Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year

From my wife and I....we'd like to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year full of joy and love....may this be the year that all of your dreams come true.....cheers!!!


The Will

Each one of them wanted to be named the principal heir to his fortune.....and there was no limit to what they would do to convince him!!!!
He knew what they were up to, of course....he didn't get to be one of the richest men in the world by being naive....
His will was sealed and the money wasn't going to any of his slutty granddaughters but he did enjoy their efforts to convince him....

Monday, December 30, 2019

So Much Better

He smiled as he looked at himself in the mirror.....
"I look so much better than she does in this dress!!!!" he said to himself.
He was surprised when the door suddenly swung open....she was home early!!!!"
"Oh my god!!!!! What are you doing....is that my dress...."
He began to stammer that he could explain....that he was just fooling around....that he was just....
"Spin around for me...." she said.
He quickly complied!"
"I can't believe it.....you look so much better than I do in that dress!!!!"
He didn't know what to say.....
"Thank you Sweetheart...."

Monday ManCandy

Much like our friends in the animal kingdom you may be tempted to try and store some in your cheeks to enjoy later in the day....
As wonderful as that would be, no one has ever successfully kept that warm mouthful for more than a few minutes at most....the desire to swallow it is just too overwhelming!!!
But take heart.....you can refill multiple times a day.....and the more you do, the more opportunities you'll have.....soon enough you'll be getting just as much as you could possibly want!!!!
ManCandy!!!! There's no such thing as too much!!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"So you see Sweetheart....I behaved myself all weekend....I didn't suck one cock....not one....just like you asked....."
"Yes you were a good girl this weekend....I'm impressed...."
"So do I get my reward....like you promised!!!!"
"When I said you could get inside me....I only meant your tongue...."
"I never thought otherwise Sweetheart!!!!"
"Let me call the pink bus and tell them to make you the last pickup tonight!!!!"
"I can't wait to show you all the new things I've learned to do....I got an A+ in pussy eating!!!!"
"Maybe the bus can come tomorrow morning....."


An intrepid explorer sets out to discover new and virgin territory....
A local Sissy guide points him toward some place where no man has ever gone....he hesitates but the Sissy makes his goal clear.....
He shrugs off his clothes....he would plant his flagpole in this new place and claim it.....for himself!!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Don't Laugh

She told me right upfront that she was a witch....that she came from a long line of very powerful witches....I laughed....
"You think witchcraft is funny?"
"Of course....in this day and age....that's something from comic books!!!!"
"Hmmm....what if I told you I could change things so that you'd be available to me every day.....that I would climb on you and ride you for hours and when we were done I would sponge you down and feed you and you could just relax until the next day?"
"That sounds great but I have to work...."
"Not any more....I would give you everything you need.....I am also quite wealthy...."
"So you'd  pay all my expenses? All of them!!!! If I wanted a car you'd buy me one?"
"I can assure you you would not need one....I have an entire garage filled with some of the most exotic sports cars in the world!!!"
"It sounds too good to be true....what's the catch?"
"No catch....your life will be just as I described it......oh one little detail..."
"Aha!!! I knew it...."
"Yes well.....I always have to be on top.....can you deal with that?"
"Can I deal with that? Sure I could deal with that....but why bother talking about this....there's no such thing as real witchcraft...."
"You don't believe me...."
"No.....but it's a fun fantasy....especially the part about you always being on top....I really liked that....."
"And if witchcraft was real and I could cast a spell that would give you exactly the life I've described.....would you want that?"
"Oh Baby.....I'd jump on that in a heartbeat!!!!"
She turned and mumbled something I couldn't quite make out.....and then blackness!!!
When I woke and realized what she had done I nearly kicked the whole place down....
Then she was there.....and a calm came over me.....
"Now now.....I've come to ride you....and I plan to ride you hard....and after I'll scrub you down and feed you.....you have to behave.....I won't have my newest mare kicking up such a fuss!!!!"
And I looked around me and saw a number of horses with pink bows in their manes all trying to avoid eye contact......
Wasn't changing me into a horse enough!!!!! Changing me into a mare was just too much!!!! And I could see that stallion in the big stall eying me....

