Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Life During Lockdown

She's always the optimist....
One of the benefits from being home together is that after a teleconference call from her office she can get immediate stress relief if she needs it!!!!
She gets what she needs, and I get to spend extra time doing what I love to do more than anything else in the world, with the woman I love more than anyone else in the world!!!


Sometimes....when the whole world seems to be turned upside down....you should use it as an opportunity to see things from a new perspective...

Monday, March 30, 2020

Sign of the Times

"In this time of shortages we ask that our patrons don't use unnecessary amounts of toilet tissue....we have provided an alternative to clean up those last little drops...please make maximum use of this facility but make sure you queue up at least six feet apart."
The Management...

Monday ManCandy - Quarantine Edition

God bless our first responders and health care workers....they deserve the very best!!!!
So when they get a little downtime they should get to enjoy the best the world has to offer!!!!!
Nothing puts a smile like that on someones face than the flavor we all crave!!!!!
Not only delicious and nutritious but it makes them so happy!!!!
And there have been so many thousands of donations from the public!!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's what our country needs and it's it's in stock now....everywhere!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Brunch - CANCELLED

Oh how I remember the wonderful days when I performed for the ladies as they sipped their Mimosas and Bloody Marys....they used to love to watch me dance!!!
And they would hold a raffle to see which one of their dildo's I would fuck myself with!!!!
But after Steve and Kathy moved into the neighborhood it wasn't a one sissy show anymore!!!!!

Sissy Training - Facing His Future

You've taken him so far....so quickly....but now's the big moment!!!!
He's in panties....caged....plugged.....collared.....and on his knees....facing his future!!!
"It's not going to suck itself Sissy!!!!"
And when that big cock slides into his mouth you are so happy....tomorrow he'll be facing two cocks....well he'll only be facing one of them....the other will be aimed elsewhere!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Missed Signals

"You all knew didn't you?"
"Well...yeah of course we did..."
"Why didn't any of you tell me....no one thought to warn me..."
"Honestly we all thought you knew....and we didn't want to embarrass you..."
"Embarrass me!!!! You don't think I'm embarrassed now?"
"Well there was no way we could know that you'd go this far...."
"Well I did....and now....her.....her blood is going to be on your hands!!!!"
But how could you not see....how could you not know...I mean didn't the deep voice give it away?"
"I thought it was sexy...."
When she went to the Men's Restroom?"
I thought the Ladies must be full....I admired her boldness!"
Why did you suppose she used the urinals?"
"My god....I never went along to pee with her....that's disgusting!!!"
He put the gun to her head...
"Wait Phil!!!! You don't want to do this....it'll mean a trial and humiliation in public....and prison....or the gallows!!!!"
"What can I do.....even now....I love her!!!"
He waved the gun around as his friends ducked for cover before bringing it back against Dolores's head!!!
"Wait Phil....just think of all the good times you two have had together....we all thought you were crazy....but at the same time...we'd never seen you so happy!!!"
"Yes there were good times...."
"And you remember what you told me about your....ahem...your intimate times together!!!"
"I....I remember...."
"You said she had done things to you better than anyone ever had before....you told me how much she liked to put her head....in your lap....sometimes more than once on a date...you said how no girl you've ever dated seemed to enjoy it more than her!!!"
"Yes....I really did enjoy that...."
"And you told us how she told you she wanted to be a virgin until marriage but she offered you an....alternative way to make love....and how much you enjoyed that as well!!"
"Yes that was wonderful...."
"And now she's your bride....and you can enjoy that together for the rest of your lives!!!"
"Well I guess you may be right after all...."
He put the gun down and they relaxed in each other's arms.....everyone in the room let out a sigh of relief....
"You've made the right choice Phil.....and just think.....if times get tough she can always go back to work....why I'm sure that she could make a few bucks right now by just taking care of all of us....I for one would love to bend her over right now....it would be worth the ten bucks.....or maybe I'll go for broke and pay the fifteen for the whole package!!!"
"You Son of a Bitch!!!"
The gunshots were were very loud and didn't stop until it clicked on an empty chamber!!!


