Saturday, November 30, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Limits

"So you want me to turn you into a girl?"
"Yes I've always wanted to be a pretty girl.....ever since I can remember...."
"You know witchcraft can only do so much...."
"You can't do it?"
"I didn't say that....there are a couple of spells I can think of but I'd have to check my Aunt Agatha's spellbook to make sure I get them little mistake and there could be unexpected results....."
"I'm willing to pay you anything you want.....I'm willing to take any chance....I'll take the full responsibility...."
"Yes I'm sure.....but there are other things to consider.....have you ever studied physics?"
" High School....what does that have to do with it?"
"According to Einstein's equation  E = mcmatter and energy in the universe are constant..."
"I don't see what that has to do with anything!!!!"
"How much do you weigh if you don't mind my asking?"
"I very much do mind....."
"I'd guess you're in the 350 to 400 pounds area....."
"So what' I'm what....that has nothing to do with anything....I want to be a pretty girl....I don't want to be a fat slob anymore....I've always been fat....I want to be a pretty girl and I want you to use your magic to make that happen!!!"
"You need to understand that even magic has limits....I can change things.....but the laws of the universe are still in effect....I can't undo some things.....I'll try my best for you....not just for the money.....but I can see how unhappy you are.....I'll have to check the spellbook and I'll call you in a day or two...."
"Please hurry, I can't live like this much longer!!!"
The next days crawled by as he waited for the call.....finally....
"I have the spell....I'm ready to make you into a pretty girl.....but I have to give you one last warning.....remember what I said about Einstein's equation...."
"To hell with Einstein....I don't want science from you....I want how do we do you come here or do I come there or what?"
"No, you can stay there....I can cast the spell from here....Aunt Agatha put a protective spell on her books and they can't be removed from just sit tight and I'll begin...."
She began speaking in an ancient tongue and almost immediately he felt the changes beginning!!!! The forces molding his body were intense but was a tingling like that "pins and needles" feeling you'd get when a foot fell asleep....only it was everywhere at once....he dropped the phone as he watched his hands become thinner and more feminine......he felt his hips grow wider that his waist and he felt breasts growing where his flabby manboobs once were....then the feeling overwhelmed him and he passed out....
Several hours passed....and when he finally woke he was what he had always wanted to be....he was a pretty girl.....but there was something wrong.....something badly wrong!!!
He called the witch's number and demanded that she meet him and she arrived in a short time....even she was surprised at the end result of the spell!!!!
"I told you......I warned you this could were so fat.....and when the spell re-arranged the matter you were made of all of that had to go somewhere.....but I have to tell you, you are very're finally a very pretty girl just like you've always wanted to be.....that's something isn't it?"
"Yes I'm an 8 foot tall pretty am I supposed to live like this!!!! What kind of life can I have like this!!!!"
"Well, there's always the WNBA could be a star!!!!"

No Complaints

Sissy had had no complaints from her fact she was booked solid for pedicures for the next three months...but her manager objected....she was spending four times as long as the other girls and she was losing money for the salon....but she was making an absolute fortune in tips!!!!!

Friday, November 29, 2019

No Ice Needed

"Dammit Kaaren!!!! You're supposed to be helping me get him ready for his first date tonight!!!!"
"I am don't want him bulging out of his panties do you?"
"Of course not....but his wife gave us a little chastity cage for him just for that reason...."
"Well obviously he needs to be much softer to fit in as soon as he's soft I'll lock him up!!!!"
"Well I thought about using ice but I guess your way works too...."

Nothing Better

You know.....when I first slipped on a pair of pretty panties I thought that there couldn't be anything that felt better than that....
But there is something.....I love the feeling of wearing panties but I love having someone else feeling me in my panties far more!!!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2019


"Oh....there you are Kaaren.....I'd like you to serve the coffee as soon as you're finished in here...."
"Oh Dear.....we only wanted to borrow your adorable sissy for a little while....but if you need him we can certainly wait until later....."
"Oh're our guests.....please enjoy yourselves.....we can wait until you're finished!!!"
"That's very sweet of you.....we should be done in a little while....we'll speed things up as we don't want to keep your other guests waiting...."
"That will be fine.....enjoy yourselves ladies!!!!"

