Thursday, February 28, 2019


"Sissy!!!! I'm home.....and he's just dripping out of me....get down on your back....I want you to lick me clean before I go in the shower!!!!"


"You know you look pretty good in your sister's clothes Tommy....and you are so much better at sucking cock than she is!!!!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Home on the Range

Way out west on our ranch there's 40 miles between us and the nearest neighbor...and lord knows his two daughters sure are pretty!!!! But there's only the two of them within a days ride and they're good girls, both of them looking for husbands....or at least a ring on their finger before anyone gets under those calico skirts!!!!
The hands here get a little jumpy after a while....
Pa said, seeing as I wasn't big enough or strong enough or man enough to do a mans job here, that my job was to keep the boys happy in any way I could!
So every morning I set out in the old truck to the most desolate corners of our ranch to spread a little happiness!!!
I'd park the truck. toot the horn and hop up on the flatbed and see to it that the hired men were all completely satisfied in any way they liked.....I felt bad for my brothers because they couldn't join in....after all that would have been wrong....but if one or two of them snuck into my room after the lights were out....well I wouldn't ever tell!!!!

Hump Day

Just because you've made it to Hump Day that doesn't mean you can take your eyes off the prize...

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Sissy Training - The Plug

When she first tells you about the plug your first reaction is that there's no way she's shoving that inside you....
But when she pairs it with a release from your figure it probably won't be that bad....
So here you are....moaning and groaning like a little bitch as she presses the widest part into you....
And she tells you in a sexy whisper how much she enjoys seeing you stretched like this...
And then as she pushes it home she tells you not to cum.....not until you have the real thing....and when you realize what she just ache more than before....the real thing....she couldn't mean it....

Monday, February 25, 2019

So Careful

"Do you remember her Sissy....she certainly remembers you?"
"I'm not sure Ma'am...."
"This is were flaunting your panties at her at the you remember now?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Oh look Becky, he's blushing!"
"He looks so much cuter like this...."
"He's been a perfect Sissy.....have you ever had a perfect Sissy?"
"No I haven't but I love the whole idea!!!!"
"It is fun....Sissy maids are the best maids!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Yes it is the most important meal of the day and we hate to waste even a single drop!!!! That's why we've developed the latest in breakfast need for crawling about looking for those precious drips and drops that may have gone have a guaranteed full serving whenever you want.....
ManCandy!!!! You expect efficiency and you get it all every time!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2019


"I don't understand why you're so upset just seems right that we should have at least one useful cock around here.....and god knows you don't have one so I guess it's up to me!!!!"

Sunday Morning

I love getting up early and putting on my prettiest uniform, ready to serve her and pamper her all day!!!!
I hope her lover brings her home soon!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Godfather V

"I feel bad for him Godfather..."
"He betrayed the Family and he must be hurts me to see him like this but you know the only other option is...."
"But must it be with only black men....somehow I think that's worse...."
"Yes....he will be a whore for black is worse....but it will match his black heart!!!"
"Godfather!!!! He's your own brother...."
"I was thinking of having him shot out on the lake but somehow I think this is better....not only will she keep our black clients satisfied but she will report to us anything she hears while she's making them happy!!!!"
"But Godfather.....your own could you...."
"Honestly, he agreed to this....I told him what his options were...."
"But Godfather....."
"Basically I made him an offer he couldn't refuse....if he wanted to live!!!!"
"But Godfather....what kind of life is that?"
"It's the same kind of life you'll have if you keep questioning my decisions!!!!"
"Yes Godfather, shall I bring in the next man...."
The Godfather sighed as he watched his brother doing his best to satisfy the black man....
"No....get them out of here....I can't stand to see it....a real man would have chosen the bullet!!!"

Not A Girl

"Not a girl!!!! Because of this little thing??? You just pull down your pants and let me at that cock of yours and I'll show you how much of a girl I am!!!! I'll suck that cock way better than my sister does....probably better than your sister does too...."

