Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"I'm so glad you volunteered to help me with my homework.....I'm supposed to test how long a real man can last while being relentlessly teased....I promise I'll make it all worth your time in an hour.....if you last that long!!!!"




A knock on the hotel room door startled me....
"Now who could that be Sissy? You just wait right here and I'll go see who it is..."
All I could do was nod....I couldn't talk with her panties in my mouth....

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Coronation

And now he was the King....with the death of his mother he ascended the he had the power to change things to be the way he wanted....after his mother had suspended parliament and re-assumed the true powers of a monarch he assumed the complete power of a true monarch!!!!

Born into the royal family he had lived a life of privilege and riches unknown to the masses....his mother the Queen had been the dominant figure in his life after she had sent her royal consort....his father...into exile after discovering his dalliances with the palace maids....the maids she simply had imprisoned and later quietly executed!!!
He was schooled by the very best tutors in the Kingdom....but very few of them dared to try to correct his behavior....lest they incur the wrath of the Queen!!!
As a young boy he had expressed a predilection for feminine clothing and it was not unusual to see him running about the palace in pretty frocks and heels....
The Fleet Street press had a field day with headlines about "The Fairy Prince"...until the Queen took note....they still thought they were living in a free state....the Queen soon clarified that for them......reporters were jailed and tortured....editors were hung in public as a warning.....publishers had their fortunes stripped away from them and were left as beggars in the streets....
The Queen loved her boy....and he could do no wrong....
And now the old Queen had passed and he was to assume the complete power over a populace that had long been cowed into silence....
He appeared for his coronation wearing the same gown his mother had worn at fit him well.....and none dared comment....
As the crown was placed on his head the Archbishop named him as the new Queen....and still no one spoke against it....
Weeks passed as he consolidated his power......he purged the military and civilians who dared to criticize....he enacted laws that fundamentally changed society into something he felt more comfortable with....
The average citizen tried to ignore it all and just go about their lives....but he eventually came around to them in his bid to change the nation....
It was funny how little resistance came from the male populace and how much support from the one had expected it to be accepted by such a large percentage of the population.....
But their new Monarch had used all the best PR firms and all the best psychological tricks to equate the new lifestyle with patriotism......
And soon it was done.....of course there were a few dissidents....but they were ruthlessly hunted and killed.....opposing voices were not allowed as the entire male population slowly feminized.....after all England expected every man to do his duty!!!!



At first it's just a little uncomfortable.....but then she hits that spot.....and the best part of being a sissy is suddenly very clear!!!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Back Soon

"Hello wife told me you were coming for a meeting....she told me to make you comfortable until she gets here....I've already poured out your there anything else I can get you?"
"That's nice of you have today's Wall Street Journal?"
"Yes Sir....I'll get that for you right away...and you there anything I can get for you?"
"Why yes there about you get down on your knees and suck my cock?"
"I'd love to Sir....thank you for the opportunity!!!"

Heard Her

As he heard his wife drive away....he heard his next door neighbors heels as she walked toward his back seemed that she really liked his back door!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Only Fair

It was only fair....I interrupted her while she was reading....the hourglass was telling the time...but the scary part....was what she would do when the sand ran out....
A silly thought came to me about missing my Auntie Em....and a scarecrow, a tin man and a lion rescuing me from the paddling that I was sure to get....



It was bound to happen sooner or later....we both went to our closets and chose the same outfits....was it a coincidence or was it a psychic connection....we even chose the same earrings!!!!
I really wasn't sure what to think when we saw each other....I'd always heard that women hated this kind of thing....
But she just smiled and said, "Oh look Sissy....we could be twins!!!"
Before I could answer she was kissing me....and she kept kissing me for a long time!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

I Told You

"I told you....I loved loved of course your sissy husband was going to love that big cock too!!!!"
"Oh my god....he's more of a slut than I thought!!!"

Hump Day

When Hump Day rolls around this week you find yourself overextended....maybe you've taken on too much?
But you know that you have it all under control and that's the important thing!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

What Can You Say

Then the door opened and she was there...really what can you say?
"Hi're home early...."


