Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sissy School - Are You Sure

"Please Nurse....are you sure that this is the way to do as proper prostate examination?"
"Of course....once the doctorhas demonstrated on him, you sissies can all have a turn!!!!"

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


"Do you like it?"
"Oh yes, it's very pretty!"
"And the lace is so beautiful too, don't you think?"
"Oh yes, it's very beautiful!"
"And it's so smooth and soft and feels wonderful against my skin!"
"Yes I love it...."
"I'm glad you do because I bought you one for you to wear for me...."
"But.....I don't...."
"Except your is a lovely pink!"
"But I shouldn't...."
"And after we shave off all that nasty body hair you'll love how it feels against your smooth skin!"
"But I...."
"And you'll have all the beautiful lace that you like so much!!!"
"I can...."
"Do you want it?"
"Oh my god yes!!!"
"I thought so.....Sissy!!!"

Oh Yes

Oh yes!!!! Oh my god!!!!! Oh yesssssss! Thank you.....thank you....oh my god yes...thank you!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Long Lines

"We don't care how long the line is Sissy you'll have to wait like the rest of the girls and you'd better remember to sit when you go!!!!"
But we had to go so panties already had a few drops in them and I was afraid that if I wet myself she'd put me in diapers....again!!!!
So we risked spankings for disobeying and using the mens room but we did obey her orders to sit....maybe that will earn us a lighter punishment!!!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Down in The Basement

Down in the basement Ken discovered why Barbie called this her Dream house!!!!

Monday ManCandy

You know that sluggish feeling you have at the beginning of the week?
Think how much worse it would be if you were in space.....the crew of the International Space Station are together for months at a time and they seldom get a day off and even if they do....well, where are they going to go?
And that special early morning treat.....well it is a compact serving of high protein....but it can be so awkward in a zero gravity environment where any little drops tend to just hang around!!!!
NASA has begun experimenting with a new delivery system for our astronauts to get their favorite breakfast without any waste and our Russian comrades are more than happy to help out!!!!
Everyone has high hopes for the success of the new program!!!!
ManCandy!!!! It's so good it'll put you in orbit!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

When I Was A Girl

When I was a girl we all wore training bras as we started to mature!!!! I never dreamed that one day I'd marry a sissy and that every bra he wore would be his training bra!!!
I never dreamed it but I love it!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Her Regular Order

"Hello children!!!! How are you today?"
"Fine Mr.Milkman!!!! Are you coming in to visit Mummy today....she's so looking forward to seeing you!!!"
"Yes children, I have a few more deliveries to make and then I'll be back to help your Mummy with her condition!"
"Oh that would be wonderful, she's been complaining about her aches...she says that only you can help her!!!!!"
"Oh yes Mr. Milkman, whenever you come by she's always ever so happy afterwards!!!!"
"I understand children, I'll try to the way how's your Daddy doing these days?"
"Oh Daddy has changed so much....he never goes to work anymore.....he's lost his big belly but his chest has gotten big!!!! Bigger than Mummy's and his bottom too!!!! He hasn't been out to the Barber in ages and his hair is as long as a lady's!!!!"
"Really, that sounds serious...."
"Mummy has started putting her lip rouge and face powder on him because she thought he looked so pale....we're so worried that he might be dying.....but Mummy has had a lot of doctors in to see him....sometimes two or three a night....and they all leave smiling so maybe it's not so serious after all...."
"I'm sure he'll be fine children, no need for you to worry....just in case here let me give you an extra bottle of the special cream your Mummy orders special for'll help speed up his....ummmm....his recovery!"
"Oh thank you Mr. Milkman....we'll be sure to give it to Mummy!!!"
"Make sure you do children....and remember it's for grown men only....don't either of you rascals take even a sip!!!
"No Sir....we won't!"
"And make sure you tell Mummy that I'll be back in a little while....tell her that I'd like to spend a little time checking on your Daddy too!!!"
"Yes Sir! We'll tell her right away!!!"
"Very good children, I'll be back shortly....I might stay the night....would you like that?"
"Oh yes Mr. Milkman!!!!"
"Run along now...."

It Starts Off

It starts off as just a bath.....she likes a nice hot scented bath after a long session with her lover.....she loves to lay back and let the warm water sooth her sweet pussy....sometimes it"s so tender after one of her men gives her a marathon session....she loves her bath and I love kneeling and bathing her.....I kiss her to let her know how much I love her and I slip my hands all over her body until she directs my hand to where she wants it most....I'm always so careful not to hurt her....but I always make her cum....and afterwards I dry her and powder her and dress her in her silky nightie....and I cuddle next to her....spooning her.....she likes to feel my little cage against her bottom.....and I"ll hold her till she falls asleep....and sooner or later I'll sleep too....

