Friday, April 30, 2021

A Good Start

"'s a good start to your life as my sissy cuckold....chastity and panties....get used to both of we have to talk about all this body know it has to go don't you...."
"All of it?" 
"I want you to be as smooth as I am!!!"
"But my friends....they might notice....what will I tell them???"
"Tell them that your wife is feminizing you, and that when I'm done, maybe I'll have you suck their cocks...."


  1. It used to worry me about not having leg hair in the summer, no more I stay completely hair free from my eyebrows down. It feels amazing to be free of all body hair. Nylons feel so much nicer on your legs.

  2. They have an explanation for everything.


    sissy terrie