Tuesday, December 31, 2013

There You Go Sissy

There you go Kaaren, all set for a night on the town. I'm sure you won't be kicking off your heels tonight Sissy, at least not until I say so!

Remember You Said

I was very surprised when her date from the other night showed up at our door!
"Remember what I said I'd do if I wasn't saving it for your wife Sissy?"
"I think so..."
Do you remember what you said Kaaaren?"
"I think I said, Maybe Later, but I didn't think you heard that..."
"Surprise Sissy, I heard it, your wife's not here and it's later."

Checked Out and Ready Bring Them On!!!!

I think the key thing here is the inviting lips, don't you? A sissy slut's checklist!

Monday, December 30, 2013

I Love This Dress

Strapless black and white is just so elegant! Perfect for the New Years Eve Party!
Showing off the gifts the hormones have given you this strapless dress draws the attention to your beautiful new assets! Silver at the waist draws the eye downward and that leads to an explosion of ruffles and lace!  The black above the white giving the illusion of a short skirt over white petti's adds that little touch that makes the men look and think they're seeing something they shouldn't, something a little naughty!
A little longer than I usually like but it hits around mid-thigh and still shows off those pretty legs! Almost no accessories needed as they would only distract from the beauty of the dress itself.
One word to the wise...wear low heeled sandals because you won't be sitting down! Every man there will want to dance with you until the lucky  fellow at midnight gets to give you THAT kiss!
Another one I want in my closet!

Monday ManCandy

At the end of the year as you reflect on the year gone by you realize that there might have been a few times you could have done better or been nicer. So it's time to get some good Karma going for the new year by sharing your ManCandy with someone you love!

I've Waited So Long

As I took my Sissy lover into my mouth she moaned my name.
"Oh Kaaren...oh so good..."
I couldn't believe I was so lucky as I tasted her on my tongue....she tasted like honey and sweetness and I slid her as deeply into my mouth as I could...feeling her velvet head tickling the entrance of my throat!
"Oh Kaaren!" was all I heard as I was lost in pleasure as I sucked and licked her!
I felt her heat and her pulsing throbbing need as I ran my tongue over and over on the delicate underside of her beautiful cock's soft head! Droplets of her delicious precum were the sweetest thing I had ever tasted as I greedily licked them up!
"Oh Kaaren, oh Kaaren OH!" was all I heard"
I could feel her heat growing and I knew she was going to cum! I was finally going to get my Dream Sissy's cum!
"Oh Kaaren, Oh Kaaren...." her voice was changing "Kaaren, come on Kaaren" she sounded so much like....
"Kaaren wake up,  We have so much to do today. You were making noise too, you must have been dreaming!"
Dreaming again...I got so close this time....


I lay in my bed in Sissy's room while she entertains her date in the master bedroom. I never really considered myself a "master" so maybe I should say they're in the Mistress bedroom!

It's been pretty quiet in there for a while aside from some sighing and her date talking, but he's speaking so low I can't hear what he's saying! I don't hear her talking back....I wonder if her mouth is full....

This cage is getting very uncomfortable....now I hear her but she's not talking....sounds to me like she's moaning and it's getting louder....now I don't hear him...maybe his mouth is busy....

She's cumming! I know that sound and I hear her voice low and husky telling him she needs him to fuck her...I hear the bed start to rattle as she begins to moan and tell him to go harder....deeper...

He lasts so long! She's cumming over and over and now I hear him gasping and the bed stops rattling....it's quiet again and I can't hear anything at all....maybe they've fallen asleep...I don't think I'll be sleeping anytime soon when all I can do is squirm on the soft sheets and hope that the drops leaking from the cage don't leave a stain!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday is Game Day Sissy

Oh my Sissy you look very pretty all spread out for the boys, but I think they'll appreciate you more if you flipped over onto your belly!


Mmmmm this cock is so hot in my mouth...this is the best cock....oh look at that one....let me just suck on that one....ooohh it's so good it's....hey that's a beautiful cock over there I wonder how it tastes....so good so good....oh look at that one....
Sissy Attention Deficit Disorder strikes almost 100% of sissies - there is no treatment!

Why Thank You Sir

After a short fluffing session her date spun me around and pressed against me.
"I swear Kaaren, if I wasn't saving it for your wife I'd bend you over and fuck that cute little sissy ass right this minute"
I smiled and whispered "Maybe later."

