Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sweet Kisses

Their wives watched as the two sissies slowly stroked themselves...
"Now Sissies...we want to see you kiss each other!!!"
And they did.....and even though they knew that the first one to cum faced a year in chastity....they both felt it was worth it!!!!

How Many

Just lying there listening....our walls are so thin....
"How many times is that Mr. Bun-bun...six or seven?"
But Mr. Bun-bun doesn't answer me as we both listen to her cum again....

Monday, April 29, 2019


Yes of course it was hers....we share a lot of clothes but her bras are clearly hers....
I wonder if she would mind if I wear this one....it's so pretty.....and she never minded when I wore her things before......
I have a whole drawerful of my own bras now, but there's still something wickedly special about wearing one of hers....

Monday ManCandy

The first thing in the morning...
Before the shave and makeup...
Before the panties and bra...
Before the stockings and heels...
Before the uniform and apron...
Before the wig and plug....
Before all that....your sissy maid needs a good breakfast...
Sissy needs the energy to serve you like a good sissy should...
Sissy needs her early morning boost!!!!
ManCandy!!! First things first!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday Brunch

"I just wanted to thank you for inviting us....it was a lovely brunch!"
"You're so welcome....I mean if you hadn't brought your sissy husband mine would have had to entertain all the guests by himself!!!"
"Well I thought....why not....he's been a good girl for me lately!!!"
"I know....just look at them with their dresses up sucking each other.....how long have they been at it now?"
"About three hours or so....I bet neither of them ever thought that sucking a little tiny cock could be such punishment after such a long time......really their jaws must just be aching!!!!"
"Not aching too much I hope....I'm expecting some worship later!!!!"
"Me too....do you think we should allow them to stop?"
"No....everyone's having such a good time watching and I'd hate to ruin the afternoon..."

You Asked

"What's the matter Sissy....all those times I was edging you.....all those times I asked you about your fantasies.....a black cock gangbang was always your first answer.....so I made it happen for you Sissy....I did this all for you!!!!"
"Ohhhhhh.....thank you Ma'am!!!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Ruffles and Frills

"But why?"
"You dare ask me why? After you humiliated me in front of my friends!!!!"
"But I thought you'd be happy!!!!"
"Happy....how could I be happy with that foolish display....you disobeyed me completely....and worse you even tried to laugh it off!!!!"
"But I did as you said...."
"There's no further point in this discussion.....obviously we have different desires...."
"No please....all I wanted to do was make you happy!!!!"
"You chose a funny way to do it....no pun intended....you disappointed and humiliated me....I don't think I can forgive you for that!"
"But I was only doing what you told me...."
"You keep repeating that lie as if you'll make me believe it!!!"
"But I'm not lying to you....I did what you asked me to do....it wasn't easy....I wasn't sure about any of it....but I love you and I wanted to make you happy so I put the stuff on just like you wanted...."
"Just like I wanted? I can assure you that your appearance was NOT what I wanted.....I thought I had made myself clear....I even made you repeat it back to me three times....and still you chose to ignore my orders.....you've made a fool of me and worse....you've broken my heart...."
"But I remember what you said....what you wanted me to do....I remember it word for word....."
"Maybe so, but still you didn't do it....did you?"
"I did....I did exactly what you said....."
"In what way...."
"You said you wanted me in full makeup and my prettiest ruffles and frills to entertain your friends at your party....and that's exactly what I did!!!!"

My Choice

If I had my choice about waking up in the morning I would choose this over an alarm clock any day!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2019

For My Husband

"Oh no....it's not for me....it's for my husband!"
"You make your husband eat other mens cum???"
"Make him!!!!! My Sissy loves it so much he just never gets enough...."

Don't Care

"I don't care that your sister helped you with your makeup....I don't care that the two of you were up all night preparing for picture day....in this school it's very inappropriate!!!"
"But why?"
"Well firstly this is a school for boys and none of our boys are allowed to wear makeup...or dresses!!!! Now you go home and come back with your khakis and blazer and we'll try to get your school picture taken later!"

