Saturday, May 8, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Veil

"No, no.....don't you have anything really special....maybe something a little magical....I was told this was the place...."
"Oh I see....I wasn't aware that you were a special customer....I have many magical baubles here but let me show you one of the most powerful items that I've only recently come across..."
He reached into a closed box and pulled out an intricately carved pair of earrings....
"Perhaps these might be of interest to you Sir?"
"Perhaps....what do they do?"
"Oh these are powerful Sir....these were made hundreds of years ago....they have passed through many hands.....I was very lucky that the last owner didn't know what they were...and I was able to secure them before all the others that were searching for them!!!"
"Okay....but what do they do?"
"With these on the owner may cast a veil over themselves....they may decide what others see when they look upon them Sir...."
"I don't understand....what do you mean by a veil?"
"It's a glamour Sir....a type of magic that hides reality from others....when they look at you they will see only what you wish them to see....."
"I'm still not sure what you mean...."
"Imagine if you could go to see a beautiful woman and she sees you as her beloved husband while you take her....imagine if you went into a bank and all who saw you thought they were seeing the bank president.....imagine killing an enemy in front of witnesses and they all will swear in court that it was someone else who did the deed...."
"Okay....I think I've got if I put these earrings on then I can masquerade as anyone I want and no one will know...."
"As long as you understand's an illusion cast by the are physically unchanged....anyone touching you might feel the difference...."
"So if I put them on and wanted to appear as you, no one could tell the difference unless they touched my face and didn't feel your mustache?"
"Yes Sir....that's it exactly...."
"And if I wanted to appear as a woman they would only see the woman...."
"Yes Sir....but you would need to be convincing....if that's your desire...."
"I see....and my voice would that be different too?"
"The veil would conceal all Sir..."
"'ve sold much?"
"I couldn't let them go for less than five thousand...."
"I'll give you four...."
He handed over the earrings and the man quickly put them on....looking in a mirror he realized that he hadn't changed a bit....
"Hey what are you trying to pull....I look just the same as always...."
" requires concentration to lift the veil over you.....what are you thinking of?"
"Tall beautiful brunette....making heads turn kind of beautiful...."
"And now is so....and you are quite striking...."
He looked in the mirror again and still saw only himself....
"I still don't see it....this is some kind of con...."
"Oh no the owner of the earrings they have no effect on your can see the reality behind the veil.....but I assure you that you're appearing to me as a very desirable woman....very desirable indeed!!!"
"Keep your hands to's your money....thanks...."
He walked out of the obscure little shop and walked down the street....he could feel the earrings dangling in his ears.....he decided to test their magic and walked into the first dress shop he came to....
The women in the shop didn't speak English but he managed to make them understand that he wished to buy a dress for himself....
They nodded and smiled and they talked excitedly among themselves....and when he left the shop he was wearing a beautiful dress....and some pretty lingerie underneath....he knew he didn't need to....the veil of magic would project anything he wished for but this made it all feel more real....
He returned to the hotel and he could tell by the number of people who had turned their heads as he went by that the illusion must be startling....
He found his colleague sitting at the bar....and he sat on the stool next to him....
"Buy me a drink Sweetie..." he whispered to the man.
Startled the man stared at him....his eyes swept over him and took in all of his feminine beauty.....
"Sure....sure what'll it be...."
After several drinks he wanted more....he invited himself to his colleagues enjoy some time away from these prying eyes....
When they got to the room he realized that he couldn't allow the man to touch him through the veil so he pushed him down on the bed and dropped to his knees and fulfilled his darkest fantasy....
After as they both caught their breath the man looked down at him and smiled...
"Damn Bob....if I knew you were like this we could have been doing this for years....but do me one favor when we get back home....lose the earrings....I bought a pair of those for Bonnie and she might not like it that you have the same ones...."
And the veil was gone...along with four thousand bucks!!!

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