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I've Never Really Been Good With Engines

I was never one of those guys who could look at the engine and know what everything was! I was more interested in watching the guys cute rear ends than in the cars rear end!
I have found that as a man if I have a breakdown cars just whiz right on by me! But since I started wearing dresses I get lot's of guys who stop and want to help! The shorter the dress the more help I get!

You Scared Me

You scared me so badly running back to fight the fire Sissy! I didn't know what would happen! I don't care about the house or the things I care about you and you are never to do that again! Do you understand me! Never again! And stop enjoying this! It's supposed to be punishment! Sweet little Sissy what would I have done if anything had happened to my special girl? What, smack, would, smack, I, smack, have, smack, done, smack!!!!

A Fun Little Game

I will be staying in a room with my boss tonight Sissy. We're on the twelfth floor. I have booked room 906 for you and I and I have laid out one of your cutest uniforms there for you.
I want you to get as pretty for me as you can and then join us on the twelfth floor and here's the fun part Sissy...I'm not telling you the room number so you'll just have to knock on doors until you find us!
This sounds like so much fun Sissy, remember to smile when prople open their doors!

Friday, December 27, 2013

I Like A Little Bondage Play Sometimes

I had a fun idea to do a little self-bondage play so my wife could find me bound and squirming when she got home. I guess it's a part of my submissive nature but I really do love being made absolutely helpless sometimes!
I started by taking the handcuffs key and putting it in a jug of water and freezing it in the center of a block of ice so there would be no backing out! Then I laid out an assortment of gags and toys and things and then....well then I stupidly put the handcuffs on first and I couldn't get to the key! So that's how she found me, handcuffed next to a pile of gags and toys and pretty lingerie that I was going to wear.
She laughed and laughed for a long while and she waited for more than an hour for the ice to melt to get the key, and strangely enough this was almost as much fum as what I had planned!

Wasn't That Thoughtful

Wasn't that thoughtful Sissy, My boss sent me this pretty skirt for Christmas! And it fits me so well too! He is coming by to see how I look in it....what...no  he said he just wanted to see the skirt so I figured that was all I should wear...don't you think he'll like it Sissy?

Putting Her At Ease

She has been so tense since the fire, jumping at every little noise and I found myself in the unusual position of decision maker. I decided that she needed something to make all her other thoughts go away at least for a little while. She seemed reluctant at first but with persistence I finally got her to relax a little...and I had a little fun too!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Okay I'm Not Really A Hero

First ever post in both of my blogs!
I'm not really a hero, I mean the best I could hope for would be heroine really!
I had some excitement late last night/ / early this morning. I had just finished sending a couple of posts to my blogs and was ready to go snuggle with my sleeping sweetheart when I heard an odd noise come from the storage room. I investigated and found an outlet had burst into flames
I rushed through the house and as I grabbed the fire extinguisher I shouted for my wife to get out. She was sleepy but she must have heard the alarm in my voice and she quickly threw on a coat and ran to the neighbors.
By the time I got back the fire had spread to some cartons we had stored there and was near to getting out of control! I used the extinguisher more to contain than put put the fire as I didn't think there was enough to put it out! As I was spraying I heard the sirens coming! One of the pluses about living in the city is that help is usually not that far away.
Just as The extinguisher emptied I heard the footsteps of the firefighters rushing toward me and I clearly heard my sweet wife shouting that "My husband is in there!"
The first two to reach me stopped for a moment...I mean here I was in a babydoll nightie with no makeup and my hair combed back and they were looking for her husband! The third firefighter, a lieutenant. assessed the situation quickly and had a blanket wrapped around me as I was led outside. My wife and I shivered in the cold for a few minutes when an ambulance arrived and we could sit in the wamn rear while they checked me out for smoke inhalation,
The firefighters had the situation under control in no time and told us that we were in no danger, we should call an electrician in the morning to repair the shorted outlet. The nice lieutenant, his name tag said "Nichols", said that we "ladies" could go back in the house and he actually winked at me!!! I won't lie...if I could have I would have sank to my knees right there and then!
As we passed the exiting firefighters we thanked them all and most of them gave me at least a smile!
I'm glad I was still up when the fire started and I'm glad I kept it from spreading. I'm so glad that my wife was saved from danger and I'm so glad Lieutenant Nichols agreed to come to a dinner party with us in January, he's very hot!!!!!
Anyways that was my night of post-Christmas excitement! I hope you all had a more "Silent Night!"

