly....what is a hungry sissy to do?

Friday, November 27, 2020

Little Black Dress

I love my little black's always appropriate no matter the occasion....
It looks good on me no matter what I'm doing.....
Paired with a nice pair of nude tights....I think I look really cute....
But I look cuter when i"m on my knees sucking a nice big cock!!!!
And it's not just me who thinks wife has assured me that I look prettiest with a cock in my mouth....and she's never, ever lied to me!!!!


A lot of my time is spent waiting.....
I don't mind really....
Every time I wait for her something really good happens!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving ManCandy

Some like the turkey best....
Some prefer the stuffing....or dressing if you will...
There's some poor souls out there that only eat the vegetables...
But are yams with marshmallows really still a vegetable? 
Some like the cranberry sauce....
But almost everyone agrees that the dessert is the best thing!!!
Me I'm a dessert fan!!!! I like to eat my pumpkin pie and top it off with cream afterwards!!!
There's a lot to be thankful for and I'm thankful for every drop!!!


"Just because we can't have a party this year Sissy....I'll still expect your service to be the same as any other year....I want you in your prettiest uniform....and I want to see proper curtsy' you'd better start practicing now.....It will just be you and me....and Stacy....and you know what a stickler she is!!!"
"Yes Ma'am.....I'm glad Miss Stacy is coming...."
"If you're an extra good girl I'll ask her to bring her strap-on with her!!!!"
"I can hardly wait!!!!"


Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Even when I'm asleep it seems I have a natural reflex whenever a cock gets close enough!
I didn't believe it....but it's been tested over and over and it's true!!!

Hump Day

 In your short skirt you struggled to keep your modesty but he was having none of that....
He flipped your skirt up and took your modesty....
He took your panties down and took your masculinity....
He bent you over and took your virginity....
It was the best Hump Day ever!!!! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Really Sissy....I just had to check if it was still barely makes a bump in your panties.....the cute little thing just keeps shrinking away....maybe one day it'll disappear completely and you'll truly be my girl!!!!"
"I'm already your girl!!!!"
"Yes you are.....I've checked you check mine....with your tongue....until I tell you to stop...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


A Very Special Reward

I don't know what prompted her to reward me like this....but it was just wonderful!!!
She told me that I'd been an extra good girl and she had a very special reward for me....I could barely believe it as she produced the key and released me from the cage!!!
I don't get instantly hard like I used to but my clitty soon began to appreciate the way things were going.....
And like I said....the reward was really wonderful!!!
Feeling my clit slide between between those delicious pussy lips as the cum just poured over me....
There's only one thing I can think of that would have made it better....
I might have enjoyed it more if it had been my cum....

Monday, November 23, 2020

Is That....

" that really Daddy?"
"Yes it is Dear...."
"Why is he a...."
"Like what Dear?"
"Like a slut Mom....why is Daddy dressed like a slut?"
"Because I want him to dress that way...."
"But why?"
"Because I want him're a smart girl....think of the advantages...he does all the housework....all the yard work....all the cooking....and he uses his tongue on me all night long...."
"Stop being such a prude.....he gives me hundreds of orgasms while he gets none!!!! And best of all.....when I take a lover he handles all the blowjobs.....I'll never have to suck a cock again!!!!"
"But Mom.....I don't understand....I love giving blowjobs!!!"
"Well always were Daddy's girl!!!"


Monday ManCandy

Mom and Dad have already left for the day....and your online school day is going to start it's up to you to fix your own breakfast this morning....
There's plenty of eggs....bacon....waffles....sausages....and more....but none of it's what you want....what you crave....what you have to have!!!
ManCandy!!! Delicious and easy to make for yourself!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

 "Even though you spent the entire weekend with my boyfriends cock inside way or another...I will not have you going back to that school looking like the nasty sissy slut you will be neat and wearing clean panties....I want to be proud of my sissy husband!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!"


Such Fun

"This is going to be such fun Sissy....he's going to fuck me with that beautiful big cock....and I'm going to suck your little clitty like I used to....and swallow up all your sweet sissy'd like that wouldn't you Sissy?"
"Oh yes Ma'am....I'd love's been years since the last time...."
"But I'm having trouble with this lock seems to be stuck....and I'm going to have to...oh no....I've snapped the key off in the lock....we'll have to get a locksmith in to fix that...sorry Sissy....I guess you'll just have to watch us...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday Matinee - A Deal Inked In Blood



"Why are you doing this to me.....I had a deal...."