Thursday, April 25, 2019


What keeps us together?
We share so many common interests!!!!


Waiting for her morning inspection.....she likes to check the cage even though it hasn't been removed in like forever....and she likes to put the plug in herself....
But she told me to pull my panties down and wait and that was like almost a half hour ago....I don't get it and neither does Eddie Elephant....
I hear her moving around the house.....wood floors and high heels....and the wait is making it worse.....looking at the clock I can see she has to leave soon so I know I'm not getting a correction.....but why is she leaving me here like this?
Then I heard the doorbell....

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


He came home and saw that his sister was already there....then he saw her best friends backpack...and all the rest of their clothes scattered about....he quietly made his way through the house until he reached the master bath....that was when he heard them....peeking in the open door he saw them....wet, naked....staring longingly into each other's eyes.....and he knew.....soon they would be making love....the two of them writhing together as they enjoyed each other's nubile young bodies....and he would have time.....time to try on her friends undies....like he'd always wanted to.....maybe if they were really into it he'd have time to wear her skirt too....

Hump Day

You look forward to it every week, but Hump Day serves as a reminder that you're not all the way there yet you still have more to go!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

What Did She Mean

What did she mean I'll see you at home!!!!
How the heck am I supposed to get home dressed like this???
I can't walk it...not in these heels that's for sure!!!!
I guess I'll have to see if I can get a ride from some kind soul....oh look here's a guy pulling over to the curb already....I don't know if he's going all the way but I'll go as far as he's willing to take me....

TV Guide - Star trek - The Lost Episodes

"Very funny Scotty now send me back....and I want my clothes back too!"
"But Captain....you make a bonny lass!"
"Scotty....if you keep doing this I'm going to restrict your whisky ration!"
"Aye Captain....you win....but I would have loved to get my tongue into that beautiful arse!"
"Well....I guess there's really no need to rush.....maybe we should explore where no man has gone before!!!!"
"I'll give it all I've got Captain!!!!"
"I'm sure you will Mr. Scott!!!!"

Monday, April 22, 2019

Small Town Girls - Summer's Coming

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
Soon it would be summer, their sisters had already gotten their summer clothes out of their closets and into their drawers.....and their brothers had wasted no time in seeing if they still fit and they were overjoyed at how pretty they looked in them....and then....well then they just couldn't help themselves!!!! It had been a long winter but now summer was coming!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Remember those old days when you had to get up and start cooking right away so you'd have a warm breakfast before you went out into the mean old world?
Thank goodness you've found the best all-natural warm breakfast.....served the way nature intended!!!!
Filling your mouth....filling your tummy....filling you with all the good things you need to get on with your day....all before you even open your eyes!!!!
ManCandy!!!! No muss, no fuss!!!! It's ready for you when you need it!!!! And clean up is a breeze!!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

I had never heard of "Trick-Or-Treating" for Easter but my wife assured me that it was real....I was met with laughter at the first few houses I tried but maybe this one will be different....
I hope so because my wife said I can't come home until my bag is full of eggs!!!!

Spring Break

He slowly woke....
Where the hell am I, he wondered! The last thing he remembered was the pretty blond at the bar asking him if he wanted to party.....after that it all got fuzzy....
Wait!!! Why was he dressed like this!!!! And why did his ass hurt so much!!!! And what was that horrible taste in his mouth!!!!
He picked up his head to look around and he didn't recognize the room he was in....
He sat up and tried to remember but nothing came to him....
After several minutes the door opened and a strange man looked in at him....
Before he could speak, the man smiled and called back into the next room....
"Hey guys....the sissy bitch is finally awake again!!!"
And suddenly it all came back to him....