Yeah I can smile about it now but when it first happened I was really pissed off...

The Best Part

The best part of this....other than the obvious....was watching these two macho studs trying desperately to not make eye contact with each other.....they didn't seem to mind that a sissy was licking their cocks but they didn't want to watch each other enjoy it....men are funny sometimes!!!!

Friday, December 27, 2019


My new nightie was really pretty and it came with garters and stockings.....
"Are you dressed yet Sissy?"
"Almost....are you sure this didn't come with panties...these usually come with panties?"
"It came with whatever was in the box Sissy.....now hurry up....we're all waiting to see how adorable you look!!!!"
I hated to keep her waiting so.....


She sleeps so peacefully....I gave her more orgasms than I could count before she finally pushed me away from her sweet, sweet pussy....
She rolled over and went, almost immediately, to sleep....
I cuddled next to her....giving and receiving warmth.....my little clit nestling up against her sweet bottom.....I don't know if she did it intentionally or if she was really asleep....but that little wriggle against me was going to keep me awake for hours!!!!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

I Have No Gift for Him

He loved the sweater my wife gave him.....and I found myself just like the little drummer boy of the famous song......I had no gift for him...and I don't play drums!!!!
I looked at them and asked....
"Shall I kneel and suck him?"
And they both smiled and nodded

So Happy

She was so happy with her new toy that she couldn't stop playing with it.....
The best Christmas gift ever!!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas

He's not Santa Claus but he's about to fill that stocking!!!!

Hump Day

"Honestly Santa....you give and you give to everyone so I wrote to Mrs. Claus and asked her to let me know what you really wanted for yourself for Christmas....and she told me all about how you looked forward to Christmas falling on Hump Day.....so take a deep breath Santa cause I'm giving you this present good and hard!!!!"
"Ho ho ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve

Before he leaves on his round the world mission to spread love and joy, Santa always makes sure that Mrs. Claus has something to keep her busy until he returns....

Lump of Coal

"Are you joking with me Kaaren.....you'd earned your lump of coal before the end of last January!!!! For someone as naughty as you I have to spend some extra time...."
"Oh thank you Santa!!!!"
"You see what I mean....that's your first naughty mark for next year already!!!!"

Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Party

The twins were so happy that their big brother Michael was home for Christmas....so happy, in fact, that they had already decided to throw a party for him.....and they even got him a special outfit to wear!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Yes there's a lot of stress in the holiday season and you wonder where you're going to get the energy you need to make it the last couple of days....
You lay awake thinking of all that was still left to do and....well you felt a little despair....When suddenly he appears and gives you what you've needed all week!!!!
You wonder why he's here early but you're glad that he is.....he gives a chuckle as you swallow your special pre-Christmas treat and his belly shakes.....
"I had to get special permission from the Missus to help you out.....she felt your frustration......and we agreed that maybe an early present would be just the thing!!!!"
ManCandy!!!! Dreaming of a white Christmas isn't always about snow!!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

What About

"But what about your husband?"
"What about him?"
"He went to bed twenty minutes ago....how can we...."
"Oh don't worry about him.....I'm sure he'll move over.....once we get started...."

Sunday Brunch

"Alright Sissy....you'll do....make sure you say Merry Christmas to each of the ladies before you kneel down to serve them...."
"Oh silly me.....of course I'll remove your gag before then but, for right now Sissy, I have too much on my mind to listen to your silliness...."
"You're welcome Sissy.....I want this to be the most wonderful Christmas Brunch ever!!!"

