Monday, November 30, 2015

When You Said

"But when you said "How about a blowjob?" I thought you were offering!!!"
"But when you said "I can't wait, let's go upstairs now!" I thought you were offering!!!"
They glared at each other for a few moments!!!!
"This is silly, would you like me to suck your cock?"
"Only if you let me suck yours first!"
They laughed!
"69 baby?"
"69 baby!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

It was just her job the way she saw it!!!
After Mom left, her Daddy was so depressed and she just knew it was because no one was bringing him any ManCandy!!!! So like any good daughter she would bring it to him!!!
Sure enough he cheered up and he didn't seem to miss he Mom quite so much!
And it wasn't weird or anything she never even told him where it came from!
Funny thing about it was that he never asked either!!!
ManCandy!!! Daddys and daughters, it's a special thing!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"Honey is this the right jersey to wear?"
"I don't think so Sissy but with cute little black panties like those I'm pretty sure no one will notice!"

She's Done This Before

She's done this before.....but not like this! I could hear her talking with someone  and then I heard them coming up the stairs....I had sucked off several mystery men over the was a game she really enjoyed....I had never once figured out who any of them were....although the mailman had a suspicious smile when I saw him....but tied like this I wouldn't be able to suck anyone....what could she be thinking....I wonder who it is....
They were in the room and she whispered in my ear....
"He doesn't want your mouth Sissy...this particular friend of yours has always wanted your cute little ass!!! I love when someone gets what they've always wanted don't you?"
I felt a rough hand pull up my skirt and slip into my pantyhose!!!! Obviously he was going to take his time!!!
That was fine by me....I just had to wonder how big he was and I wouldn't have to wonder about that for much longer!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday Matinee -The Revenge of the Wronged

When she walked back into the dining area she gasped! Her brother Joe was lying, head down on the table, his moans soft and barely audible! His friend Tom was gone!
One glance told her the story! Somehow he had gotten Tom's coffee! Tom the evil bastard that had so cruelly taken her virtue at this very table!
She remembered it like yesterday! She was closing up for Moe...his wife was sick and she had told him and Peter the dishwasher to go on home....
She was surprised when her brother's friend Tom walked in but she smiled and told him the grills and coffee machines were shut down so if he wanted anything he'd have to go out to that place on the interstate!
He laughed and grabbed her! He told her that she had what he wanted and he bent her over the table and laughed while she screamed!!!
The next morning she began planning her revenge!
After many false starts and dead ends she found the old witch who sold her the transformation potion!
Two drops, she had said! And she had been so careful putting the two drops in Toms coffee!!! How on earth did Joe end up drinking it!?!?!?
She watched as the transformation was like a fog settled over him and when it dissipated there was a beautiful woman sitting there!!!
As she gazed at him she had almost forgotten the men who were supposed to come and even the score for her until she heard the heavy footsteps coming through the door!!!
They were going to use her brother instead of Tom to satisfy their evil lusts now! They'd warned her that if she tried to back out they would use her!!!!
Worst of the back of the crowd....she saw Tom.....and as their eyes met he winked at her!!!
Looking from her helpless brother to the mob of hungry men her choice was clear....she reached behind her and unzipped her dress and soon there were hands and more and the night never seemed to end!!!!
Tomorrow she'd plan her revenge!

I Know It's A Dream

I know it's a dream, but I love it! It may be the only way I'll ever really feel my dream girl inside me! Feel her swell and fill me with her sissy cream!!! Feeling it dripping from me!!! Enjoying the afterglow!
Soon I would lick up whatever I can, savoring the flavor and hoping that this time it stays with me after I wake!!!
Even if it is a dream....just to hear her gasping in pleasure would be enough for me!!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

By Candlelight

"Yes Sissy I said I wanted to fuck you tonight by candlelight! So let me turn down the lights and I'll grab the strap-on and the lube! I wouldn't move too much if I was you that wax is going to be pretty hot!"


He should have won an Oscar for his performance! Both his wife and her lover completely believed that he didn't want to suck that cock!
He had to remember not to get too enthusiastic at first!
Later while she slept he would play the next tape for her....he expected she would "force" him to be in a pretty dress by Sunday!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Home For the Holidays

I love when the family gets together on the holidays and we can all catch up on what's new! Her sister brought her new boyfriend....her divorce isn't quite final yet but she should be rid of her cheating asshole husband soon!
She's been much nicer to me since she's embraced the sissy cuckold fact she allowed me to kneel and watch as she demonstrated her strap-on technique to my wife!!! My wife loved her little sister and was beaming with pride as she waited her turn to use her black strap-on and show her a few more tricks!
He was spraying cum everywhere as she pegged him but we have nice hardwood floors in here and I'll be able to lick that clean in no time!!!
She leaned close to me and whispered "Let's get them a chastity cage for Christmas Sissy!"
"Perfect gift for a new couple!" I replied
It's nice to have the family over! Makes me feel warm and tingly!!!!


