Thursday, October 31, 2019

It's Halloween Sissy!!!

"I don't understand why you're pouting Sissy....this is the one day a year you get to dress like this and go wherever you want.....and no one can say anything about it!!!!"
"I really appreciate the work you did on the witch costume's just that the plug you put in me is really's really, really big...."
"Oh fits so it must be OK.....why don't you get on your broom and run around the yard a couple of'll feel so much more natural for you once you start moving!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....."

Halloween Candy

What kind of candy do we like best on Halloween?
Well there's nothing that tastes better....
There's nothing that lasts longer....the flavor lasts all day....
There's no other sweet treat as full of nutrients and 100% organic goodness....
There's nothing else so creamy and satisfying....
What are we talking about??? What could possibly be that good???
ManCandy!!!! It's the treat you get after you do the trick....

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Hump Day

That's the thing about Hump Day....sometimes it goes one way and sometimes it goes another....the trick is to always be ready for both!!!

Please - A Tale From Real Life

"Please stay home with me today.....I want you so badly....I need you!!!!"
"I'm sorry Sissy....I have to go...."
"But I almost never ask anything just for me.....please.....I want to go to bed with you and feel you close to me......I want to put my tongue in you.... I want you to cum on my face....over and over.....and then I want you to fuck me.....deep and hard.....and long.....I want you inside me for all day.....please....please....please....I'm not asking to cum.....I'm asking for you to let me make you cum....please stay with me today.....please...."
"Sorry Sissy.....but I have to go....."
Even my tears couldn't persuade her....
"Now just stop all this right now Sissy!!!! When I get home you will spend the evening between my legs.....maybe if you're extra good I'll let you worship my ass too....but if you keep this crap up I'm going to spank you now and go to bed early later...."
"Yes Ma'am....."

A Tale From Real Life

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Oh no....what had he done.....he would never be able to clean her undies before she got home....but it felt so good to be dressed in her pretty good....maybe he could hide it from her.....maybe....but it felt so good....maybe he had time to come again before she got home......he wasn't sure.....but it felt so good....


I knew he was peeking in at I wriggled around a little to let him get a really good look!!!
He must have liked what he saw because I heard him quietly step into my sissy bedroom and shut the door behind him....

Monday, October 28, 2019


Both of them were watching me as he grabbed her beautiful bottom.....she slipped her hand into his pants.....there were no giggles like when she did this to me....there was a gasp and he smiled at did she.....

Monday ManCandy

Is there any better expression of love and caring?
When you need your breakfast treat and you're all out....
How can you face the start of a new week without that flavor in your mouth....without that warm glow in your tummy?
Whatever shall you do....
Then she comes rushing in.....she knows what you need and so she rushed to the neighbors where they had plenty extra available and were only too happy to give her as much as she wanted.....all to bring home to you!!!
ManCandy!!! Sharing is caring!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sissies Through History

"It's so tight Marie....I can barely breathe...."
"I'm sorry your Lordship.....but if you want to wear her Ladyship's gown it's going to have to be quite a bit tighter!!!!"
"Yes Marie....I understand.....I hope Prince James understands how much I've had to do to please him...."
"As far as I can see your Lordship....the Prince has helped himself to your wife and the only thing he'll want to know from you is how quickly you can get on your knees and take him in your mouth like a common whore as we all watch and laugh...."
"Why Marie....I'm say that as if it was a bad thing...."
"Quiet now, take a deep breath.....I'm going to pull really hard!!!!"

Sunday Brunch

"You look adorable much better this way...."
"Yes at least you're useful now....heaven knows you were useless as a man!!!!"
With encouragement like this from his wife and his sister he felt a little better as he served drinks to all the ladies....