Sissy School - A Thanksgiving Visit Home

"What the hell is all this???"
"Well you told me I could invite friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving....."
"But I was trying to be nice.....I didn't expect a sissy orgy in my house....for god's sake my parents are coming for dinner!!!!"
"We'll all be done soon and I promise none of us will try to seduce your folks...."
"You better not......they were pretty shocked last year...."
"We all promise.....don't we girls....."
Various moans and grunts obviously were all they could do....
"Next year Sissy.....maybe your friends can go somewhere else....."

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

My Analyst Left Instructions

"Hi, my name is Kaaren, I have an appointment with Dr. Mentia...."
" you're Sissy Kaaren.....Dr. Mentia has left me very specific instructions about you....."
"Oh really? What are those....."
"Well Dr' Mentia has decided that she wants to observe you in I'm required to tell you that after the injections you'll be locked in the observation room with several men.....Dr' Mentia will be taking notes....."
"I'm game if it helps Dr. Mentia unravel all my issues...."
"Alright then Sissy....I have to give you two injections then we can begin....."
"And what are those?"
"Well the first is a concentrated version of Viagra and the other is a simple stimulant...."
"You understand I'm locked in a chastity cage ....."
"Of course I do.....if you weren't I had a spare to give you....."
"Well....alright.....I guess if Dr. Dee thinks it's important then let's do it!!!!"

One Last Time

"Let me ask you, one last time, would you like to take off that dress....would you like to get off your knees.....would you like me to release you from your chastity....would you like to try to become a man again?"
"No Ma'am!!!!"
"I didn't think so Sissy.....but I wanted to hear it from your own cocksucking lips!!!!!"

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


"If you think that's funny wait till you hear the sound he makes when I push this inside him!!!!"

Always The Same

It was always the same....every time....just when it starts to get really hot....
"Alright Kaaren....we don't need you right now.....just go to your room until I call for you..."
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"
"Oh....and make sure you close the door as you leave...."
"Yes Ma'am!!!"
I could hear them giggling as I left.....but I knew that I'd be hearing more than that soon!!!

Monday, November 25, 2019


"You know Sissy, when we first started this, I was really doing it for you....I knew you'd fantasized about being held in chastity for a long time.....but now I find that I really love it this way....I love the idea that you've given me complete control like this....I really do love it.....but sometimes I feel bad for guess what I'm saying is....if you want me to give you the key all you have to do is say so.....I'll be disappointed but I'd's up to you....."
"No Ma'am....I'd never want to disappoint keep the key...."
"I'm glad you feel that way're my perfect little sissy husband...."
"And you're my perfect wife....."
After this the rest of the night was just between us....and it was lovely!!!!

Monday ManCandy

It's hard sometimes....pardon the pun....I should have said it was difficult sometimes to sit by and watch....
You're little clit strains in it's plastic cage as your wife gets the breakfast treat she needs from another source!!!
But even as she fills up on that high energy, protein filled cream she only has eyes for you....she may not want your weak sissy cream....she may prefer the flavor of a real man....but she loves you.....and even as his cream slides down to her tummy she knows that, no matter what else're always there for her!!!
ManCandy!!!! She gets what she needs and she loves you more for it!!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2019


I currently am posting to four blogs....yes can find all the links right on this page.....
Such A Sissy
Such A Funny Sissy
And my Such A Sissy that's on my BDSMLR page....that used to be my Tumblr page but they made me feel very unwelcome some time ago!!!
And of course there's this blog that you're reading now!!!!
My wife has graciously allowed me to have these blogs as long as I obey a few rules....the key rule being that I can't post anything that could allow either of us to be identified.....she has  a fantastic career in the corporate world and she wants to keep no hint of scandal is allowed.....
To make sure I've obeyed all of her rules she takes some time and reviews all of my posts, comments, e-mails, and messages....
With a couple of exceptions, which I have been soundly punished for, she enjoys reading my sissy ramblings...sometimes she really enjoys them!!!!

Sunday Brunch

"If you have a problem with serving my guests just let me will be a mixed and women and they will both probably use your pretty I don't want there to be any reluctance on your if you have any issues tell me now...."
I answered her with silence....
"That's my good girl.....I'm so pleased with you!!!!"

