Saturday, June 11, 2022


He can sometimes be quite sheepish.
For a man who's done all he's done, it's funny to see him having difficulty talking about anything.
I've seen him on his knees with a man at each end pumping him full of cum and he still has a problem talking to me about his sexual needs.
I realize that in normal times all we really ever discuss are my sexual needs, which we both believe is as it should be.
But when he came to me last night I knew he was troubled about something.
Sometimes it's like peeling an onion with him!
After a while we finally got to what was bothering him.
It was the cage,
Or lack thereof.
I've been reluctant to cage him again since his trips to the hospital have been preceded by scrambling to remove his cage before the ambulance arrived.
But he misses it, he tells me that none of his orgasms feel special unless he's had to earn them.
I guess I can understand that.
So Stacy and I made a little keyholder ceremony about locking him up.
We made him promise to honor and obey.
To be the best girl he could be.
To do as he was told.
And most of all to love us as much as we loved him!
He couldn't agree fast enough!
And as always he supplied me with a very appropriate picture to illustrate the occasion.
Mrs. K



  1. I can understand how Kaaren feels. I too feel naked without my cage. My cage is always on. The only time it comes off is bath time after I shave my legs and chest then my wife shaves my back then removes my cage so she can shave my private parts then she cleans the cage. I always ask her to put it right back on me because it's a part of me and I can't stand being without it.

  2. Chastity is something I don't quite understand, but I know it's an important part of his life, and I can only imagine how much of a struggle it is/was to get it off when the ambulance is arriving.

    I'm actually pretty happy that you went through the ceremony, because that means things are looking up!

    Once again, you rock Mrs. K!

  3. I know where Kaaren is coming from. Oddly me being caged is much more my thing rather than my Owners' - She is somewhat ambivalent about it and likes to be able to touch and caress my Clitheroe on occasion. If it were my decision (which obviously it is not) I'd be caged on a permanent basis.

    I am happy for Kaaren that she is back locked up. Another sign that she is feeling better. I can imagine that it was a fun ceremony for you all after what has been a very difficult few months.