Friday, February 22, 2019


"Sissy I'm going to check my e-mail again!!!!"
Oh boy!!!!I love when she checks her e-mail!!!!

I Love This Dress

It brings you back to the days when all proper girls covered up most of their charms but all slutty sissies were more than ready to climb in the back of that pink Cadillac!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Her Salon

She took me to her hair salon to get my split ends trimmed and now I understood why she liked coming here so much!!!


"Please....stay home with me today....I promise you a day of orgasmic bliss....I want to go back to bed with you and stay there all day...."
"Kaaren....please.....I have responsibilities....people are counting on me.....ohhh yeah.....right please let me get dressed....I can't just.....oh my god that feels so sissy bitch you know that's my.....ohhhh!!!"
"Just for today.....Sweetheart....just for today let me make love to you all day.....let me give you all I can for today....."
"Sorry Sissy.....but I do have to can get down on your knees and make me cum now that you've got me interested.....just once but that's all...."

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hump Day

It's good to know that on Hump Day, that your boss, although he keeps you on your toes, is still firmly behind you!!!!

Every Day Sissy

"Oh yeah....suck that'll be sucking that cock every day from now on Sissy or I'll show your wife the pictures I took of you wearing her clothes!!!!"
I really didn't have the heart to tell him that they were my clothes and that she had bought most of them for me.....but I'm pretty sure everyone knows I'm a cock hungry sissy when opportunity knocks....and just think he lives just a few doors down the road....sure he's old....and fat....but hes got a big one and his cum is as sweet as anyone's....

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Sometimes....rarely....she asks me to spank her....she says she wants it....she says she needs it....but I fell very out of place doing it....isn't this something she should do with one of her lovers?
I always reluctantly comply but I never spank her too hard and almost never more than twenty five  swats to her beautiful bottom....
She gets to feel that little tingle....and as she looks at the very light pink color I've given her she tells me that I have spanked her much too hard!!!!
"You'll pay for that the next time you're over my knees Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am...I'm sorry Ma'am!!!"
What usually follows is an hour or two of me kissing her poor abused bottom to make her feel better....
Isn't life just wonderful!!!!!


"We just want to tell you two that we don't want you fucking and sucking our men any more!!!!"
"Listen I can see that you're upset....why don't we sit down and talk...."
"Why don't you just kiss my ass bitch!!!"
"That sounds like a plan....right Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Monday, February 18, 2019

Life as Sissy Kaaren

My guardian Angel is passed out from exhaustion...
But that's OK because my personal demons are so much more fun!!!!!

Monday ManCandy

Prince Charming had been sure that his kiss would wake her...he tried over and over and all he got was frustration!!!!
The dwarfs looked on shaking their heads...
"What? I'm trying my best!!! That kiss made the Countess's toes curl!!!! What am I missing?"
The dwarfs looked at each other and went into a huddle....finally they broke  and Doc stepped up to Snow White's bedside....
"Well, over the years she's been kissed by all the best kissers in the land and all of them had no success....just like maybe she needs something else to wake her up...."
"Something else? I don't know what you mean!!!!"
The dwarf motioned for him to lean down and then whispered in his ear....
Shocked, the Prince was taken aback by the dwarf's suggestion....but he saw the other six little men nodding....obviously they had thought this over....
He tried kissing her one more time to no avail....
Sighing he decided to try the Dwarf's suggestion ....and sure enough it was exactly what she needed....and needed and needed!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's how to live happily ever after!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Taking So Long

"I'm ready now....what's taking you so long?"
"Hey....I've never done this before....I'm trying...."
"Look...the lipstick goes on your sissy lips....the wig goes on your sissy head....and my cock goes in your sissy ass....and mouth....and then maybe your ass again....depending on how I feel about it!!!!"
"I get no say about this???"
"Absolutely none Bitch, now you have one minute to get ready for me.....if I was you I'd forget the lipstick and get the lube....probably best to bring the whole bottle!!!!"
She always loved to watch the new ones try to run in heels!!!!