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Crash Landing

The two men limped away from the was a miracle they had survived!!!
They sat dazed looking at the ruined spaceship, it's crew cabin had somehow protected them when they had made impact....the rest of the ship lay in a trail of pieces that stretched almost to the horizon of this strange world!!!!
How long would it be before the fleet declared them as missing.....and even then they knew there was no way they would turn around to look for them....they would simply be considered as casualties and the fleet would move on!!! The planet they had been sent to scout....this very planet they were now sitting on....would be listed as potentially hostile, no one else would be landing here!!!
As the two mused on their fates they didn't hear the stealthy approach behind them.....they both felt a shock and then they felt nothing.....
There was a bright light over his head as Ensign John Roberts slowly came around....looking about he realized he must be in some kind of medical was unlike anything he'd ever seen before....there were instruments scattered around him that were beyond anything he could understand.....none seemed to be actually connected to him but he was sure, nonetheless, that they were monitoring him!!!
A door he hadn't seen slid silently open and a woman stepped into the room.....she took a look at the monitors as she stepped closer to the "bed" he was lying in....
She smiled and spoke to him....her voice was lovely but all he could hear was a trilling sound.....
He shook his head and tried speaking....
"I can't understand name is John....where am I?"
She smiled again and made an adjustment on one of the devices and spoke again....
"I'm sorry....I hadn't turned on the translation field.....are you feeling well?"
"I guess I'm OK....where's my he well?"
"He is well....he was much better than had many non-visible injuries....we feared you might discorporate before we got you to the Healing Center!!!"
"Non-visible mean internal injuries?"
She seemed to consider this as it was translated to her....
"Yes.....inside injuries....below the flesh....but you are well now....soon you must see the Council.....they have many questions for you and your "shipmate" to answer."
"I have some questions too....where is my shipmate....when can I see him...."
"Soon....but you must rest now....the time is not full yet!!!"
He wanted to ask her what that meant but she mad a small gesture to a device and he went back to sleep immediately!!!!
This scenario played out several more times and each time he woke he now realized that it wasn't so much a bed he was was more of a cocoon and he couldn't get up no matter how hard he tried....
His frustration was growing.....he needed to know what happened to his shipmate....Mike Valentine was a good man and god knows what they were doing to him....what they were doing to both of them....
It was different this wasn't just one woman who came into his room this time....there were six....two of them were the doctors or nurses or whatever they were, he had seen both of them before.....but the other four were not looking pleasant....they were clearly some type of security.....and they were obviously armed!!!!
Armed women as security.....all of the medical staff he'd seen were also women....where were the men?
Without a word they slipped him from the cocoon bed he'd been in....he was naked but they didn't seem to notice....they gave him a garment to put reminded him of something he'd seen in the history books but it covered him and he was grateful for that....
"The time is now full John is time for you and Mike Valentine to approach the Council...."
The four security women fell in around him and he followed them through winding curved passages....everything was white and rounded....there didn't seem to be any corners....they turned this way and that and he was soon completely disoriented....
Finally they came to a large chamber where three women sat watching him being brought in....
He thought....this must be the council.....but where was Mike?
Another group entered but he they were all women.....he stood waiting and watching for Mike to arrive....
They were talking among themselves.....again all he could hear were trilling sounds.....he wanted to know what was going on as he stood there for some time.....his patience wearing thin....
"Hey!!!" he shouted, "What the hell is going on!!! What are you all talking about....where's Mike Valentine?"
The center councilwoman waved her hand and spoke....she must have turned on the translator field because he could hear her voice....sweet as could be...
"You are impatient John Roberts.....we have been trying to decide what to do about you....your shipmate responded to our treatments so much faster than you and he is beginning to assimilate into our society....."
"What treatments....where is he!!!!"
"Just look John Roberts....he is right there!!!!"
The woman surrounded by the other security squad turned and smiled at him....
"Hello Ensign....I'm surprised you didn't recognize me....."
"Mike!!!! How.....what have they done to you!!!!"
"The same as they must do to you John....if we are going to stay here you too must become a woman....."
"Oh my god Mike!!!! We have to get out of here....this is madness!!!"
From the corner of his eye he saw one of the security team pull a weapon and he sidestepped her and took the weapon from her as one punch knocked her down....he momentarily felt bad about hitting a woman but then he had to fend off the other three....which turned out to be surprisingly easy.....the other women all fled from the room....
He grabbed a hold of Mike and pulled him from the room....
"C'mon Mike....we've got to get out of here....."
"But John you don't have to let them change you....."
"Forget it Mike....I don't know how they brainwashed you but we'll get out of here and then we'll figure out what to do....."
"But John.....there's danger....."
He pulled Mike along with him until he came to a portal that had a window to the world outside.....
He tried waving his hand as he had seen the other do and the portal opened.....immediately it was flooded with grotesque creatures.....apparently the women weren't the only race on this planet.....and they were male....very obviously so....and they swarmed around them....
"Get behind me Mike.....I'll protect you from these things....."
"John you don't understand!!!!! These creatures breed among themselves....they don't want anything to do with women.....they want you!!!!"
But it was too late as John Roberts was lost in the swarm of writhing creatures....who carried him off as their prize.....his screams faded as they carried him away....
Mike Valentine wiped away a tear as he closed the portal....