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Murder Most Foul

Detective Jack Stone surveyed the scene.....this one was going to be messy.....he wasn't going to have much time till the Feds got here.....dammit.....why did all this crap happen on his tour.....three more hours and he'd be hearing about it but it wouldn't be his case....but here he was....
The Prince was lying in  a pool of blood....he'd been stabbed repeatedly.....his pants were down around his ankles and he actually had a rubber on.....looked like he wasn't expecting his night to end so suddenly....
There was plenty of things scattered around the room.....but he took special note of the woman's shoe lying near the doorway!!!!
He figured whoever she was, she left in a big hurry, she didn't even stop to get her shoe!!! He sent a couple of uniformed officers to scout the surrounding area for the other shoe, but he doubted they'd find it....this lady wasn't stopping for anything.....
He tried to picture it in his mind.....the Prince....a known womanizer....invites a lady to his room....they fool around a bit and the Prince decides the time is right and slips the rubber on....turns back to her to continue,,,,,and sees the knife just moments before she stabs him mercilessly....over and over.....and as he slips to the floor she flees....losing one of her shoes as she runs.....but she doesn't stop, or even pause as she takes flight....
The Prince's staff said he was only out of their sight for three quarters of an hour before they found him like this....all they could tell him was that she was a tall brunette...
He picked up the shoe and looked it over....under the strap in the front there was a small spot.....could that be blood.....maybe her shoes were a little too tight....he bagged it as evidence and put it in his car just as the Feds arrived....
As he expected they took over the crime scene without so much as a hello....he had never had much luck when dealing with the G-Men.....they took everything you had on a case and never shared what they had.....
But not this time.....Jack Stone smiled and nodded as they re-secured the crime scene he had secured an hour ago.....then they started barking out orders, behavior that used to annoy him but now only amused him....
It was theirs now so he hopped into his car and headed back to headquarters....
He found Dr. Tanaka still at work in the crime lab and asked him if he could test the spot on the shoe for DNA and let him know ASAP.....and to keep it to himself if the Feds came knocking.....
"It might take a couple of days..."
"I need it tomorrow.....if you can...."
"I'll see what I can do....."
"Can't ask for better than that Doc.....this one is big.....and I want to get the jump on the Bureau this time...."
"I'll call you tomorrow...."
"Thanks Doc!!!!"
He went back to his office and looked up the Prince's history.....
Born to royalty he took advantage of his status in every way he could......always the best for him....and he seemed to take particular pleasure in his affairs with married women...he wasn't discrete and he enjoyed making their husbands into public cuckolds...and then he would dump the woman and move on to his next conquest....he had dozens of people who would love to see him dead.....
So he had a large pool of suspects....many of them living outside the country....beyond his reach....he ran a check through the fed customs database for any of them that had entered the country recently.....he was surprised the Bureau boys hadn't locked this down yet....and he only had one hit.....Alexander Ellers....his wife had a very public, very torrid affair with the Prince who left her, half naked, in a hotel lobby in Prague...
She had been on the front page of every paper in Europe and the relentless paparazzi and public humiliation had finally driven her to take her own life....
It was enough to drive a man to murder....but the shoe told him his killer was a female so he spent the entire night going through every case where the Prince had wronged a badly that she might consider murder....
He fell asleep at his desk and when he woke he tried to hold onto the dream he'd had....a Prince kneeling down with a shoe....but was gone....
He looked at his phone and saw that the Feds had left several messages....all of them related to the shoe he'd removed from the crime scene.....he could ignore those....a call from his wife just to check if he was coming home....and a call from Doc Tanaka!!!!
The Doc told him that he was surprised by the results.....
"Tell me Doc....."
"The blood was not the victim's.....the blood was also not from a female, which surprised me at first because the only way that blood could have been deposited there was if the blood came from the person wearing the shoe...."
"So you're saying it was a man wearing the shoe?"
"Exactly.....but not just any man....I ran his DNA against a European database and I can tell you with 99.99% certainty that it belongs to a man named Alexander Ellers...."
"Thanks so much Doc.....remember....not a word to the feds...."
"OK Detective...."
He immediately put out a "Be On The Lookout For" Mr. Ellers and had the IT people search the hotel registries.....
Ellers was staying at the Ritz Hilton and he left the office in a hurry....he took a couple of uniforms with him....
"I just want to talk to him so we're going in easy...."
The officers nodded but they still put on all of their tactical gear....
They checked at the desk and as far as they knew Mr. Ellers was in his room....
He rapped on the door....."Open up....Police!!!!"
The door opened and he was surprised to find a stunning brunette smiling at him....
"Yes Officer.....may I help you?"
"I'm looking for Alexander Ellers......where is he?"
"Right here Officer....I'm Alexander Ellers.....and if you want to know....I killed that pig bastard and I'm glad I did!!!!
"'re Alexander Ellers?"
"My wife indulged my crossdressing from even before we were married.....we both enjoyed it....then he came into our lives.....he poisoned her mind just as much as he soiled her body.....I couldn't save her when he cast her aside, like garbage.....when she killed herself I swore he would I put myself in his way.....I made myself into the woman he wanted.....just the type he lusted after.....and he was so ready to take me that he already had the condom on.....then I pulled up my skirt and showed him that I wasn't the poor slut he thought I was....he stared and stuttered.....and then I stabbed him....he looked surprised.....and I stabbed him more and felt go ahead.....take me in.....I don't care anymore.....I'm done!!!!"
The Feds showed up as he put him in the car and there was a brief argument about jurisdiction.....but this was his collar and he wasn't giving it up.....and honestly he momentarily considered driving out of town and just letting him go.....if there was ever a case of justifiable homicide, this was it!!!!!
He thought about her case the shoe fit and led to happiness....he hoped that the revenge had given him enough happiness that would last through the life sentence....