Look What Santa Brought

"Look what Santa brought me Sissy." she whispered in my ear as her other hand rubbed my bottom.
"i bet you can't guess where I'm going to be putting it now!"
Actually I had a pretty good idea as I pressed back against her!

Some Gifts Mean More

Some gifts mean more than others as he's about to find out as the lock clcks shut!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

"Don't you want to say Merry Christmas to all your lovely readers out there Kaaren?"
"Mmmm MMMMppph, MMmmmm"
"Oh Kaaren haven't I told you not to talk with your mouth full!"
"In case you couldn't make it out Sissy is saying Merry Christmas Everyone!"

It Was So Brautifully Wrapped

It was so beautifully wrapped that I felt just like a kid again!

We usually exchange gifts on Christmas Morning but I just couldn't wait!Finally she let me open it and I dove right in!!!

She knows that the present I like best is giving her what she likes best! It's her pleasure that fills my heart and gives me joy, not just at Christmas but all the year round!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last Minute Details

Almost done and ready to settle in and wait for Santa, my wife said she still had to check on one present to make sure it was ready. She seemed to be taking an awful long time doing it though.....

He's Not Santa

He's definitely not Santa but it looks like he's about to load her stocking!

Tasty Holiday Treat

It's so delicious, and I enjoy the flavor so much! I like to suck it so slowly that it'll last in my mouth a nice long time! There's no rush as I suck and lick it, truly savoring the essence of it. When it's given me all it had to offer and it's shrunken to a tiny fraction of it's former glory, with the flavor it offered coating my lips and tongue I am usually content. Although sometimes if there's another one available I'll just grab it and start again....I love sucking them so!!!
Oh and I like candy canes too!

Monday, December 23, 2013

And May I

And may I introduce my Sissy husband, Kaaren this is my new boss Mr. Thompson, Mr Thompson this is my Sissy. Would you care for a blowjob? Kaaren please suck his cock while we talk.
Yes Ma'am!!!

Monday ManCandy

Could there be a better, or more beautiful invitation to get a little ManCandy on a Monday morning? Hurry Sissy you don;t want to miss a drop!

The Look of Absolute Bliss

This is the look of absolute bliss, the satisfied look of a sissy doing what she enjoys and doing it very well! I'm pretty sure if you could see his face you'd see that he's pretty happy too!!!

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl I never dreamed I'd be sharing cosmetics with my Sissy Husband as we both put on our little black dresses to go out on the town! I never dreamed it but I absolutely love it!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Don't Care

I don't care what you think it might be Sissy, if I catch you shaking the presents again you won't be sitting down for Christmas!

Hands Behind Your Back Sissy

Keep those hands behind your back Sissy, you know the rules. When you're uncaged only I'm allowed to touch your body. Don't you dare cum, I just think it would be nice for you to get hard for a few minutes just so you remember what it was like!

You See Sissy

You see Sissy, that's a mans cock and that's why he's allowed to stroke it whenever he likes. what you have is a tiny little clitty and that's why you're in a cage under your panties and skirt.  a sissy isn't a man sweetie, a sissy serves a man!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

And This Is Why

And this is why all Sissies should be kept in chastity, Left alone we'd be doing this all day!

At The Blog Grand Opening Party

A few of the other Sissy Bloggers stopped by to wish me good luck on the new "Such A Sissy 2" blog.


With that one little click your life is changed Sissy, remember...this is not a game! You have surrendered control to me and I'm not giving it back.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Barbie Reminds Ken

Barbie reminds Ken that it's Barbies Dream House and if he knows what's good for him he'd better learn his place!

Yes I Know

You make me laugh Sissy...of course I know it's big...I bought it after all...now relax and settle down...I can't wait to be all the way inside you!

I'll be working all night

I'll be working all night to try to make this silly little blog as successful as my original silly little blog, to compare the two click here
I promise, norhing will distract me....nothing will...uh...nothing will....uh....what was I saying?
You know what I think it's break time!!!

A New Beginning

Hi again if you were a reader of my other Blog "Such a Sissy", glad you've joined me here. If you're a new reader please check in as I hope to update this at least daily with posts about my fantasies and my life as a Submissive Sissy Cuckold. I have a quirky sense of humor and I hope that you nice people do too!

So as an introduction how about we get a better look at that Profile picture over on the sidebar there.