Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hump Day

Sometimes it's important to emphasize the importance of Hump Day to someone!!!! It's always best to do whatever you can to make sure they understand from now on!!!!

Morning Priorities

"Sissy I think we need to talk about your morning priorities...."
"What do you mean Ma'am?"
"Well what have you done so far this morning?"
"I've cleaned the bathroom, swept the floors and made your breakfast.....two poached eggs and crispy bacon....I served you your coffee in bed and brought you the newspapers....all just as you ordered me to do every day!!!!"
"Well....I guess that's pretty good....but I've been up for almost twenty minutes and I haven't had a single orgasm yet!!!!
She smiled at me and I knew she wasn't really angry......but I also knew I'd better get busy because she wasn't angry now....but she night be if I didn't act quickly!!!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


A good sissy cuckold stands by to make sure his wife enjoys that big cock!!!!!

Like This Mom?

"Like this Mom? Is this alright?"
"That's perfect as soon as you've drained him we'll put his chastity cage on and that will be that...."
"But Mom....won't that mean I don't get any sex!!!!"
"You are still such a little girl in so many ways!!!! You can always use his tongue....or take a lover or two if you'd like...."
"But he'll get angry at me if I had another man....or men...."
"Sweetheart, starting now, if he ever wants to have an orgasm again he'll have to earn it by making you happy!!!! Look how well it's worked for me and your father....we've been married for twenty six years and he still works all the time trying to make me happy...."
"How often do you release him Mom?"
"Well it's been twenty six years since his last orgasm....he tries but he doesn't make me quite that happy...."
"Oh're the best!!!!"
"Nothing's too good for my little hurry and lock him up....he looks like he's getting restless.....then I'll hold the keys for you!!!!"

Monday, July 29, 2019


"Yes're entirely convincing except for this one little thing....let me help you tuck that little useless thing back!!!!"
"Thank You Ma'am!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

So rich and tasty....the perfect pick-me-up to get you going....nothing gets the sleep out of your eyes like a big mouthful of delicious, creamy goodness!!!!
And it is color coordinated with that delightful pearl necklace too!!!
Monday ManCandy!!!! Delicious and a lovely fashion accessory too!!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"You know what Sissy....every week you come home and seduce my boyfriend....maybe you won't be such a horny little slut if you worked off some of that energy another way...."
"What do you mean Sweetheart?"
"Well why don't the two of you go for a long walk....I'd like to take a nap and I don't want to have to worry about the two of you having sex all over the house...."
"Yes Sweetheart I think you're right....some exercise and fresh air will be just what I need!!!"
"Alright the two of you run along....I'll expect you back in about two hours...."
"Yes Ma'am.....I think we'll go down that wooded path behind the house...."
"Enjoy yourself's good to see you doing something wholesome for a change...."

I giggled and told him....
"Not least let's get into the woods first and then we've got two hours!!!!"

The Old Gang

"Look's all your old friends....when I invited them over for the gang bang they dropped everything and just rushed right over....isn't that nice?"
"You're going to fuck all of my old friends....right in front of me!!!!"
"Oh no Sissy.....I'm just going to warm them up......for run along and put on something pretty and get the big bottle of probably won't need any panties....they'd just get ruined!!!!
"Me??? They're all going to fuck me???"
"Well maybe not....some of them might prefer your mouth...."
"I don't know what to say...."
"Just say thank you Sissy!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am!!!"

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Challenge

Slowly they all shuffled along....their spirits already broken as they realized that there was no way home....
The ship had spent several weeks picking up the livestock for the Ultralord, unseen by the backwards planets antique detection devices they had chosen only the ones that they thought would please him!!!!
They all meekly walked to their fate....accepting the fact that they would be sexual playthings for an alien monarch and that there was no escape.....
All that is except one....
"No....I keep telling you that this is a mistake!!!! You have to take me back!!!!"
The guard gave a hard shove to the whining captive....
"We explained on the ship that you can never go back.....even if we wanted to our light speed technology would guarantee that everyone you knew had grown old an died while for you it seems just weeks had passed......back on that primitive planet we took you from they stopped searching for you centuries ago!!!!"
"But you've made a mistake.....I can't be a sex slave for your master...."
"The Ultralord is really going to enjoy you....he loves a challenge.....most species we bring for him are submissive before he even has a chance to train them...."
"But I'm not like all these others.....I'm not a female....I just like to dress as one.....I'm a man....understand.....I'm a male of my species!!!!"
"I'm not sure I understand why you think that could possibly make any difference!!!!"
"But.....all these others are women....females......How could I possibly be of any interest to.....
"You're not even the same species as us.....why do you think the minor differences in your bodies would make any difference to us.....but please keep fighting.....the Ultralord really does enjoy a challenge!!!!!
Out of arguments he bowed his head like the other slaves and speculated on what might be coming....