Daddy and Mama warned me that all he wanted was to have intercourse with me....so I sent them this picture to prove how wrong they were....
No Sir....there's not going to be any intercourse here!!!!


Dear readers, I woke this morning to find this tragic news from my friend Dee....she posted this yesterday on her wonderful blog:

"I don't know when I will be back. Maybe in a day or two if I go insane for a bit. Maybe longer. Keep checking back in.
I lost the love of my life this morning. I can't believe I'm even typing this. She was the gentlest soul I have ever known, and words can't adequately describe what I am feeling inside. I just posted the last caption I had lined up, and it spoke of our plans when all this pandemic shit was over. That isn't going to happen now. I still wanted it out there to show just how much she means to me.

For every bit of an asshole I was, she was the perfect counterweight to keep my centered, and I became a better person for having been with her for over 20 years. Rest in peace Babe! I always thought it would be forever. That just came a bit sooner than I wanted it to be.

Please hug the shit out of your significant other, best friends, family members, etc .. Tell them you love them and how much you'll miss them when they aren't around. That you are thinking about them/ Please do that so that I will make sure that everyone knows how much they are loved, even when it doesn't seem like it.

I am fucking devastated right now. Thank you all for your support in the past, and I am certainly going to need it going forward. Love you all" 

I think it would be a wonderful gesture of support if everyone would stop by her blog and leave her a note just to offer condolences or love....I'm sure Dee would appreciate it!!!
I'll resume my normal posts in a couple of hours but I felt that I had to share this with you
Love to all of you

Friday, March 27, 2020


While she's locked down with me she has become a little more creative...she got out her old box of crafting stuff and took a break from teleconferencing to play with me....
I, of course, offered no resistance to this new humiliation....
Her Boss's voice came over the laptop hookup....
"What did you say? We couldn't make it out....something about a kitty...."
"Oh no....that was nothing....just chasing my pesty kitty away...go on with what you were saying...."

Quarantine: Day 10

How could it have happened so fast?
As he felt his wife's big cock pounding his tight ass....and his small, caged, cock straining to get hard....and the smooth stockings on his legs....and the new collar she had placed on him....he wondered.....
When the quarantine was over would he even care?
He had begun his journey into feminized bliss and she promised him that when the time came he would become her cocksucking sissy cuckold!!!!
It had all happened so fat!!!
But he loved it!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Young Billy Was Not Happy

Suddenly his door burst open and his cousins and their friends were there!!!!
"Don't be shy Billy....you look adorable in my dress!!!!"
The flashes of multiple cameras almost blinded him as he heard the laughter of the girls!!!!
"Don't worry Billy......this will be our little secret....right girls?"
Their laughter was their answer!!!!
He was already on Instagram and Twitter....moments later he hit Facebook...
Later when they made him dance for them the video went viral and he waited for the earth to open and swallow him!!!!

Just Because

Just because we're sheltering at home, that doesn't decrease her need for big cocks....in fact she seems to want them more now than ever....
I guess it's the kind of psychological thing that she what wants most what she can't have!!!
But we've dug into the toy chest and I'll do my best although it's been so long that the whole thing leaves me feeling a bit awkward....we tried with me on top and that wasn't very good for her.....but she liked this very much indeed!!!!
I loved looking up at her and feeling her pressing down on "me" while she had several loud orgasms!!!!
This whole quarantine thing might not be so bad for us after all!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Stuck Inside

"You know what I was thinking....while we're stuck inside...maybe I should pay some attention to that sweet little ass of yours...."
"Well it's been a while.....I think I would like that!!!!"
"Why don't you go put on something really sexy....something really pretty....and don't forget the shoes too....and hurry back!!!!"
"I'll be right back....I know just what to wear!!!"

"You look absolutely beautiful Sweetheart....I love those stockings!!!!"
"They're new....I bought them to wear for a special occasion....."
"It doesn't get more special than this.....now pull down your panties and bend over Sissy....You are going to love this!!!!"
I took a quick glance over my shoulder and saw her tightening the straps holding that gloriously glistening, big cock in place and I knew she was right....I was going to love this!!!!

