Monday, September 30, 2019


Oh yes I'm going to wear an apron over my pretty undies....they're brand new but they're already one of my favorites!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It's officially Oktoberfest!!!! Time to celebrate.....have a foamy could wash it down with a beer or two....but be careful....the more beers you consume the more creamy treats you'll want!!!!
ManCandy!!! Just as salty as that Bavarian pretzel....but tastes so much better!!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday Brunch

"We wanted to thank you for serving us such an excellent brunch, we have a surprise for you....."
"I'm sure that's not really necessary was my pleasure to serve you!!!!"
"Nonsense come here and sit with us.....and open wide....because it's a really big surprise!!!!"
"But really I don't need any....oh my god that's big!!!!!!"


I'm torn sometimes....which do I desire more?
Do I want to suck the cock myself.....yes I do!!!!
Do I want to watch my wife suck the cock...yes I do!!!
Do I want to reach out and grab the key.....oh yes I do!!!!!!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Dark King

The natives told the story of the Dark King....across all of the area's tribes they had varied mythologies....varied stories of the past.....but all of them told the same story about the Dark King!!!!
Cursed to live forever....he had ruled for hundreds of years and had grown so weary!!!
A sorceress was summoned and as she groveled before him he asked if she could relieve him of the burden of immortality....he wished to rest.....
She cast her runes and when she was sure, she told him.....she could cast a spell that would allow him to rest....for decades....perhaps for as long as a century....but that he would need a human wife to care for him  for all that time....when he awoke that poor cursed woman would age and crumble to dust and he would need to find another before he could sleep again!!!!
The Dark King wondered if he could be cared for by a manservant instead of a wife for he had no desire to harm a woman but had no qualms about passing the curse on to a man....
The Sorceress laughed and whispered something to him......
The many tribes stories differed about what she had told him and the reality was lost to time.....
John Gregory had gathered all the tales.....and when he unearthed the Dark Kings lonely fortress.....he thought he had made the Archaeological discovery of the century....
He spent weeks exploring the vast untouched ruin.....then he came to the ornate doors...
Huge doors of carved stone covered in glyphs he could not translate....and locked by a bar on the outside.....
The bar was so heavy he didn't think he could move it by himself but he didn't want anyone else to share in his glory for this discovery!!!!
As he grunted and pulled to slide the bar aside he suddenly thought he heard a sound....maybe the wind....but it almost sounded like a woman weeping....
The last inch of the bar fell aside and he stood before the doors....he ran his hands over the glyphs one more time, wondering what they might tell him....then he pushed.....expecting the door to be heavy and hard to move....
The door swung open easily and the first thing he saw was the sitting statue of what must be the Dark King....sitting regally with scepter in hand......
Then he spotted the woman!!!!
She was young and beautiful....but even as he watched she looked to him....he watched her age....rapidly her body wither and finally she laid down and simply turned to dust....
He thought he was going mad.....perhaps he had some type of hallucination....but then he saw the statue of the Dark King move!!!!
The Dark Kings eyes slowly opened and saw him and the small remnants of the woman....and he spoke.....and although he spoke a language that had died over a thousand years ago he heard every word in his head as though it was spoken in perfect English!!!!
"Why have you disturbed my sleep Man!"
"I didn't know.....are you really the Dark King?"
"I have been called that....and many other names over the millennia since my birth....come closer that I might see you better....."
"I didn't know that opening the door would affect this woman the way it did....I'm sorry...."
No need for sorrow for her....she's free of this cursed life....instead feel sorrow for yourself...."
"What do you mean?"
"Long ago a Sorceress cast the spell that allowed me to rest.....but I would need an attendant to stay with me until I was awoken again.....she told me it must be a woman....but my heart would not allow me to curse a she came close and told me that men would come....willingly seeking me out....and that all I need do was nod and the man would become the woman....and the curse would be upon her...."
John Gregory turned in panic and ran for the doors that were already closing....he reached them just in time to hear the bar on the outside door sliding into place!!!!!
Turning back he was just in time to see the Dark King nod....