She Taught Me

She taught me how to dress like a girl....
She taught me how to do my hairlike a girl....
She taught me to put on makeup like a girl....
And best of all....
She taught me how to cum like a girl!!!!!

Friday, July 26, 2019


I was quietly browsing...trying my best to be invisible.....then I heard her....everybody heard her....
"What about these you like these?"
I tried to get away with  a nod but she wasn't having it....
"These are really pretty Honey....and I know how much you love pretty what do you think?"
"They're very pretty...." I was practically whispering.
By now literally everyone in the shop was looking at me....
"What? I didn't hear you...."
Louder now I replied....hoping to end this....
"Yes....they're very pretty...."
"Wonderful.....and they've got your size too.....which do you prefer the white, black or pink?"
Amid the lady customers laughter I took the pink....just as she knew I would!!!!

Room Service

"I think we should call Room Service and ask them to send another man to clean up!"
"Tell them to send up Ronaldo....he cleans up the best!!!!"

Thursday, July 25, 2019


That first time I was know....back there....I'm surprised you didn't hear me scream....I'm pretty sure I was loud enough to echo off the satellites.....
I've gotten better since but I still leave toothmarks in the pillows!!!!!


"OMG Dee....Sally....imagine meeting you here!!!!"
"But your wife invited us Kaaren....she wanted to thank us for the weekend at my house!!!
"I should be thanking you Dee!!! And you too was such fun!!!!"
"Well to tell you the truth Kaaren my lower back has been bothering me ever since....I think it was those huge boobs we had for those couple of days!!!"
"You know what back has been bugging me too....what about you Dee!!!"
"I've had trouble just sitting up since then....I think we all strained some muscles!!!!"
"I think we should all get off our feet.....I've got a great me at my room in twenty minutes?"

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Never Too Early

I got out to my favorite shop the other day and they were having their Christmas in July sale...and you can bet I stocked up on all kinds of new clothes and toys and straps and cuffs....and I got a nice card for my wife too!!!!

Hump Day

Sometimes all it takes is to lie back and get a new perspective!!!! It's Hump Day and sometimes the problems almost solve themselves while you're mind is elsewhere!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


"But why are you trying to turn me into a girl...I thought you loved me!!!!"
"I do love you....I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't love you..."
"But why are you making me a girl?"
"I'm not making you a girl...."
"Then why the frilly underwear? Why the dress? Why the makeup?"
"Like I said....I'm not making you into a girl....I'm letting the girl inside you finally come out!!!"

Yes Sissy

"Yes Sissy....your wife is right fact I'm looking at her right now.....but no...she can't come to the phone right now.....I'll have her call you later....why don't you put on your little pink nightie and go to bed....she'll be late!!!!"

Monday, July 22, 2019

See It

"You know your sweet little ass is hanging out of those little shorts Sissy and I can see the plug...."
"Oh no...can you really see it?"
"Yes I can let me poke it in a little harder....."
"Oh....Oh my god!!!!"
"There now isn't that better Sissy?"
"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am!!!!!"
"Where would you be without me to take care of you Sissy?"
"I never want to know the answer to that!!!"
"Me either!!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Do you remember that line from the Bible...
"My cup runneth over...."
Well I'm not religious but I do recognize that I have an abundance of might say that my mouth bubbleth over!!!!
So much!!!!
ManCandy!!!! Grateful for every last drop!!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

By The Pool

It's been just so hot for the last couple of days that I've tried to spend as much time as I can in the pool!!!!
One of her friends asked me why I bother to wear a bikini top when none of them do....I tried to explain about why I enjoyed it but my wife just laughed....
"Because he's a sissy of course!!!!"
Then they all laughed....and after a bit so did I!!!!
I couldn't have explained it any better myself!!!!!