It happened again....another girl stood him up....he sat at that "table for two" as long as he could stand it and the pitying glances and the muffled laughter finally drove him to leave the restaurant and go back to his lonely apartment....
Why would she do this to me, he asked himself....but he knew the answer....deep down he knew....
Ever since he could remember he hated being a boy....he longed for all the pink and lace that the girls had....that was forbidden to him....he prayed every day to take this hated gender away from him....he wanted to be a girl so badly it hurt....and maybe it showed a little and maybe that was why the women he dated didn't see him as husband material...
He went to his closet and put on the frills that he wished he could wear every day....
Silks and satins swirled around him as he lost himself in the fantasy life that could never be....
And once again he he never had before....he prayed with every ounce of his being....
"Please....please....make me a woman!!!!"
A puff of smoke and suddenly he was not alone....
"I can make that wish come true for you....if it's what you really want!!!"
"Who....who are you?"
"I have many can call me....Steve!"
"Steve? You're obviously the devil but I can call you Steve!!!!"
" me Lucifer....Beelzebub....Steve.....Suzanne....what difference does it make? I can answer your prayer and give you what you most desire"
"You can make me a woman...."
"It's simple....a snap of my fingers and it's done...."
"But I wasn't praying to you....I was asking for divine intervention!"
"'re new at this....but let me tell you just how rare that really almost never happens....back in the day he was pretty talkative....he was always telling people what to do....nowadays....not so much.....think about it....when was the last time an army was held at bay by a pillar of fire?...I think he's just lost interest....but not me....I live to make people like you become all they want to be..."
"But you're the Trickster....the Evil One....why should I trust you?"
"Because I care enough to come and see offer you an give you what you most desire....and I ask for so little in return...."
"What do you want from me....if I take this gift from you..."
"Don't you read books....don't you go to the naive can you be....what do you think I want?"
" immortal soul....that's what you want....isn't it!!!!"
"I promise you'll never miss it...."
"But I'll spend eternity in Hell...."
"Like you weren't going there already.....he really doesn't let a lot of people in...I must have a fifty or sixty to one advantage on him....he's really a stickler about slip-up when you were twelve....eternal damnation for you....sometimes I complain about the strain on my resources!"
"So if I'm already damned maybe I should make a deal...."
They spent the next few hours hammering out an agreement....all carefully documented by the team of lawyers that were called up from the infernal depths....finally they were both satisfied....
He would become....fully and completely....the woman he'd always dreamed of....and in return his soul would report to hell's gate in ten which time he would receive light torment for the first five hundred years....
The contract was signed in blood and witnessed by several very famous lawyers...and upon the last drop of blood finalizing the deal the world swirled and his reality changed!!!!
Now ten years had gone by....and the devil came to claim his own....
" wasn't fair.....I was cheated!!!!"
"Didn't you become a I promised?"
"Yes you made me a woman but...."
"In fact you were even a bride....were you not?"
"Yes but...."
"Then I consider our contract fulfilled...."
In moments he found himself bound, hand and foot, while the imps of Hell tore his clothes away....and began the light torment.....tickling for five hundred years would surely drive him mad!!!!
He screamed and wailed....even the demons and imps tired of hearing it....
"I wanted to be a woman!!!! He made me a nun!!!!"
"You should have specified...." said the imp as it tickled his most private space..."You could have been a porn star!!!"

Suck My Dick

"Suck my dick you sissy bitch!!!"
And here we are....he's already hard, and his cock is right in front of's actually twitching a little, although I'm pretty sure he's doing that on purpose....and I want it so....I want him filling my mouth.....I want him to gasp as I go to work on him....
And then he has to say that....
I don't really mind when a man tells me to "suck his dick" nor do I really mind when a man calls me a "sissy bitch"....after all we both know that I'm only in the room because my wife likes to watch me suck men's cocks.....and I am a doubt about that....and I can be a bitch wife always says so....
So I don't really know why it bothers me that he said this to me....and he said it just as I was leaning forward to take him in my mouth.....maybe it was because it wasn't necessary...maybe it was because he felt free to talk to me like that even though we've just met....
But then maybe he was know...."dirty talking"....I mean he obviously thought I would respond positively to it.....that it would encourage me to suck him....although his cock just being there was really encouragement enough!!!
So I thought of telling him off....then I thought that I shouldn't....then I thought that I should...then I thought that I shouldn't.....and so on....
Then I thought I was just thinking too damned much and my mouth was watering....
So I sucked his dick...just like the sissy bitch I am!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2020

That Damned Magic

I's right over there....that damned magic just swirls around it....once you've been "affected" you can actually see it....I'd describe it for you if I could....but there are no words that can explain what it looks like!!!!
After the change hit me....after it made me like this....I tried to change back!!!!
Every time I sat on that damn bench I became more of a hair and nails got ass got tits got bigger....
Now I come back here every day and I watch the magic swirl around that damned bench and I can see the poor unsuspecting men getting drawn toward it....I try to warn them....and some actually listen and walk on.....most don't.....and the magic keeps swirling....