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Saturday Matinee - All Your Wishes

She woke up feeling wonderful! She reached over and flipped on her bedside lamp....the one with the cute pink ruffled shade! Her nails were so highly polished that they gleamed bright red even in the glow of the low watt bulb.
She stretched and felt her tight young body under the covers....she felt very sexy....even in the cozy warm flannel nightgown....
She stood slowly and ran her hands over herself almost as if taking inventory!
She glanced into the mirror and as always she marveled that her makeup was unsmudged and perfect even though her hair was a bit tousled...
She carefully laid out fresh undies for the day....pink and lacy today....if only all the boys could see they'd absolutely flip over her....maybe some of the girls too!!!
She pulled off her nightgown and slipped on her bathrobe before stepping into the adjoining bathroom....she didn't enjoy showering....she always felt fat and unattractive in the shower....she avoided the mirror because she knew she wouldn't like what she saw!!!
Stepping back into her bedroom she felt much better as she slipped off her robe and dusted herself with lovely scented bath powder before slipping on her wispy undies.....
With a couple of simple brushstrokes her hair was just beautiful as always....
Noting the hour she began to move faster.....sitting at her vanity she realized that even after showering her makeup was perfect....she giggled at her reflection....
"I'm such a lucky girl!", she said aloud to herself!
Slipping on a silken kimono from her closet she stepped to the doorway realizing she had to really get her cute little bottom in gear.....but she paused before stepping into the hallway....just like always and looked back into her cute bedroom....then it was time to go...

He stepped into the hallway scratching places that needed scratching....his stained t-shirt showing reminders of last nights supper....and yesterdays breakfast....his beer belly peeking out from beneath overhanging the waistband of his tighty-whities, well they were white once!!!!
He ran his hands through his greasy hair and over the two days of stubble on his chin and decided it was still good enough....he'd take care of it tomorrow....he pulled on his jeans as he flipped on the TV....it was still on the porno channel that he had been watching before bed.....he felt a stirring in his groin but he had no time now and turned it off again!!!
He pulled on his jeans and a picked up a shirt off the floor and sat down to pull on his boots....
Looking at the clock he saw it was time....he'd have to move it or he'd miss his bus.....now where were his house keys.....maybe he left them in the bedroom...
He walked down the hall but he paused before stepping into the bedroom..

She felt wonderful  and ready to face the day....she was wearing that pretty new dress she'd found in her closet....it fit her every curve and would get everyone's attention....her heels matched the dress perfectly and her hose accented the outfit so well...looking about the room she gave a little twirl and she snatched up her keys from the dresser....blowing herself a kiss in the mirror she stepped to the doorway and paused for a moment as always....

He stuffed his keys in his pocket and made his way to his apartment door....another goddamned day in that goddamned job.....it seemed to him the only time he was happy was when he went to bed....he wondered why that was.....but the old witch that rented him the place told him that the views in the bedroom were beautiful....honestly he couldn't even remember if the bedroom had a window....never mind a view!!!

Just Like A Woman

Yes I was dressed just like a woman....
Yes he fucked me just like a woman....
And I didn't cum as he filled me with his seed....just like a woman....
Not much of a stud......he was snoring by the time I actually came on the big black dildo!!!
Every day I learn more and more about what it's like to be a woman!!!!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Like Teenagers

Just like horny teenagers they pull into a dark street and have a long "make out" session...
He guides her hand onto his lap and when she feels his big cock she just can't wait and leans over, fumbles while she opens his pants....before she finally takes his glorious cock into her hot, wet mouth!!!!
He reaches over and strokes her wet pussy through her pretty panties making her moan...
The two of them grunting and moaning are lost in their lust....completely forgetting the world around them!!!!
Sitting in the back seat I can only think.....we're going to be late for the movie!!!

Even Though

Even though we've been married for years we still have slightly different techniques when it comes to this!!! I think I tend to go faster because I always feel like she's going to take him before I'm done, while she can go a little slower and savor the flavor more!!!
But we do both agree that I'm the one that does most of the swallowing!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

That's Him

"That's him at the door now Sissy....I have to go....I can't keep his big cock waiting!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....will you be home for dinner?"
"I'm not sure Sissy....it depends on his staying power...."
"I understand.....I'll make you something to eat when you get home...
"That will be fine....and I'll bring you something to eat when I get home!"
"I can't wait Sweetheart...."