"Relax Sissy you're just the centerpiece, no one's going to eat you, they're all going to eat me!!!! You can count my orgasms for me!!!"


That new young couple from across the street had stopped by and my wife had invited them in for coffee! Some chit chat went on for a while as we kind of felt out the new neighbors! My wife excused herself to take a call in her home office and I asked them to sit in the living room while I made coffee!
While fussing with the machine I wondered if they'd like some cake and when I stepped in to ask they were gone!
I heard a noise in the bathroom and went over to listen and heard some soft moans and whispers! I had to see what they were up to and pushed the door open and to say I was surprised would be putting it mildly!!! There they were sniffing and licking a pair of panties from the laundry hamper!
They hurriedly confessed about  their shared fetish and blushing so cutely they asked me to please not tell my wife!!!!
"Why would I tell my wife? This is my bathroom, that's my laundry hamper and those are the panties I wore all day yesterday!"

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

You're so cute Sissy

"You're so cute Sissy, you always make me smile! But let me go over it again....just so we're clear! Are you listening?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Very good, first....the cage stays on! Every time you ask about it adds another week! Why just tonight you've added three weeks! Second.....the plug stays in, I like the idea that your bottom is full! The next time the plug comes out will be when my big black strap-on goes in, so consider that the next time you ask me to remove it! Third and will be sucking his cock tonight and you will be swallowing his cum.....just get used to the should be thanking me....he has a magnificent cock and I can't wait to see it in your mouth!!! Do you understand all that Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Good then you run along while I finish preparing!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....thank you very much!"
"You're welcome Sissy!"

Secret Recipe

I had to ask for help with my secret ingredient! I could probably produce more than I need but...well....there's the cage to consider....
Anyway....I like to treat the bird to a few doses as it soaks in the brine for a day or two! It just gives it that unforgettable flavor and the stuffing is out of this world!!!!
After I wash off my volunteer I always get a sample....I tell him it's important to know how he tastes....that's not technically true but I think I deserve something for all this work!!!!

Murphy's Bar

"Yeah I get all kinds in here...why just the other day I had a beautiful woman sitting right there and she was telling me that her husband was a cocksucking sissy who liked to prance around in a tutu! A tutu for gods sake can you believe it?"
"Yes I can definitely believe it!"
"So what'll it be.....oh....sorry I didn't mean nothing you know!!! All's fair in love and war and all that...."
He was blushing so cutely....I wonder how much he'll blush when I tell him my wife sent me to give him a blowjob!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

She's Always Telling Me

She's always telling me about how important it is to have "leverage" when she's making a deal with her clients! So I'm not really surprised when she uses her "leverage" on me, she likes to have the upper hand.... and I like it too.....

Turned Up High

Her orgasms were so much more intense when sissy was properly motivated and there was no motivation that worked as well as that vibrating butt plug turned up high!!!!
She loved it and sissy seemed to like it too!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015


"Aren't you ashamed...on your knees licking another boys anus! The two of you should be mortified!!!! I can't believe you chose to dress like girls!!! You are the worst of sinners!!!! I'm telling you right now!!! I'm warning you....if I catch you again tomorrow night, right here, at about this time, dressed as you are, I'll have you both on your knees taking each others penis into your mouth!! Now pull down your skirts and get up to your room and I expect to find the two of you in one bed in the morning!!! Maybe a night of crowding together in a small single bed will teach you something!!! Now get going before I dress the two of you in lacy nightgowns!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Don't just listen to me....we have a higher authority!
Sister Mary Fellatrix says "All you boys and girls remember to eat your ManCandy! Your sweet creamy ManCandy, or you'll answer to me!!!"
ManCandy!!!! Sometimes it's scary but it's always delicious!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Just A Typical Sunday

Just a typical Sunday at our house....we all dress in our Sunday Best and they go out to have their Sunday dinner....I stay home because I've already had mine !!!

Proper Posture - Sissy Training

"Remember....a good sissy maintains proper posture no matter what else happens! So whatever happens, don't drop the book! Dropping the book would be bad and bad sissies get punished!"