Friday, November 24, 2017


I'm not sure how it started.....I think maybe it was when my wife was bragging about what a talented cocksucker she had trained me to be!!!!
Her assistant Stacy laughed and said she'd been sucking cocks for her boyfriends since she was fifteen and had certainly developed more skill than I had!!!
My wife was not to be outdone and explained that she'd been sucking cocks from the time she was thirteen and being older than Stacy she certainly had more experience and was almost certainly the better of the two!!!!
Finally I joined in and pointed out that, although my wife had taught me in the beginning, I had a unique insight into what men liked most in a blow job....I meant of course, that of the three of us, I was the only one who had ever been on the receiving end  of one!!!
We all had a laugh and I went back to my duties and they went back to reviewing the contracts that Stacy had brought from the office....
I didn't give it another thought till Stacy showed up with three big guys and said it was time to settle this once and for all.....First one to get a mouthful wins!!!!
I said that's not how you decide a real time could be a fluke....and so we agreed that it would be the first to reach three mouthfuls of creamy cum would be the winner....
The guys were eager but I can honestly say they were slowing a bit by the time we began round four!!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

The turkey is in the oven and everything else is prepared and ready to serve so I can take a few minutes to wish all my Sweet Readers a Happy Thanksgiving from all if us in the good old US of A!!!!
My wife is waiting for me to show her how thankful I am for her too and it's something I can have before dinner that won't ruin my fact the more I have the more I want!!!!
Love to you all, all around the world!!!
Time to eat!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

All You Want

"Stroke it all you want Baby.....but just're here to fuck me...not just watch me fuck my sissy husband...."

Stop Worrying

Stop worrying Sissy, you have such a cute girly ass that you should show it more often!!!!
It wasn't so much worry as it was that cold autumn breeze!!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

So Close

She leaned over me.....the key so close....
"He's got such a big cock Sissy!!!! It fills me completely!!!! And he fucks me a man should!!!! Not like you Sissy....his dick stays hard long enough to get inside stays hard....till I cum....over and'll see when he gets here Sissy....I want you to get on your knees and suck his big cock while I watch.....I want you to thank him for fucking me......I want you to humiliate yourself in front of him.....what do you have to say about that Sissy?"
"Thank you Ma'am!"
"That's exactly the right answer Sissy!!!!"

A Little Color

"There now Sissy, that's you have a little color in your cheeks!!!"

Monday, November 20, 2017

Something New For My Analyst

It had been a while since my last visit to my analyst and Dr. Mentia was a little surprised to see me!
"So Kaaren, is there anything new you'd like to discuss during this session?"
"No, I can't really think of anything....whatever you think is always best!"
"Really Kaaren??? You really can't think of any new desires or fetishes that have recently popped up? Nothing comes to mind?"
"Oh you mean....."
"Well it is a little obvious...."
"Well I'm loyal, faithful, loving and obedient so I guess it's only natural that I......"
"....become a puppy Kaaren?"
"Oh no Dr. Dee....not a puppy....not a puppy at all!!!!"
"Well then.....what is....."
"Oh no Dr. Dee if I was a puppy I'd be peeing on your floor and humping your leg!!!"
"Don't even think about it Kaaren!!!"
"But Dr. Dee, with legs like yours it's hard to think of anything else...."
She pushed the button on the intercom....
"Do you still have today's newspaper?"
"Yes Doctor..."
"Roll it up and bring it in....I think I'm going to need it!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

There are those school days where you just can't get everything done in time and still be there when the pink bus from the Sissy School comes to get you!!!!
Thank heaven that there always seems to be some local boys hanging around in the morning or you might have to start the morning without that creamy treat that gives you the energy to get through the day!!!
And as the days are getting cooler it becomes more and more important to have that warm little liquid treat heating your tummy!!!
ManCandy!!! It's not an elective, it's a requirement!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ready and Watching

Yes I knew he was ready for her....I was already savoring the drops of pre-cum as I sucked his nice cock....
Yes I knew she was watching.....I knew I was risking a spanking by not giving him up....but so far she hadn't said anything even though she must know that he was getting close....
Sometimes we were in sync like that.....sometimes she just wanted to watch him cum in my mouth just as much as I wanted it!!!!
She always told me that watching me suck her lover made her wet but watching me take a mouthful of hot cum almost made her cum too!!!!
A lick or a touch would be enough to get her there and she could get that from either of us as soon as I was done!!!!


