Thursday, July 20, 2017

Let The Boy Alone

"I can't believe my brother is such a sissy!!!"
"Yeah babe I was real surprised when we walked in and found him!"
"I might not have even recognized him except he was wearing my favorite dress!!!"
"And he looked pretty good in it too!!!"
"I'd never have believed he'd agree to suck your cock too!!!"
"And he's pretty damned good at it too, hell I'll bet he even swallows!!!"
"Yeah but maybe it's too much...maybe we should let him stop!!!"
"You want to get down there and take his place Babe?"
"Ewww that's gross!!!"
"Then just let the boy alone Babe, he knows what he's doing....maybe tomorrow we can all go out somewhere...just the three of us?"
"I won't be here tomorrow, sorry..."
"Well then I guess it's just me and your brother then....we'll miss you....can you loan him some of that red lipstick you wear....."

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Poor sis - losing her boyfriend to a sissy who is eager to please!