Friday, August 24, 2018

That Won't Do

"Oh no Sissy....that just won't do....that just won't do at all!!!!"
"I know Ma'am....I's far too short for me!"
"Too short....oh no...that's not fact the length is just perfect....but something is missing Sissy.....can you tell me what it is?"
"The....the cage Ma'am?"
"The cage Sissy! Run along like a good girl and bring it here and I'll put you into it.....and no stopping to stroke it on the way!!!"
Damn....she knows me so well!!!!
"Yes Ma'am!"


  1. A sissy should never be out of her cage. My wife doesn't allow it unless she is right there to watch me.

  2. That outfit definitely requires a cage. With that, so pretty and right.