Friday, April 9, 2021


"Wow look so pretty in my old Prom dress. I can't get over it....all the boys are going to be all over you tonight...."
"You really think I a girl Sis?"
"Oh you are just like Cinderella....all you need now is a pair of glass slippers...."
"Wow.....I can't believe it...."
"And the best part Baby Bro is you're not going to change back at you have that pack of condoms I gave you?"
"Yes but I'm sure I won't need them....."
"Just looking at what a knockout you are, I'm pretty sure you will...."
"Oh're making me blush...."
"Wait until tomorrow when you're telling me all the sexy your blushes for then!!!!"


  1. Back in my twenties I was caught by my older sister when I was dressed as a woman. I have often wish she would had taken out somewhere shopping or to a club.

  2. Losing your virginity on prom night is the ultimate sissy fantasy

  3. Hmmm, something tells me that the condoms are not for his boi clitty!