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Saturday Matinee - A Magical Christmas

"Just drop all that stuff you fat bastard.....I'm going to kill you!!!"
"Ho ho ho why on earth would you want to kill me Jimmy.....oh that's right you're jenny now...."
"Yes I told you for years that I didn't want anything except to become a girl....it was all I dreamed of...."
"I know.....your letters were very....clear and intense....so what's the problem?"
"What's the problem!!!! Just look at me.....look what you did to me!!!!"
"I fulfilled your wish Jimmy....oh sorry again....I fulfilled your wish Jenny....I gathered up all the Christmas magic I had left that night and you became a girl....you should be thanking me....after all I don't actually do that for all the boys who want to be girls...."
"You....you mean there are others.....other boys out there like me?"
"Oh yes....thousands, tens of thousands, but I don't have enough magic to grant them all their wishes....usually I just leave them dresses and frilly underwear....you'd be surprised how many of them are happy with just that!!!!"
"But for me....you changed me....."
"That's right....you just wished harder than all the rest...of all the boys in the world you wanted it the most!!!!"
"Then why did you leave me like this Fat Man.....tell me or I swear I'll shoot...."
"Ho ho ho.....bullets can't hurt me....I'm magical...."
"Oh these will kill you alright.....they're silver bullets with your real name carved onto them.....and I personally filled each one with dark Elf blood.....oh yes these will kill you alright!!!!"
"But I don't understand....I gave you what you wanted.....I almost used all my Christmas Magic to make you into a girl!!!!"
"Well you didn't use enough...."
"I had to save the little bit I had left to get back home to the North Pole...."
"And you didn't bother to check on me all year!!!!! To see how the change went....all you're doing is making me want to shoot...."
"But....Jenny....aren't you happy being a girl?"
"Look at me Fat Man....I'm as flat in front as I am behind.....and as far as down there goes.....well let's just say it began to shrink away but the magic died out before I was really a woman.....I mean it's still there but now it's so small I can't even enjoy it like I used to....."
"Oh Jenny....I'm so sorry....I didn't realize that the transformation wasn't complete....so you're telling me that instead of becoming a woman you actually became a really effeminate male?"
"My trigger finger is getting twitchy Fat Man...."
"No need for that Jenny....I'll take you with me back to the North Pole....and we'll get you properly sorted out!!!"
"You'll take me....with you to the North Pole....really?"
"Just leave the gun here and climb in the sleigh....I'll send word to everyone to expect your arrival!!!!"
"Okay Santa....thank you.....I misjudged you completely.....let me just grab a coat and I'll meet you at the sleigh!!!!"
"Hurry Jenny!!!"
Yes, Santa chuckled to himself, hurry Jenny.....I can't wait to give you to Mrs. Claus....she loves to play with girly sissy boys.....and she has been pestering me for a new toy and Jenny....you'll make a perfect present for her!!!!

When It Happened

She was really enjoying herself riding on his big cock......and as always she was watching her cuckold......and she was shaking her head to let him know that he wasn't allowed to cum.....but then she saw his sissy cream in shorts.....
He knew he was in trouble......but he never imagined that she would dispose of all his underwear and replace them with pretty little panties.....and he never expected the cage....although he came to accept it as the years went by....

Friday, December 20, 2019


I guess it is pretty flattering when I think about it.....of all the mouths here, he decided that he wanted to use mine!!!!
I hope he tells his friends I was good because, until now, this party was pretty dull!!!!


"Hi, we were wondering if Kaaren could come out to play...."
"Really....and who should I say is calling?"
"You can tell her it's Dee, Sally and Pet.....we went to sissy school together...."
"Really....I've heard all about you all.....please come in and make yourselves at home and I'll bring Kaaren down for you....would you like her cuffed and plugged?"
"Well.....cuffed sounds good but don't bother with the plug...."

Thursday, December 19, 2019


"Girl you've got the flattest chest I've ever seen...."
"Do you want me to stop....."
"No Baby......but what is that little bump in your shorts Baby?"
"Look.....I was going to suck your cock in a few minutes but if you want to keep asking me silly questions....."
"Oh no Baby....it's all good...."

More Than Dresses

"You see....being a sissy isn't just about wearing dresses....once you let me make you into the pretty girl you were born to be you'll get to play with as many of these as you want!!!!"