Sissy Training - Come This Far

"Well've come pretty far in the time you've been here with that you're in lingerie and chastity......let me introduce you to Lady Gillette....I want all that icky hair gone.....when you're a nice smooth little girl you can crawl back to me!!!!"

Friday, October 25, 2019


Just because I'm in chastity, it doesn't mean I don't squirt my sissy cream from time to time......
No....the cage stays on.....she has found several other ways....
It usually doesn't take long.....but then I never really lasted long enough to satisfy anyone!!!!


"Thank you so much for helping me with this...."
"It's no problem....I just can't believe you never learned to dress up in your girlie undies by yourself after all these years...."
"I wanted to, but she always wanted to do it for me....."
"Well she was set in her ways.....she made me promise to look after you when she was gone...."
"I was wondering Sis.....did Mum tell you where she hid the keys to my cage before she died?"
"No she didn't....but that's alright....I can't imagine why I'd ever have any use for be a good boy and go fetch your panties and you can pick whichever paddle you'd like me to use today...."

Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Hard Day - A Tale From Real Life

When she comes in it's pretty clear that she's had a hard day....
She works so hard to support us and I feel so bad that I contribute so little....
"Is there anything I can do Sweetheart?"
"No Sissy....I just need to relax and wind down a bit...."
"I think I know just what you need...."
"Don't you have things on the stove Sissy....I don't want you to ruin dinner...."
"Yes Ma'am....I have things cooking....but I have plenty of time to help you relax...."
"If you don't mind Sissy....."
"Mind??? I'm so glad you'll let me!!!!"
"Oh Sissy.....that feels so nice....."


She wasn't going to take the job....
They offered less money than she was currently making....
They offered a worse Health Benefit than she currently had....
They didn't offer stock options or a 401k plan....
They didn't offer much in the way of career advancement....
But the amenities they offered in the ladies lounge were second to none!!!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Let's Go

"C'mon's just a your mouth.....I want to see some enthusiasm....for goodness sakes you're sucking his cock not trying to put him to sleep!!!!"

Hump Day

It's Hump Day already so just spread out and're almost there!!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Passing In Public

There are a lot of us gurls that can pass in public....but there are certain things you should avoid....
Always try to blend in....don't wear things that will draw too much attention!!!


Why you ask....
Like the famous mountaineer George Mallory said when asked why he would climb Everest.....
"Because it's there!"
When people ask me why I like to suck a nice big cock no matter where I's there...and somebody has to suck it!!!!