I always had to be careful that I didn't make them cum.....although quite a few of them really wanted to....which I took as a complement....

Friday, November 22, 2019


"Just so you understand this Sissy.....I unlocked you just so I could feel your little clitty against my legs while I give you your correction!!!! You are still not allowed to cum!!!! You had better not spray any of your sissy cream on my legs or you may get a correction you will never forget!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am....I'll try...."
"You'd better do more than try we're going to start with fifty with my hand.....then we'll see...."


"That looks perfect Honey!!!!"
"It feels kind of tight...."
"That's what it's supposed to do Sweetie!!!!"
"I guess...."
"So......put on the pink panties I left out for you....."
"You want me to wear pink panties!!!!"
"Why ......yes dear....from now on...."

Thursday, November 21, 2019


Watching your wife get fucked by that big black cock.....hitting her in all those places you just can't reach.....hearing her cumming over and over as he just keeps on going....keeps on thrusting into her.....
It's just a reflex that you reach down to stroke your tiny cock.....but the cage is more stroking anything for you.....if she has no use for it then you shouldn't be using it either!!!!

She's That One

Yes she's that know the one I'm talking about.....
When I feminized my husband she did the same to hers....only she made him get breast implants.....
When I made my husband suck my lover's cock she made her husband host a gang bang...
When I put my husband in a chastity cage.....well this is where I think she got really carried away....

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Come In

"You've been looking at that dress for over twenty minutes.....why don't you come in and get a closer look.....feel the soft fabric.....I think you'd really enjoy it...."
"Oh no.....I was just waiting for my ride....."
"Really.....and does your "ride" make your little dick hard like it is now?"
"No really I wasn't looking at the dress.....I have to go...."
"No, I don't think so.....I think you need to come inside and try on that dress.....I'm sure we have your size.....I'm sure it's what you really want to do right now....we have private fitting will just be you and me Sweetie!!!!"
"Private fitting rooms.....really.....I could try it on in private...."
"Really Honey.....but we'll have to get you the proper undies first.....what's your bra size?"
"I don't know....."
"Well come on in and we'll get you a proper fitting.....after all if you're going to be a girl you might as well be a well dressed girl!!!!"

Hump Day

Sometimes on Hump Day everything seems to come at you from all would easy to be overwhelmed.....but you've got this.....take it as it comes.....slow amd steady and you'll get it all done!!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


He wanted me to look into his eyes as he fucked me.....
He wanted me to say it.....
"Say it slut....I want to hear it!!!!"
"I'm your sissy....please fuck me hard!!!!"
"That's a good girl....."
It was humiliating to be used like a sissy slut for him......but god help me....I loved it!!!!!
So did my wife.....and her sister.....and her sister's friend.....and the others!!!!!


Sure, it starts out with the clothes....the thrill of the femininity.....then you added a wig and some makeup......and you were happy....for a while....
There was still something missing....and then there was that day that the doorbell rang while you were dressed.....
What made you answer it? You could have just let it ring.....but somewhere inside you you knew the time had come!!!!
And you got on your knees and opened your mouth and you realized what had been missing all this time!!!!
Now you really were a sissy....

Monday, November 18, 2019

He Said

It was my first job interview in years so when he said "Come in and make yourself comfortable...." I might have misunderstood what he meant!!!!
I didn't get the job but he had the nicest cock......but that's another story...