Sunday Brunch

To reward their sissy husbands the wives liked to treat them to an "all you can eat" brunch every summer!!!!
It gave the little sissies something to look forward to and the wives enjoyed the show!!!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Saturday Matinee - Doctor's Orders

"So when are you going this year?"
"Third week of July....but I'm not sure I really want to go....I mean I'd be all by myself this folks can't sister can't go....I won't know anybody there..."
"Are you kidding me!!!! Man, I would kill for a deal like that! A whole week on my own, with my own beach house, and my parents credit card to pay for anything I needed!!!! I only wish I could go with you!!!! I mean this could be the summer you finally get laid!!!"
"Oh know how shy I am.....and the girls all go for the beach boys with their curly hair and suntans!!!!"
"Is that all....why don't you come with me and ask old Doc Daneeka about it...he always has a way to fix everything!!!! Maybe he can give you a pill or something that'll make you a tan beach boy too!!!!"
"You know there's no such thing!!!!"
"Remember Little Tony Manelli....he took a couple of pills and next thing you know he's  a star on the school football team..."
"I thought that was just a growth spurt...."
"Growth spurt my ass....that was three pills from Doc Daneeka....Little Tony told me so!!!!"
"Well alright....I'll think it over...."
The next morning he was there knocking on Doc Daneeka's door....he was a little startled when the door swung open....he had expected someone like Doc Brown from that Back to the Future movie....instead he was met by a very ordinary looking man in a brown suit...."
"May I help you young man?"
"Are you Doc...Doctor Daneeka?"
"The one and only....please come in and tell me what I can do for you."
Settling down in the examination room the doctor took some basic information from him and asked him again...
"Well...." he checked the chart, "Well John....what brings you here so bright and early?"
"Look....I know this is going to sound really stupid....but my friend told me that maybe you could help me with a see I'm going on a beach vacation by myself and I'm tired of everybody getting laid but me....."
"So you want something that will make you popular with the opposite that it?"
"That's it Doc....I was hoping you could give me something that would change me....make people notice me....I want some attention...."
"From the opposite sex?"
Exactly....I know it was crazy to come to you but my friend...."
"Nonsense....I have exactly what you need right here... now where is it....oh here it is....this is a special suntan lotion....there's more than enough in this tube to last a month so you won't run's very powerful so you don't need much....but for gods sake don't let anyone else touch it while it's still wet on your skin!!!!"
"So I'll get the girls with this stuff?"
"Well you'll probably attract some girls....I guess....but you will be very popular!!!!"
The Doc was right!!!! He hadn't expected what the lotion would do to him but when he looked in the mirror he couldn't argue with the results!!!!
Thank god his sister had left some of her clothes here!!!!
And he got laid....finally....not how he'd expected but it was still glorious!!!!
And not just once either....lots and lots of times....and a few girls too!!!!
When he went out on the beach he would always have someone come running when he started to put the lotion on....
"Can I help you with that?"
"No thank you....I prefer to do it myself....but maybe you could help me with something later...."
"You bet Babe!!!!"
He was thinking of calling his parents to see if he could stay another week!!!!

An Experiment

My wife cooked this up just to see what would happen....
She invited five men to our house for a variety of reasons and as each one arrived he was asked to wait in the den....each was told that I would be in there and that I was being punished and that they should just ignore me.....she made each of them wait exactly fifteen minutes....
The first guy shuffled around the room and never came near me the whole time....
The second guy waved his hand in front of my eyes....the blindfold was intentionally translucent.....and then he tweaked my nipples for a few minutes....
In fact the remaining three guys all did the eye waving thing....
The third guy....he pushed my legs apart and laughed....although he ran his fingers over my panties...
The fourth guy wasted no time....he opened his pants and stuck his cock in my mouth....and he filled me up with his tasty cream not long before the time was up....
The fifth guy....he kissed me....I really didn't enjoy that very much but he seemed to be having a good time....
When we compared notes afterwards  she decided that she would invite the fourth and fifth guys back....she liked to watch me suck cocks.....and she knew how humiliated I was when I had to kiss a man!!!!!
I had been rooting for that first guy....I know he failed the whole thing but he was cute and he had an attractive bulge that I was interested in exploring!!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Now I See It

I heard her on the stairs behind me...
"You know I understand why so many of the men like to follow me up the stairs!!!! The view is just delightful!!!!"