They kept such a regular rhythm as he stroked in and out of her that it was almost hypnotic....I couldn't look away from it as I licked his balls.....

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Dying World

He had willingly undergone the total transformation before taking the time jump.....
He knew what was expected of him....
Back in these barbaric times males had not become feminized.....they were still completely curves.....just males!!!!
He knew the men became more and more sensitive they slowly became more feminine.....after several hundred years the worst part of males.....their aggressive personalities were gone.....but other things were also gone.....the sperm count of the average male had dropped to almost zero....those who were still viable were used as studs for only the richest women who carried their babies as a badge of honor!!!!
The population decline seemed like a good thing at first.....but soon it was clear that the human race was dying out....steps had to be taken....
Time travel moved to the forefront of scientific research....and soon it was within their grasp!!!
The first of the women who had traveled back returned pregnant and there was rejoicing that they had found a way to continue the species....
However there was a problem.....the vast amount of energy it took to send a woman back was unsustainable!!!!
They were stuck.....they needed to impregnate as many women as possible....but they could only send a few back....
Edwin Surrets was the scientist who first suggested using the sterile feminine males.....they could be transferred back and collect as much fertile sperm as they could and when they were full they could bring it back and it could impregnate hundreds of waiting women!!!!

He knew the history but with this randy caveman pawing at him he suddenly wasn't so thrilled with the whole idea.....but he knew he had to do his duty......and he laid back and hoped that this man from the past, practically a neanderthal as far as he was concerned, he hoped that he would be the father to thousands!!!!

Toy Story 5 - Toys in the Attic

When Andy cane home from college he was curious to see his old toys left up in the attic for years. He pulled open the hatch and slowly climbed the ladder, he thought he heard some rustling and thought that maybe there might be a few mice up here.

Inside the box tonight's orgy was going full blast as the perversions and wild sex they had developed a taste for were in full view!!! Their moans of lust had almost drowned out the sounds of Andy approaching. Just as he reached the box they all froze!

When Andy opened the box he looked at the scene inside for only a moment....shaking his head he closed it again!
"I don't remember doing that but I'm glad Mom didn't see it!"
As he reached the ladder he thought he heard that rustling sound again!!! He'd come back and put some traps up here tomorrow!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Are You Ready

"Are you ready Baby.....I told him you've been wearing my panties for the last few months and I think you're ready to suck a cock for me......he'll be out in a minute....are you ready Baby???"
"Yes Ma'am.....can I see who it is?"
"No Sweetie, I want you to wonder who it was that filled your mouth the first time!!!!
"Okay Sweetheart, you always know best!!!!"

A Lesson

She said she was going to teach me a lesson when she got home from her date....
She told me to be dressed appropriately....
I hope this is what she meant!!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2017


"Oh my god Sissy, that tickles!!!!"
"I'm sorry Ma'am!"
"I didn't say to stop Sissy!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!"

College Days

"I see you have a date tonight..."
"Yeah, I'm seeing Craig's our third date...I never fuck them before the third date!"
"Tell me all the juicy details tomorrow OK!!!!"
"I should bring a tape recorder.....I love to hear them squeal when I pop their cherry!!!!"

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Just Because

Just because I have a small clitty where a mans cock should be.....don't get the wrong idea....I can still make her cum and I can probably do it faster than anyone....except maybe her....

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Being exposed to an old friend is humiliating....
Your wife fucking an old friend of yours is humiliating....
Licking your old friends cum from your wife's wet pussy while he watches is humiliating...
But there is no humiliation quite like having your old friend putting your plug back in place....
And wiggling like a total slut while he does it doesn't help at all....

Sissy Training - Not Happy

She was not at all happy.....three times he had spilled precious cum out of his mouth!!!!
Three times!!!!
Well she didn't care if it took all day and wore out every one of her lovers....Sissy was going to swallow a complete load without missing a drop even if it took all day!!!!

Monday, November 13, 2017


"When I get home I have a special surprise for you Sissy!!!!"
"What is it?"
"I can't tell you what it's a surprise!!!!"
"Can you give me a hint?"
"No....but I can tell you that you'll love it!!!"
"Oooooh I can't wait!!!!"
"Neither can I Sissy!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Breakfast is the only meal that doesn't offer an appetizer....
Very few of us linger over our morning meal....
But there are some of us who know that our creamy breakfast treat provides us with an appetizer before the main course....a sweet little taste that just makes you more eager to eat more!!!!
ManCandy!!!! A little taste now before the big flavor later!!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Morning

When I went to wake her I found her just as I had left her....the difference was that his cum wasn't leaking out of her anymore.....I had taken care of that before she fell asleep....he fucked her so hard that she fell asleep while my tongue was inside her....I just looked at my beautiful wife spread so wide.....I decided to let her sleep....she might be annoyed with me for that but she looked so beautiful like was worth it....

