Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saturday Matinee - Shadows of Madness

"I tell you Doctor I'm going mad....these dreams torment me in my waking hours and horrify me in my sleep....I don't know what to do anymore!!!!"
"I see Mr. Cranston....can you tell me more?"
"In my dreams I do unspeakable....unnatural things....but it feels so real....real enough that I have awakened in the morning with the vile taste of the filthy acts still in my mouth and my body aching from the horrors it has endured in the night....perhaps I'm walking in my sleep!!!!"
"I see....well Mr. Cranston...what I'd like to do is admit you into my Sanitarium for a few days for observation so that we can perhaps see what's triggering these episodes..."
"If it will help make it stop then please...I'll do anything!!!"
The first night they observed him as he slept and the staff all reported that he slept soundly and peacefully from 9pm until dawn....however just after dawn he woke screaming in bitter anguish and actually required sedation....
Later....calmer...he sat with the Doctor.....
"I tell you I left here last night....I went out into the night and I allowed myself to be abused.....more than once.....Oh god....Doctor I can feel it still...."
"Mr. Cranston, I assure you my staff checked on you once every 15 minutes and you were soundly sleeping in your bed until you woke this was a dream and only a dream....."
"No was real....I know it was...."
"Mr. Cranston. I have a formula I'd like to try with you tonight, if you'll allow me, it makes your body and brain believe you are asleep while you can retain your higher senses....I must warn you it can blend the worlds of sleep and dreams but it may give us some insight into what's happening to you...."
"I'll try it Doctor....I'll try anything!!!"
They administered the formula at 8pm and by 9pm he looked for all the world like he was sleeping....
"Are you aware that you're near sleep Mr.Cranston?"
"Just let your mind go blank as if you were drifting to sleep....I'll be checking in on you through the night...."
It was about an hour later that he first felt was like someone was tugging on him....but tugging his entire body all at once.....and it got harder and harder until it felt like something had actually broken loose from him....
He watched through semi-closed eyes as the black shape stood up and shook's featureless face turned toward him where he lay paralyzed with fear....
"I know you're awake this time can't fool me.....I'd really love to spend some time explaining things to you but I have so much to do and so little time to get it done...."
"What are you...."
"Oh dear Lamont, you be quiet now I have to get dressed for my night out..."
The black shape sat and began pulling on lacy women's underthings and suddenly he saw it changing from the male form it had been to a more rounded female figure....
"Why do you torment me so creature?"
"I don't torment you dear little Lamont....I free you....I've been doing it for many years now.....since you were very remember your summers with your Aunt Kate and your cousins Anne and you remember what you did that you remember what you discovered? Do you remember how you loved it?"
"How do you know about that!?!?!?"
"That's where I was born Sweet Lamont.....or should I say Lorraine...that's my name too Lamont!!!"
"No I didn't....I don't know what you're talking about...."
"Of course you do.....that summer, you created Lorraine and after that you thought you could do away with her....but look my sweets, I'm here and I have an appetite for the wildest things you've always imagined.....that's what you've been feeling and tasting when I rejoin with you in the dawn.....the light isn't a good place for those like me...."
"Are there others like you?"
"Thousands....maybe millions....I don't know but there are some of us in every dirty alley waiting to fulfill a fantasy.....for ourselves....sometimes it can get quite crowded and that makes it even more fun!!!!"
"But then you're...."
"Ah yes little Lamont....I'm you....I'm the shadow of you that is the embodiment of every little fantasy....every little perverse thought you've ever had since that summer when you first slipped on Auntie's stockings...."
"But only's been so many years....."
"I don't know why you've changed and become aware of me....of my, shall we say, adventures in the night. But I have striven since you have to make sure you had something special to feel every morning...."
Fully dressed now the black silhouette walked to the door....
"Come here Lamont and look while you can see....look down the hallway with me..."
He left the bed like a sleepwalker and stumbled to the door....looking out he saw the shadows moving as if they had a life of their own...leaving many of the rooms and walking away, past the night nurse who seemed oblivious to them even though she twitched when one of them tickled her...
"I'll be back in the morning Lamont....I'm looking forward to sharing everything with you...."
As the creature joined the others in the hallway he began to scream....the horror was too much to bear and he had to end wasn't couldn't be....
As the orderlies restrained him with the canvas straps holding him down the Doctor entered the room  and listened to the disjointed story he told....sexual perversions and shadow creatures and he shook his head....obviously a psychotic break had occurred and poor Mr Cranston was going to be staying here for a long, long time....
The doctor ordered sedation and as the nurse bent to administer it he looked up and told her...
"Maybe Lorraine is real and I'm the shadow....."


  1. You got ALL of that from just that little picture? Totally impressed! Last week's Matinée was fun too as I commented on it as well.

    1. I know that you have also had some of your captions just come to you the moment you saw the picture....for me this was one of those....
      Imagine feeling your shadow pulling away from you...doing all the things you've always wanted to do in your most depraved dreams and then when it rejoins with you you have a full sensory memory of everything it's done in the night!!!!
      It kind of wrote itself but I'll take the credit for it anyway!!!
      Thanks as always for taking the time to stop by the Matinee...these are some of the most difficult to write sometimes but I'm really proud of the way most of them have turned out!!!
      Happy Fathers Day....hope you get something frilly!!!!