Friday, January 31, 2014

I Miss Summer!

I like the winter, snuggling by the fire, pretty lingerie under toasty warm sweaters, Stockings all day without being too hot...
But I miss the summer, cool drinks on a hot day, lounging in my bikini in the pool, Tony the pool boy....mmmm Tony the pool boy....yes I can't wait for summer to return!

Yes I have Time To Talk

It's so nice of you to call...yes I had a wonderful time...I haven't had sex like that in ages!  You were magnificent! I never thought you'd stop cumming!! Yes I was in a hurry but it's OK I'm cleaning up as we speak!
I'd love to see you again! My husband? That's really not going to be a problem!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sissy Tells Mom All About It!

Is It Working?

"Kaaren I called the repair service and they were sending someone to look at the washing machine today" she said on the phone. "Did he come yet?"
I couldn't help but laugh.
"What's so funny Kaaren, I want that machine repaired today, did the repairman come yet?"
"Yes Sweetheart, 3 times, and he fixed the washer too!"
"Kaaren you're such a sissy slut, just wait till I get home!"

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No Option

You're on your knees aren't you Sissy?
You're wearing my bra and panties too!
You've got my plug in your sissy ass!
Your little tiny cockette is locked in a little cage and only I have the key!
And after all that you think you can say no to me!
I don't think so Sissy, when I tell you to suck my boyfriends cock I expect you to drop to your knees and wrap your lips around him and suck him for all you're worth!!!!
You know you'll do whatever I can't help it!

It's A Sissy's Job

It's a Sissy's job to offer her Mistress all the support she needs!!!

You're Going To Love This - Sissy Training

I have noticed that you have the cutest little nipples, so soft and so sensitive! I love how you groan when I lick them! I can't wait till you feel're going to love this! I know I will!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Keep Practicing Sissy

You're doing so well Sissy, another half hour and we can call it a day. Maybe next week we can start using the bigger ones!

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl I never dreamed that I'd ever ask my husband if I could borrow his lip gloss! I never imagined that I'd be married to such a sissy! I never imagined it but I just love it!

Accessorizing is So Important

Proper accessorizing is something every girl and sissy must learn! Choosing just the right jewelry is very important to making yourself attractive and should be pleasing to yourself as well!

Monday, January 27, 2014

At The Drive-Through

At this Drive-Through when you order a Big Mac they deliver it stiff and warm but you have to work on it a little to get the special sauce!

Monday ManCandy

You can enjoy it anywhere, it's warm, protein-filled creamy goodness that not only tastes oh so good but it won't stick in your braces either!

I'm Glad I Stopped By

I'm sorry your wife wasn't home Sissy, she is just fantastic in bed! But I have always wanted to get a piece of your cute little ass from the first time I met you! She may be the best I've ever had but you're a close second!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sissy School - Spiritual Counselor

It was the job of the spiritual counselor to teach the young sissies the value of sharing and cooperation but she had never encountered two like these!
Sissy Kaaren and Sissy Leeanne were so intent on outdoing each other that they had moved far past their classmates and had become disciplinary problems.
She decided the best way was to teach them to work together to improve each other rather than trying to outdo one another. She gave them the "Meet in the Middle" exercise which required them to both suck and push at the same time and they seemed to understand that if they cooperated they'd get much further than they could get alone!
Sister Mary Fellatrix was very pleased!

She Had Screamed All Night!

They had gone at it all night long, she was moaning and screaming and cumming for hours! I lay in my Sissy's Room listening until they finally quieted. I set my alarm and fell into a fitful sleep.
I awoke in time to hear her shower start in the master bath, peeking in I saw he was still asleep. I couldn't help it I had to see what he had that drove her so wild!!! He murmured as I felt him begin to grow under my hand! He was beginning to stir as the shower shut off and I scampered back to my room. I guess I shouldn't have woken him because a few minutes later I heard her beginning to moan again!!!!

