Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 10 - The Asylum

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He awoke in a padded room...they must have thought he was mad!!!! It all came flooding back to him....
A pleasant afternoon at home with Susie had somehow turned into a nightmare from hell as she drugged him and he found himself totally unable to move or speak....she ranted at him about Claire she had discovered the affair, how she was going to put an end to it, how he had to be punished....he remembered the manipulated his body...making him into a woman.....and the last thing he heard as the machine began to manipulate his mind was his friend Bobby's voice downstairs!!!
Poor Bobby, he didn't deserve what she did to him....she had even made him help her enslave his best friend....and the depravity that followed made him cringe ....
But all of that paled when he thought of what they had done to poor Claire....she was a sweet and caring woman....far from the seductress that Susie appeared to think she was!!!
In fact it had been he who had pursued Claire....there was just something so special about her....he thought maybe he was in love with her....and he wanted to tell Susie but the time never seemed right....but none of that excused making her into an animal....and making her the focal point of every punishment she decided was necessary!!!!
And then one day men came and put him in a he was merchandise....and delivered him to his new "master"!!!! He was used and abused constantly and the worst of it was he remembered begging for more!!!!
Slowly his memories came back....first as short flashes and then slowly coming more and more....he knew who he was again....his body was changing back too but much, much slower than he had regained his mind!!! His "Master" continued to use him for his own, and his guests, depraved sexual acts....but now he had planned an escape...after a night in the woods and a day of running with the sound of dogs always close by he found himself in a small town and he burst into the local hospital.....he was confused. exhausted, traumatized by what had happened to him and they thought he was crazy!!!
He awoke in the padded room....straitjacketed and could he tell them if they kept him gagged like this!!!! How could he warn them about Susie and that infernal machine!!!
The door opened and a burly orderly stepped in....
"Good morning James, heh, that's a funny name for a pretty girl like you! We got a hit on your fingerprints and you'll be happy to know that we've contacted your wife, I guess you're one of those gay marriages I've read about....anyway you'll be happy to know that she's on her way to pick you up and she's real eager to take you home!!!"
He shook his head and tried to speak through the gag but the orderly didn't understand...
"Would you like me to remove the gag Sweetheart....I will but you'll have to do something for me too!!!"
He nodded his what if he had to do it again....after he had done so many one more in his mouth was nothing....just as long as he got to tell him about Susie warn beg them not to let her take him....

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