"Are you awake Sissy?"
"Yes I am Sweetheart...."
"Are you as horny as I am Sissy?"
"Oh yes Ma'am....it's been so long....."
"I know Sissy.....it's been almost 24 hours since I've cum on your tongue....I don't know how much longer I can wait!!!!"
"I understand Ma'am.....would you like to cum now?"
"Well I suppose....why don't you just get down between my legs and start licking and we'll see how it goes...."
"Yes Ma'am it will be my pleasure to please you...."

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Hump Day

It's Hump Day again and you realize that sometimes a small adjustment in your position can lead to a much deeper experience!!!!

Still Not Dressed

I'm still not dressed for the day.......but I have to check my blogs.....

Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Undressing him and finding out he has a very feminine body....delightful!!!!
Undressing him and finding he's wearing pretty panties....delightful!!!!
Undressing him and finding that his big cock barely fits in his panties....delightful!!!
It's alright.....it doesn't have to fit in his pretty panties....it just has to fit in my mouth....that's really delightful!!!!


I learned very quickly that her friends would overlook that little panty bulge if I was able to make them concentrate elsewhere!!!!
In fact I don't think any of them complained....at least not that I heard....but I wasn't really listening!!!!

Just FYI ....that's not really me in the pic but it's really close....the hair is right and the face is close!!!! And the cock in the mouth,,,,well that's me whenever I get the chance...

Monday, December 16, 2019


"There they go.....the mall will probably be really busy...."
"Oh yeah....they'll be gone for hours....."
"So what do you want to do while they're shopping?"
"I know what I'd LIKE to do but....there's the chastity cage...."
"I was wondering.....do you know where your wife keeps her strap-on?"
"Oh my god!!!! Yes I do.....what a wonderful idea!!!!! Let's go!!!!!"
"Lets give it a minute or two to make sure they're not coming back...."
"Wow....you're so good at this....."
"Years of experience Dear....you'll learn...."

Monday ManCandy

How could it be that she was always so cheerful.....that she met each day with a smile!!!!
The little flower girl was always there....with something that smelled sweet for you to give your sweetheart....and what did she want in return?
Nothing much....just a sweet mouthful of cream....just a wonderfully tasty treat....just something to fill her empty tummy....
ManCandy!!! Hard work should be rewarded....

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"Every weekend you come here and every weekend my boyfriend's cock ends up inside your mouth.....well Sissy.....I'll teach you a new lesson.....I'm going to make you suck one cock after another all weekend!!!! By the time we're done you'll never want to even see another cock!!!!"
I didn't want to tell her that we had party days at school where we competed to suck as many men's big cocks as we could.....and I certainly didn't want to tell her how many times I'd won!!!!
By the time I was back on the pink bus on my way back to school....my lips were a little swollen and my tummy was full....
Thankfully my classes the next morning didn't involve my mouth at all!!!!

I Can't Stay

I would love to stay and watch....I would really, really love to stay and watch....but....
"I can handle this by myself Sissy....go to your room and get some sleep...."
Yes I would go to my room...but between the noises and the discomfort as I strained in the cage.....sleep wouldn't come.....and of course neither would I....

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Christmas Present....Christmas Future

He finally got one.....a sex robot.....he marveled at how lifelike it was.....he was so surprised that his wife would buy one for him.....and it was a deluxe model too.....that meant artificial intelligence and movement....the only thing was the eyes were kind of creepy.....maybe they'd upgrade that soon!!!!
He really wanted to try it out and his wife told him to go ahead.....
"Enjoy yourself....it'll be a couple of hours till our company gets here...."
He stepped over to the beautiful robot.....
"Put the glass down...."
He marveled at the smooth movement as it gently placed the glass down!!!!
"Spread your legs for me...."
"May I help you out of your pants first Sir?"
He was further amazed that it would actually initiate action on it's own....
"Of course you may...."
The fingers brushing his flesh felt warm and lifelike....and they deftly opened his pants and pulled them down along with his shorts....
"Very good....now spread your legs for me...."
"I don't think so....if that's all you have to offer I think maybe you should be spreading your legs for me.....I have the necessary accessories to handle a sissy boy like you.....I will switch to shemale mode and you can get down on your knees and begin to worship me!!!!"
He looked at his wife.....panic in his eyes....
"Don't look at me Honey.....it's just following its programming...."
He felt a soft hand grab him by his hair and pull him down onto his knees in front of the sexbot's large black extension.....
"Please open your mouth Sissy so that you can begin worshiping me.....I'll let you know when you can stop"
The sex robots soft hand guided him to where he was forced to open his mouth...it's skin was so soft but he could feel the strength and he knew that he had to do this....he just hoped the robot would be finished before his family arrived!!!!