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Manhunt Through Time

"At last I have you Villain! There will be no escape this time! You have eluded me for centuries but my hunt is ended!"
"It can't be! William!!! But surely you died long ago!"
"I too found the wizard and I made him give me the immortality potion so that I might hunt you down and make you pay for your crimes....make you pay for her murder!"
"But how is it you're not a woman? The potion makes one a woman!!! The wizard said it was inevitable!"
"You meekly accepted the change where I have used all my will to fight it! The wizard told me that strength of heart would hold back the transformation!"
"But what do you propose! This modern world will not exact justice for a crime so many centuries ago! Be gone and trouble me no more! You'll find no justice here!"
"That's where you err in your reason you devil! I have carried this enchanted bow for close to 700 years while I hunted you! This arrow fired into your dark heart will send you to the dark pits of hell that await you! I'll give you a moment to make your last appeals for forgiveness to your maker for surely I have none for you!"
"But perhaps we together could share this gift and live through the ages as companions...please don't kill me! There is so much yet to see!"
"Villain as you draw your last breath I'll tell you this! Tonight I will welcome the transformation and become a woman in full! Then I will allow myself to sample all of the sinful pleasures the world has to offer! All the pleasures I have denied myself through the centuries! I will become the queen of debauchery! And through it all I will remember the look on your face as you die, begging for your life! That will be my ultimate pleasure!!!"
"No!!!! No Please!!!!"
The arrow flew and it was done!!!!

TV Guide - What's On

The Smurfs are at a loss when Smurfette leaves town!!!! But when Sissy Smurf checks in everything is back to ....almost normal!!!!

I Love This Dress

It accentuates the bust and waist while the layered skirt hides so much that a Sissy might want to hide!!!!!
And to tell the truth it reminds me so much of comic book super heroines that I almost feel like I could fly while wearing it!
Step back citizens and pull down your zippers!!! Super Sissy is on the job!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015


She was practically crying as he teased her with his hard cock!
He was rubbing against her but he was looking at me!!!
"Should I put my cock in your wife Sissy? Do you want me to cuckold you while you kneel there watching? Is that what you want?"
It had been a long time since anyone had asked what I wanted....usually all I wanted was to cum!!!
I heard her gasp as his cock stroked over her beautiful wet pussy and I knew the answer!
"Please, sir, please fuck my wife with that magnificent cock! Make me a cuckold while I watch you pleasure her! Her pleasure is all I desire!"
"Alright Sissy, wish granted!" he said as he filled her in one stroke!
I moaned almost as loud as she did!!!

Proper Way

"You're my son and I love you, so if you're going to dress like a girl I want you to be the prettiest sissy girl in town!"
"Thank you Mama but I liked those other panties so much better!"
"Little wispy panties aren't going to help you hide this little thing!!! These are much more sensible and they'll make sure you have no embarrassing bumps in your dresses!"
"But these don't make me feel sexy Mama!"
"There's another thing about these panties that's really you want to know what it is?"
"Yes Mama!"
"They're very, very easy for me to pull down so I can spank you for being a bad girl! Do you understand?"
"Yes Mama!!!"
"And do you like these panties?"
"I love them Mama!"
"Good boy....I mean girl!"

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Just Like That Sissy

"Oh yeah Sissy....slow....slow...just like that.....let me feel your big cock in me!!!!! Now Sissy fuck me!!!! Fuck me like you would fuck me if you were a man!!!!! Then after.....make me cum on your tongue!!!"

Brave Mountaineers

Why did I rush over to eat her pussy while she sucked her lovers cock?
Like brave mountaineers have said when asked why they climbed Everest!!!
Because it's there!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


As her Sissy cuckold I'm usually more envious than jealous!
I've watched her take cocks in every hole....even that one I've never had!!!
I've licked up men's cum from her more times than I can really remember!!!!
I've seen the look in her eyes when she sees that big manly cock about to enter her and I've seen the look in her eyes when she looks at my little caged clitty dangling so uselessly between my stockinged thighs!
But through all of this I rarely feel jealous!

But as I knelt here with his cock in my mouth I watched them kiss, deeply, passionately and suddenly I was jealous...very jealous....I just couldn't help it!!!!
"Ouch!!!! Sissy watch those teeth!" he yelled as my wife glared at me!
There would probably be a spanking later....but like I said I couldn't help it!!!