Houseguests this house there's a sissy that prowls the halls at never know where the sissy will strike....but if you're'll be your room!!!

Monday, January 25, 2021

Why The Cage?

Why the cage you ask.....this....this right here....this right here is why the cage!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Like an ice cream cone in the winter the cream runs down the sides and gets all over your fingers....but licking your fingers clean is part of the fun!!!
Ice Cream is so cool and delightful on those hot summer days....and your winter treat is so warm and invigorating on those cold winter mornings!!!
ManCandy!!! A winter treat that's fun to tasty and good for you too!!!


Sunday, January 24, 2021

My Fantasy

I always post so much about fantasies that maybe you might be interested in my favorite....
It's a dream I have had since the first time I slipped on a pair of silky panties....
I would love to share my bed with another couple of sissies....none of us caged....all of us ready and horny....and all of our wives watching.....
Maybe after this virus shit ends I'll ask my wife to make it come true....


Sunday Brunch

Thank goodness that she finally approved the menu for the Sunday Brunch....I don't think that I could take another spanking today!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Man Vanishes

He realized, finally, that no one was coming to his rescue....
It had been weeks....maybe months....he wasn't sure how long he'd been a captive of the madman....
His old life was like a dream now....he had changed so much....

When he had arrived at the remote home....G-Man Elliot Purvis had been a confident and capable agent....he had followed the clues and his gut instincts and they had led him here...
He couldn't get a warrant....and he didn't bother to tell anyone he was coming to check this place....he didn't want to get the whole thing thrown out of court for illegal search....
But he knew it....and now he would prove it....this was the last stop for the men who had to be....he could see it clearly even if he couldn't actually prove it!!!
He stopped his car on the dirt road....out of sight of the house and he cautiously moved was an ordinary looking home....maybe this had once been a farm but it was all overgrown now...but even as he slowly made his way to the house he felt like he was being watched....
He slipped around to the side yard and found the remains of a fire pit....there were some scraps of cloth at the edge....singed and burned....maybe the clothing of the missing men?
A shed door stood ajar and he peered in without pulling it shoes....dozens of them....this was what he needed....this would give him probable cause to execute a search without a warrant.....probably....let the DOJ lawyers figure that part out....for now....he was sure that this was the place...this was where the monster lived....
Maybe he just needed a little more....he moved to the back and saw that the basement windows had been bricked over.....the windows on the first floor had shutters tightly closed....he moved to the back door and to his surprise he found it unlocked.....he silently moved into the was very sunlight penetrated the shutters....from what he could see everything seemed normal....he drew his revolver and moved further into the house....there wasn't a sound...except for his own breathing....a voice in his head told him to get return with backup....but he had to be absolutely sure....and then as he took another step....there was a sudden movement and a sharp prick in his neck and then blackness!!!!
He was aware that time had passed.....he had awakened and been put back under multiple long had he been here?
He was kept in a completely dark room....bound to a post....he could feel the changes in his body....he knew what was happening to him.....
Every day his captor came and injected something into him....he would demand to be freed....but when his voice became more feminine he if it would make a difference if he couldn't hear it!!!
Worst of each day went by he was forgetting more and more of his was like it was being erased from his mind....there was already so much that he couldn't remember and with each injection he seemed to lose more....
He came with the injection as he always did....she meekly turned to allow him access to her bottom...and after the injection she felt peace....those pesky nagging thoughts seemed to just slip away....he had told her about the way of the she had been born a slave and had no he was soon going to be sending her back to her master....that she had been confused and delusional but that his expertise in medicine had cured her....she smiled....she was so grateful to this wonderful man....
They both heard the footsteps.....many footsteps....then the door crashed open....
"I've got him here!!!! You....down on your belly now....arms out...."
The man fell to the she began screaming....
"Who are you!!!! Leave us alone!!!!"
A man in a dark suit pushed his way through the men in the doorway....he looked at her....he seemed vaguely familiar....
"Oh my god.....that's him....that's Purvis.....untie him and get him out of here....get some ambulances here....there's more of them in the the county hospital and tell them to clear out a ward in the psych wing....."
Suddenly she realized that this man must be her Master coming to reclaim her....and now she could resume her life as a loyal slave to him.....everything was going to be alright after all....



