Wednesday, May 23, 2018


"I do love it but it's too small Sweetheart!"
"Nonsense Sissy, I think it's perfect....I love it and I'm sure my girlfriends will love it too!"
"Your girlfriends?"
"Oh didn't I tell you....I'm having some friends over tonight and they are so anxious to meet my sissy husband...I think some of them don't believe you're real!!!"
"But....can I at least put some panties on?"
"For what Sissy? It's not like you have anything worth covering is it?"
"No Ma'am!"
"Very good Sissy, we'll be there at around 7 so make sure you have drinks and nibbles ready...."
"Yes Ma'am!"
"Oh and Sissy, one more thing..."
"Make sure you're plugged too....use the one....the vibrating one with the remote...."


  1. I'm sure the girlfriends will enjoy this lovely pink sissy very mich

  2. What a delightful scenario, Kaaren. Maybe for the next get-together he can be in one of those super-small chastity devices. I'm sure the girls would find that amusing, especially while he's being sexually teased.

  3. My wife has been slowly hinting to her girlfriend about me. I would love to be totally exposed and to serve them both. It would be so humiliating yet erotic.