Thursday, July 20, 2017

Just Lately

I don't know why but lately when she releases me for hygienic reasons she always asks me if I really want to be caged for her...
Of course I do and I've assured her of this over and over....
But she hands me the lock and I have to click it prove it to her....
I think it's just a game she's playing with me because the smile on her face when she hears that lock click shut is just something close to pure joy!!!!
It's not enough that I submit to her, she likes me to tell her how I want to submit to her...and prove it by locking myself in the cage for her!!!
And I love that smile!!!!


  1. Wish I could find one that fits me.

  2. That is a lovely smile - pure joy!

  3. In our house it's my wife who enjoys locking me back up. She says it just sends shivers down her spine when she snaps the lock shut.

  4. This is just a LOVELY video...thanks! ~sara