Saturday, August 4, 2018

Saturday Matinee - The Chameleon

"Do you have a list of everyone who's checked in right now?"
"Sure Mr. Charles.....I'd be a pretty poor security guard if I didn't.....I have it right here!!!"
"Give it to me you Buffoon....I know he's here somewhere....and I'm going to go from dressing room to dressing room and when I find the person that's not on this list....that'll be him!!!!"
"But then shouldn't we call the police?"
"Maybe I'd have called the police once, but that was before he'd humiliated me for the last 4 years....making his dramatic thefts and getaways over and over....taunting me in the press...He's a master of disguise but now I've got him.....there will be one person here who's not on this list and when I find him I'm going to kill him!!!!"
"That seems a little dangerous to me....what do you want me to do?"
"Stay out of my way!!!"
He worked methodically....going room to room until he had crossed off every name on the list......and he heard noises in Miss Ramona's dressing room....
He burst through the door!!!
"I've got you at last you devil!!!"
"Who are you, how dare you come in without knocking!!!! I'm calling for Security!"
"You've played your last role Chameleon!!! Honestly this might be your really are the very image of Miss Ramona!!!"
"What do you...."
The sentence was never finished as two shots rang out!!!!
He dropped his gun and sank to the floor was finally he could rest....
The theater people gathered round as the police out the handcuffs on him....
As they passed the Security Guard they thanked him....
"You were right to call us....I just wish we'd gotten here sooner maybe we could have saved her!"
"Saved who Officer?"
"Don't you know? This man just shot and killed Miss Ramona in cold blood!!!"
"No, that can't be!"
"I just left her body...."
"No. it can't see Miss Ramona left here over two hours ago....she was taking the Box Office receipts to the bank....I even hailed a cab for her...."
Nick Charles looked up at that....
"But the list you gave said it was everyone that was in the building.....she wasn't on it!!!!"
"Of course not....she left almost an hour before you got fact she spilled coffee on my list and I had to rewrite it...."
He tried to lunge away from the officers holding him!!!!
"Oh my have to let me go....he's done it again....the Chameleon has struck again!!!!

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