Monday ManCandy

It's a tough week is never easy but with exams coming up you have to be ready for anything!!!! You've got to be sharp and wide awake!!!!
That's why most schools these days emphasize the need for a nutritious, hot breakfast at the start of the day!!!
A full tummy gives you the fuel to get through the hard day ahead!!!!
ManCandy!!! The breakfast of brilliance!!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

I heard her sigh as she came into the seemed she was getting very used to finding me with her boyfriend in my mouth....
"What's going on this time Sissy?"
"I'm just trying to get the right picture for my Christmas card for this year Sweetheart and your boyfriend was nice enough to lend me a hand...."
"Lend you a hand?"
" know what I mean...."
"Wrap up your little photo session Sissy.....the pink bus is already on it's way to bring you back to school...."
"You called them before you caught us?"
"Sissy.....I don't have to catch you anymore.....I just know that by Sunday I've had enough....even if you obviously haven' get your little pantied ass in gear and pack your bag...."
"Can I finish here first?"
"You're kidding right? Just leave him to me and go!!!"
"Yes Ma'am...."


Mouth's and tongues were just one way for people to kiss.....even sissies sometimes kissed that way....
But the real sissy kiss took place just a little bit lower.....mouth's and tongues could come later.....but there was nothing else like the sissy clitty kiss!!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Succubus

"No.....I mean it.....I'm leaving.....I just can't take it anymore...."
"Please don't go.....I'll give you anything you want....everything I have is yours...."
"It's just too much.....there's only so much I can're wearing me out!!!!"
"Alright.....we'll slow down....we don't have to have sex all day....maybe just half a day!!!"
"It's not just's all that crazy fetish shit you want me to do....I just can't keep up...."
"Alright I guess I could give up some of that....but I know you liked it at first!!!"
"Yeah....well I liked ice cream too but you kind of ruined that for me after last weekend!!!"
"Oh yeah that was fun......I was kind of thinking about cream cheese and jelly next time!!!!"
"Haven't you been listening to me.....I'm more.....I'm leaving!!!!"
"I know you don't mean're probably just tired after last night.....why don't you come back and have a nice nap and when you get up you'll feel better about the whole thing.....I have some new ideas we could try'll love it!!!!"
"No more naps and you've worn me out with your "new ideas".....I just want some plain old fashioned sex sometimes....but with you it's like a decadence contest.....the most wickedly perverted wins the prize.....well not me.....I've had enough!!!!"
"Are you sure that's the way you want it.....I mean considering everything...."
The Succubus turned and looked over it's shoulder....
"I swear to Satan that you're the last goddamned Sissy I'll ever try to're absolutely insatiable.....I'm a sex demon and even I can't keep up.....and Holy Hell the things you've made me do!!!! I didn't think it was possible to make me feel so.....icky....I need a long hot shower and a rest.....I'll be happier back in the dark depths where I can get some sleep!!!"
"But I thought it was your job to tempt lead me down the trail into Hell...."
"Sissy....if I see you heading toward Hell.....I'll be locking the gates and setting up barricades....I'm a six thousand year old Succubus and you've worn me out in three weeks.....there's no place for you in Hell....."
"Well....if that's the way you's been fun!!!!"


He kept coming closer and closer until he invaded my space
He rocked me onto my heels and then invaded my face!!!

Friday, November 15, 2019

On The Edge

"Please.....can I cum....I've been so good....I've done everything you've asked....please let me cum this time....."
"Poor little sissy're right on the edge aren't you?"
"Yes Ma'am.....I think if you just held it in your hand I'd cum.....I'm so close....."
"Well Dear.....I'm going to take a break until you're a little more under control....I'll check on yo in about a half hour and then we can start again.....won't that be fun?"
"Oh please....."
"I'm glad you agree Sissy.....another couple of trips to the edge and then we'll get you back in your cage......then you can go to sleep!!!!!"
Then I could go to sleep!!!!!

Eye Contact

When she was teaching me to be a good cocksucker she emphasized how important eye contact was.....
She told me it raised a regular blowjob to something special....
But I didn't know that she meant eye contact with me as I watched her suck a real man's cock.....
It made me almost cum in my cage......almost....if I could have stroked it I wouldn't have lasted ten seconds.....could you?