Yes Ma'am

"Yes Ma'am....coffee is ready what would you....and he....like for breakfast?"
"Well Sissy....I worked up quite an appetite fucking him all night so I want a couple of eggs, sausage, bacon, home fries and rye toast!!!!"
"How would you like your eggs, Sweetheart?"
"I think sunny side up would be nice?"
"Yes Ma'am! And for your friend?"
"Oh, he just wants coffee and a blowjob...."
"Yes Ma'am....I'll take care of it....would you like to watch while you eat?"
"Of course Sissy....when have I ever said no to watching you suck a cock? You know it's one of my favorite things!!!!"
"Of course Ma'am.....I'm sorry!"
"You should be sorry.....silly sissy girl....now get busy!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Hump Day

It's been a long, hard week so far....but it's Hump Day and you're just about halfway there....you just need one more big push!!!!


"It's really not that complicated Sissy.....you can choose which or how many....if you choose how many then I'll choose which....and if you choose which then I'll choose how many....it couldn't be any simpler than that!!!!"
"I don't know....can I think about it for a few minutes?"
"No, you may not!!!! If you don't choose right now then I will choose which AND how many!!!!"
"But I can't decide....I need...."
"Of course you can't decide....oh well I guess that leaves it all up to me...."

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


The last time he had done this, the woman had exposed him and humiliated him....in public!!!!
She had pulled open his shirt in the restaurant exposing his lingerie!!! She had called him a worthless sissy cocksucker!!!! She had pulled off his wig!!!!
He had run away...
And now he was going out with her again....she said she was wrong to do it....she said she was sorry....she blamed it on the medication she was taking....
And he had only one wish....as he fixed his stockings....
God how he wished she would do it all again!!!! He had never cum harder than he had that night while the humiliation was still fresh in his mind!!!!


Well, she wasn't using it at the moment and it was just hanging there between his legs so I was sure she wouldn't mind if I helped myself to a little taste.....

Monday, April 15, 2019

Game of Thrones

The biggest surprise in the Game of Thrones final season?

Monday ManCandy

Having a super stressful morning? Feeling your energy running down? You know what you need....let the rest of them all drink coffee...full of caffeine and sugar....you know that you need something far more organic and healthy than that!!!
A quick call down to the mailroom usually gets a pretty quick response and before you know it, you've got the creamy high energy snack that will help power you through the rest of the day!!!
ManCandy!!! It's not just good, it's good for you!!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2019


"You know you could have worn shorts too Kaaren...."
"I spent far too many years wearing shorts when I always wanted to wear skirts or dresses.....I'm not going back to shorts now!!!"

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"But why?"
"Well my wife complained that I was enjoying my weekends....and that you were enjoying my weekends a little too much so they put this cage on me for my visit home!!!!"
"So does that mean we can't....have any fun?"
"Well it seems that I can't....but that doesn't mean that you can't...."
"What do you mean?"
"Think about it this way....they closed my exit but they left all my entrances open!"
"But what about your wife.....she's going to check when she gets home?"
"Let her check....all she'll see is that the cage is still in place....she'll have no idea why I'm still smiling!!!!"

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Happiset Place 2093

"C'mon Kaaren....you have to try!!!!"
"My name's not Kaaren!!!! And I'm not a girl!!!!"
"None of us are girls Kaaren....but you have to pretend!!!"
"No....I won't....they have no right to do this to me...."
"You know that's not true Kaaren.....after the wars....the Disney's took over the world....you're not one of those underground rebels are you!!!!!"
"I was....but I was captured...."
"Did they....did they put you....in the hole?"
"They did....and they almost broke me...."
"I can't believe you survived.....that has destroyed so many of us!"
"Have you ever been there?"
"No!!! But I've heard the horror stories!!!!"
"I can tell you now....they're all true....it's the worst torture known to mankind!!!!"
"But you survived it...."
"Barely....then they decided that I should be part of this show...."
"Well....isn't this a lot nicer than that....don't you like being a princess....don't you like how my hand feels on you?"
"It's wonderful.....but I can't get it out of my head...."
"Maybe if I stroke a little harder...."
"No....it's too deep....it'll never go away...."
"Maybe you need to hear it again...."
"Listen Kaaren.....it's a small world after all....it's a small world after all....
"No more!!!! Please....I'll do what you want me to do....but not that!!!!"