 He has her body....and he's giving her more cock in one thrust than I could in a week!!!
And I do love watching her get what she wants....although I'd be lying if I told you I didn't wish it was me giving her all that pleasure....
But then she looks at me and gives me that smile....and I realize that I have a part in giving her this....and that she understands that....and it makes everything right....


Thursday, November 19, 2020


 She said she had to work after dinner....I was disappointed but I understood....I worry sometimes that her work puts too much strain on her....but when I tell her that she laughs...she tells me not to worry because when she wraps up her project tonight she's going to need my tongue to help her relieve all of her I'll just catch up on my reading while I wait to pleasure her....

I Can See

 "I can see why you want one Sissy....but I'm not sure....I have a feeling that if I got it for you your housework just wouldn't get done!!!"
"I.....I promise......oh my god....I promise I'll do it....I......ohhhhh"
"Yes Sissy....let's just see....if you're a good girl maybe Santa will put one under the tree for you...."

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Hump Day

 By the time Hump Day comes you're already shivering in anticipation....

Wedding Gift

 They stripped him, they shaved him and then they caged him....her bridesmaids were happy with their work.
Soon his fiancee' would arrive and they'd present her with the key....they were sure she'd be thrilled!!!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Until Now

 "Yeah you've got more hair and looks like you might even have real tits....but I still recognized you...."
"I recognized you too...."
"Finally I knew the time had come when I could do the one thing I dreamed of all through High School!!!"
"You wanted to fuck a whore...."
"Nope....I knew...even back then, that I could fuck you whenever I liked...."
"Then what...."
"I wanted to kiss you....since the first time I saw you I've wanted to kiss you!!!!"

How Quickly

How quickly it changed....from a stupid dare to try on your sister's being taken in both of your sissy holes!!!!
No going back after this!!!! 
Nobody wanting to go back either!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2020


 "Oh...hello....I didn't know anyone was up here....mind telling me what you're doing in Ashley's room?"
"I was was looking for the bathroom...."
"And did you think you'd find it in Ashley's panty drawer?"
" I wasn't...."
"Is that some pink lace poking out of your pocket....that wouldn't be a pair of her panties would it?"
" my how did they get there...."
"Why don't you have a seat and we'll discuss what you're going to do to stop me from telling Ashley....and your wife...that I caught you stealing her panties!"
"Whatever you say!!!!"
"That's the spirit...sissy!!!"

Monday ManCandy

 Some people are morning people...they're up before us....they're full of energy...they're cheerful...while the rest of us are just dragging ourselves out of bed...every cell in your body is telling you to go back to bed!!!
But not those morning almost seems like a waste for them to enjoy that energy boost....they already have too much energy....but some people have that special creamy treat not because they need most of us....but they have it because they truly enjoy it!!!
ManCandy!!!! Wanting it is enough!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Right Here

 There was nothing on TV tonight....
"So what do you want to do Sweetheart?"
"I was thinking that I'd like to see you squirt some sissy cream...right here....right now!!!"
She tossed me her dildo and told me to get busy...
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Sunday Brunch

 "My friends will be arriving soon Sissy....let me help you with your lipstick..."
"Thank you Sweetheart."
"Well it's important that we send the right message to our guests Sissy..."
"Yes Ma'am!"


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Saturday Matinee - The Haunting

