Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday Matinee - The Rest Home

Thomas Allen had what some would call a nervous breakdown.....his wife and business partner quickly checked him into Dr. Sanderson's Sanitarium for treatment!
"Doctor Sanderson...I feel like I'm changing.....I'm becoming someone else....I don't know how or why!!!!"
"Take it easy Mr. Allen, what makes you think you're changing?"
"Why.....just look at me...."
"You're looking perfectly fine to me Mr. Allen....what do you think Nurse Kelly?"
"Oh yes Doctor, perfectly normal!"
"But I woke up this morning and before I knew it I had slipped on these stockings....and these heels....and the garterbelt....and oh my....what's to become of me!!!"
"You're having delusions Mr. Allen, you need another injection of my special will put your mind at ease and help you understand that any changes are all in your mind!!!"
"I guess so.....does my wife agree with this....what does Veta Louise say...."
"She and Judge Gaffney both agree that this is for the best Mr. Allen...."
"Well if they all agree.....are you sure these women's things are all just my own hallucinations?"
"Absolutely Mr. Allen, and one or two more injections and I promise you it will all be perfectly normal for you!"
"Thank you so much Doctor, and you too Nurse Kelly!"
"Alright Mr, Allen please slip off your robe.....and we'll begin....and afterwards Nurse Kelly will take you back to your room and pick out something nice for you to wear, your wife and the Judge are coming by to have you sign some papers and I know you'll want to look very pretty for them!"
"Very pretty Doctor?"
"Oops I'm sorry, I meant very handsome!"

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