Is There Anything Better

Is there anything better than sucking a nice hard cock?
How about sucking a nice hard cock with your favorite flavoring!!!!

Friday, April 12, 2019

I'm Sorry Sissy

"I'm sorry Sissy....his text says he'll be here in fifteen minutes so you better go put on something pretty....you know how he loves to see you in something that's all frills and bows...why don't you put on that new babydoll I bought you....he'll go crazy....he might even let you suck his cock before he fucks me this time!!!!"

I Can See

"Very good Sissy....now open your mouth really wide...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Oh my goodness Sissy, I think I can see daylight!!!"

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Wasn't Expecting

"Oh my god....Mom....I wasn't expecting you home so early...."
"I can explain!!!!"
"I'd love to hear it..."
"I was trying to....Uhhh...I was just...."
"I can't believe you.....you promised me that you wouldn't disappoint me like this again....I'm so ashamed of you....you're never going to be able to take my boyfriends cock if you can''t even take that little dildo all the way...."
"I'm trying Mom!!!!"
"Look....if your Daddy can take it then so can you....."
"I'll keep trying Mom...I promise I'll take it all!!!!"
"Well until you do you're grounded.....and no dinner for you, now get back to work!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


I am so happy that I grew my hair out....it now reaches around the middle of my back!
I usually keep it in a ponytail but she likes to put me into pigtails.....and some of her lovers prefer it that way too!!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Bother Me

Did it bother me that she was taller than me?
Why on earth would that bother me....I love looking up to her....and when she wears her heels it's even better!!!!

Hump Day

Smiling? Of course you're smiling....it's Hump Day and you've put the hard part behind you and now the rest is just going to slide on by!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Don't Mind

"You're sure you don't mind me wearing it?"
"Of course not...it looks so pretty on you!!!!"
"It's very nice of you to let me wear your pretty things sometimes!"
"Well, you always used to let me wear yours before I got my own...."
"I couldn't help it Sissy, you just looked so pretty in my things....it's hard to believe that now I borrow lingerie from my husband!!!"
"You can borrow anything you want anytime Sweetheart....I wouldn't have any of it if it wasn't for you!!!"

Still Fit

Tommy could still fit into all of his sister's clothes....well except for her shoes....she had such pretty, small feet.....so Tommy couldn't wear her sexy shoes anymore.....but the funny thing is....his sister's boyfriend didn't seem to notice at all!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Tale of the Lost Cage