Monday, October 21, 2019


His mother and sister helped get him ready for the costume party....they were both amused that he had decided to attend as a girl, but they worked their magic and soon enough he mad a very convincing....and pretty....young lady!!!!
They gave him lessons on how to carry himself in a convincing way....including how to maintain his modesty when he sat in the short dress....
As a joke his sister put a package of condoms into the purse he was carrying....they all laughed!!!!
When his mother dropped him off she told him that he had to call her for a ride home.....he was not to accept any rides from those nasty boys!!!!
And they both laughed again!!!!
He rang the bell and when the door opened he realized that it wasn't a costume party at all!!!! Thankfully none of his friends recognized him and as they continued to drink the chance that anyone would realize who he was became more and more remote....

When his mother arrived hours later to drive him home she found him a little drunk and with his makeup smudged.....she thought nothing of it.....while she helped him in,  his sister took his purse as his mother led him up to the bathroom....
When her mother came back she found her daughter looking very quizzically into the purse....
"What's the matter Dear?"
"You know I gave him that package of condoms as a joke....."
"Oh yes....he blushed like a was so funny!!!!"
"I don't know Mom.....the package had a dozen and there's only two now!!!!"
"You don't think he...."
"All I know is if he did that put's him six up on me!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Remember how it is when you're feeding can be messy and they really don't understand why you get annoyed when they spill their food instead of eating it...
It's the same for some of those fortunate men out there.....they'll spill their delicious morning treats sometimes.....they'll learn....just give them some time and lots of practice!!!
ManCandy!!!! Learning a whole new skill is easy with the right instructor!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"I'm sick and tired of coming home and finding you with your cock in my sissy husband's I want you to just sit there and watch me suck the sissy's cock.....let's see how you like it...."
"Okay know you don't have to do this....I promised not to cum in your husbands mouth anymore!!!"
"What are you grinning that a hard-on in your pants.....oh my god you're actually enjoying this!!!! This was supposed to be punishment for're not supposed to enjoy watching me with a cock in my mouth....."
"Ummm, school they taught us to refer to it as our clit...."
"Oh.....shut up!!! Go pack your bags you're going back as soon as the pink bus can get here!!!!"
"So you're not going to suck my clit?"
"Get out of my sight right now Sissy.....if it wasn't for your inheritance I'd get rid of you altogether...."

It's Her Fantasy

I don't know the story behind her favorite fantasy but she indulges me in so many of mine that when she lays out my cheerleader uniform I know I will be helping her fulfill hers!!!
I like when she acts like the senior cheerleader breaking in the new girl....she indulges in a soft seduction full of long wet kisses and soft caresses....I can feel her soft hands as they wander all over my body.....sliding up my thighs....lingering on the top of my thighs before moving between my legs.....
When she breaks our sweet kiss and slowly presses my face down between her thighs she's already on fire!!!!
"Eat my pussy Donna!!!!! Eat me till I cum all over your pretty face!!!!"
I don't know who Donna was and I'm not going to ask....if she wants me to know she'll tell me....but if she wants me, dressed as a cheerleader, to eat her sweet pussy and cum all over my face.....I'm all for it!!!!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Pink Panties

