Thursday, June 13, 2019


"Yeah I guess you look pretty cute in my clothes....but if you want to be my little sister instead of my little brother you're going to need to earn some money fast!!!! I am definitely not sharing my underwear with a little sissy like you....but I'll be more than happy to take you shopping for your own.....maybe my girlfriends will come along....maybe our boyfriends too!!!!"
"But I said I was sorry!!!"
"Never mind all get five dollars for each blowjob, so I figure if you do a couple of eight hour shifts here a week you might be able to get a decent amount of pretty undies of your own in no time!!!"
"Less talking....more sucking Sissy....after all he's a paying customer!!!!"


  1. I think you should do an entire post specifically on lip gloss, and why it is so vitally important for us sissies to be obsessed with gloss. Lip gloss has become super popular recently and it’s something the a true devoted sissy should know about. The shine, flavor, the feeling of it gliding across your lips, it’s giving me the tingles just thinking about it. I know many other sissies like myself would find this so helpful. I can’t help but want to love lip gloss!!

  2. Wait, money, panties, and all the cock you can eat? Where do I sign up? I mean, seriously, I would have killed for a sister like that growing up!