Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday Matinee - A Letter Home

Dear Mom,
Everything here is wonderful and I hope you and Dad and everybody are OK too!
I arrived in the City and was a little overwhelmed at how crowded and busy it was here but I quickly located a nice rooming house and set out the very next day to look for a job. The first three places had nothing that would suit me but the fourth company was different.
You know Mom, they never asked me about my education or training or anything....two women came in and spoke to me and asked me questions that seemed like nonsense to me but I must have answered correctly  because they smiled and said they would recommend me to the Boss!!!
Shortly afterward a man came in and introduced himself, and guess what!!! He wasn't just the Boss, he was the owner of the company!!! You'd just die if I told you who he was but I had to sign a thing called a Nondisclosure Agreement so I can't tell you his name or the name of the company, sorry!
Well he sat and we talked and he offered me a drink and you know I'm not much of a drinker and after I finished it I was feeling a little woozy so he offered to take me home!
I gave him my address and he helped me into the elevator and would you believe it...there was a big black limousine waiting with a real chauffeur and all!!!
Instead of the rooming house he took me to his penthouse and it was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen.
He had a maid too!!! He told her that I wasn't feeling well and to help me into bed.
The maid tool my hand and led me into one of the most fantastic bedrooms I've ever seen...I think it might be the size of our whole house...and she quickly started to undress me and you know how shy I am but she was determined and soon she had me stripped bare!!! I know you're surprised but it wasn't anything nasty or like that because she quickly gave me a robe to wear and it was really fancy and made of real silk and came down all the way to the floor so I was glad I was covered up at least although the maid didn't even seem to notice! By this time my head was spinning and I thought I might faint.
The maid helped me to the bed and wouldn't you know it, quick as a wink she had that robe off me again and she slipped a fancy silk nightdress over my head...I tried to say this couldn't be for me but I just had to lie down and before I knew it I was asleep in that great big bed!!!
I had some crazy dreams about things happening all around me that I couldn't see and when I finally woke up I realized I must have slept all the way through to the next day!
When I sat up I felt funny but I guess you'd feel funny too waking up in a silk nightdress in a strange house....but my new Boss was right there and he was smiling!!!
He told me that I was working out far better than he'd hoped and I guess I blushed a little. Then he offered me another drink and I wanted to say no but my throat was so dry that I took it and drained it in a single gulp. It left me a little light-headed but when he asked if I'd like another I said yes...I guess I'm turning into a big city sophisticate after all!
Then he suggested I write this letter to you all to let you know I was safe and sound.
Give my love to all

PS Don't bother with sending any of my stuff from home...I'm moving in here with the Boss and he says I will absolutely not be needing any of my boy stuff, he says there are big changes in my future and he'll get me everything I'll need!!!


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