Not Done Yet

"Oh no Honey...we're not done yet.....that was just part one....you see unlike you....my cock can last all night!!!! Just let me finish my drink and I think we'll go a little harder this time!!!!"

Friday, December 13, 2019


Sure it was frustrating for you.....but as she pointed out....it was the only hard thing you'd put between her legs in years....
Can't argue with that....

Sissy School - Wow

"Hey Dee....Sally....come quick you have to see this!!!!"
"What is it Pet.....what's going on?"
 "You 're going to have to see it to believe it!!!!"
"Wow....is that Kaaren?"
"Yep....that's her...."
"Oh my god.....how can she do that.....I couldn't do that!!!!!"
"Neither could I but it's fun to watch.....isn't it?"
"Well I'm wet...."
"Me too!!!!"
"And me!!!!"
"Do you want to go back to the dorm? "
"No I want to watch this....."
"Me too...."
"Me too but we can go back to the dorms later, right!!!!"
"Of course Pet..."

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Why Yes

"Why yes Honey....you did hear me call your name.....I have something special here....and of course I wanted to share it with my husband...."
"Thank you Sweetheart!!!!"
"Less talk Sissy....."


"I'm sorry Honey....I'm going to have to work late again tonight....will you be OK?"
"I'll be fine Sweetheart....."
"I hate to leave you alone Honey...."
"Don't worry about it Sweetheart....I have a lot of things I can do to occupy my time...."
"Okay then I'll see you later.....bye..."
"Bye bye Sweetheart."
She turned to her lover......
"He thinks I don't know that he's wearing my undies...again, that will keep him happy so I can stay as late as I want!!!!"

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


"I understand that you want to taste your wife's sweet pussy....so you can suck her flavor off of my cock, sissy....it's been inside her all night!!!!"

Hump Day

Because the maid was only off on Sundays, Hump Day wasn't really a thing for her....
And His Lordship usually couldn't tell one day from another and so Hump Day wasn't really a thing for him either.....but they wanted to observe all the traditions and so they both made sure to enjoy the day with all the enthusiasm they could!!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

It's Hard

It's hard sometimes....no pun intended....to have her supervise my trips to the bathroom....after all this time I know I have to sit to pee....with the cage it's difficult to do it any other way....and of course I'm not playing with anything.....there's really so little to play with!!!!

Party Etiquette

The whole idea behind slipping away together to fuck in our host's bathroom is wasted if she doesn't shut the door....
We finished to a round of applause from the people queued up to pee....

Monday, December 9, 2019

Tell Me More

"Tell me more Sis....was it hot?"
"So hot.....oh yes....I made him wear my panties....and he got so hard....but I didn't let him cum....I made him get on his knees and beg to lick me.....and he did.....oh god I don't know how many times I came on his tongue...."
"You enjoyed it.....making him do it...."
"Oh yeah....I....oh yeah......oh keep doing that and I'll tell you everything!!!!!!"
"I know you will Sis....."

Monday ManCandy

In the dark....before the first light of dawn...you're up while the rest of the world still sleeps.....and you need something special to get you going.....while the sun was still sleeping you were busy swallowing that special creamy treat!!!!!
ManCandy!!!!! It tastes just as good in the dark!!!!!