Friday, May 7, 2021

So happy...So Sad

Remember when you first got the bra on the right had practiced so many times but this time you got it right on the first were so happy!!!
But there was no one you could tell about your triumph over the accursed bra hooks....and you couldn't even enjoy it for too long because your folks would be back soon....and you could get away with wearing panties under your  jeans but the bra was pretty obvious no matter what kind of shirt you wore....and that made you so sad!!!!
That was life in my teens....probably life for lots of us in our teens....


  1. I just recently learned that I still have the skill I learned back in High School of getting a woman's bra off a woman with one hand behind her back .. and it was a 3 hook! Score!

    False equivalency I know, but was still proud of myself!

    1. This comment has me smiling a great big smile!!!
      Just knowing you're out there honing your skills makes me soooo happy!!!
      And getting a three hook one-handed while out of practice.....impressive!!!