Hump Day

Some of us treat Hump Day as just another day.....but then there are the others who treat it as special as a black tie affair!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Working From Home

"Oh my god....is this what goes on while I'm at the office....really!!!"
"I'm sorry Ma'am!!!"
"Panties and a sweaty t-shirt....my goodness you're not even ready for company!!!"
"But we're quarantined Ma'am...."
"I don't care....I want you looking pretty for me....go get into your uniform and I expect full makeup and wear the long brunette wig....sometimes I get tired of fucking blondes!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."
"Go right now....we'll finish this when you're properly dressed!!!!"

At First

I needed her help at first....as she taught me.....but now I'd rather handle it myself!!!
But she enjoys it and I guess I do too.....I mean I'd suck him anywhere, anytime....but I think we both still enjoy the fantasy that she's "forcing" me to do it!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Is It Time?

Oh I'm sorry is it time for me to put up another post?
I lost all track of time....I washed my hair because her boyfriend lost a little control...and then I settled down with a good book and well I just really lost all track....
So....sorry....this will have to do....I'll be more creative tomorrow...

Monday ManCandy

Social distancing has affected everything....how we live, how we work and even how we enjoy our favorite breakfast!!!! Bless the delivery men for their diligence in making sure so many of us still get a hot breakfast!!!
ManCandy!!!! No matter what else is happening....you know you still need it!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2020


Imagine his surprise!!!!
One moment he's watching his wife suck another man's cock and now that same cock was in his mouth!!!!!
He had never dreamed of sucking a cock....he never fantasized about it.....yet here it was....a big cock in his mouth....while his wife watched!!!!
It was just too much for him....it was just too much....it was just....it was just wonderful!!!!

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - CANCELLED

"During the current health crisis all visits home are cancelled!"
"Oh that's a shame....I was so looking forward to it...."
"They want us all to stay in our dorms....."
"Well I guess that makes sense.....what do you want to do to pass the time?"
"I have a few ideas....."
"Yeah....me too...."
"This might not be so bad after all!!!"

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday Matinee - The Dark Man

He first saw him when he was a little boy.....he stood off in the distance....down the dirt road that led to his family's farm....just standing there....not moving....just staring at him....even though he was too far away to see the stranger's eyes, he felt them looking at him....watching him....
He turned to call for his mother and when he turned back the man was gone....
he saw him again over the years as he passed through his childhood and entered adolescence.....
It was during his fourteenth year that he first heard the man....
The man was too distant for him to actually hear his voice but it came to him, softly, on the summer breeze....
"You will...."
There was more be he couldn't make it out....
I will what? He thought about it and by the next day he'd forgotten....
It wasn't long after that that he discovered how much he enjoyed all the pretty things in his sister's closet.....and that filled his days when ever he was alone....
When he saw the man again two years had passed....his long hair reached to his shoulders.....he hadn't cut it since the first time he slipped on one of the pretty dresses that he loved so much.....his parents fought with him but he wanted what he wanted and didn't back down....
Again this time he "heard" the mans voice.....
"You will be...."
And again he heard words but they were so quiet that he just couldn't understand them....
He didn't see the man again for three years....he was nineteen now...his father had him working as an office assistant....he just hadn't developed the musculature to handle working out in the fields.....
His hair  tickled the middle of his back.....and he had a full wardrobe of pretty things that were all his own....
He started to walk toward the man....hoping to end this mystery but he found that his feet simply wouldn't move....
The voice came again.....soft as velvet....
"Two more summers and you will be my..."
And he blinked and the man was gone.....
As the months went by he wondered what the man had meant....
He rose early on his twenty-first birthday....
Without thinking he opened his secret closet and removed the beautiful white gown....
He stopped in the garden and made a beautiful bouquet for himself....
And when he stepped around the corner of the house....the man was there....as he knew he'd be....
The voice came to him softly....
"Today's the day.....today you will be my Bride!!!!"
And suddenly he felt that this was what he'd been waiting for all these years....somehow he'd known that this was what was meant to be......
The man was facing off into the distance as he approached him....
Even near, when the man spoke it wasn't in words....it was as though he could speak directly to his mind.....
"I have waited so long for you my beauty.....and now you are mine...."
The man turned and he recoiled....he wanted so badly to scream in horror at this thing...shaped like a man....but clearly something else.....the thing grabbed at his hand and he could feel the unnatural flesh....cold and damp....and his mind was shattered as madness consumed him.....and then blessed blackness took him
The man smiled....maybe it was a smile....as his Bride went limp in his arms....he didn't mind.....he pulled her closer to him....it wasn't her mind that he wanted....


