Sunday, April 18, 2021

Cuckold Wedding

With her new husband waiting for her in the limo the bride was finally able to enjoy her wedding reception!!!!

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  1. That photo reminds me of when me and my wife renewed our wedding vows. She wanted to have our vows renewed with people who knew our lifestyle so she invited her friends, family and some of my friends that knew I was her cuckold slave husband. She even found a female minister who also embraced that lifestyle.

    She wore her wedding dress from our first marriage and I was paraded out to the alter naked by her maid of honor on a leash with only my chastity cage on. My vows to her were to always promise to serve, obey and satisfy her at all times. After our vows she sat on a chair and put me over her knee and paddled me then when she finished I thanked her then knelt on the floor and put my head under her gown and pleasured her.

    During the reception I was secured over a spanking horse with a paddle left on a table for anyone who wanted to take a few whacks while my wife was dancing and mingling and disappeared a couple of times to get fucked by my best man who is also her boy friend.

    For me it was embarrassing and humiliating but also fun except for the paddling from people at the reception.