At every grand house in Europe the cries were heard....robbery!!!!
The Sûreté had assigned their best man to the case, Detective Auguste Renoir....and soon he was hot on the trail of the notorious Shadow!!!!
He made a point of attending all the parties thrown by the "Smart Set" all across Europe...and as he cross-referenced the guest lists it became clear that only two guests had been at every party where the Shadow had struck....himself and Lord Cravenwood!!!
When he had found out the Arabistan Embassy was having it's annual Halloween costume party he knew that the Shadow would not be able to resist the rich collection that the Queen always traveled with!!!!
Disguising himself as a party goer he had set the trap!!!!
He watched Lord Cravenwood carefully....and he never made a single move toward the Queen's chambers throughout the entire night!!!!
As the other guests began to take their leave he found out that Lord Cravenwood was going to be an overnight guest!!!!
It wasn't his usual MO but he felt it in his bones that the Shadow would strike tonight...
The Queen, after several cocktails was "sleeping" in the King's chambers leaving her rooms empty and he found a spot in the dark and waited.....and waited....
Silently the door opened a crack....spilling light into the dark room....and Lord Cravenwood slipped inside, shutting the door behind him!!!!!
There was no movement for a moment and then the rooms lights came on dazzling the detectives eyes, for a moment he couldn't see but he could hear the thief talking to was Cravenwood all right!!!
"Now where are you my sweet little will be the crowning glory of my collection!!!!"
He was opening drawers in an increasingly frenzied way until he found what he wanted and then he stopped!!!!
"And here we are.....the jeweled panties of the Queen!!!!"
Renoir leaped from his hiding place, brandishing his gun.....
"So I have caught you in the act Lord Cravenwood......drop those panties and put up your hands!!!!"
"And who are you my dear?"
"I am not your dear!!!! don't let these feminine clothes fool you.....I am Detective Auguste Renoir of the Sûreté and you are the notorious Shadow!!!!"
"But surprise such as you, who so naturally looks and moves like a would begrudge me these little fact if you look at these closely not only are they wonderfully sexy but the front panel is crusted with diamonds and other rare gems.....they're worth millions and the Queen wears them as underwear!!!! It seem a sin when so many of her people are hungry.....don't you agree?"
"That is not my concern....I am putting an end to your crime spree....all across Europe no woman's lingerie is safe with you on the loose....."
"I bet you'd look lovely in these Detective.....and they're worth enough money that you could retire to a life of decadence and debauchery...."
"As attractive as that sounds Miseur Shadow, it appears as if neither one of us will have'll be in jail and they will be returned to the Queen after your trial!!!"
But Detective....Auguste....I know something that you don't know...."
"And what is that Miseur Shadow...."
"There's two pairs of these pink for you and one for me....."
"Yes Renoir.....I'm planning to retire after this....take your prize and come with me....judging from what I see you're the perfect woman for me!!!!"
"But I'm only pretending to be a woman!"
"Like I said.....perfect!!!!"

The days headlines screamed....."Millions of dollars stolen from Arabistan Embassy....Famous Detective Disappears!!!!"

Only Twice

I heard her call me....twice....and I rushed to our her bedroom to perform my greatest duty as her sissy cuckold husband.....I licked my lips and dove in!!!!

Friday, October 18, 2019


Just like that it was goodbye Mom and Dad....packed up your undies....scooped up your heels and ventured out to find out what the world had to offer a pretty young sissy!!!!


"No's not the first creampie you've's just the first one I've told you about.....enjoy it Baby!!!"

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Sissy Schooll - Right There

Right there....across the room....there was a row of urinals with no one using them.....and Sissy had to go so badly.....but it was forbidden.....the headmaster would know....somehow....and as much as Sissy enjoyed a spanking, she just wasn't ready yet for another one....

I Love It

I love when her friend brings her sissy husband to visit....they don't believe in chastity.....and because he's a sissy, my wife gives me permission to suck his girly cock to my hearts content.....they have a nice visit and they enjoy the show!!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Hump Day

It's Hump Day and you can't let yourself be distracted by all the pending have to finish what you're doing now before you move on to the next one....


"Let me help you with that look so cute like this....I wish I could stay home and watch you dance for me all day!!!!"
"I wish you could too know I can't unbutton this by myself."
"I know...I'll unbutton you when I get home."
"But what if...."
Sorry Sissy....I have to go I'll see you later!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....."
"Excuse me Sissy I must not have heard you correctly!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am.....thank you Ma'am!!!!"

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


It's funny....I'm completely dressed and yet I'm on full display....although from the sounds coming from the bed behind me I doubt either my wife or her lover are paying any attention to me at all!!!!