How long he had been here he couldn't tell.....he had long ago lost count of the days and years.....he still pleaded with the statue to wake and free him.....he prayed for death....and he understood now how the Dark King really felt....and then came the day that he thought he heard someone trying to move the bar on the door.....

She Let Me Cum!!!!!

She took out my toy...."my girlfriend" as she called it.....I hadn't seen it since the very first time she used it on me!!!!
She showed it to me and told me she was going to allow me to cum in it tonight.....I was really going to cum!!!!! Tonight!!!!
I was surprised when the doorbell rang and one of her lovers entered the room....
"This is pretty fucked up....are you sure you want to do this?" he asked my wife.
"This will be so'll see....and later I'll make it worth your while...."
I didn't understand what was happening.....first she promised to let me cum tonight and then this guy shows up....
She nodded at me and I went down on my knees and started sucking his cock while she reached down and unlocked me....I was still little clit is forgetting how to get hard it seems....
Then she picked up my toy and pushed it on to his cock....and he started fucking it while I knelt and watched....
He commented about how good it felt....he really liked it....she promised to get him one....and I could see from the way his muscles flexed and his balls pulled up that he was about to cum inside my toy.....
He groaned and thrust his cock against it as she continued to milk him.....I suddenly noticed that my little clit was was hard....for the first time in was hard!!!!
When he was finally done he sat down and she turned to me with that smile.....
"Okay's your turn now...."
What can I say....I didn't even stop to think as I pushed myself inside the cum filled toy....
I only lasted a minute or so but it was pure sissy bliss!!!!
And when I was finished squirting all my sissy cream into the toy....mixing it with his....she sat back and laid her head in his lap and told me to clean it all up....
I was wrong earlier.....kneeling in front of her and her lover licking the mixed cream of her lover and I from the toy while they both chuckled....this was really pure sissy bliss!!!! matter what else......I got to cum tonight and it was worth waiting for!!!!

Friday, September 27, 2019


"On second thought Sissy....I think all my friends might be more amused if you weren't wearing panties.....I'm sure they'll all get a laugh at your tiny caged clit...."
"Whatever you think is best Dear!!!"

Who Wears It Best

We both love Babydoll nighties!!!!
But who wears it best?

Or me.....

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Usually it's me sucking his cock....but this was working out pretty well too!!!!

Didn't You

"What's that noise?"
"I don't's coming from downstairs...."
"Is it the sissies?"
"Can't locked them in chastity.....right?"
"Me!!!! I thought you were going to lock them up!!!!"
"Do you want to go check on them?"
"Hell you?"
"Maybe later....."

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Back Again

"Oh look....your sissy is back again...."
"I see...I'm giving him a minute or two to browse before I go and help him...."
 "He seems lost..."
"He gets easily overwhelmed by all the sexy undies....but I've already set a few things aside for him....he'll love them and I'll love the commissions from the sales!!! And he's so cute and bashful.....he's probably my most favorite customer!!!!"

Hump Day

It's Hump Day and you just have to be on top of things to make sure everything comes to the best conclusion!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


It's true....once I get them in my mouth they tend to overlook any little distractions that might come up!!!!!

Too Much

"Too much Baby? Just remember that this is the small dildo......"

Monday, September 23, 2019

The Twins

The twins were very happy that their brother Mike had found his place in life....he really made a wonderful maid!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It was always just a matter of time really....when there's a demand someone will step up to be the supplier and the first one's to recognize the market will usually be the one to profit from it.....
Think of Clarence Birdseye when he invented the process to freeze fresh foods and ended up incredibly wealthy!!!!
In this modern age of almost instant delivery on demand it was only a matter of working out the logistics....and finding the right partners....
Once signed on, knew they could serve their market fresh and hot creamy treats around the clock.....but the demand always peaked on Monday mornings where so many people demanded fresh deliveries that it almost overwhelmed the system.....
ManCandy!!! Delivered fresh to your door just when you need it!!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Look I just wanted to tell you that I love coming home and sucking your lovely cock....I'm so glad that you're the one that's fucking my wife while I learn to be the best sissy I can be...."
"That's nice of you to say Sissy....but if you don't hurry up she's going to catch us....again!!!!"
"But don't you see....that's part of the fun....I know she yells at you but I enjoy the humiliation of being caught with my wife's lover's cock in my fills my dreams all week until I'm back on my knees the next weekend!!!!"
"Alright, I do kind of enjoy it when she sucks me after you leave trying to prove that she's better than you....I get a kick out of knowing I had her and her sissy husband both suck my cock on the same day...."
" she better?"
Her voice filled the room.....
"Yeah....I'd like to know that too....but you will only tell go pack up and sit out front until the pink bus comes for you....."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
"And no sucking the neighbors Sissy!!!!"
"Not at all////not even a little...."
"Don't pout at me you sissy cocksucking at all till you get back to school!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."


