Monday, June 4, 2018

A Visit From My Analyst

"Oh my goodness Kaaren.....I was so worried about committing you to this facility....are you alright!!!"
"Oh of course...let me remove that have you been since our last session? I have been very worried about you!!!"
"Well Doctor Dee since you sent me here they've kept me bound and gagged and in this little dungeon...."
"Oh my god Kaaren....I had no idea...."
"But that's not all....the nurses come in and they pull off my gag and they sit on my face till I make them cum....over and over...."
"Really unprofessional...."
"And at night the orderlies come and use me at both ends.....sometimes they bring their friends!!!!"
"Oh my god Kaaren!!!!"
"Dr. Dee please....can you help me?"
"You just wait here Sissy and I'll have you out of here before morning!!!"
"Out of here? Oh you must have misunderstood me....I'd really like to stay a little longer...."
"So you want to stay....and be abused night and day by men and women who use you for their own perverted pleasures???"
"You say that like it's a bad thing Dr, Dee...."
"Alright....well I guess I'll go....I'll check back in a couple of days....but while you have the gag out I was wondering if you wouldn't mind...."
"For you Dr. Dee....anytime!!!!"

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  1. Maybe some spanking therapy would also be advisable.