It was common knowledge in the village, that the old Crane place was haunted....
Many of the residents had stories of their brushes with the supernatural around that place...
It was almost a rite of passage for youngsters to sneak onto the property....they all came back of course....but they all told their friends tales of horrifying experiences....most imagined, but maybe some real!!!
That's why they were all surprised to hear that Joanna Crane had decided to move into the house!!!
Joanna Crane was a celebrity, rich girl....famous for her debauched lifestyle...but her last breakup had been very public...and very nasty....and obviously her fault!!!
The press which had fawned over her had suddenly turned on her....and she was surprised at how quickly public opinion had changed.....she needed a place to hide and this small village...nestled in New England was just was a home that even she hadn't been aware that she'd owned!!!
She arrived with little fanfare....and found the house in good order.....the caretakers had done a good job over the years....
Fully furnished with beautiful antique furniture she couldn't believe that she had never been here before....but as the heiress of Crane Industries her real estate holdings were vast and widespread and she just hadn't known...
Of course she heard of the rumors of haunting.....but what old estate didn't have such rumors?
The tales of terror told by the locals just made her more intrigued....what an adventure she'd have as she hid her from the press...from the world!!!
The news media soon tired of waiting at the front after day...with nothing to report....and most of them soon departed to look for scandalous behavior elsewhere...
It wasn't the first night....the house had been quiet and she had slept soundly.....
But soon she began to notice....noises....things disappearing and reappearing...
She could tell that her things had been disturbed....particularly her panty drawer!
At first she thought that the caretaker or his wife were at fault....she was sure that they could sell her panties on Ebay for a lot of money....but she soon ruled them out...
What could it mean?
Was there someone else who could come and go without her knowledge?
Then she thought of the stories of ghosts....could it be the ghosts that were stealing her panties? She needed to find out!
She began to take particular notice of how her undies were folded and how they were arranged in her dresser drawer.....and after a few days there could be no doubt...someone or something was invading her intimates....
After she was sure, she experimented by leaving very sexy panties in other rooms to see if they were moved too...
They were....some were moved and some were just gone....without a trace....
She then started walking through the house in just her undies...and talking to the spirits that might be in the house....
"You don't have to steal them you know....I'd be happy to share my panties with you....if you could just let me know that you're there....I love pretty things just like you do...we could be like sisters...if you would only show me that it's not my imagination..."
After several nights she began to get the distinct feeling that she was not alone as she walked through the house.....and turning quickly she thought she saw a movement in the shadows....
"If that's you, please don't hide from me....I want to get to know you...."
A shadow that was darker than the other shadows in the room moved toward had the shape of a person...a head, torso, two arms, two legs...and it stopped when it was within arms reach....
She was frightened and excited at the same time....
"Who are you?" she asked.
She heard a noise like a wind through leaves but that was all...
"Can you speak to me?"
Another soft noise answered her....
"Why are you taking my panties? Don't you have your own?"
There was no response....then the shadow reached forward and took her hand....she almost pulled back....but it wasn't cold as she expected it to be and it felt solid enough....what disturbed her was that her hand disappeared into the shadow!!!
Slowly the shadow pulled her hand and placed it on it's side....sliding it down she could feel soft skin and then....unmistakably she felt the panties....
"I wear them....but have you none of your own?"
A soft whispering sound answered her and the shadow tugged her hand until it was at the small bow at the waist of the delicate garment....then it gave a slight push downward....and the spirits secret was revealed as her fingers felt a hard little thing there...
"Oh I see....that's how it're a boy that likes to wear girls that it?"
Another soft whisper....but she felt it stiffen in her hand....
She yanked her hand away...she knew what to do....this certainly wasn't the first boy she'd had wearing her panties....
"Okay we're going to make a deal, you and I, I'll give you panties to wear but you'll have to give me something in return....."
In the weeks that followed the town was abuzz with new reports of moaning and screaming coming from the house....even the town constable had checked in on Ms. Crane who had assured him that everything was fine....
The local postman told his pals at the local pub how he was constantly delivering packages to the house...Fredericks of Hollywood....Victoria's Secret.....Agent Provocateur....and other names he hadn't ever heard of....
And although she was alone in the house he had heard her on more than one occasion shouting for someone to come look!!!!
And then he'd hear the low guttural moaning begin....

Granting Your Wish

 "You always said that you'd love to fuck I'm granting your wish Sissy!!! But I want Tricia to enjoy her self too so I'm going to supervise...."

Friday, November 13, 2020

Sissy, I'm Home...

 I'd heard her car pull into the driveway already....but I forced myself to wait....
"Sissy, I'm home!!!"
That was when I could run to greet her!!!

In Order

"Well Sissy this seems to be in turn around and let me inspect your plug...."
"But you told me not to put the plug in!!!"
"Oh of're right Sissy....that's because I have something else to plug you with!!!"
"That's what I was hoping you'd say Ma'am!!!!"
"Such a know I spoil you!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....thank you Ma'am!!!!"


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Did I Ever Dream

Did I ever dream when I was a boy that one day I'd be on my makeup and lingerie...sucking one cock while stroking another?
Did I ever dream it?
Hell yes I did....but I never believed that my dreams would come completely!!!

As Ever

"I see it's as useless as ever you run along and shower and then come back and we'll get you all safe and snuggled tight in your cage!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"You know that I'll know if you try to stroke it...."
"Yes Ma'am!"

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Laid Out

While he was in the shower his wife told him that she'd laid out some things for him on the bed....
When he stepped out and saw....
"Honey? What's this stuff for....where's my things?"
"You know what know damned well what it's for.....I found your blog and it was'd better be ready by the time my friends get here....or else!!!!"
He didn't want to ask what that meant!!!!