A couple of years ago I had an accident at home and was taken to the hospital by ambulance and rushed into the Emergency Room...you can read the particulars of what happened in this post I made a couple of days after the accident.
All right now....you can read all about my adventures with modern medicine if you read the posts from the couple of days afterwards....but I remember that I said there was a story about my chastity cage and what happened to it....however I never told it so here we go....
I was in the treatment room....when the treating physician noticed the cage....apparently unaware that such things existed he asked one of the nurses to remove it which she couldn't do.....she told the doctor that it was locked on....
My bottom had a few bruises from the correction I had received the day before and in the doctors mind this looked like a case of domestic abuse!
I was pretty much out of it still and he was asking me question after question and I wasn't very responsive.....he apparently dispatched a nurse to contact a hospital administrator who in turn contacted the authorities!!!!
Meanwhile my poor wife was waiting outside for any news....she had gotten my panties off before the ambulance arrived so when I was picked up I was only wearing a tee-shirt...
A nurse approached her to tell her that it looked like I would be OK, that I would need stitches and I had not yet fully regained consciousness but that I was definitely going to be admitted and would probably be staying for at least a day for tests to determine what happened.
My wife repeated what she had already told the EMTs about finding me face down on the floor and how she called for help....and the nurse nodded and promised to update her...before going back to the treatment area she came back and pulled my wife aside and asked her about the cage!!!!
My wife told me that she had forgotten all about it even though it was in plain sight as I was put on the stretcher in our home....she laughs about it now....because she still forgets about it....it's just always there and it's completely normal to see me with it....but that night she said she thought I was dying and she just wasn't thinking about the lower half of me while the upper half of me was in such bad shape!!!!
She told me she tried to explain it as best she could when the nurse asked her if she had the key so it could be removed....
She always has the key with her....always....either on an anklet, or on a chain around her neck, or in her purse....but all of those things were still at home!!!!
The nurse returned to the treatment area as my wife waited and kicked herself for forgetting the key....
She did take her phone and called her work assistant Stacy.....asking her to come to the hospital and bring her copy of the key....yes Stacy is also a keyholder who enjoys "privileges" with me!
A little later a hospital administrator approached my wife, accompanied by a pair of policemen and asked her to speak to them privately!!!
"They treated me like a criminal!!!" she told me!
They asked my wife to explain my injuries including the bruises on my bottom and the strange device attached to my body....and how I came to have a serious head injury!!!
My wife is not a stupid woman and she realized that she could have a real problem on her hands here....she started to explain about the chastity cage and she told me that the more she explained the worse it sounded and the policemen were not taking it well...
That's when she thought that perhaps she should be calling her attorney before she answered any more questions....then she said that she broke down in tears....it was all just a little too much for her emotionally....
The police stepped out into the hall to discuss what action to take and to inquire if I was able to answer any questions yet.....
The hospital admin, who I won't name here, leaned over her desk and handed my wife a box of tissues....she had been there through the questioning and had listened to my wife and she asked my wife...
"It's a sex thing, right, the device....the cage on his genitals?"
"Yes...it's a sex thing....but it's a part of our lives too...."
"And the bruises....on his bottom....that's part of it too?"
"I spanked him yesterday....it's just something we do....it's also a part of our lives....but it sounds so wrong....it sounds so bad without my husband being able to back me up..."
"It does sound bad....and your husband willingly allows this type of treatment?"
"Willingly!!! It's more like eagerly....he loves the cage....I know it sounds strange....but he does.....and as far as the spanking, well he actually reminded me yesterday that he was overdue for a correction..."
"A correction?"
"That's what we call it.....he wanted a spanking and I gave him one....it made us both happy....there was no abuse...."
"And his head injury?"
My wife tells me she started crying again as she repeated what she had already told the others, of finding me unconscious and bleeding on the floor....
The admin excused herself and stepped into the hallway to confer with the two officers who were now joined by a patrol sergeant....the four of them had a lengthy discussion.
The admin and the Sergeant stepped into the office together and sat down....my wife said she couldn't read their faces....
She turned to the Sergeant and asked him if she needed to call her attorney....
"I don't really think that will be necessary right now....I've had a talk with Ms. ____ here and I think I've got a picture of what's going on here....the two of you are into....different kinds of....sex play...."
"My wife said that when he said that she could swear he was blushing...
"....and that as part of this you include the ummmm....this cage thing....and that there is some consensual spanking....is that correct?"
"Yes that's correct....100 percent correct....I love my husband and I would never hurt him...well never hurt him in a way we didn't both enjoy..."
"And then you found him in your house today and I guess it was only the shock that made you forget to unlock the cage thing from him?"
"Yes!!! I always have the key with me....but today I forgot to pick it up from my dresser....I forgot everything when I found him like that....I was so scared....I thought he was dead...can one of you tell me how he is, please!"
The admin picked up the phone and spoke for a moment...
"It looks like he's going to be OK.....he'll need a few stitches to close up the scalp wound..."
"I'd much prefer it if you could arrange for a good plastic surgeon to take care of it....I'd hate for an ugly scar to ruin his pretty face!!!"
"His pretty face..." The Sergeant chuckled, "If I wasn't convinced before I'm convinced now....this was just one of those things....I think we've embarrassed you enough Ma'am....let me escort you back to the waiting room....would you like a cup of coffee?"
"No, thank you...I just want to see my husband!!!"
So then he took her arm and stepped out to escort her back to the waiting area...he dismissed the two officers who my wife said were still giving her the "stinkeye", as she put it. He told them that he wanted to review their reports before they were submitted...
As the entire group walked out into the waiting area my wife's assistant Stacy came rushing in....reading the situation completely wrong she demanded to know just what the police thought they were doing....she had her phone out in a flash while telling my wife not to answer any questions until her attorney got here....she was just looking for his number when my wife stopped her....
"It's alright Stacy...they understand....did you bring your key?"
Pulling out the chain around her neck she said, "I have it right here!!!"
The two officers walked around her and out the door....muttering something that none of them clearly heard.
The sergeant stepped forward...
"And you are?"
"My name is Stacy, I'm her assistant...I work with her!"
"And that is the key to unlock the....device?"
"Yes it is....." she turned to my wife, "How is she...he....how is he...is he going to be OK? I've already made arrangements to clear your schedule for the rest of the week just in case...."
"And how is it that you happen to have a key....wait....you know what....I don't need to know....I'm sure if I was to get this whole story I'd be here all night...ladies I hope everything works out for the best....have a good night."
My wife hugged him and thanked him.....
The admin was hanging up the phone and nodded her goodbyes and walked off toward her office.....
The same nurse came out and updated my wife on my condition and my wife gave her the key....and a quick rundown of how to remove the cage...
They came soon after to move me to my room...and if you read the link you already know the rest of the story....
But what happened to the cage?
Apparently the same nurse who my wife had given the key to had approached her, asking if they could talk. Over coffee in the Hospital cafeteria she asked my wife a lot of questions about chastity and how it affected our lives....
My wife gave her the cage....she told me that the nurse felt she had reason to use it with her husband who apparently was a chronic masturbater....
So somewhere out there my cage is stopping a young nurse's husband from tugging at his little cock....
She said one line which really made my wife laugh as she looked at the cage in it's little hospital baggie....
"Such a big deal over such a little thing!"