Remember "Truth or Dare" was a game fraught with sex and danger that literally every teen played at one time or another....
"Is it the truth that you sucked Billy Caldwell's Dick?"
"I dare you to kiss Sally for five minutes...."
"I dare you to drop your pants and show me your panties...."
"Okay I dare you to drop your pants and show us your panties too...."

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Vengeance is Mine

"It's just like the last three times Sarge....we found them dressed as girls and....well you know....just like the last three...."
"They were raping scum but we can't have vigilante justice...especially not like this....I want every man on this case...."
"Right you are Sarge...."
"Higgins....get me Scotland Yard on the telephone right away....we're going to need help on this...."
"But Sarge we've got a bloke from the Yard here already....he's been here for a couple of weeks...."
"Really....I wasn't told.....what's he looking into?"
"He's been going over the unsolved assaults against women....says it may relate to a case he's investigating in London...."
"Really...then he may be just the man to give us a hand with these vigilante he here now?"
"Yes Sir....he's downstairs in the file room....shall I fetch him for you?
"No....I'll go down and introduce myself...."
As Sgt. Parker of the Aberdeen Police Department trotted down to the basement he smiled at his good fortune!!!!
Imagine the perfect timing of having an investigator from Scotland Yard....THE Scotland Yard....her cases that might directly lead to the Vigilante who was pursuing and punishing men suspected of sex assaults.....Good Lord how those men must have suffered....each of them found....bound and obviously....well he didn't like to think about it.....but he couldn't say the bastards didn't deserve it....
He began to wonder.... as he turned the long had this bloke been here....these cases all occurred in the past two weeks.....they started right about the time this fellow arrived.....the two survivors both said that they thought it was a woman before they were overpowered and....well.....maybe it was a blessing for all concerned that they both passed on before they could say more....
He opened the door quietly.....he could hear the man humming to himself and then he heard the unmistakable sound of high heels clicking toward the back stairs....
He found a file open on the table.....the man had been charged with assaulting his own daughters.....but a judge had ordered that he be released because he couldn't trust the testimony of the girl because they were too young.....
When that man turned up dead just like the others.....he knew he had his man....the "investigator" was his killer.....
And he decided his best course of action was to take the rest of the day off and go to the pub and have a pint....
Slowly details they always do.....and the legend of the Nyloned Avenger was born!!!!!


"How long do I have to sit here like this Sweetheart?"
"I haven't decided yet...."
"But the neighbors might see me...."
"Not my problem Sissy..."
"It's so early yet that most of them aren't out much longer did you say?"
"You will sit there until I tell you to move Sissy!!!! If a neighbor sees you I want you to wave and blow them a you understand?"
"Yes Ma'am...."

Friday, September 20, 2019

Love It

"What are you planning to do to me?"
"Don't you worry your pretty little head about it're going to love roll over on your tummy please!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Gaining Weight

I noticed that I have been gaining a little weight lately so I'm going to have to cut down on my treats....but there are some things I simply refuse to give up.....I'll run an extra mile every day if I have to!!!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Would You Mind?

"Oh my.....there's no paper in here....would you mind terribly Sissy....I so hate to get drops on my panties...."
"It would be my pleasure Ma'am....."
Then we heard a voice from several stall away...
"No paper here either....can I borrow yours...."


