Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday Brunch

"I that your husband over there?"
"Where.....oh yes that's him.....I say those chaps are giving him a good going over aren't they?"
"He seems to be enjoying himself...."
"Oh yes....since I put him in panties he's become quite the slut...."
"Would you mind terribly if I got my strap-on and joined the queue?"
"Oh my dear.....that would never do!!!!"
"Oh I'm sorry I thought....."
"No Darling....there's no queue for go get ready and I'll walk you right to the front...."
"Oh no....I couldn't!"
"I'm afraid I insist!"
"Well if you feel that strongly about it...."
"I do!!!"
"I'll be back in a few minutes then....can I bring you anything?"
"No I'm just enjoying the show.....he'll give me whatever I need later!!!!"

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