Sure it would delay me finishing my chores....but I just consider it the sissy version of a coffee break!!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Just Natural

Watching that big cock sliding into his wife's mouth made him crazy....luckily she had anticipated his reaction and there would be no clitty stroking tonight!!!!!

If Only

If only I had been this big I might have had my cock lust satisfied although I seriously doubt it.....

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hump Day

Hey the weather's fine....take the rest of the day and get out there on the road and celebrate Hump Day in the great'll be glad you did!!!


Around our house masturbation has certain little conditions....
Of course it's forbidden for me to ever masturbate unless she's allowing me a sissygasm with a dildo....usually for the amusement of her and her friends....
And masturbation for her, despite what most people think, is rarely a solo activity...she gets started and I come in to make sure she gets over the finish line!!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Good Wife

A good wife makes sure her sissy husband understands that just the tip isn't enough!!!


It's the waiting that drives you mad!!!!
She fusses with the straps for what seems like hours!!!!!
"Impatient Sissy?"
"A little Ma'am...."

Monday, July 15, 2019

My Analyst Tries Roleplay

"So tell me does this make you feel?"
"I feel very awkward Doctor Dee..."
"And is it the fact that you're here and that I'm watching that makes you feel that way Kaaren?"
"Oh no Doctor Dee....I'd feel awkward in this position no matter where I was!!!!"
"So you're not happy in this position?"
" not at all..."
"Even though I told you that he really deserves a spanking...."
"I know but I'm not a spanker...I'm sure there's plenty of your other patients that would love to spank his cute ass....but it's not for me...."
"Alright then.....why don't the two of you switch places and we'll see how you both feel in a few minutes...."
"Whatever you say Doctor!!!"

Monday ManCandy

Everyone has their own method....and each one swears by it!!!!
We all want to have our creamy treat and, of course, none of us wants to waste a single drop....
But sometimes some spills out of your mouth that is just too full and you can't swallow it all fast enough!!!!
That means that you're getting plenty....more than you can handle in fact...and we promise that we won't tell when you scoop up the rest and swallow it down....
ManCandy!!! Even the Bible says that spilling seed on the ground is a sin!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Hey Kaaren

"Hey we still have that bottle of lube?"
"Which bottle is that Sweetheart?"
"You know....the one I mixed with the hot sauce...."
"....Ummmm....yes Sweetheart....we still have it....."
" my good girl and get it and meet me in your bedroom...."
"My bedroom...."
"Was I not clear get a move on!!!!"
"Yes Ma'am!!!!"

Sissy School - A Weekend Visit Home

"I have to give you credit this weekend've behaved very've kept your hands and mouth to yourself.....and I enjoyed a long leisurely fuck with my boyfriend knowing that his cock hadn't been inside you in any way!!!!"
"Thank you Ma'am...."
"There's just one thing I'm puzzled by Sissy.....when I was packing your bags for the ride on the pink bus I noticed that all of your panties had cum stains on them....can you explain that?"
"No Ma'am.....I have no idea how that could have happened...."
"Wait a minute.....what's that noise?"
"I don't hear anything...."
"It sounds like....a low buzzing sounds sounds just like my new vibrator!!!! Do you have my new vibrator inside you Sissy?"
"Well kind of...."
"I would ask you for it back but I don't want it in my hand until you wash it you filthy sissy whore!!!!! When you get back to that school I want you to clean it thoroughly and write me a long apology for using it without my permission and send them to me!!!!
"Yes Ma'am.....can I ask you one thing please?"
"Do you have any extra batteries for the ride!!!!"
"Out....get can wait for the pink bus on the front porch!!!!"
" batteries then?"

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Saturday Matinee - The Anomaly

