Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Better Fit

"Hold still while I unlock this!!!"
"I'm trying....but its been so long!!!"
"Its only been a few months....really is it all you ever think about?"
"No but....I really can't wait!!!!"
"Can't wait for what Sissy?"
"I can't wait to cum!!!!"
"Who said anything about cumming Sissy? I'm putting a smaller cage on you, one that will fit you better!"
"But what Sissy?"
"Nothing....thank you Ma'am...."


  1. Thank you indeed - that cage is far too big to be comfortable. A sissy needs to feel her control.

  2. To see a really small chastity device in use, check the blog Poppet Sub Slut. There's a link to it her on SAS2, in the Blogs I Love section.