"It's alright don't have to really look like a long as you're willing to swallow big cocks like a girl you'll work out just fine!!!!"

Friday, January 22, 2021


"You look so cute in those undies Sissy....let me just go get the salesgirl to help me pick out some dresses for you...."
"Wait just a minute!!!! Did you make me wear these clothes just for the two of us to have fun or did you do it to humiliate me in front of the salesgirl?"
"Well....if I'm being honest....I'd have to's a little bit of both...."


So Generous

"Are you ready Baby? Are you ready to fuck me?"
"You know I am....I want you so bad...."
"It's the only way? I've never had a man touch me down there...."
"Well my husband's not much of a man.....but the path to my pussy is through my husband's're not getting anywhere with me without his spit on your dick!!!!"
"Alright!!!! I can't wait anymore!!!! He can suck my cock!!!!"
"Did you hear that Sissy?"
"I"m on my way Honey.....thank you!!!!!"

Thursday, January 21, 2021

No Use Complaining

"It's the standard initiation for all the cheerleaders so there's no use complaining..."
"That's right Billy....we never thought that we'd have a male cheerleader....but if you're going to be one of have to be broken in like one of us...."
"And just think Billy....after this you get to lick all of us until we come...."
"That's right Billy....and then we all take care of the Football're going to love it!!!!

Good Morning

 Coffee in bed and an inspection....the start of a good day....

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Hump Day

 Even if you work in domestic service...Hump Day affords you and your employer a chance to bridge the gap between you...allowing you to be closer than ever!!!

C'mon Baby

"C'mon Baby....just give it a little know you want to!!!"
I wanted to give it way more than a lick....I really wanted to suck that cock...but could I do it in front of my girlfriend...
Oh hell yes I could....


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Social Distancing

Well look on the bright side....this social distancing has been working out OK for me....a wall is better than a mask!!!!


What makes a perfect day? pretty panties....hands securely bound....worshiping at your wife's's just perfect!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2021

So Much

"It turns me on so much to know that I'm the only girl in the world that you can get hard for...and only when I want you to....."
She couldn't see it.....but it really excited him too!!!


Monday ManCandy

That's right....that's why you married her....she always puts you first....she makes sure that you have a good hot breakfast before you go out into a cold winter day!!!
She'll have all morning after you're gone to have something for herself but you were her first priority....she needed to see you satisfied before she could relax.....
ManCandy!!!! That warm glow in your it love or is it breakfast....why can't it be both!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home - CANCELLED

 "Kaaren....your time is up...."
"No....just another couple of minutes please...."
"Honestly Kaaren.....I already spanked you for trying to jump the queue....there's lots of sissies waiting their turn....."
"Yes Headmaster....I'm sorry's just that I miss going home...."
"So do the others Kaaren...."


It's always up close and personal....but sometimes it's more than that....
Even here she lets me know that she's in charge!!!


Saturday, January 16, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Guardian