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Mixed Blessing

When his sister caught him sniffing her dirty panties she thought that the best way to punish him was with humiliation!!!!
While he enjoyed her calling him a sissy panty boy as she rubbed her dirty panties in his face he couldn't help but notice the look on his girlfriend's face.....
He was pretty sure she wasn't enjoying watching her macho boyfriend humbled like this....and she was probably wondering about those panties that went missing from her laundry....

We All Knew

Sure....we all knew that it wasn't his mother....but we were just kids....and if Andy's father wanted to pretend to be his mother and give us unlimited blowjobs every Thursday....well that just gave you more reason to look forward to Thursdays!!!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hump Day

By the time Hump Day rolls around you think you've already taken as much as you possibly can....suddenly....right before your eyes there's new possibilities you hadn't considered before!!!!

Just Like That

And then....just like that.....Kevin regretted wearing his sisters panties to the party that night....but as Debbie noticed....his little cock was hard as a rock and already dripping....

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I've Got Mine

"I've got my big black cock Sissy.....why don't you go get yours and show us how much you love it!!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am.....should I suck it or would you rather watch me fuck it?"
"Why not both Sissy....that's what I'll be keep an eye on me and just do what I do...."
"Yes Ma'am.....thank you Ma'am!!!"

The Bench

Danny had quite a night out....he barely remembered anything after he and his boys had hit that third pub!!!!
He vaguely remembered some bitch pushing him away and waving her hands at him.....she was some foreign babe because she shouted at him in some kind of weird language.....
He wasn't sure how he ended up sleeping on the bench but luckily he woke with plenty of time to get to he pulled on his work boots he wondered why the men walking by kept staring at was like they'd never seen anyone putting on shoes before!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2019


I'm so glad we're home again....after a few days visiting her mother it's really nice to get home to my own bed and settle back into our regular routines....
She seems to be happy too....after all she left the door open for me to see....

Monday ManCandy

I can't think of any other breakfast treat that makes me feel soooooo good!!!
If you don't believe me then ask yourself this one simple question....
Name one other food that you'd gladly lick up after it's spilled on the floor?"
I know....I can't think of one either!!!!
ManCandy!!! Waste not....want not!!!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Afternoon

A quiet Sunday afternoon....her lover from last night has time to linger and.....well we all like to enjoy ourselves.....I might actually get a chance to have him in my mouth again later....but for now I just enjoy the mixed taste of the two of them.....

Sunday Brunch

This Brunch was special.....she explained to the restaurant's Hostess and Chef that this Brunch was to celebrate one year in chastity!!!!
To make sure they understood she had him display and explain it to them....
Happily, they all agreed that it was for the best that he remain just like this and that he should serve the ladies when they arrived.....the rest of the restaurant staff would enjoy the break!!!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Return