There Wasn't Any

"Wait Sissy, there wasn't any toilet paper!"
"I don't care!"
"Well neither do I really!!!"

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Have A Surprise

"I have a surprise for you Sissy! Would you like me to give it to you?"
"What is it... you know I love surprises!!!!"
"I' have it in my hand right now Sissy and I know it's something you'll like!!!"
What could it be....what could it be???
Maybe a bottle of that single malt scotch I like? No, I don't think that's it......
New panties? No, I don't think that's it......
The key!!!! Maybe it's the key!!!! Maybe she's going to let me cum today!!!!!
"Yes Sweetheart! give it to me!!!! I can't wait!!!!"
When she pulled my panties down I knew I was right....
When she pulled me over her knee I changed my mind!!!!!

I Warned Him

I warned him that if he went in my panty drawer again that he'd regret it!!!! Maybe he thinks I wouldn't know, but once again things were not as I left them!!!!!
Well today he'll learn that I mean that little perv will learn!!!! He wants to wear my pretty undies.....well he can pick out a nice pair to put on and then....and then my little brother will find out how it feels to be a girl!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015


Sandwiched between my beautiful wife and her assistant Stacy I was in heaven!!!!
"I warned you that those red shoes just screamed fuck me, didn't I Sissy?" my wife whispered!
"And I have a nice new strap-on and permission too Sissy!" whispered Stacy!!!
"You be a good girl for Stacy, Sissy!"
"I'll try my best Sweetheart!"
"I know you will Sissy...I'll hear about it if you don't!....have fun....Stacy!"

Monday ManCandy

There's a lot to do on Monday morning! Gather all those reports you were supposed to review over the weekend and hope there'll be time to read them on the bus!!!  Coffee, energy bar, freshen your lipstick and get your mouthful of ManCandy!!!!
ManCandy!!! The best lip gloss is the natural gloss of sweet delicious ManCandy!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday is Game Day

"Alright Sissy, you can have the rest but this one is mine!!! He's rooting for my team and he's got a nice cock! Maybe you can suck him later but for now he's mine!!!"
The men in the room all laughed and returned their attention to Sissy who was taking on all comers!!!!

But Why

The maid tucked the two crisp hundred dollar bills into her bra as she watched the sissy wheel the cart down the long hotel hallway!
She looked at the woman, his wife, laughing quietly as she watched her husband in his heels, apron and cap roll the service cart away from them as he also struggled to see what the sign she had tied to his apron said!
"This is your husband?" the maid asked.
"Oh yes, that's my husband!"
You make him do this?"
"Yes I do!!"
"But why?"
"To humiliate him of course!"
"You must hate him!"
"No I love him with all my heart!"
"I don't understand...."
"When he turns to come back look at his face and you'll see he loves it, he thrives on it and if I was to allow it he'd probably have shot his sissy cream all over your cart by now!"
"I'm still not sure I understand but anytime you need me call housekeeping and ask for Rosa!"
My wife slipped another fifty into her hand.
"Thank you Rosa! I'll keep that in mind!"

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will

When Susie Johnson opened the door she was a little surprised that Officer Thompson was there!
"Hi Bobby, I'm surprised to see you here...if you're looking for Jim I'm afraid he's not home right now!"
"Hi Susie! Actually I am here looking for Jim. It seems he hasn't been at work all week Susie, and a Miss Claire Robinson from his office has called us and expressed some concerns about his whereabouts."
"I don't understand why Bobby, I called her on Monday and told her he had to go down east to take care of his's the cancer you know....probably the poor man will be gone soon!"
"Oh that's too bad Susie, I'm sorry to hear that....I'll pass the word to the fella's, maybe we can pass the know those funerals aren't cheap...."
"That would be really nice Bobby I'm sure Jim will be grateful."
"No problem thing Susie....what's that sounds like something vibrating?"
"Oh that's just the dryer, I decided to do the sheets and know what they say about idle hands!"
"Heh, Susie you're one in a million! Jim doesn't know how lucky he is, maybe we'll get together for dinner when he gets home?"
"That would be lovely Bobby, I'll call you!"
"Bye then!"
"Bye bye my best to your wife!"
She slumped against the door as she listened to him drive away! Upstairs the machine continued transforming her husband!
"Oh yes Claire Robinson....let's see how much you want him after I've changed him into my lesbian slave!!!"
The sound of her laughter filled the not quite empty house!!!!

A Time To Pause

There are not enough candles....there are not enough tears....My thoughts are with the people of Paris tonight!!!!
I'll try to resume regular posting later.....