"Return the jewel now and you will come to no harm...."
"Who are you....what jewel....I don't know what you're talking about!!!!!"
"I see you as you are Mr. Cavendish....I see past this temporary shadow you wear...return the jewel so that the dead may sleep in peace...."
"I don't know who this Mr. Cavendish name is Joyce can check my passport....I'm not this man you're looking for....I'm not a man at should be obvious to you!!!"
"Very clever forgeries Mr. Cavendish....but as I said....I can see you as you really are....I am the Guardian of the was my father and his and his for the last two millennia...and we are all born with the sight....the jewel cannot affect us or blind us to the truth...."
"You're mad....I have no jewel....I'm a British woman passing through your country on a tour of ancient must release me right now....I'll bring this to our consulate....then you'll have trouble!!!!"
"Mr don't understand the forces you are toying with..."
"Neither do you....when the British Consul hears of this you will be imprisoned....and I will insist upon the harshest punishment!!!!"
"Tell me Mr. Cavendish....when did you ask the jewel to shade you in this a woman?"
"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about!!!"
"You see Mr. Cavendish....any wish made on the jewel becomes permanent at the next sunrise unless the wish is don't have much time left....undo what you have done...give me the jewel....and we can end nightfall tomorrow....these dead will rise to search for their jewel.....and they will be unstoppable....and they will come for you...I beg of you to please return the jewel....many lives depend on it....your very own masculinity depends on it.....please!!!"
Suddenly he was unsure....his plan was to smuggle the jewel to Britain....he could avoid the authorities who might take a great interest in Henry Cavendish by appearing to them as a woman named Joyce Fox....he had never heard of all of this otherworldly business...and he'd certainly never heard of any Guardians....maybe that was why it had been so easy to steal....because no one else wanted to....
"So if I had the jewel....if I had it....and I returned it to you....this curse would not come to that right?
"Yes Mr. Cavendish....everything could be undone..."
"And the dead would sleep....I wouldn't have them coming for me?"
"That's correct Mr. Cavendish...."
"It's in the hem of my dress.....take it and lets be done with this whole business!!!"
Moments later the Guardian had the jewel in his hand....
"There you have your bloody change me back and let me you promised...."
"But Mr.Cavendish....I promised no such thing....I told you only what could happen...I never said what would happen!!!"
"What do you mean!!!! Change me back....I gave you the make me a man again...."
"I'm afraid I can't do that Mr. see there's really no market for male slaves around here....but pretty English'll bring a fine price...."
" can't...."
"Ah....but you see Mr. Cavendish....I can and I I have done many times see being a Guardian doesn't pay very well....and a man has to make a living!!!"
Cavendish looked at the window and saw the beginnings of sunrise and he knew he was lost!!!


No Matter

No matter how much you threw your whole body at it you knew that it was just not going to your mouth.....but you still hoped that it might fit elsewhere.....

Friday, January 15, 2021

I Wonder

It's a new fetish but I have it bad....
When I look at this picture all I can think about is how sexy her mouth must be...


"I thought your friend the other night was kind of icky...."
"Why was that Sissy?"
"He was so....hairy...."
"Sometimes I like my men to be's so manly...."
"Really....then why do I have to be hairless?"
"Oh Sissy....there's nothing about you that's manly!!!!"
Then she started laughing....
I pouted at first....but then I started laughing too....


Thursday, January 14, 2021

While She Worked

Because she's working from home she doesn't need to wear winter clothing...well she does wear sweaters and things but she still wears sandals instead of boots....
And her toes are so pretty....I polished them for her last I work my way under her desk and show her how much I love her....
She giggles like a little girl and tells me that it tickles....but she doesn't pull away....because she's just as kinky as I am....maybe more....and she loves it too!!!!


His wife and her sister watched helplessly as the intruders used him for their perverted pleasure!!!!
It was odd that he seemed to be so enthusiastic about it!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Technically it's misbehaving....and I could get one hell of a spanking for it!!!!!
But....usually if she leaves the door open it means that she expects me to watch her lover fuck her....
On those nights....when she comes to my sissy bedroom....she asks....
"Did you see it Sissy?"
And when I admit it....she plants her pussy on my lips and now I could taste it too!!!!


Hump Day

 Some like to try to get things done so quickly that they don't appreciate the value of the job...
But others know that slow and steady is the way to they pace themselves on Hump can always pick up the pace later but for now this will do quite nicely!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


As a boy I had to wear a blazer and tie to go to clip-on ties allowed....if they caught you with one the nuns would give you a pretty thorough beating....I think if they were only allowed to have sex they might have been a lot more pleasant....but I digress...
So I learned to tie my necktie and look wasn't till later that I let my hair grow...tried wearing makeup....and switched to wearing a skirt....all in private at first!!!