They had been tracking them since they had entered their solar first they had thought that maybe it was a natural phenomenon....a comet perhaps...if so it would surely be captured by the gas giants of the outer system and pulled into their orbits or to their doom!!!!
But they watched in growing trepidation as they passed the outer giants....surely that meant they had some type of propulsion of their own!!!! That implied the possibility of intelligent control.....
In the world council the arguments raged....
"I say it must be a comet or some rogue asteroid.....the idea of intelligent control is preposterous!!!!"
"But if so how do you account for it's ability to avoid the gravitational prison of the giant planet Hyperion? Nothing has entered the system without getting either captured or destroyed by the gas giant.....I believe you should explain counselor Reyta...."
"I disagree....counselor Mar.....many small impact craters are visible throughout the inner system.....or are you denying their existence...."
The debate raged when suddenly the doors flew open and the chief astronomer burst in....
"It's not just's a cluster of many objects and the current trajectory has them making impact in the great Eastern Sea!!!!"
"But are they just rocks or are they something other....."
"We don't yet know Counselor Mar.....I am trying to trace the path back to their source...we will be working on nothing else....I suggest an evacuation of the coastal tribes.....just as a precaution...."
"You are quite correct Asima....I will order it to be done long do you estimate till impact?"
"If they keep their current speed they should reach our surface in three days....I should be able to report on their substance in less than ten hours as they near the range of my equipment!!!!"
"Bah.....I think it's much ado about nothing.....even if they are, somehow, intelligently driven....they will surely burn up in our atmosphere if they enter at that speed...."
"How many of our sister's lives are4 you willing to risk on that supposition Reyta?"
"'ve always been willing to believe the most outlandish theories.....why I remember you once tried to convince me that men were some type of benefit to a society...what nonsense...."
"Mark my words Reyta....this could be a threat our world is totally unprepared for!!!!"
"We shall see...."
Time passed so slowly.....every tick of the clock seemed like an eternity....
On the coast the evacuation had begun and the people were moving inland in an orderly fashion....
The rest of society continued in peace.....blissfully unaware of the potential threat from space....
Counselor  Mar paced in her was useless to try and sleep.....and sex with her Robo had been unsatisfying and only left her more on edge than she was before....finally she gave up and headed for the Dome.....where the astronomers worked their instruments...all intent on the incoming target.....
"What news Asima...."
"I was just about to contact you.....please come into my office where we can speak in private...."
Closing the door behind them Asima released a deep sigh and fell into her chair....her hands rubbing her temples....
"They are coming back, Mar, they are coming back.....I have traced the path back to where they originated and it's that know the one I took me a while to determine it because it had been erased from the celestial database....but that's where it came from...."
"Are you sure....I mean absolutely sure.....Asima....this is could it be....when they were banished they were left with tech....on a hostile was a death sentence....."
"Apparently not....they're coming back....there's no doubt in my mind....."
"Oh my goddess....."
"They have slowed their speed to allow for a safe entry into our atmosphere....they are coming and there's nothing we can do to stop them....."
"What of their ships.....surely we have weapons that could destroy them...."
"According to our spectroscopic analysis they're mad of some substance we've never encountered....perhaps something native to their world....we have no defense against them.....they will be here in a short time....."
"I don't know what to do I announce this and cause widespread panic or do I control this as a military matter...."
"I'd wait and see what they want but I'd have the military ready to respond...."
"Exactly what I was thinking.....keep me informed...."
The time ticked past.....
"They're coming in giant Balls...."
"Asima....what do you mean?"
"It's them.....that's for certain Mar, it's the men that we banished decades ago.....they're coming back.....their ships are huge round spheres.....they'll be landing their balls in our ocean in a matter of hours.....they've made radio contact....they say that they need relief from the exile we imposed on them......they say that we owe it to them....they say that they must have release from their exile.....they emphasized that they needed release!!!"
"But what can we do.....what will I tell the council???"
"I'd tell them they'd better get used to handling the Balls and make sure the men get their relief......or goddess knows what kind of explosions might occur!!!!"
"I think you're right.....we're going to have to handle the Balls before they empty out and cover us in a male mess the likes of which we are totally unprepared to handle!!!!"


"Hey what's going on here?"
"When you fired me I told you I'd get even Mr. Nicholson!!!! So while you were out your pretty little daughter here just sucked my big black cock!!!"
"Oh really....Ha ha ha ha....."
"What are you laughing at man....I just defiled your daughter!!!!"
"I just dropped my daughter at the airport....she's on her way to Denver as we speak!!!"
"Then.....then who's this?"
"Junior....why don't you go upstairs and put your sister's things away....please before your mother gets home....we'll talk about this later...."
"Yes Daddy....I'm sorry Daddy....."
"For gods sake Junior....just call me Dad...."
"Yes Daddy!!!!"
Sighing he turned back to his former employee....
"You can go now I guess....I just want you to know you're the fourth guy I've caught him with this week...."

Friday, November 8, 2019


"OK....that's fair....every time you fuck his wife the sissy bitch comes here and makes me cum until I tell her to stop???"
"That's the deal Baby.....and I get to fuck her tight little ass too...."
"Yeah...this is gonna work out just fine....I get to cum and she get's the sore ass....yeah "I'm liking just go on and fuck his wife all you want then!!!!!"
"Thank you Baby!!!"

Her Old Room

It's nice to be here in her old bedroom....she grew up here....she had her very first orgasm alone in this room.....and now she wants me to help her relive that moment.....using my fingers instead of hers.....both of us pretending that she was that innocent young girl again, that wide eyed girl whose eyes were opened one night....that young girl who felt the pleasure and wanted more!!!!