"And so I took off my suit and he really liked the lingerie you picked out for me to wear...."
"And then what happened Sissy?"
"He told me that if I sucked his cock every day I could keep my job...."
"And did you suck his cock Sissy?"
"Of course I did....I can't imagine how embarrassed I would be coming home to tell you I'd lost my job!!!!"
"So I guess you'll be needing some new sexy undies then dear?"
"I guess so.....he said he likes red...."

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Sissy had a little lamb
It's fleece was white as snow
And everywhere that Sissy went
He left the stupid lamb at home.....the lamb really didn't need to see what Sissy did out in the barn with all the boys!!!!
Oops....that didn't rhyme did it.....

Hump Day

It's Hump Day....time to put aside the little problems and concentrate on the big possibilities!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Old Friends

I really enjoy it when some of her old friends from college come to visit....we all share the same's so much fum to share her like this.....unfortunately when she decides to reciprocate I am always chased out of the room and I spend the night in my sissy bedroom listening to them go....sometimes for hours!!!!!


It's almost unbelievable now but there was once a time when I was too shy to do this even though I really wanted to!!!
Even more unbelievable is that once she wanted my face between her beautiful cheeks but was too shy to ask....
My how times have changed!!!!

Monday, September 16, 2019


"See I told you....all you needed was a touch of makeup....a little brush out of your hair and my bikini from last year and you'd be the prettiest girl in our house!!!!"
"Oh no'll always be the prettiest girl in the house....I always thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world!!!!"
"Oh... that's such a sweet thing to about this....I'll be the prettiest girl in the house and you can be the prettiest boy!!!!"
'That sounds good to me...."
"Me too!!!"
" you want to practice kissing like a girl?"

Monday ManCandy

You know that've savored the flavor and them you swallow and it slides down your softly.....the flavor still alive in your can feel it's warmth all the way down to your tummy....and then comes that smile!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It brings happiness with it!!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"What the hell is going on here???"
All the Book Club ladies were startled....they had been watching my demonstration so closely they hadn't noticed her come in....
""Oh Dear", Mrs. Wingate said, "I guess this is our fault....we asked your Sissy husband what he was learning in that school you enrolled him in....and he was nice enough to demonstrate for us....with the help of your's fascinating how much he's changed since you sent him away!!!"
You could see the anger and when she spoke she tried to hide it...
"Yes it is....fascinating how he ends up like this pretty much every weekend....but it's time for him to go back to the school now....I just have to call for the pink bus to find out what time it's arriving!!!"
"Oh Dear that's a shame....we were all so looking forward to the big finish!!!"
"I'm so sorry to disappoint you ladies but Sissy really must be on his way now!!!!"
"Oh well.....maybe next week then....Have a good week in school ...."
I could only nod....after all no had actually told me to stop yet!!!!


They say that athletes are superstitious....
That first time the cheerleaders had caught him going through their lockers they taught him a serious lesson....

The team won that day.....and he had his best day ever....his best day since he had become the starting quarterback.....
His coach hugged him after the game and told him that "Whatever you're doing.....keep doing it!!!!"
Ever since then....what had been a one-time incident had now become a new pre-game ritual....and it no longer mattered to him if he won or lost....he wouldn't dream of stepping on the field without getting some serious motivation in the cheerleaders locker room!!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Saturday Matinee

The great actor sat before his mirror as he transformed himself once again!!!!!
No one believed he could play the female lead on one believed he could make the audience believe it.....they were all proved wrong!!!!
He had become the character and he was so good that everyone forgot that he wasn't really a woman!!!!
He had studied women for years and he knew their mannerisms and movement so well....he immersed himself in femininity to prepare for the role!!!!
The audiences went wild....the critics loved him.....his reviews were all glowing, showering praise on him.....and everyone wondered could he understand the female mind so well....
He laughed it off when reporters asked him what was his could he possibly be so convincing as a woman on stage?
He never told them how long he took to prepare for each performance.....the hours he spent making himself into the character......and he certainly never told them his secret!!!!
He heard the knock on the door and he was ready.....the stagehand stepped in and smiled....
" have that look in your eye.....what are you thinking?"
"Oh Baby, I've been thinking about you all day!!!"
"Really....and what were you thinking about?"
"I was thinking that you'd get down on your knees and bend over that stool and drop your panties!!!!"
"And why would I do that Johnny?"
"Because it'll make you feel like a real woman!!!!"
"I think I'd like that...."
"I know I will.....and I have a surprise for you for tonight's performance....."
"What would that be Johnny?"
"You just be a good girl now and you'll find out later!!!!"
"Oh Johnny!!!!"


