Monday, April 26, 2021

My Analyst and I Go For a Stroll

It had been so long since my last session and there were so many new things I wanted to discuss with Dr. Dee...
She thought it would be nice and less Covid intensive if we met in a local park and talked as we strolled in the open air....
I told her about my new mask fetish and she laughed....
"Only you's so desire anything you can't have....."
It was then that I noticed her on the bench....I nudged Dr. Dee and nodded in her direction....
"Is it you think that's one of the benches?"
"She does look kind of masculine in a real feminine kind of way Kaaren.....maybe....lets go and see...."
We walked up slowly and the girl on the bench eyed us as we approached....
"Excuse patient and I were just wondering if perhaps you needed any help..."
"Your Patient?"
"Dr. Dee is my therapist....we were wondering if anything might have happened to you since you sat down on this bench?"
"No it's been a slow day....I'll tell you're both kind of cute....I'll do you both for $75...."
"Oh no my therapist and I still have so much to discuss...."
"Not so fast Kaaren.....maybe this would be good for both of us...."
"Well if you think it's OK then I'm OK with it...."
And the three of us walked off....Dr. Dee, me and the young man who had been the woman sitting on the bench moments ago....

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