Friday, June 15, 2018

Sissy Sisters Party****

Their wives sank back into the soft sofa, sipping their wine, as their sissy husbands tentatively reached toward each other....
Their husbands each thought that this was the ultimate humiliation....made to wear women's clothes in front of another couple even if the other "man" was a sissy too!!!!
The wives smiled as the two sissies kissed, they knew that neither of them had ever thought they would be kissing another man, no matter how pretty he was....certainly not while their wives sat laughing and commenting....
But they were growing to like it....and they were growing in their silky panties too....
They hoped that the women would be satisfied at this humiliation....but their wives had only just begun....they had all afternoon

*** this post was inspired by my sweet friend Throne in his wonderful story of the same name just posted on was a wonderful story and the 200th story he published there!!! It made me drip in my here to read it....I guarantee you'll love it!!!!
Love you Throne....looking forward to the next 200 stories!!!

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