Kenny combed his long hair a little differently....tried out some of his mother's makeup and put on his sister's dress....and he was suddenly the most popular girl in town!!!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Good Vibrations

 When I returned to the table it was obvious that he had activated the remote vibrator in her panties....and she was really enjoying it!!!!
He smiled at me as I sat down next to her....he didn't speak...but in a moment I felt the vibrating plug come to life inside me!!!!
He ordered for all of us when the time came....because neither of us was able to do anything except try not to scream as the devices did their job....

Monday ManCandy

Even if your favorite breakfast treat is readily available at home....sometimes you just don't have the time!!!
So you have to eat at the office....thankfully there are a lot of delivery services available that can bring you a nice hot and creamy breakfast right to your desk!!!
ManCandy!!! Get it where you need it!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Her Dress

"So you like my dress?"
"Oh yes....It's very pretty!!!!"
"Close your eyes Sissy...."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, close your eyes unless you want me to blindfold you...."
"Okay....they're closed..."
"No peeking...."
"No peeking!!!"
"Okay you said my dress was very pretty.....what color is it?"
"It was....ummmm...I think red or maybe blue...."
"Maybe you weren't paying attention to my dress Sissy....maybe all you were thinking about was my big strap-on cock...."
"I guess....maybe you're right...."
"You are such a slut Sissy!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

Sunday Brunch

I really hadn't expected them to be on the floor...I mean there was a nice big bed here...and I hadn't expected to hear them both grunting and groaning like animals....and I was surprised to see his big cock buried in my sweet wife's ass....but I was told to serve them brunch at this I guessed I'd just have to wait till they were done...

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Saturday Matinee - Way Out West


She looked out over the scrub brush and plains....he was out there somewhere....
He wasn't the first to run and he wouldn't be the last....but he was her first....
Since she came of age and was allowed the could she resist....he was so cute...and he looked so docile in the line of young men....
She hadn't won first choice in the lottery and she bit her lip as, one by one, the young men were chosen.....and she thanked her lucky stars that he was still available when her turn to choose rolled around!!!
The Handlers had bundled him up for transport and she took him home to the Ranch...
As the ranch hands had dragged his struggling figure into the training facility some of them laughed and some wore grim faces....obviously disapproving....but biting their tongues...
Once she had him alone she removed his gag....but not his bonds....
"What is your name?" she asked.
"I'm James Allen....I'm a free citizen....I demand you release me immediately!!!"
"Oh no....that will never do....from now on your name will be....Elizabeth....but I'll call you you understand?"
After a half hour of using the cattle prod he finally agreed that his name was Betty...
"That's good we'll move on to your next step...."
She pushed a button and several burly men came in and took a hold of him....she waited until they had complete control of him and she fitted the restraining cage onto his genitals...but even worse...they flipped him over and she pressed the red hot brand into his buttock....
His screams echoed out over the empty plains!!!!
"Now Betty....I'm going to leave your training uniform for you....It's just a simple outfit....nothing fancy for you yet....a bra and panties....white cotton of silks yet....and a skirt and top....for now I suggest you put on a nightie from the top drawer and get some're going to have a very busy day tomorrow...."

She hadn't been really surprised that he'd ran during the night....what had surprised her was that all the clothes were gone....she could understand all of it....except the bra....why had he taken the bra?
Runners were pretty common....but they were rarely successful in escaping....unless they were inclined to suicide....but she could tell this one was a fighter....and she so looked forward to breaking him!!!!
She alerted the authorities and they had immediately dispatched search teams....and they found him in less than an hour....
She looked out over the ranch as she waited for him to be returned....
Of course he'd be punished....
She got a little excited thinking about his punishment....
He would be her sissy....all her friends had a sissy and she was determined to have the best one!!!!
And because he ran she could now use extreme measures....
She looked out over the ranch and smiled....her life was going to be so good!!!!

SometimesI Forget

"Poor Sissy.....sometimes I completely forget about your little caged clitty....I don't mean to, but it's so useless that it really is just...forgettable....don't you agree?"
"Yes Ma'am...."