Just because I'm in chastity....just because I'm her sissy cuckold.....that doesn't mean I don't get jealous!!!!
I she is....with his cock in her mouth.....sucking him....right here in front of little clit trying to get hard but forbidden by the cage....he's encouraging her to suck him harder and deeper and she looks like she's really enjoying it....
And I'm so jealous.....that I don't get a taste of his lovely cock....

Monday, October 14, 2019

Welcome Autumn

I know it's been autumn for a couple of weeks already but the leaves around here are just starting to show a little color....she likes to see me do a dance to welcome the season!!!

Monday ManCandy

On average the human tongue has anywhere from 2000 to 8000 taste buds....
So why wouldn't you want a creamy breakfast treat that spreads out and hits every single one?
ManCandy!!! Thick and warm and bursting with natural, organic's the best that breakfast can be!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday Brunch

Almost all of the ladies were more pleased with his proper uniform this week!!! Except for Amanda who preferred him as he was last week!!!!
So I think what I'll do is after sissy has served and cleared away the dishes I'll have him do a slow sexy striptease....I'm sure the ladies will love it!!!

Angry At First

"So you see....I was really angry at first when I caught him wearing my panties...I mean he left ....stains in them...."
"Ewww Gross!!!"
"I know then when I made him take them off I thought that maybe he should wear panties.....I mean....he's really not much of a man is he?"
"He's as small as my little brother....maybe smaller...."
"My Boyfriend is way bigger than that....if my boyfriend had that....well....he wouldn't be my boyfriend for long!!!!"
"I the reason I asked you to come over is to help me I make him wear panties all the time or not?"
"Oh yeah....he belongs in panties....but he still shouldn't be wearing yours!!!!"
"I agree....full time panties but he needs his own!!!"
"Then it's settled.....he wears panties all the time and he has to go shopping for his fact he can drive us to the mall right you have anything you want to say Daddy?"
"No Ma'am....thanks for not telling your Mom...."

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Lamp

He had searched for it even as the others scoffed.....
"It's a myth..." they said!
"Just a legend...."they said!
"A child's story...." they said!
But he knew....deep in his heart that there was truth behind the legend....truth behind the myth....that children's stories sometimes came true!!!!
He ran after every clue....he chased every rumor!!!!
Back and forth over the Arabian lands....sometimes he prospered and sometimes he despaired but he would not relent....he would not give up!!!!
He was enslaved for a time after being found in a strange land, ruled by a cruel Sheik....he was on the verge of escape when he heard the rumor of the Sheik's magic hold on his beautiful Princess....
On hearing that there was, perhaps, magic here....he allowed them to keep him in chains and didn't escape as almost all of the others did!!!!
He found himself a slave in the court of the one of the most docile they had decided he was no threat.....and he served the Sheik well....he grovelled before the little fat man even as he marveled at the wealth he commanded....jewels worth more than he could earn in twenty lifetimes were left, forgotten, on the floors of the palace....every cup was made of gold....even his privy was molded of solid silver!!!!
How could one man amass so much wealth here in this tiny desert Sheikdom and why was he immune to attack from his poor didn't make sense.....
The Sheik had no army, no navy....what was the source of his wealth???
Time passed and as he became more trusted he was allowed to enter the Sheik's Chambers to clean up after his days long orgies.....he would sometimes recoil at what he found....sometimes there was just soiled clothing and pillows.....sometimes there was bloodied rope and knives....sometimes there were bodies.....
But even as he did his duties. quietly and efficiently, he was searching.....because it had to be had to be the source of the Sheik's powers!!!!
Then came the day.....that glorious day.....after a particularly long party where the Sheik had raised the level of his debauchery, as if that was possible.....when he entered the chamber....amidst the human waste and corruption, he saw it!!!!
It had to be glowed as if it contained a light.....
He picked up the lamp and whispered a silent prayer to Allah....and to the Jew's god....and to Krishna....and to all the other gods he had ever heard of....then he rubbed the lamp!!!!
When the Djinn appeared he fell back in amazement!!!!
The Djinn looked upon him....
"Ahh...a new Master....thank goodness....I was really tiring of that repulsive little may I serve you new Master?"
"Is it true that you can grant me any wish my lord Djinn?"
"Most of the time....let's say I review your wishes and decide each one as we go....there are things I cannot do well as things I will not do.....I may serve you....but I will not do evil for you!!!!
He thought about it for some time....but he knew time was not on his side....any moment the Sheik might return and try to reclaim the lamp!!!!!
"Oh mighty you know of the beautiful Princess Farah?"
"Oh Master do not let her beauty fool you for her soul is just as corrupt as my former master, the Sheik!!!!"
"I have a wish I would have you grant oh mighty Djinn....I wish for you to turn out the Sheik and his corrupt Princess....send them to the desert and let them suffer as they have made so may others suffer....and I want you to forbid them from ever returning....even if they brought an army of horsemen and soldiers I want you to prevent them from crossing our borders!"
"Let me think for a moment......"
"Please think quickly oh mighty one!!!"
"Well, I don't really see any evil intent on your part so......yes I have made it so...."
"Already!!!! They are banished already???"
"Yes new Master....does that not please you...."
"I am amazed at the speed with which you have altered reality..."
"You make me blush with your compliments...."
"Now I have only one more wish.....I wish you would transform me into a likeness of the Princess and that the people will accept me as their ruler....."
"It is done Master.....Mistress...."
"Thank you almighty have made my dreams come true....if there is anything you want I would give it to you gladly!!!!"
"Well I'd like to be free of the lamp and I'd really like to play with those....."
And they lived happily ever after....