Sometimes it's hard to remember that he's not there for me to enjoy....
As his cock slides in and out of my mouth and he begins to moan....just a little, I mean she's right in the master bath and the door is open.....
And I can tell he wants to cum in my mouth....and I want it even more than he does....
But he's here for her....not me.....I'll get to taste his cum later as it drips from her divine pussy.....
Sometimes it's hard to remember, sometimes I think she takes a longer time just to make me suck him longer.....sometimes I just want to go for it....punishment be damned....but then I remember....
He's not here for me to enjoy!!!!

Friday, September 13, 2019

TV Guide - Star Trek The Lost Episodes - Just One More Time

"Dammit Scotty, I gave orders that no one was to use the Transporter until you had fixed the whole sex change problem!!!!"
"Well Captain...I ran into a wee problem that required me to run a test!"
"But why did you beam into my quarters!"
"Well...I thought maybe....just this one more time..."
"Alright Mr. Scott, I'll try to give you all the time you need!"
"As an Engineer I can tell you that we're already at the stage where it'll be almost no time at all!!!!"

Last Time

"Show some enthusiasm Sissy......the last time I fucked you all you could say was how much you loved my big black I got you a real better show me how much you enjoy it....."

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Oh Him

"Who's he.....he's my sissy husband....he's going to kneel quietly and watch us fuck....aren't you Dear?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Your husband!!!! You want me to fuck you while your husband watches?"
"Oh yeah and look he can't even get hard and afterward you can watch him lick up all of your cum!!!!"
" two are like so....weird...."
"Of course if you'd rather not....."
"Oh no....this is something I've gotta try!!!!"

That Damned Bench just a few moments I would fill his mouth and I would be free!!!
I almost feel bad for him....he's falling into the same trap I fell into....but I don't care really....I just want to be free from this damned bench....
As soon as I fill his mouth we will switch bodies and he'll be stuck here on the bench till he can lure someone to take his place.....
To be honest.....his body wasn't my first choice but beggars can't be would do.....
I know what his first question will be.....
And I would answer him honestly...."
How the fuck would I's some kind of fucked up magic....
I would stay long enough to explain the rules to him.....
Then he's on his own!!!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hump Day

With the help of your excellent staff, by Hump Day you had everything swinging like it should!!!!!

Good Morning Sweetheart

Is there any better way to say good morning to the woman you love?
I don't think so!!!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Passing The Time

After I did her mothers nails she complemented me on my good work.....
"Now what shall we do while I wait for them to dry?" she asked.
"It shouldn't take that long you have anything in mind Ma'am?"
"I know just the thing Sissy....!!!!"


"So do you still want to dress like a girl....."
"This is what girls get.....a cock in their this what you want?????"
"Let this be a lesson to you!!!! Now what do you say!!!!"
"Thank you Grandpa....this was wonderful!!!!!"
"Oh well....I tried.....but I've got to tell you you suck cock much better than your Grandma does!!!!
"Thanks Grandpa.....any time!!!!"

Monday, September 9, 2019

And Then....

....and then when I thought she was done....she took down my panties and started all over again!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Is there anything better than a hot mouthful of your creamy breakfast treat?
It coats your tongue and slides down so easily into your hungry tummy!!!!
It gives you a morning jolt and makes your day a little brighter!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It just doesn't get any better!!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sunday Brunch

"Your drinks ladies...."
"Very good long till we can eat?"
"I'll be setting out the buffet very shortly Ma'am!!!"
"And then?"
"Then I can offer each of you more personal services as time permits!!!"
"Alright Sissy.....get on with your duties but when you're free, remember, I come first!!!"
"Ma'am....ladies always come first!!!!"