Monday ManCandy

No, no....you don't have to get up.....just open wide and take it in....let it spread over your tongue as it fills your mouth with that unmistakable flavor....it's creamy goodness just makes you yearn for more....but it's time to get up and start your week....and what better way to face a Monday morning than with a tummy full of rich warm cream and a big smile!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Never start your day without it!!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Brunch

"Yes Ma'am, I've served all of the ladies....would you like me to serve all of their husbands now?"
"Of course Sissy....but make sure you take that dress off before you do....remember all the stains from last time!!!"
"Oh yes Ma'am!"
"And take a pillow to kneel on....I don't want to spend the rest of the week hearing about your sore knees!!!!"
"Oh yes Ma'am!!!! Thank you Ma'am!!!!"
"You know I spoil you Sissy...."
"Yes Ma'am!"


They were both laughing....she said....
"Go ahead Sissy....just like we agreed..."
It wasn't like I had even thought of disobeying her!!!!
"Please Sir....may I suck your beautiful cock before.....you fuck my wife's sweet little pussy?"
They both laughed harder.....
He looked at me and said....
"Get down on your knees and ask me again Sissy!!!"
Of course I did....I knew I was blushing bright red....
"Please Sir....I would so love to put your wonderful cock into my sissy mouth and make you hard and wet  so that you can slide into my wife more easily...."
"So you want me to fuck your wife Sissy.....you want me to make her cum?
"Please.....Yes....Make her cum....She needs a real man to fuck her....not a little sissy like me...."
He laughed again but he gasped as I took him in my mouth and she leaned down close to watch....
He'd never met anyone like us before but I could tell he was enjoying himself and I was pretty sure we'd see him again!!!!