Saturday, May 26, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Robot Rampage

"I'm honestly sorry Thomas but I needed a male you see....the male skeletal structure is stronger than the female!!!"
"But why....why all this...."
"Well I'm ready to go to market but I have to test....I don't want to kill my customers!!!"
"So you made me a woman!!!!"
"I had to Thomas....I'm sorry but it was necessary!!!"
"Well the robots are programmed to respond to women in a certain way....and I have to make sure they please them rather than hurt them....if you survive the tests then I'll begin testing with female subjects!!!"
"What kind of tests!!!!"
"I have selected a small group of the robots and have programmed them very carefully....I'm sure you'll enjoy it...."
"You mean they're going to....use me like a not....I don't consent to any of this...."
"I'm sorry Thomas, but like I said I've programmed them very carefully and to be quite honest you really don't have any choice in the matter!!!!"
"You mean...."
"Yes that's exactly what I mean, I'm honestly sorry Thomas!!!"
"Let's begin...."
He heard gears and metal and then he heard no more as his own screams drowned out the rest!!!!!

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