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"You have to stop....every time you come home I end up in trouble with your wife....what would I do if she kicked me would I live if I didn't have her....and your money..."
"I'm really sorry but ever since I went to the Sissy School I've wanted to suck cocks constantly...."
"Really??? Constantly???? I mean do you want to suck my cock right now?"
"Yes I do....very much!!!"
"Well maybe just this one time she won't catch us....OK go ahead and suck my cock!!!"
"Thank you very much Sir!!!"

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Cuckold Horror

"Yes I knew you had a lover....and I never said anything about it....."
"Yes you were always happy just wearing my panties....but I wanted more!!!"
"I never wanted our marriage to be this way Baby...."
"You should have thought of that while you were jerking that little thing into my undies!!!"
"But I always wanted you Baby...."
"Well then you should have been a little more attentive to my needs..."
"But what can he give you that I can't?!?!!?"
"He believes in a lifetime commitment....unlike you....and if we have babies...he'll raise them while I pursue my career....and he'll never complain about it..."
"But what about me....I're my wife!!!"
"Well he says you can join us if you want....that's how nice he is....he says there's plenty of room in the nest for you..."
"In the nest? I don't understand....."
"You just have to meet him....then it will be all clear!!!"
"Alright, I'll be right there...."

Why Doesn't He

Why doesn't he cum you ask....
Because she hasn't given him permission obviously!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2019


"You know Sissy....your best friend is coming here to fuck me fact he'll  be here soon..."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"You know why I'm going to fuck him tonight Sissy?"
"Because I have nothing between my legs that could possibly satisfy you..."
"That's exactly right Sissy....and that's why I locked it go put on your lingerie....he'll be here soon and you're going to welcome him to our home...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"


I heard her whisper....even if I was still dreaming....
"Sissy....are you awake?"
Was I awake....I had been dreaming ....something about.....cocks and kings and swords...but it was no was gone now....
"Sissy....are you awake?":
"I'm so horny Baby, and I want you so badly....I want to fuck you....."
"Do you want to Baby?  Do you want my big cock inside you?"
"Sissy I'm going to lie here until you wake up and then I'm going to fuck you hard....just the way you like...."
" hard Sweetie?"
"I'm going to fuck you so long and so hard that I don't even think you'll be able to walk all day..... what do you think about that???"

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentines Day

As she slides down his cock....she looks over at me kneeling as always....and thanks me for her Valentines Day present....
"It's exactly what I wanted Sissy!!!!"
"I know Sweetheart....enjoy it....Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day

"I didn't have time to get to the shops so I just got you a little something to play with..."
"Nice try Sissy.....go get the cage and we'll lock that little gift up....maybe till next Valentines Day!!!"
As I hurried to get the cage I wondered how my strategy had gone so badly wrong!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Sissy Training - A Little Clarity

"I never asked you if you liked it fact I don't care if you do or're going to be sucking a lot of cocks from now on so, Missy, you better get used to it...."
"I'll take that as your agreement Sissy!!!!"

Hump Day

Before you even have your coffee here's a little's Hump Day....enjoy it!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


I get that shiver through me....pure he slips past my's unlike any other sensation I've ever had!!!!