Friday, November 13, 2015


Oh please just a taste....just a little taste....I want it so bad.....please....just one little taste.....and then you can fuck my wife all night.....please just...a taste....mmmmmmmm....thank you!!!!!!!

So Much To Learn

I mean....think about it....if you grew up with a little cockette like mine you'd have thought that the way to hold a man was with your thumb and forefinger too! It was the way I'd held mine all my life!
I don't really remember if it was me, him or my wife that corrected my grip!!!! But after that I still had so much to learn!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Clothes are Clothes

Clothes are just clothes what's the big deal!!! There's really not that much difference is there?
I can offer two responses to this:
  1. Being a Sissy has very little to do with the clothes, it's more a state of mind....Lots of men wear panties but they're not all sissies!
  2. If there's not much difference show me the male equivalent of this!!!


She always kissed him right after he came in her mouth! At first he made a fuss and she stopped giving him blowjobs! Soon though, he came around and after several weeks she was convinced he was really enjoying the taste!
Soon she would start introducing him to her lover Tyrone's cum, fresh from her well-fucked pussy and then it would be a short jump to seeing him take Tyrone's big black cock in his mouth! Then she'd start putting him into panties and stockings and she'd have the Sissy she'd always dreamed of!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Small Towm Girls - What You Wish For

It's hard to keep secrets in a small town and Johnny and Tommy, or Joanie and Tammy as they preferred to be called had always been so careful!
 The boy stood there silent! They all knew each other from school! Tammy held him in her hand and began to sing, "Happy Birthday Dear Joanie..."
It was just what Joanie wanted!!!!

I Want More

"i was just going to make you suck him to get him hard....but I want more!!!! This is so hot!!! My husband with my boyfriends cock in his mouth!!!! Oh my god!!!! I want to see you make him cum!!! Make him cum in your cocksucking sissy mouth!!! And show it to me your mouth filled with his cum!!!! Then I want you to swallow every last drop!!!!"
His mind reeling....his mouth full....what else could he do but obey!!!! Although he knew his life had just changed forever....he could only obey!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

White Shirt

After things quieted down she joined me in the kitchen. She looked adorable in that white shirt and I told her so!!!!
"Oh've seen me like this thousands of times!!!"
"Yes and you always look beautiful!!!!"
"You're just being silly now....would you like a glass of water....I'm parched!!!"
"Yes thanks! I bet your throat hurts if all that screaming when you came is anything to go by!!!"
"Oh you're making me blush now...I wasn't that loud was I?"
"I'll ask the neighbors tomorrow!"
"Funny....alright I'm going back to bed! Wake me at my regular time!"
She took the two glasses of water as she walked down the hall and I reached for mine and took a refreshing sip! She looked so cute in that white shirt....his white shirt.....


"I said now Sissy! For heavens sake it's just at the end of the driveway, it can't be more than fifteen steps!!! Just go get me the newspaper!!!"
"But I...."
"Go now Sissy or go after I give you a spanking!!!!!
I stepped outside praying that no one would see me.....but not all prayers are answered...however that's a story for another day!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

No Wonder

"That's all he's got! No wonder you keep him in panties and stockings!!!"
They both laughed as they left me there!!!!
I had not been given leave to go so I remained where I was....on all fours...listening to him fucking my wife....remembering how nice his hand felt......

Monday ManCandy

Feeling a little fuzzy on a Monday morning is for other people!!!! In a few minutes you're going to have a class full of eager young minds hanging on your every word so you have to be on top of your game!!!!
That load of ManCandy at home got you this far and now this one should least till lunch!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Even teachers need help in class sometimes!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Boy Wonder!

"I particularly like those green panties you wear! I have a lovely pink pair I'd love to see you in!!! Untie me now and we'll take turns tying each other up later!!!!"
"But Batman...."
"Batman doesn't have to will be our little secret!!!"
"No tricks?"
"No tricks that you won't like!!!"
"Let's go before he gets back!"
"I can't wait to see how much of a wonder you are Boy Wonder!!!"

Sunday Is Game Day

Sissy couldn't understand why the players on the screen weren't responding to the controller!!! The men were all amused but they wanted to watch the game and so after a while they took away the controller and put a hard cock in her hands instead!!!!

Line Them Up!!!!

The line just kept getting longer and longer!!!
When Sissy had agreed to sucking off any man his wife wanted he had no idea she was going to advertise!!!!!
But there was quite literally no way Sissy could back out now!!!!