"I hope he picks you Sissy....you've got the cutest ass...."
"Thank you Ma'am....but I'd rather he picks you first....I so love to clean you up after...."
"No Sissy.....I want you to go first....it gets me so wet watching a real man make you his bitch...."
"Well if you feel that strongly about it....then I hope he picks me first too!!!!"
"You're such a sissy slut...."
"Yes I am.....just like you trained me...."

Friday, March 20, 2020

Working From Home

Having her at home has disrupted most of my routines....
Working at home in just her undies is immensely distracting....
"Poor Sissy.....maybe I should get the key and let you have sissy cummies...."
"Or maybe not.....no I don't think so....maybe tomorrow...."
It was the third time she did this to me today and it's driving me insane!!!

He Said No

Not every guy is comfortable with her husband watching....some are even less comfortable with an obvious sissy checking out his cock.....
But most of the time she leaves the door open a little so that I can peak....
But when I saw that beautiful cock I couldn't help but gasp....
I knew I almost gave it away....
Later when he was fucking her the door was closed......

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Like Being A Teenager Again

She was talking to me for over five minutes but after the first thirty seconds my mind was elsewhere!!!!
It was a little chilly in the house and I was on my way to adjust the thermostat.....but then I thought that maybe it was already set at the right temperature!!!!


There's nothing worse than a tease....

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hump Day

Some Hump Says are rough....scrambling to get your project done....
But this week you're able to enjoy smooth sailing!!!


"He looks hard enough to me Kaaren...."
I know but sometimes you just get into it so much you forget everything else!!!!
If she hadn't come in I probably wouldn't have stopped!!!!
And that would be good for me as I swallowed his sweet cum and then it would have been bad for me when she punished me for it!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Working From Home

I'm not admitting to cheating....because there's a special paddle hanging in the closet for that kind of punishment....but maybe sometimes I didn't do the full thirty minutes!!!
Maybe sometimes I might have stopped for a few minutes....maybe.....but seriously....not often....probably once in a blue moon!!!!
But she took a break from her home office to supervise and I did the entire thirty minutes while she watched....it was almost as humiliating as it was exciting!!!!

St. Patrick's Day

Well there won't be any parades this year....so our St. Patrick's Day celebration will have to be private this year.....just us...me and her.....and her lover....

Monday, March 16, 2020

What Do You Think

"So what do you think?"
"Well....of course it's really tiny...."
"No not that!!! I meant my new cage..."
"I was talking about the cage....everybody knows your clit is a teeny little thing!!!"
"But what do you think?"
"I think it's cute!!!"
"You think the cage is cute?"
"No I was talking about your teeny clit?"
"OK I guess that's good enough...."

Monday ManCandy

Make no mistake....once you've got that mouthful you're going to want to make sure you've gotten all it has to offer....
Coating your tongue.....covering your teeth....inside your cheeks....you just need to make sure it doesn't miss a spot!!!!
Once you swallow it all goes sliding down your throat to your tummy....but the flavor stays with you for hours and hours!!!!
ManCandy!!! The fresh flavor lingers!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday Brunch

He really couldn't understand why she was so upset....
"When all the ladies get here I'm going to put you over my knees and spank you until my arm gets tired Sissy!!!!"
"But why....I don't understand...."
"Oh my god.....just go to the mirror and look!!!!"
"But I put on the clothes you laid out...."
"What about the shoes I left for you?"
"I thought I'd put them on later....after I did all the prep work....I didn't think it would be a problem...."
"Well you thought wrong Sissy....."
"But I.....I didn't mean....I'm sorry Ma'am....I'll go put them on right away...."
"Too little too late Sissy!!!!"