Ass Worship - Sissy Training

Remember your place is here Sissy, worshiping the superior female in the most intimate way. You keep those lips and tongue working and if you slow down I'll remind you with a little tug! Once we go for a full five minutes without a tug we can stop and move on to your next assignment! Get busy Sissy!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Just The Rehearsal

"I know it's just the rehearsal but tell me again...while I'm fucking you where will the groom be?"
"He'll be kneeling in his bridal lingerie waiting to lick us both clean many times do I have to tell you this? Now never mind that sissy let's rehearse baby!"

You Look Very Cute

"You look very cute Kaaren but I don't understand why you wanted a cheerleader uniform so badly! Oh well I guess it's just one of those silly sissy fantasies of yours! You can pay me back for it, I'll let you know when and how...."
Mmmmmm totally worth it! After all who doesn't love a cheerleader!!

Smile Sissy!

Oh that would make a beautiful picture Sissy...Smile for the camera...
Oh...right...never mind...still makes a beautiful picture though!

Friday, January 24, 2014

One More Time Kaaren

Take another deeo breath Kaaren, we're almost there. Once I tie this off you will have the cutest little figure!
What do you mean it's too tight? You'll have to learn that being a girl means that you must make sacrifices sometimes to look your best!
One more deep breath...There we go Sissy!

It's a Good Start

Will it reduce your "cage time:? I can't really say till I see how well you get busy I have other uses for your pretty mouth planned for tonight!

I Should Have Been More Clear Sissy

I have to give you credit for following my orders without question I guess I should have been more clear Sissy. I know I instructed you that you must be in heels at all times but I really didn't mean that you had to wear them in the shower!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chastity Breakthrough!!!

After years of study the Women's Superior University Labs have announced the new Total Male Chastity Device. It is being heralded as a breakthrough in male chastity! Play with his nipples...not allowed! Play with his ass...not allowed! Play with his hands or feet...not allowed!
It is still being kept secret before it hits the matket but we did get a look at the key and it is impressive!

I Have To Confess

I have to confess, while you were in the kitchen getting my wine I took a look at your phone...I think that picture of you wearing those little pink panties is very cute...are you wearing them now? Why don't you just drop your pants and show me Sissy!

Lipstick First - Sissy Training

I realize that you're new at this Sissy but you really must wear lipstick when sucking a mans cock! I'll let it go this time but if this happens again you'll be punished!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It Needs A Little Cream

It needs a little cream Sissy, please go get me some. We were out but I knew my friend Leeanne had some and I would so enjoy going to borrow it!

Giving Her A Hand

I love making her cum, I usually use my tongue but sometimes she craves something else! Since my little clitty isn't allowed this is the only way I can make her cum with a part of me inside her!

What Do You Think

"I'm not all that impressed, what do you think Mandy?"
"I think we should put him in a maids dress and make him our Sissy, Grace"
"A Sissy might have something there Mandy!"
"I think so too Grace! Let's get some of our lingerie and see what fits!"
"Quiet Sissy, we'll let you know when you can speak!"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

She Came Home Early

She had left work early to surprise him...maybe they could have a little fun this afternoon! She quietly let herself in and she could hear the radio playing in their bedroom as she quietly made her way through the house!
Pushing the door open she yelled "Surprise!"
It is safe to say that it was quite the surprise for both of them!

Sissy School - Some Risks

Sissy Kaaren and her roommates just loved doing this. After being caught with the FedEx man last week Kaaren convinced the UPS man to help them practice their oral skills Her sissy friends Leeanne, terri and Beverly eagerly waited their turn....if Kaaren would ever give them a chance!

