Wednesday, June 8, 2022


 This seems to be "Kaaren's" recovery uniform!
He is getting up and doing some things for himself, but apparently getting dressed isn't one of them.
Every day I find him in just his cute panties and a t-shirt and, well, he looks just adorable.
I asked him if he had a picture in his massive collection that would show what I mean and of course he did.
So there it is. This is how my husband spends most of the day. He's such a baby sometimes.
Stacy and I have asked him to at least put on a robe, but he says it's too "hard" for him.
I'm thinking that he's taking a little advantage of us, but he is still here!
And I'm grateful for that every day!

Mrs. K

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  1. How adorable Kaaren must look in that. i hope you and Stacy give his bottom the encouragement to get well soon that Kaaren needs ;)