Sunday, June 14, 2015

Saturday Matinee - The Old Road House

"Just tell us what happened." The detectives were sitting close to his hospital bed.
"I was driving...I'm a salesman....and I was on my way to Omaha....I sell shower curtain rings you clients are hotel....motels...bed and know...and the storm was so bad...the rain was so heavy I could barely see...then off the side of the road I saw the said Vacancy...I pulled in and....and...."
"Take a minute John. Do you want some water?"
"Some bourbon maybe...."
With a look over his shoulder to make sure the nurses were elsewhere the detective reached into his jacket and passed the flask to the man in the bed who took a good long swig!
"Thanks, I needed that!"
"Go on tell me the rest..."
"I went inside and there was a cute blond in a green dress at the desk! I told her I needed a room....she asked if I was alone and I told her that I was!  She gave ne a registration card and as I filled it out she picked up the phone...."
"Who did she call..."
"I don't know but in a few minutes three other women came in to the office! They came closer and closer and suddenly I was knocked to the floor and...."
"You alright need a break?"
"No...they knocked me down and they used me....god help me...they used me like a man uses a woman!"
"Say no more! We've got patrol cars looking for them now!"
The man turned his face into his pillow and sobbed quietly as the detectives stepped into the hallway.
"So what do you think Sam?"
"I think it's time we had another talk with Martha! She just can't keep doing this! Her and her sisters are going to have to find some other way to entertain themselves!"


  1. Great to see that lovely color Art by Eric Stanton. THANKS.

  2. So he didn't like it? Maybe they didn't dress him up prettily enough? Damn, this DOES seem like fiction, doesn't it Kaaren?

    1. Well in real life I think the area would promote this as a sissy tourist attraction!!! I know I'd be making my reservations right away!!!
      Thanks Dee, I'm still feeling pretty sick so most of these posts are quick login & outs....quick in & outs...hmmm....anyway thanks again!