Public Health Notice

They said that to be safe.....if you're in a crowd you should keep your mouth and nose covered.....

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Saturday Matinee - Mother to Daughter

There was a time when the witches of Salem were hunted, tortured, tried and burned at the stake....but none of the accused were guilty....
The real witches cast their spells to prevent their discovery....and they continued to do so as the decades passed and the hysteria died away.
Witchcraft was an old tradition....predating Christianity by millennia....it's origins lost in the mists of time....
It was carried on still even after the Salem madness, the knowledge and power passed from mother to daughter....it was a feminine power that no male could ever hope to understand....
Mostly the witches just went about their lives without having to use the power....but they always made sure that no man ever mastered one of them....

"Did you mix it all like I told you Samantha?"
"Yes Mommy....I was very careful....just like you told me...."
"That's my good girl.....and you Tabitha....have you been reading the invocation as I taught you?"
"Oh yes Mommy I read it over and over as Sammy mixed the stuff up.....is this going to make Daddy better?"
"It will make him change girls, he won't dare be mean anymore.....in fact.....it will make him into a girl......"
"Daddy will be a girl!!!!!"
"Yes Samantha!!!"
"A real live girl....just like me?"
"Yes Tabitha.....a little older perhaps.....but yes, just like you!!!"

Upstairs in the attic Nathaniel strained at the bonds that held him to the wooden cross....he groaned at the pain....for days he'd felt his body changing....his bones grinding against each other as they moved.......his muscles tearing and re-knitting themselves into new arrangements.....and most alarming....he'd seen his....bosom....begin to grow...and the pain in his nether regions was almost too  much to bear!!!!
She was doing this to him....poisoning him with her unholy potions!!!!
How had he not caught her earlier....he had seen some of the signs but he hadn't put them together until that night that he had caught her with the neighbor....the poor man was obviously entranced....why else would he lie with another man's wife?
But before he could denounce her she had blown a puff of some ungodly powder at him and all went black!!!!
It was the pain that woke him....his body wracked with agony....couldn't anyone hear....wasn't there anyone to save him?

"Why does he cry out like that Mommy? Is he sick?"
"Yes Samantha....Daddy is very sick and it's up to us to save him!!!"
"By making him be a girl?"
"Yes Tabitha.....once he becomes a girl he'll be so much better off!!!"
"Is it time for him to take more of his medicine Mommy?"
"Yes my Dears....now go on upstairs and have him drink this....keep stirring it all the while....And Tabitha Dear, the incantations must be read aloud....all the while he's drinking it....that's very important.....Samantha....you know where the funnel is if he doesn't want to take it....."
"But aren't you coming Mommy?"
"No Dear.....it's important that the last of the potion be given by someone who loves him with a pure heart!"
"But Mommy.....isn't that you?"
"Just you two run along now.....by tomorrow we'll be helping your Daddy into his first petticoats....won't that be fun?"
"Oh Yes!!!!"
"He'll be like a dolly for us to play with!!!!"
"Yes Dears....he'll be our toy...."
"Now Go....I have an errand to run.....I have something for neighbor John that I'm sure he'll enjoy!!!!"
"Okay Mommy!!!!"
"We'll take care of poor Daddy for you Mommy...."


Try as I might....I couldn't swallow it....I don't think anyone could....maybe a circus sword swallower....but no one else....
"I guess that's not going to work, is it Sissy?"
"I'm sorry Ma'am....I tried!!!!"
"I know you did Sissy....hey I know what we'll do....."
And I was so surprised that she got it in....surprised and sore....sore and delighted!!!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Working From Home

She'll be working from home for the next few days....she says she prefers to go into the office....apparently she finds it very difficult to concentrate on work when I'm around!!!
It isn't my fault really....
When I suggested we make it a babydoll day she could've said no!!!!