The Best Part

Sissy had fallen asleep listening to his wife and her lover having some really energetic and enthusiastic sex in their her bedroom....
Later when she came to wake didn't matter that he had taken off his makeup and that he needed a shave....he was still a sissy no matter what he looked like!!!!
As his tongue dipped inside her and he tasted her lovers cream mixed with her exquisite flavor he almost laughed....
The jingle from the coffee commercial popped into his head...
"The best part of waking up...."
Yes he couldn't think of a better way to wake up than this!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Her Little Girl

I've told you before that she enjoys dressing me as a little girl....I have to admit I enjoy it too!!!
All the frills and lace and ribbons and bows....everything I never got to enjoy as a boy!!!!
Sometimes though she has a specific idea in mind and she chooses the clothes very carefully....
The dress is so short it barely covers the rumba panties with their rows upon rows of ruffles....
She pulls me over her knees and asks me if I've been a naughty girl...
"No Ma'am....I'm your good little girl!!!!"
"Didn't I see you on your knees the other day with a mans cock in your sweet little mouth?"
"Yes Ma'am, but I...."
"Isn't it naughty for a sweet little girl like you to get down on your knees and suck a mans big hairy thing...."
"Yes Ma'am, it's very naughty!!!"
"I'm glad you agree I think we'll start with fifty over the panties and we'll see how it goes from there...."

Monday ManCandy

Yes it was quite a weekend!!!!
Party, party, party....
But now you're paying the you have to face the you've got to buckle down and get to work....
Now you need that warm creamy breakfast treat more than ever!!!!
But sometimes just one won't need that extra boost....if you're going to get started you need more!!!!
ManCandy!!!! As much as you need for as long as you want!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"What's this Sissy?"
"The Headmistress told me that you have complained so often about lax discipline that I should bring this home and present it to you...."
"Oh my goodness.....that seems like it would be really painful for you Sissy....maybe if you just promised to behave this weekend...."
"Yes Sweetheart it can be very painful....but only if you do it right....I'd be happy to give you instructions as you learn how to use it...."
"You know, you sound a little too eager for a really are a perverted little sissy aren't you?"
"I thought that was why you sent me to the Sissy School in the first place?"
"Oh my god....I sent you there as punishment....I never expected that you would enjoy it!!!! Go pack your things....I'm calling for the pink bus to come get you right now!!!"

After The Wedding

I'm going to go up to our room and change Sweetheart...I'll be back soon..."
"Do you need any help getting out of the gown...I think some of your bridesmaids are around here somewhere...."
"No Sweetheart, as a matter of fact the hotel has people that do that for new brides..."
"Wow they really are full service here!!!!"
"Oh yes!!! That's why I picked this place!!!! If you're a good boy maybe I'll bring you a treat from the room....something really tasty!!!!"
"I'm looking forward to it!!!!"
"Me too, Baby, me too...."

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Regrets

"You're right....I had no right to do this to you....make you a woman....enslave you...I'm sorry....I'm so sorry!!!!"
"Yeah so what!!!! I want to be me again!!!! I want to be Jerry Taylor again....I don't want any of this....I don't want to be a woman....I don't want to crave sex with just saying you're sorry isn't going to make any of this better!!!"
"Of course....I thought...when you changed that maybe....maybe your mind would change too....I was wrong to even try this.....I was so wrong to use you like I have used was was the worst thing I've ever done!!!!"
"Well....I have to admit....that it really wasn't all know there was a couple of times where I kind of enjoyed it...."
"But I'm a monster!!!! I stole everything from you....and you must have been a good person because your friend Callahan is still searching for you...."
"Good old Harry.....maybe if he found me we could go away together and we could...."
"You's happening....your mind IS changing.....I have to undo this before it's too late!!!!"
"Undo this??? You can change me back!!!!"
"Yes, I've made an took all of my resources to create it and I've only got the one dose left after I tested it.....but you deserve your life back...."
"You mean I'll be a man again? I won't be pretty....I won't want to have sex all the time....maybe we shouldn't be so hasty.....maybe things aren't as bad as they seem!!!"
Outside the door Callahan listened to the exchange carefully....taking in all the information....the reason he had so much trouble tracking his friend Jerry was that this bastard had turned him into some kind of bimbo slut!!! And now Jerry's mind was starting to accept this as the way he wanted to be!!! This....this mad scientist had one last chance to change him back, he had to act now!!!!
He burst through the door catching them both by surprise and in a single blow sent the scientist reeling and the hypodermic flying through the air!!!!
As if in slow motion the three of them watched it cartwheeling through the air only to smash into the's precious fluid ruined....the antidote lost!!!!
The scientist moaned in his pain and guilty misery as he watched his chance to redeem himself seep down into the wooden floorboards....
"Oh Harry!!!! I'm so glad you got here in time!!! You wouldn't believe what that man was about to do to me!!!!"
Callahan scooped her up in his arms...
"Don't worry Baby!!! You're safe with me now....let's get you out of here!!!"
"Do you think we might have time know...."
"Jerry Baby.....there's always going to be time for that!!!!"
On the floor the Scientists moans were soon drowned out by their much, much louder moans!!!!


