Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Casablanca II

Inside the club it was quiet except for the soft notes of the piano....
"I'm surprised you know how to play....but you always surprise me!!!"
"Of course I know how to play....who do you think taught Sam?"
"It's funny that I never gave it a single thought in all the years I've known you..."
"So where do we go from here?"
"I think we should make our way south to that Free French Garrison I told you about at the airport...."
"Yes that would probably be best....but the Nazi's will be looking for us...."
"They'll be looking for two men....not one man with a fabulously beautiful woman accompanying him!!!!"
"Fabulously beautiful?"
"Of you think otherwise???"
"You'll have to be convincing...."
"Look at my legs and tell me I'm not convincing...."
"And Ilsa took the letters of transit so you might be in a compromising position when we reach the border....they might ask you to.....well they might ask....are you ready for that?"
"I think I could do that and more....why don't we go upstairs and practice!!!!"
"Louie......Louise....I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!!!!"

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  1. Always wondered about whether Louie was bisexual in the original movie. Things were always more shaded back then due to the pre-code. If you ever get a chance, watch some Wheeler & Woolsey from the 30's, especially the early to mid 30's movies and shorts. There tends to be at least one cross-dressing scene, and much flirting amongst everyone that isn't just hetero. Lots of pretty women around as well, plus it's almost a running gag that perhaps the two lead guys are more than just unlucky bachelors.