Friday, July 14, 2017

No More Practice

"Holy Shit!!!! What's going on!!!"
"I'll tell you what's going on!!! I'm fucking my sissy bitch husband so he won't be going to ball practice with you today!!!"
"I don't understand....Bobby why are you..."
"His name is Sissy Bitch now!" she slapped his ass, "Isn't that right Sissy Bitch?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
"And what will you be wearing from now on Sissy Bitch?"
"Your panties Ma'am!"
"That's right. until we can fill your drawers with your own panties!!!! And what else will you be wearing?"
"That thing ...."
Another thrust and a hard slap on his ass...
"It's called a chastity cage....from now on when it comes to fucking you're on the receiving end, right Sissy Bitch?"
"Yes Ma'am!"
Turning back to his astonished friends she smiled....
"So you boys can go to practice if you want....or if you want you can each take a turn with Sissy Bitch....that'd be alright with you Sissy Bitch wouldn't it?"
"Awww isn't that cute the sissy is saying what do you say boys....I'll tell you what....anybody that fucks Sissy Bitch gets to fuck me later while he watches!!!"
The three looked at each other...
"Well it looks like practice is cancelled...."
She laughed and thrust even harder while her sissy just moaned....


  1. omg! i'm tenting my panties at this! ~sara

    1. I'd Love to help you with that Sweet sara!!!

  2. Well said, Sara. This will have long term consequences. The husband will be cuckolded regularly and used whenever they please by his buddies. I guess that's what they call The Buddy System.

    1. You never know how she'll react when she finds your hidden Sissy porn!!!