Home Again

It's so nice to be much as I enjoy traveling I still love coming home!!!
Where else do you feel more comfortable than home?
There's really nothing like coming home and slipping into a nice babydoll nightie and having him gently fucking my mouth as my wife showers!!!!
Like I's nice to be home!!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Rescued

"The ship is from Earth....they've come to save you....they've come to take you home!!!!"
"But....this is my with you...."
"No....everything here is an illusion.....your name is Roger Healy and you are an Air Force Major from crashed on my world 7 years ago and I used my powers to allow you to become this...this female form isn't real,,,,none of this has been's best if you go with them...."
"I don't want to go I love it here....I love you.....I've never been so happy....."
"Perhaps if you saw me as I really am...."
"You mean as a large spider-like creature....with claws and prehensile eye stalks...."
"But that's could you know....I've never lowered the illusion....I'm sure I didn't!!!!"
"You don't remember but the first time we made love you lost control for a moment and ever since then I've been able to see the real you!!!"
 "But how could you...."
"I honestly have never felt more pleasure in my life....and I like looking in the mirror and seeing a woman instead of a boring middle aged man!!!!"
"Then  you really want to stay here....with me forever?"
"Well then I'd better conjure up something that will scare the humans away!!!"
"Well I guess you'd better....and then hurry home to me!!!!"
"I'll only be a few....what do you call them....ah yes....I'll only be a few minutes!!!"

Friday, November 10, 2017


I don't know what it is but she wanted to stop at almost every rest stop....well maybe I'm exaggerating a little but it seemed that way whenever I was driving!!!!
When she was driving she told me to hold it in.....and if I wet my panties she'd spank me!!! Most of the time I could make it!!!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017


When I came back from the bathroom I found her relaxing in the car.....she had done most of the driving today and she was tired....I told her I would gladly drive the rest if the way to the hotel....she pointed out that her feet were really tired from working so hard on the gas and brake....
I'm not stupid....well not most of the I got down om my knees and gave her delicious feet a nice massage...maybe I gave them a little lick too.....and maybe a quick little suck on those adorable toes....and then maybe a couple of more licks....and then I had to make sure I hadn't missed any of her little piggies the first time.....
Finally she pointed out that we were still 70 miles from the hotel and check-in time was getting close.....she must have seen the look on my face....
"It's alright can get back to it later....after we check in!!!"

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


She thought it was funny when she pulled the car up to the next I would have to go back inside and tell the clerk that I had given him the wrong pump number....he called me "Sir" when I went in and I'm sure he was laughing at the sissy bitch who'd come in to pay for the gas!!!!
But she was enjoying it and deep was I!!!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I had put it away when we closed the pool....but she remembered to pack it for me....after all what was the point of going south if you can't get in some pink bikini time while everyone at home was wearing sweaters!!!!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday ManCandy - On The Road

You're almost there.....your destination is within reach and after a couple of days in the car you're so ready to settle down for a few days....
Do you really want to stop for a big breakfast when in just a couple of hours you'll be, not really!
Drive through fast food will do just fine and down here in the south they don't mind special really wouldn't be possible for you to eat bacon and eggs while you need something hot, creamy and delicious and you need it right now!!!!
ManCandy!!!! The best thing served at the drive through window....ever!!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017


We both enjoy driving instead of flying whenever we can and although we rarely drive more than six hours a day we still make use of frequent rest stops!!!!
Sometimes she wants to stop and sometimes I want to stop.....we're pretty easygoing like that!!!!
We stop and rest and soon we both feel refreshed and ready to continue down the road!!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Witness

