Wednesday, June 22, 2022



I have known "Kaaren" since we were teenagers together.
"Kaaren" has suffered from asthma all of her life and I have seen incidents dozens, if not hundreds, of times.
But when it happened on Monday night I have to admit that I probably overreacted.
I told him that I was going to take him to the hospital and he told me that he wouldn't go!
I haven't encountered open defiance from him in so many years that I was taken aback!
He said it would pass, he used his rescue inhaler, but I didn't want to hear it and I physically dragged him to my car in the driveway.
I screamed at him to get his "sissy ass" into the car. I was stressed beyond the point where I cared about discretion!
The Doctor at the emergency room was already familiar with "Kaaren" and took him in right away.
He told me that it was a relatively minor asthma attack, and it was nothing to worry about.
They admitted "Kaaren" overnight "Just "in an abundance of caution".
"Kaaren" is furious with me and I readily admit that I went a little crazy.
I tried to say I was sorry but I think it fell on deaf ears.
And now after sitting and thinking about it, I'm not sorry. Not even a little bit!
Showing my concern is something I will not apologize for.
When I bring him home tomorrow we're going to have a long, long talk!



  1. Perfectly understandable on both sides. 'Kaaren' does know her body, but you've been through hell over the last few months .. and many times we try to make others feel better, or delude ourselves into thinking we are in better shape than we are, and want to decline help.

    And after losing my forever person 2+ years ago, I am incredibly cautious about any little ailment that my close friends and relatives exhibit. Hopefully, you will both be calmer soon, and 'Kaaren' can go back to pampering you like the sissy she is!

  2. Exactly as Dee mentioned it will take a little while to find your way back to the middle ground after so many close calls. Very common. I also just wanted to say I was so scared and am sooo happy Kaaren is improving.

  3. Hopefully things are OK, as this is the last post we've seen.

    If you want, Kaaren, or Mrs. K .. email me if you wish. Wanted to check up on the both of you and make sure things are OK.

  4. We haven't heard from you for a few days, so I'm concerned. I hope all is well there.



  5. With everything that has been going on with her, I don't blame you. You care about her and you did exactly what people should do for someone they love.