Every time she cums she gives me a reassuring squeeze....by the third orgasm the squeeze is enough to send me to my knees....leaving me in the classic cuck position!!!
Kneeling and ready to clean up!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Like That Too

He was fucking her from behind and I like that too....
He grabbed her hair and pulled and I like that too....
He was giving her one orgasm after another and I like that too....
And he was watching me while he fucked my wife....and I really liked that too!!!


He seemed kind of dumpy to me....not at all the big handsome guys my wife was normally attracted to....
He was a pleasant enough guy and accepted me as I was without any questions....and he really enjoyed it when I began sucking his cock....
His cock wasn't the big monster I've come to expect from her dates....I just couldn't figure it out....what did she see in him?
Later I found out that everything he lacked, he more than made up for in staying power....he fucked her for hours....hours....and then....when she could take no more...I finally finished him off in my mouth....and that took a while too....
I know that I cum too quickly.....when I'm allowed to cum at all.....but there's also some problems with guys that take all night!!!!
She's sore and I can barely use my jaw at all....hardly a pleasant afterglow!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Dammit, where did I leave those damned handcuffs....she's going to be so angry if I can't find them!!!!!

Hump Day

It happens every week....when Hump Day rolls around you're surprised that it's already here....surprised and delighted!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

No Need

"Don't be silly Sissy.....just go down the driveway to the mailbox and pick up the mail....it's not far....there's no need for a robe....after all you're already dressed!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....but....."
"Go....right now Sissy!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!!"

Young Billy Was Not Happy

It was one thing when Auntie made him dress as a girl....he didn't fight back so hard because he secretly enjoyed it so much!!!!
He had been very embarrassed when she started to introduce him to these men.....she said he had to call them Uncle!!!!
Most of them just laughed at him.....some shook his hand....and a couple gave him a peck on the cheek.....like they would any little girl!!!!
But then there was "Uncle" Bob......he was something else entirely!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2020

My Analyst Has New Rules

I went back to Dr, Dee after all these months because I felt I needed a guiding hand to handle all these crazy urges and wild desires I was having!!!!
When I arrived for my appointment I was quickly brought to a new room.....and a nurse I'd never met quickly put the nozzle in me and started filling me with soapy water....
I was told it was Doctors orders for all new patients.....
I explained that I wasn't  a new patient and that I had been coming here for years....
She checked and apologized for my rough treatment......
I told her that I had actually enjoyed it....and that I would need a rinse....
She smiled as she refilled the bag!!!!
"I'll have to tell the Doctor about this, you know...."
"If you don't I will!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Just imagine how wonderful it is to suddenly wake up with a warm mouthful of rich, creamy goodness!!!
For those particularly sound sleepers on a Monday morning it works far better than an alarm clock!!!
ManCandy!!! More instant than any other instant breakfast!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Yes I see Sissy....it all seems very secure.....tell me Sissy did they give you a key for me?"
"No Ma'am....but I could bring you a Key Request form next week.....or you could probably get the Headmaster to e-mail it to you....or maybe...."
"Never mind Sissy....So there's absolutely no way your little bitty thing can get free until you get back to school?"
"That's right Sweetheart....I'm your prisoner of love I guess!"
"You know Sissy....it's never ever satisfied me....not once....half of the time I couldn't tell if it was even inside me....."
"I know Sweetheart...."
"And it always spewed your cream much too quickly....."
"I know....I'm sorry...."
"After a while I never even gave it a second thought.....and once I made you a cuckold I never thought about it at all...."
"I'm so glad that you found pleasure despite my shortcomings!"
"Then why do I want it now!!!! I know it's still that worthless little thing that I never had any use for and I want it so bad that my panties are absolutely soaked!!!!"
"Maybe because you can't have it...."
"I'm calling the pink bus to come get you....I can't stay aroused like this all day....."
"Maybe I could help you with that?"
"No thank you Sissy....you'd only make it worse....go pack up and get ready to go....I'm going to write a note for you to take back to school....make sure you give it to the Headmaster!!!!"
"What are you going to write?"
"None of your business Sissy....now get going!!!"