Friday, June 30, 2017

An Appointment With My Analyst

Once I was notified that Dr. Mentia was keeping regular office hours again I rushed there without an appointment, surely she would make time for me.....I was her star patient after all!!!!!
When I arrived there was no one there so I sat down and waited for her receptionist to return.....
A woman entered the door in a nurses uniform and asked me if I was waiting to see Dr. Mentia.....when I said I was she told me to accompany her....
I followed her down several flights of stairs until we came to a room fitted out with various medical instruments.....
" panties down, we've got a course of enemas for you to begin...."
"Is this really necessary?"
"Doctor's orders I'm afraid!"
So over the next several hours I was repeatedly filled and hard little clit was simply ignored during all this time.....finally she told me we were done!!!!
She directed me to the stairs and I shakily made my way back to my analysts office....
Her receptionist was there and when she saw me she told me I was two hours late.....once I started to tell her about the enema nurse she called for the doctor right away!!!!
"Hello Kaaren.....what's this about enemas?
"Your nurse gave me dozens of them.....that's why I'm late...."
"My nurse? Dozens of them? Kaaren I don't have an enema nurse and I don't know what you're talking about!"
"You don't.......just follow me...."
She followed me back to the room downstairs and it was empty.....
"But it was here....right here...."
"Perhaps you want to come back upstairs and talk about it Kaaren"
"Maybe I need an analyst more than I thought!!!"
"Obviously you do.....maybe we'll increase our sessions....."
"Whatever you think is best!!!"
Her phone rang.....
"Excuse me a moment Kaaren.....yes....yes....just pay her whatever she more calls, I'm with a patient!!!"

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