His wife and her friends giggled like schoolgirls as they heard the tinkling sounds after he couldn't hold out any longer....
In fact the woman holding his panties reminded him that he had to wipe up his little drippies before she would let him have them back!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2019

What's He Doing

He wasn't allowed in his brothers room....that was a hard rule and his brother had given him a couple of good beatings that really hammered that rule home!!!
When his fiend Tommy had dared him he said no...
When he double-dared him he said no....
But the dreaded triple-dog dare got him and they went in and poked around a little....
"Hey" said Tommy, "Why does your brother have girls underwear in his drawer?"
"I don't know.....Jesus don't move anything or he'll know I was in here and he'll kick the shit out of me!!!"
They were about to leave when they heard the door slam and a rush of footsteps coming their way....panicking they dove under the bed!!!
The door burst open and his brother and some other guy came into the room....
In moments his brother slid to his knees and they could hear the sounds and they both knew what was happening even if they couldn't exactly see it....
Tommy turned to him to ask him....and all he did was shush him as the sound of his brother sucking his friends cock filled their ears!!!!

Wake Up Call

Her lover asked if I could wake him at 5am....he had to get to the airport to catch an early flight....
Of course I didn't want to wake her at such an early hour...she still had an hour and a half of dreamland I had to be quiet when I woke him....
Luckily I was able to wake him without saying a word!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Bra Adjustment's the thing....if you're a sissy and you're going to wear a bra under your boy clothes....and you don't want anyone to better make sure you make all the adjustments before you cover it up....otherwise how could you possibly explain what you're doing to anyone who might spot you!!!

A Good Nights Sleep

She tells me I look so cute when I'm asleep that she would never interrupt my sweet dreams....
She says it's cute that I whimper sometimes in my sleep....
If she only knew what I dream of....I think she'd be surprised....

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hump Day

By Hump Day you realize that sometimes if you want the job done right you have to do it yourself!!!!


First thing in the morning and she's having sex in the shower!!!! Her lover is bringing her one orgasm after another as he pounds her relentlessly!!!! I hope for their sake that the hot water holds out!!!!
I have nice warm towels waiting for both of them if they ever finish....
I hope it's soon because kneeling on these tiles is killing my knees!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Oh My Goodness

It's not what you want to hear that first time....
"Oh my goodness....look at's so cute...."
And the humiliation makes you shrink a little more....and you think that maybe you should just pull up your panties to hide it but then you realize that that would really only make it worse....
Her laughter, as she reaches for her phone, just makes you blush and secretly want more!!!

Are You Sure

"Do you want to have sex with me or not Tommy???"
"Well....yeah but....I don't really think this is how it works.....are you sure this is right?"
"Of course I am.....I've spied on my Mom and Dad doing it for years and this is what they time you have to remember to wear a pair of your sister's Dad always wears panties when him and Mom do it!!!"
"Okay....I guess....but just go a little slow okay...."
"Look!!! I'm the one that knows how this have to take it all at once or it's not real sex....I know I hear my Mom telling my Dad how he has to take it all!!!"
"Okay....I can't wait to tell all my friends that I'm not a virgin anymore!!!"