Life was pretty good these days....he got off work at two o'clock every afternoon and his wife didn't get home until after six....that gave him hours to indulge in his favorite pastime.....
Their house was on the edge of the desert.....sure it was lonely but it was strangely beautiful too....there was so much to see if you knew how to look for it!!!
He enjoyed stargazing at night and was pretty knowledgeable about the stars and planets....he loved to watch the dance of the Cosmos   as he called fact he had been tracking an anomaly for the past several weeks as it seemed to be approaching the earth....when suddenly one night it had simply vanished!!!
He couldn't explain it and none of the other amateur astronomers had even noticed it!!! But whatever it had been, it was gone now and he put it out of his mind!!!!
Today when he got home he was very excited and as soon as he was inside he tore open the package containing the pretty new was a sundress with tiny spaghetti straps....he would need to wear the strapless bra with it!!!
He wasted no time in getting dressed and adding his wig and makeup....looking in the mirror he decided that anyone who saw him would think he was a woman!!!
Stepping out onto the patio he strolled a short way into the desert....reveling in the feeling of being outdoors dressed as a woman.....lost in how nice the dress felt swirling around him he was completely unaware of the danger so close to him....
And then suddenly he was grabbed from behind.....he saw large alien hands gripping him....holding him so tightly....he screamed and tried to squirm away but the alien was too strong for him....
A voice spoke to him.....but he didn't hear it with his ears....he heard it in his mind!!!!
"Do not panic....I will not harm you...My name is Scrotor and.I am from the planet Bsac....and I was sent here to seek a mate.....I had observed you before and I had homed in on this place.....I believe you even saw my ship traveling to your planet!!! I have come here to take you with me....back to Bsac....where you will be my mate and we will raise a brood of egglings together!!!"
"Oh my god.....your mate!!!!! You've made a terrible mistake....I'm a man....I only dress as a woman sometimes....but I'm a male....100% male....I'm not a woman....I'm a man ....please let me go!!!!"
"You're a male of the species....who enjoys pretending to be the female of the species?"
"Yes....I'm not a woman....I'm not!!!!"
"'re....absolutely perfect.....on my planet....only males are allowed and we must implant our seedlings inside a male usually takes us quite a while to make the host appear to be would be horribly socially unacceptable to have a male raise the egglings.....when I bring you home I will be able to have my seedlings implanted right away!!!!"
Some astronomers reported a near miss from an asteroid that night that was moving away from earth at a high rate of speed.....and then it was gone!!!!


"Two more minutes Sissy then we switch again...."
"I know Sissy we're enjoying it too!!!!"

Friday, July 12, 2019

Any Sign

"Billy Bob.....any sign of your good-for-nothing Daddy yet?"
"No Ma....nothing yet...."
"Well as soon as you see the dust kick up on that road you let me know, alright!!!"
"Sure Ma.....gonna give it to him real good tonight Ma?"
"Oh yeah Billy Bob....he's gettin' it real good tonight!!!"

Life is like....

A Glory Hole is like a box of never know what you're gonna get!!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Pool Service

We got a new pool serviceman this year and I really miss the guy we had....I mean this guys OK but the guy we had last year.....he used both hands and tried his best, all summer, to get his whole giant cock into my throat!
I never did get it all and I was looking forward to trying again this summer but I have to settle for this polite guy....he hasn't even called me a sissy cocksucker yet!!!!
Oh well....beggars can't be choosers I guess!!!

Just Look

"Just look at this cute little ass Sissy....I know women who would kill to have a sweet little ass like yours.....face were born to wear women's were born to be a were born to be mine!!!!"
I couldn't answer....what could I say.....she makes me so happy....I already had tears streaming down my face....

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Sissies Through History

Dearest Peg,
 I was so surprised by your letter of the fourteenth, I honestly can't imagine what might have happened to your trunk with all of your lovely clothes. I will make all inquiries at the station, but I saw to it that it was addressed properly and put on the train myself!
 If any sign of your lovely wardrobe turns up I'll let you know!!!
                                                                         With All My love
                                                                         Your Brother

Hump Day

It's Hump Day and you've settled down to finish the job while others are letting things slip through their fingers.....looks like the reward is going to be all yours!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

There's Nothing Better

In the summer there's nothing better than wearing a thin cotton let's the air in!!!
I feel sorry for all the men who will never get to feel this!!!!

A Family Decision

Of course it was a family decision.....they were a lovely couple with an 18 year old daughter who needed a sissy maid very badly....
Sissy did his absolute best to show that he was up to the task pf taking care of whatever might pop up....
They seemed satisfied.....but they had a few other applicants to see....

Monday, July 8, 2019

Was It the Dress

This was supposed to be her big day....she had it all planned out....she would dance all night with all the guys and save the last dance for Chad!!!
Then she would whisper in his ear that maybe tonight would be his lucky night!!!
But then her cousin Brian showed up!!!
She wasn't sure if it was his dress that got all the guys attention although she had to admit he was probably a sexier girl than her!!! The dress may have gotten their attention but she figured it was the kneepads that drew all the boys to fact there he goes taking Chad into the coatroom....again!!!