Hump Day

"So what do you want to do now?"
"Well it's Hump Day so I was thinking of going up to my room and getting out my biggest strap-on and bending my husband over and fucking him like the little sissy bitch that he is!!!"
"Sounds like fun...."
"Want to come with me....we could take turns...."
"Wouldn't he be horribly embarrassed if I was there?"
"Well of just makes it better!!!"
"Let's go then....afterwards he can buy us dinner!!!"

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Book Shopping

"Hey....if you wanna read it you gotta buy it and take it home!!!"
I reached down and picked up my skirt...
"Oh it's you Kaaren....never mind....I didn't see you come in...."
It pays to be a regular customer...

Your Mother

"Remember when your mother said you shouldn't marry me because I was too "bossy"....well lets see what she thinks about me now that I've caged her little angel!!!"
"You're sending a picture to my Mommy!!!"
"Yes put those pretty panties on and we'll send her a picture of that too!!!"


Monday, November 9, 2020

Why Sissy?

"Oh my god Sissy!!! Is that little clit of yours hard?"
"It seems so Ma'am...."
"Have you been touching it while I cleaned your cage?"
"Oh no Ma'am.....I would never do that!!!"
"Then why is it all stiff like that?"
"I don't know Ma'am...."
"Well what are we going to do about it Sissy?"
"If I could stroke it maybe I could cum and make it get soft again...."
"Oh make me laugh....go and fetch some ice from the freezer and we'll have you back in your cage in no time!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."

Monday ManCandy

You've got all the toys....the outfit....the dildo....the collar and leash...but none of that means anything come Monday Morning...
It's time for the weekend to end.....but even though you'll have to put all your toys away, you'll still need that special creamy treat to get you through the day!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's not optional!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

 "What the hell is going on here?"
My wife seemed like she yelled every time she came into the room!
"I'm just teaching some of my old buddies some of the things I learned at school!"
"You know what Sissy? That's pretty you mind if I sit in and watch?"
"I'd love to have you watch..."

IUsed To Be

 It used to be that she would give my balls a good squeeze to bring me down to my was like a little game we'd play....
Since my knee problem has gotten worse she doesn't squeeze them she just plays with them, ever so gently, and I find that to be far worse torture!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Saturday Matinee - A New World

After the Second Korean War broke out in soon expanded into World War 3....millions of lives were lost and much of the world had been turned into radioactive waste lands!!!
The worlds leaders finally agreed to end the mass carnage in 2033 and the people began to pick up the pieces of their shattered societies!!!
The revolution began in 2034....the women of the world had finally had enough....
In some countries their revolution had been many Middle Eastern countries they still talk of the "Night of the Knives" when millions of men were castrated by their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters!!!
Korean women took the few men that had survived and weren't affected by the radiation sickness and locked them in camps where they were re-educated to bow before the superior woman!!!
For a while South America seemed immune....but when the tide turned it was like a tsunami...many men ran to the Andes to escape the women's wrath....but with the relentless pursuit and the lack of resources many starved and the survivors eventually surrendered....after that most communications with the continent were cut off!!!
It was like that all around the country after country the women seized power and punished the men for their part in the disastrous war!!!
In the United States.....the men still clung to power....
Perhaps it was the tradition that the power of change lay in the power of the vote....a free people with a free vote could change without the violent upheavals seen in the news from everywhere else in the world....
The election of 2036 was the peaceful change that many had expected....without the bloodshed power changed hands as every single seat in government was won by women...not just any women....they were won by the "Female Superiority" party.
Many of the American men chose to leave but as they looked around them they realized they had no place left to run!!!
At first the changes were subtle....statues of men were removed around the nation and replaced with statues of brave women through history....cities and towns were curriculum became female-centric and dissenting educators were removed from their classrooms!!!
But the women were soon emboldened....the Feminization Act of 2037 made the sale of anything other than female clothing a felony punishable by ten years at the new Feminization Camps...all male clothing had to be turned in and destroyed....possession of trousers by a male was a crime!!!
Men pushed back....of course they did....they were men after all....but more and more of them were soon wearing skirts and dresses!!!
They still didn't know that all the beer was full of female hormones and they couldn't understand why their bodies were softer....or why they seemed to be developing small breasts....
It wasn't until even more radical women were voted into office in 2040 that simply being male had become a misdemeanor....
The new President signed the Executive Order that authorized the Surgeon General to begin the complete sissification of the male population....excepting, of course, a choice group for breeding services and other executive services as might be required by government officials.....
The year of the Woman had finally come!!!!