See You

"I'll see you at home Sissy!" she said as she drove off!
This was far from the first time that she had made me walk home dressed as I was!!!!
I knew I could walk home through the park and reduce my chances of meeting anyone I might know....
I knew from past experience that she would check my feet to make sure I kept my shoes on all the way.....I don't think she realizes that wearing heels is just natural for me now!!!

Friday, October 11, 2019

I Need It

"Oh yeah Baby.....push it in.....I want it so bad....I need it....I've been waiting so long!!!"
"Alright Baby.....I'm ready...."
"'re going to pop that cherry.....that's what I want....."
"Is your husband ready Baby....cause I'm ready!!!!"
"Oh yeah Baby....stick it inside him.....ever since I said "I Do" I've wanted to see this!!!!"
"Why doesn't he say anything ...."
"Because he's got my panties in his mouth now let's get going.....I'm ready to come right now...."
"Okay Baby here we go!!!!"


Yes it makes cleanup easier but it lacks the flavor of her mixed with him.....I know I sound like one of those snooty types.....but once you've tasted the ambrosia pf their mixed juices it's harder to appreciate them separately....

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Out on the Front Steps

Some evenings it's nice to put on some simple dresses and sit out on the front steps and just watch the world go by....most people pay us no mind and we just smile and nod as they walk by....but when we notice the people across the street, just stare at us well then we give each other a nice long kiss.....I'm not sure if it outrages them or turns them on....we've laughed over both possibilities many times!!!!

Picture This

Picture this.....he's tied down and blindfolded and gagged.....he's got a vibrating plug in his ass that you can control......the only rule she gave you is that he can't come....
But as his cock drools precum you just have to lean over and lick up that sweet treat....
I would do this.....would you?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Don't Be Fooled

"Don't be fooled by his size....sissies come in all sizes....he'd be far happier if he was wearing panties right now.....isn't that right?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"And size doesn't equal staying power ladies....he rarely lasts more than thirty seconds....isn't that right?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"All right Sissy I think we've seen enough....go put your cage on and report back to us so we can inspect the lock...."
"Yes Ma'am!"

Hump Day

It's Hump Day and you're just going to have to bite the bullet and take it.....the end is in sight and you'll be satisfied when it comes!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Cuckold least she didn't ask you to undress her for him....that would have been too humiliating!!!!