Saturday, April 3, 2021

Saturday Matinee - The Last Wish

"Are you sure Princess....I'm afraid this might hurt you!!!"
"It's what my Master wishes so I must...."
"I never dreamed he would be so cruel...."
"He wants what he wants....cruelty isn't why he behaves like this...."
"Then why did he do this to you? Oh my Princess I weep for what you've lost!!!"
"Don't weep for me....I've discovered a whole new world....I have no worries for the rest of my days.....I had it all....all the power....all the adoration of the people...but I just had to let it life is stripped down to the bare necessities....and I couldn't ask for more!!!"
"But Princess....the things he makes you do....surely it's a sin...."
"Most of the time I really enjoy our time together...."
"But how could you Princess?"
"Look....before the genie left to travel the world, he granted one last wish to me....and I wished to be the fulfillment of my Lords deepest fantasy....I never really thought of what type of deep fantasy he might have....and I certainly never expected this....but it was my wish and now when he wants something I feel duty bound to give it to him...."
"You know he's been having his way with every woman in the palace?"
"So have I.....but I get to enjoy all the men too...."
"Why not me Princess?"
"I simply haven't gotten to you yet....but I assure you I will...."
"Oh Princess!!! You make me blush!!!"
"Really? That makes you blush? Push the plug is time for me to entertain my Lord Aladdin....I have just one hope for this time...."
"What would that be Princess?"
"I hope that he keeps that damned monkey Abu locked up...."


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  1. A whole new world .. indeed! You ain't never had a friend like me!