Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Empire of Women

It had taken Dash Thatcher weeks to find his way here, always hidden always searching!!! The Empire of Women was no place for a man!!! If they found him he was terrified of what they'd do to him!!!!
That was why he couldn't understand that last message from his young sidekick Rick Jones!
"Don't try to find me it's already too late!"
It only made Dash more determined to find him!
As he looked for a way in he felt a soft hand land on his shoulder! Whipping around he confronted a strangely familiar young woman!
"Why couldn't you stay away Dash! Didn't you get my message?"
"Rick??? Oh my god Rick!!! What have they done to you?"
"Quiet!!! They don't know you're here! Come with me and you'll be safe!"
Dash followed through a labyrinth of trails and tunnels all the while marveling that the beautiful lithe figure leading him was his young friend Rick a short time ago!!
Finally they came to a chamber filled with equipment and a pool of some unknown substance!
"We should be safe here for a while! Oh Dash how I wish you hadn't come!"
"But Rick how did they do this to you? Can you be changed back?"
"You see this machine?" Rick said flipping a switch bringing it humming to life. "This is the DNA Analyzer/Reorganizer, it tears you apart and rebuilds you! The pain is indescribable!!! After it reshapes you as a woman your body goes into the heated pool of healing chemicals and after a short time you emerge as a complete woman!"
Dash stared horrified! He couldn't believe the tortures they had inflicted on the poor boy!
"One more thing Dash!"
"What Rick?"
With a quick push Dash was bathed in the DNA Ray!!!! He felt his body being torn apart!!! Every centimeter of his body was nothing but flaming pain!!!! He looked at Rick who stood sadly watching!
"I asked you not to come Dash! I'll be back to check on you later!"
As she turned to go an almost primal scream began behind her, she paused for a moment....but only for a moment before she disappeared down a long empty hallway!!!

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