Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday Matinee - On Broadway

He thought it would be safe after all this time! All the years, all the surgeries....he didn't think even his own mother would recognize him now!!!
Even so as he moved through his old neighborhood he kept a wary eye for any sign he had been recognized! As the days went by he relaxed, what had he been thinking? Who could possibly recognize that this pretty young girl was the former King of the Rackets!!!!
Soon he would reclaim the hidden treasure! $100,000 in cash would buy a lot of nylons he chuckled to himself!
His reign of terror here had no precedent! He ordered that men be killed almost on a whim! His rule by terror was absolute and when it started to slip he had disappeared! In the vacuum he left behind dozens more were killed before an uneasy peace once again settled on Broadway!!!
Despite all his care and caution he never noticed the man who followed him!
Finally the time was right and he went to the old rooming house and used the key on the door covered in cobwebs, the room he had rented in advance for three years! And it was still there! Behind the second drawer! His plan had worked and he laughed!
He laughed at all those poor saps who had earned this money, he laughed at all the bodies that had floated down the river, he laughed until he felt the knife at his throat!
"I don't know what's so funny boss!" said a gruff voice behind him.
"Who are you???? What do you want????"
"You killed a lot of people Boss, you may have fooled everyone with this...lace and skirts...but I knew you!"
"I have money I can pay you...."
"I know you do! I waited till you picked it up! It'll buy a nice headstone for my brother!"
"Your Broth....."
He was silenced as the knife slit his throat!!!!

"13th Preceint Homicide, What. Where. What did it say? Okay got it!"
"Whaddaya got Sam?"
"Body on Broadway! Throat cut."
"Heh, nothing new there1"
"Funny thing though! This one had a sign hanging around her neck!!"
"A sign! What did it say?"
"It said King of the Rackets....what do you suppose that means?"
"Don't bother trying to figure it's just Broadway!"

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