I Don't Care Sissy

I don't care how long you've been wearing those heels Sissy, you still have another 40 minutes of corner time and if you complain one more time you'll be over my knee afterwards!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Kaaren Are You OK

I love watching her dress, maybe even more than I love watching her undress.
I know it's crazy but I love her, I love her body and I love the sweet little things she dresses in too, When she put on the bustier I thought she looked beautiful, as she pulled on the stockings I had a hard time catching my breath. But it was the beautiful ruffled panties that made me moan out loud, for two reasons...first because I love ruffles and lace and she looked so beautiful in them...second because I know she's not wearing it for me!
She turned with a smile as she heard me, "Kaaren", she said as her hand ran through the ruffles, "are you alright?"
How on earth do I answer that!
"Fine." I croaked out as my clitty was straining hard in its cage...hard enough to hurt!

Monday ManCandy

Jen was so jealous as she watched her roommate start her day with some delicious ManCandy! The granola bar she was planning on having just didn't have the same appeal, so she promised herself she'd get some ManCandy for herself as soon as possible!

I'm So Glad

I'm so glad you gave up pretending that you're some kind of man! You are so pretty and soft you could only be a girl! I've always known it and I think you have too! After all this time you are still my special girl Kaaren!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Is Game Day Sissy

I love half-time!

A Successful Relationship

A successful relationship is built on love, trust, honesty and shared interests! We had the rest and the shared interests were just the icing on the cake!

Looks Better On You

I bought this bra today but I'm not sure I like it! Now that I see it on you it looks so much better, why don't you put it in your drawer, consider it a present .I'll think of a way for you to thank me later!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's So Cold Out Sissy

"It's so cold out Sissy, I think we should stay in and just fool around all day, what do you think?"
"Really? You know I'd love to do that!"
"And I was thinking...wouldn't it be fun if I invited my friend Jim remember Jim right....tall, dark and 9 inches..."
"Yes I remember but I thought you wanted to spend the day with me...."
"Don't pout Sissy, you know Jim doesn't mind if you suck his cock before he gives it to me!"
"Well I guess if that's what you want then it's OK with me."
"Good because I already called him, he should be here in a few minutes...go put on something extra pretty for us Sissy."

Those Of You

Those of you who have done it, understand. Those of you who haven't done it should try, then you'd understand too! It's so wonderful. the feeling of power and desire and submission and's good....good to the last drop!

I Never Get Tired Of This Kaaren!

Ever since that first time so long ago when you took my boyfriend into your mouth I have always loved watching you do this! You are my beautiful cocksucking sissy and I wouldn't give you up for all the gold in the world!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who's the prettiest sissy all?

You're a fair sissy Kaaren
That is true
But even you must admit
There's one fairer than you!

The dreamgirl you crave
Is fairer by far
You may be pretty 
But she is a star!

Take Care

Kaaren, clean my shoes and soak and hand wash my bra and panties, I'll be with my friend David for a couple of hours at least so you should have plenty of time!

Scent of a Woman

Breathe in my scent, I've worn these all day and I've cum in them twice today! Breathe it in, you know you love it. My aroma permeates the wispy fabric, it smells so good doesn't it..... Now you slip these panties on and you can dream of my pussy all night!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Nice Glass of Wine

After my chores are done I like a nice glass of wine, especially one with that little something extra that just makes it sweeter....

I'm Sorry Sissy

I'm sorry Sissy but your sweet mouth is not what I'm interested in tonight! Bend over the bed and lift up your cute nightie and I'll show you what I want!!!

Breakfast - Sissy Training

The new Sissy, unsteady on her heels and nervous in her pretty lingerie prepares her Mistress' tea for breakfast. To prevent bad habits from forming her Mistress takes the time to supervise and provide instant correction if there are any mistakes.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Very Amusing Sissy

You amuse me Sissy, you agreed when we started all this that it would be my decision! Well I've decided, I like things just as they are so  the cage stays on until I say so!

I'm Waiting Sissy version 2

I'm waiting Sissy get down on your knees and get busy

I'm Waiting Sissy version 1

I'm waiting Sissy get down on your knees and get busy

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vintage Sissy

It looked nothing like mine, it was soooo big!!!! Scary but mouth watering at the same time!!!