Sunday, June 10, 2018

I'd Fallen Asleep

I'm ashamed to say that I fell asleep even as the sounds of the two of them going at it came through the thin wall between my sissy bedroom and her bedroom....
I had been up so early and I'd had a hectic day with housework and cooking a nice meal for her and her date.....
I realized that her date was gone when I heard her creep into my room....
"Sissy, are you awake?"
I was groggy and it took a moment to re-orient myself...
"Yes Sweetheart....has your friend gone?"
"Yes he has but he left something for you Sissy!!!"
Suddenly I was wide awake....
"That was very thoughtful of him...."
"Yes I thought so too Sissy!!!!"


  1. The perfect treat. My wife can wake me anytime to give me a treat like that.

  2. M usually lays back, spreads her legs, and invites me to indulge. She says her knees get sore after a while when she tries this.