I had to admit....the Feds were pretty good at this.....better than I thought....
They had me dead to rights.....I was going away forever or maybe even for a short ride in old Sparky.....just like my brother Tony.....I'd been there and I'd seen that....they said he'd felt no pain but I didn't feel like jerkin' around and having smoke comin' out of my skull like he did!!!!
So when they offered me the deal I jumped at it....they said I could be remade into anyone to protect me after I testified against the Don.....if I brought down the family I could start over as anyone I wanted to be!!!!
When I told them what I wanted they were surprised but.....I mean which guy never wondered what it would be know life on the other side....they tried to talk me into other options but I stuck to my guns....pardon the pun!!!
It took wasn't easy....but as the last of the Lugano family went to jail I started work here as a chorus girl.....
Life was easy.....if I needed something I could bat my eyes at some sucker and before you knew it I'd have that new car or new fur coat or diamond bracelet....I mean I did some things I wasn't too proud of but you know what they say "When in Rome!".
So after the show I was going to meet the high roller from table 23 and paint the town...I had heard about the breakout back in New York....the Feds had warned me that Vinnie "the Fish" Nunziatto was out and looking for me....I just laughed.....even if he did manage to track me all the way across the country how would he ever recognize me,,,most guys were too busy looking at everything but my face....if you know what I mean!!!!
So we finished the late floor show and I got back to my dressing room and I turned on my vanity lights and I saw the message and I knew....oh well it had been a good run.....ever since the Feds nabbed me I'd been on borrowed time....
I watched in the mirror as he stepped out from behind the door!!!
"Hey Vinnie" I said "Long time no see!!!"
"Yeah're looking good....yellow is a good color for you...."
You really gotta do this Vinnie?"
"Yeah I do Carmine....goodbye!"
Outside her date was surprised to hear a sound like two gunshots....

Vacation Destination

My wife and I will be traveling again and she says I'm not allowed to tell my sweet readers our all I can say is that we're heading south again and I bought a special outfit for the trip!!!
I'll be updating my blogs daily as time permits!!!!

Friday, November 3, 2017


After her friends were done laughing at his puny little dick his wife pulled him aside....
"This is your last chance....the rest of my friends should be here in a few minutes!!! Do you want to stay like this or do you want to put on the maid uniform? It may be short but it should cover your little bits!!!"
"Can't I just put my own clothes back on....please???"
"That's not one of your choices Sweetheart.....naked or maid....which do you want to be?"
"I don't know.....I guess maid would be better..."
"You guess!!!! I don't want any you want to be my sissy maid and serve me and my friends at my party???"
"I'll be your maid...."
"My sissy maid?"
"Yes I'll be your sissy maid for your party!"
"You mean forever but we'll discuss that later.....get to the bedroom and get dressed.....come out when you're ready and one of us will zip you up!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!"
Despite it all....despite the deep humiliation....god how he hoped no one noticed how hard he was!!!!

TV Guide - Batman - The Lost Episodes

"Shhh little know you seem to wind up in bondage quite a bit for a I thought I'd add a little something to that this time....
"What have you done...."
"Let's call it the batcage Sissy Batman....I've locked you up and only I have the if you interfere with my plans to purrrrloin the perrrrfect Purrrrina Pussycat I'll give the key to the Joker.....I'm sure he'd love to have control of your Batgasms!!!!"
"But I thought you and I might someday...."
"I thought so too until I got those briefs off and had a little look....a real little look....let's just say my pussycat needs a lot more than you have to offer!!!!"

Thursday, November 2, 2017

II Heard Her

I heard her come back into the room....I had been kneeling and waiting .....sometimes that was worse than any other punishment.....I just didn't know what was about to happen....I was trying to prepare for whatever her devious mind had decided for tonight....her creativity always surprised me.....

Sissy Training - Just Starting

"Please....please it's too's too hard!!!"
Sissy may complain and whine but just remember it's not up to him how hard it is!!!
"I just want you to be ready time you'll be on your knees with this cock in your mouth while my boyfriend fucks you....he's far bigger and he'll fuck you a lot harder than this!!!!"
"Harder than this.....oh no!!!!!"
"Oh Sissy you don't know hard have so far to go....we're just starting!!!!"

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I'm Sorry Sissy

"You just stay in there and be quiet.....he doesn't want you in the room when he fucks me!"
"But I can't see anything!"
"I'm sorry Sissy but I just won't have you drilling holes in my Grandma's armoire!!!"
"But I can't see....."
"Look Sissy......Gran told me that Grandpa used to hide in here all the time when she took a man to if it was good enough for him it should be good enough for you!!!"
"I guess I can hear everything....that's something...."
"Just get in Sissy and be're giving me a headache!!!"
"I'm sorry Sweetheart....this will be fine....please enjoy yourself!"


"Did you enjoy that Sissy?"
"Yes Ma' was wonderful!!!"
"Good, it will give you something to remember as your time in chastity goes by!!!"
"How long Sweetheart?"
"Well we're starting from  your Chastity being forever.....we'll see how it goes from there!!!"