Thursday, June 18, 2015

Of Course I Love You

"Of course I love you Sissy!" she said as she kissed me. "But he's just not into the whole idea of it."
"Well I guess it's OK...."
"That's my sweet pretty Sissy."
She grabbed me and kissed me hard and deep and as she did she ran her hands all over my body making me whimper with desire!!!!
As we broke the kiss we were both panting with desire and all I wanted was to bury my face between her beautiful thighs! The look in her eyes betrayed her own lusty thoughts! She leaned in close and kissed me again! Her hands seemed to be everywhere all at once and if my clit had been free I might already have cum, as it was both our panties were soaked!
As we broke our kiss and caught our breath a deep voice from across the room startled us!
"Maybe I've been a little hasty, perhaps Sissy should join us! It would be such a shame to leave her alone!"


  1. And they all lived happily ever after....

  2. So, is that the ultimate experience when you are a cuckolded sissy, that he wants to let you in on the festivities as they are happening? Or is it different for each individual sissy?

    1. I;m often there but not always as a participant! Part of the Sissy Cuck turn-on is watching the man take your wife! Exciting....yes! Humiliating....yes! Satisfying.....yes!
      My part in their lovemaking depends on'd be surprised how few times a man has simply refused to play!
      Sometimes I'm there for "round one" and after I'm excused while they spend the night!
      Every situation is different!

    2. A true cuckold sissy knows that he serves his wife/mistress but does not always join her on her sexual quest for satisfaction. There are times when you will be allowed to watch and times that you will be made to join in. As Kaaren said "you'd be surprised how few times a man has simply refused to play." Some are not into playing with a sissy. Sometimes I am allowed to watch and other times I am allowed to listen from another room. My wife/mistress and her steady lover allow me to join them but I am at the mercy of his direction, which usually produces a very nice clitty drip in my panty. Mishel